Chapter 224 – At Death’s Door

Chapter 224 – At Death’s Door


He paled when he heard the delicate shouts that exploded by his ears and felt the unparalleled sword insight that came from behind Chen Xi. Never had Chu Tianju imagined that an unforeseen event would suddenly occur at this critical moment, and his heart sank instantly.

But his reaction wasn’t slow. He circulated his True Essence with his entire strength as he transformed his palm into a fist that was like an azure and brilliant sun, and it fiercely smashed onto the sword light that suddenly assaulted him.


The fist and sword collided, causing strong energy to blast out, and Chu Tianju relied on the force from this collision to gracefully retreat explosively by over 100 m like a hawk that somersaulted in the air.

“Ah! Ah!” Right when Chu Tianju’s body had just descended to the ground, Xiao Wan and Xiao Xia had suffered killing blows from Fan Yunlan and Qing Xiuyi, causing their heads to be instantly smashed into pieces and splatter out onto the ground like a smashed watermelon, and they lost their lives on the spot.

Chu Tianju’s expression instantly became extremely gloomy, and he felt endless terror in his heart.

He didn’t dare flee because Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan’s aura had already locked tightly onto him. Especially Fan Yunlan. Her cultivation already carried along the ‘Force’ of the heavens and the earth, causing Chu Tianju to feel as if he was facing the boundlessly vast heavens and earth, and he felt so tiny and didn’t dare make another rash movement.

“Miss Qing, I’m the Azure Brilliance Sect’s Chu Tianju, my Master is Ancestor Xuan Long. I had no intention of offending you with our actions earlier, it was those two Junior Sisters of mine that had no manners and acted presumptuously on their own. I apologize for this.” Chu Tianju’s eyes flickered indeterminately, and he pushed all the blame onto Xiao Wan and Xiao Xia, who’d died.

“The Azure Brilliance Sect’s Chu Tianju? Hmph! You have the gall to speak of such a shoddy excuse? You’ve truly thrown the face of your master!” Qing Xiuyi spoke coldly. With a wave of her white hand, a snow white cloak of crane feathers had already been draped upon her, and it completely covered her body.

At the other side, Fan Yunlan withdrew a blood colored cape and covered it over her body as well, yet she stood silently at the side, and it was unknown what she was thinking in her heart.

“Miss Qing, I’m really innocent! If you’re still angry, I can use medicinal spills and Magic Treasures to compensate you. I only hope that Miss Qing can forgive me and clear up this unintentional wrongdoing.” Chu Tianju explained hurriedly. He wouldn’t admit to what had happened even if he was beaten to death. Otherwise, this disaster would go even deeper and would even possibly involve the sect and clan that stood behind him.

After all, Qing Xiuyi was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal and the treasured gem in the palm of the Whitecrane Sect, and she received the protection and favor of many old fellows. If they found out that he, Chu Tianju, had plotted against Qing Xiuyi, then not to mention him, even the powers behind him were unable to endure the consequences.

“Innocent?” Qing Xiuyi’s palm opened to reveal a 10cm translucent needle that was fine like a cow’s hair, and it was precisely the Frozen Soulshackle Needle. “According to my knowledge, your Chu Clan controls an Icesoul Spirit Vein at the core of the earth, and your Chu Clan is famous in Silken City for refining and selling Frozen Soulshackle Needles. Could it be that it wasn’t you who gave this to those two women?”

Chu Tianju spoke with an unsightly expression. “This…”

Qing Xiuyi interrupted coldly. “There’s no need to explain. There’s only one outcome for you today, and it’s to die!”

As she spoke, Qing Xiuyi’s figure was like a wispy misty as she swiftly arrived before Chu Tianju, and then she stretched out her hand as she clenched her fist before fiercely smashing it towards Chu Tianju’s skull like an iron whip.

This string of actions flower swiftly, almost like a bolt of lightning, and it was simply impossible to guard against. Chu Tianju never imagined that Qing Xiuyi would attack so resolutely, and he hurriedly raised his arms as if he was embracing the sun, and used them to put up a resistance before himself.


Qing Xiuyi’s extremely simple punch instead seemed as if it was exceedingly heavy, and it directly shattered Chu Tianju’s arms, causing them to emit a wave of sounds of bones shattering.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Chu Tianju retreated successively by over 10 steps, his countenance was already ghastly pale to the extreme, and beads of sweat that were the size of peas broke out on his forehead. The bones in his arms had already been shattered into powder, and they were like two soft noodles as they fell at his sides.

