Chapter 223 – Sinister Plot

Chapter 223 – Sinister Plot

Three hours later.

The azure fog formed from Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication that enveloped the entire forest became thin and gradually revealed the figures of Chen Xi and the two women.

Ling Bai’s gaze swept out to instantly notice that Chen Xi and the two women didn’t have a thread on them as they sat cross-legged on the ground, and he hurriedly closed his eyes as he fiercely spat. How can these three bastards stay naked and not even wear clothes? It’s a breach of public decency!


Ling Bai didn’t even shoot a glance at them as he snapped his fingers, causing his True Essence to sweep up the torn clothes on the ground and cover their bodies, and only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

Hmm? I caused such great movements, yet the three of them seem as if they didn’t notice it in the slightest. Could it be that they’re at the critical moment of cultivation? Should I seize this opportunity to kill these two women? Ling Bai glanced at Fan Yunlan and Qing Xiuyi with a gaze that flickered indeterminately.

This was a chance!

He knew that once these two women awoke, they would surely become angry out of embarrassment. Perhaps they would annihilate the fellow that seized their chastity, Chen Xi, for the sake of keeping him quiet.

Step! Step! Step!

Right at this moment, a wave of slight sounds of footsteps suddenly sounded out from far off into the distance, and by the sound of it, there seemed to be three people that were swiftly rushing over here.

Ling Bai was apprehensive in his heart and couldn’t care about anything else before flying to slip into Chen Xi’s side, and he silently concealed himself.


“Junior Sisters, this forest is extremely strange. It’s completely filled with miasma and poisonous fogs, and there are even some skeletons of strange shapes and sizes, causing it to be extremely ghastly. Both of you must watch out.”

“Senior Brother Chu, why did we have to come here?”

“Junior Sister Wan, didn’t you hear what Senior Brother Chu said? Senior Brother said earlier that someone was fighting here with an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman. Obviously, they were fighting for some rare treasure. If we seize this opportunity to make a move, perhaps we can reap the rewards effortlessly.”

“Junior Sister Xia, I’m afraid that a figure that’s capable of utilizing an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman possesses a strength and background that’s extremely extraordinary. If we head over to take advantage of that person, it seems to be slightly not good, right?”

“All right, say no more. Wealth comes from danger. No matter who it is, so long as we possess sufficient benefit and opportunity, then we’ll kill them to keep them quiet. Who would know that we did it?”

Within the ancient forest, a man and two women were swiftly flashing over here. The man was tall and handsome, wearing a flat crown, a silver long robe, gold plated boots with cloud patterns, and his hair lightly carried a slight violet sheen as he revealed a noble and arrogant bearing.

If Chen Xi was here, he would surely be able to recognize that this person was the Golden Core Realm Core Disciple of the Azure Brilliance Sect, Chu Tianju.

That day in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, Chu Tianju had once used the Dao Grade martial technique, Azure Brilliant Sun, to attack Chen Xi, yet was stopped by Madam Shui Hua, but wasn’t punished by her. The reason was because of the Azure Brilliance Sect behind Chu Tianju. He was even protected by the Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Ancestor Xuan Long, causing the Treasure Heaven Pavilion to be unwilling to offend him.

The two young women by Chu Tianju’s side were called Xiao Wan and Xiao Xia, and both of them were disciples of the Azure Brilliance Sect. Obviously, these three people were like the other cultivators and had entered the Oceanic Desert to search for treasures and temper their strengths.

Not long after, the three of them had arrived within the depths of the forest, and they saw Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Fan Yunlan that sat cross-legged from afar.

“Hmm? It’s actually Qing Xiuyi!” Chu Tianju’s pupils constricted as he practically recognized with a glance that the beautiful woman with torn clothes and disheveled hair was the Golden Core Realm Core Disciple of the Whitecrane Sect that was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, Qing Xiuyi.

Why is she here?

Isn’t that fellow by her side the Golden Hall Realm kid that injured my henchman in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion?

Eh, who’s that woman on the other side? In terms of appearance, she isn’t the