How can this be possible? My cultivation is at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm. How can I be weak to the point of being unable to withstand a single blow? Could it be that this woman has already advanced to the Rebirth Realm? Chu Tianju was both shocked and infuriated in his heart, in utter disbelief.

Even though he’d heard since long ago that Qing Xiuyi’s strength was unfathomable, only when he really encountered her did he know that he’d underestimated this woman. The combat strength she possessed was absolutely capable of sweeping through any Golden Core Realm cultivator with a similar cultivation!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The force of her punch tore through the sky, Qing Xiuyi utterly didn’t give Chu Tianju the chance to catch his breath before running up to instantly arrive by Chu Tianju’s side, and her fist was like the beak of a crane striking out. Her vast True Essence condensed onto a single point as the fist exploded out, and it was like a divine crane that was waiting for its chance to swallow its prey!

“Qing Xiuyi, you can’t kill me! Could it be that you’re unafraid of the revenge of my Chu Clan and Azure Brilliance Sect?” At the critical moment, Chu Tianju shouted out explosively as a golden core slowly arose from his head, and it was coiled with golden lights and overflowing with Dao Insights.

“Kill!” This golden core that contained Chu Tianju’s entire cultivation and nine types of Dao Insights revolved before emitting a brilliant light, and then it disregarded the punch that was assaulting straight towards Chu Tianju and directly blasted towards Qing Xiuyi’s body.

This sort of fighting style was purely a style of exchanging life for life, and it was extremely atrocious.

Chu Tianju seemed to understand as well that if he didn’t fight with his life on the line now, he would have no chance of surviving anymore.

However, unlike what he expected, Qing Xiuyi was even more ruthless than him, and she utterly disregarded the attack of the golden core. The momentum of her punch didn’t reduce in the slightest, and it directly jabbed onto Chu Tianju’s throat.


The bones in Chu Tianju’s neck were shattered by this punch, and the fierce wind caused by the punch even twisted his neck, causing him to lose his life on the spot and die in an extremely miserable state.


Meanwhile, Chu Tianju’s golden core had collided with Qing Xiuyi’s body, but it was like a clay ox that fell into the ocean, and it was absorbed by a wisp of a seven colored ray of light, causing its energy to be completely dispersed.

If one were to look carefully, the seven colored ray of light was surprisingly emitted from the Misty Treasured Mirror. It turned out that before she took action, Qing Xiuyi seemed to have already deduced every event, and she’d withdrawn the Misty Treasured Mirror long ago.

“You want to plot against me with a cultivation at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm? You’re truly courting death…” Qing Xiuyi shook her head and didn’t even spare a glance at Chu Tianju’s corpse before stretching out her hand to grab the golden core and put it away in her storage Magic Treasure.

During these few breaths of time, the Golden Core Realm Core Disciple of the Azure Brilliance Sect, Chu Tianju, had completely lost his life. Qing Xiuyi’s all powerful and ferocious attack power caused the nearby Fan Yunlan’s eyes to be suffused with a wisp of seriousness.

She was naturally able to discern that Qing Xiuyi’s cultivation had improved by quite a bit. Obviously, Qing Xiuyi had obtained a great amount of benefit from the mutual cultivation from before, just like herself.

When she thought about mutual cultivation, Fan Yunlan’s mood instantly became exceedingly bad, and her beautiful and charming face changed indeterminately as she looked at Chen Xi who sat cross-legged there and hadn’t awoken yet.

Qing Xiuyi was silent as well, her gaze stared coldly at Chen Xi as if she was staring at a corpse, and it was without the slightest fluctuation of feelings.

Amongst these two women, one was the favored genius of the Whitecrane Sect that was beautiful like a painting, and she was the inviolable celestial maiden in the hearts of the numerous young disciples of the world. The other was the Master of a Hall in the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. She was delicate and charming with a drop dead gorgeous appearance, and her cultivation at the 7th wheel of the Rebirth Realm caused her to be a great figure that commanded the winds and clouds, even if she was in Dragon Lake City.

It was precisely two women like this that had lost their chastity to the same man at the same time because of an accident. How complicated their feelings were at this moment was obvious.

Ling Bai puckered his lips and stood silently on guard before Chen Xi, and his eyes were filled with an unyielding and vicious expression. It was his resolution to protect Chen Xi with his life.

Seizing a woman’s chastity due to some sort of accident didn’t equal obtaining their hearts. Conversely, for the sake of concealing their embarrassment or perhaps for the sake of venting their anger, they would instead go even further to take revenge on the man that seized their chastity.

Especially when this man’s status, identity, and cultivation was exceedingly far from them, he would be utterly unable to win their respect, adoration, or perhaps fear.

Under circumstances like this, Chen Xi’s situation was undoubtedly extremely dangerous.

Most worrisome for Ling Bai was that Chen Xi still didn’t show any signs of awakening until now. In other words, if he wasn’t here, these two women just had to move their fingers to instantly kill Chen Xi.

Just like they were slaughtering a lamb.

“Truly marvelous, I never imagined that I’d actually share a man with Miss Qing.” Fan Yunlan suddenly started laughing, and her voice carried a feeling that couldn’t be distinguished between mocking or self-ridicule.

“I was poisoned. If it wasn’t for that, I would absolutely not fall to the extent of letting him take advantage of me.” Qing Xiuyi’s expression remained unchanged as she said indifferently, “Fortunately, he allowed me to clear away the various desires in my heart. Not only did it temper my Dao Heart, it even completely cleared the impurities within my True Essence. Presently, my cultivation can advance to the Rebirth Realm at any moment. So, you should give up any thoughts of killing me as soon as possible, because you’re unable to achieve it anymore.”

“Do you think that only your cultivation has improved?” Fan Yunlan spoke unhurriedly. “Of course, I won’t fight you now. Unless we first deal with this man on the ground.”

“Exactly. That’s what I’m thinking as well.” Qing Xiuyi nodded and said, “No matter what, I’ll kill him today to wash away the filth and shame on me.”

“I’m worried this matter will be spread out and tarnish my reputation. How about we make an agreement? We’ll kill him together and then establish a vow under the Heaven Dao that both of us will not publicize this matter. How about it?” Fan Yunlan asked with a light voice.

Qing Xiuyi pondered briefly before nodding in agreement.

Ling Bai’s heart sank as he said with a low voice, “If it wasn’t for Chen Xi, both of you would have probably suffered from qi deviation and died in this Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication long ago, right? Now you’re instead returning kindness with evil, aren’t both of you going too far?”

Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication?

Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan were stunned when they heard this, and then they revealed expression of sudden enlightenment. Obviously, they’d recalled all the information related to the Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication.

But the two of them wouldn’t let Chen Xi off because of these words. After all, it was related to their own pureness, and if this matter were to be spread out, it would tarnish their reputations, so the two of them would absolutely not allow something like this to occur, whereas, the method to erase of causes of ruin was to kill all witnesses!


Qing Xiuyi attacked suddenly, her right hand that was white like jade stuck out like a bolt of lightning, and she instantly grabbed the 10cm tall Ling Bai in her hand, utterly not giving Ling Bai the slightest chance to react.

But this was normal. Qing Xiuyi’s strength had originally firmly surpassed Ling Bai, and after experiencing the mutual cultivation now, her cultivation had advanced again. Thus, when she launched a surprise attack, she was able to capture Ling Bai easily.

“You’re miraculous indeed, your intelligence is like a human, yet you possess the body of a Magic Treasure. If you don’t want to die, then obediently stay put. Otherwise, you’ll die for sure if I use some strength to press down on you.” Qing Xiuyi spoke indifferently, and the intention to threaten within her words was revealed completely.

“Kill!”  When she saw Qing Xiuyi had beat her to capturing Ling Bai, Fan Yunlan snorted coldly, and she seemed to be disgruntled as she raised her hand to slap down towards Chen Xi who was on the ground. True Essence condensed and devilish flames surged on her hand, and she’d obviously utilized her full strength.

Qing Xiuyi smiled indifferently before swinging her hand out as well, and she slapped towards Chen Xi’s head from the other side.

Both these two people had aroused the resolution to kill. At this moment, they launched a converging attack from both sides, and it seemed that no matter what, Chen Xi would be unable to escape the fate of being killed.

Chen Xi was at death’s door!

Ling Bai’s eyes almost split apart as he watched this, his tiny face distorted and savage, yet no matter how he struggled, he was unable to struggle free of Qing Xiuyi’s restraint, and he couldn’t help but cried out furiously as his eyes went completely blood red.

However, right at this moment, an unexpected event arose abruptly.


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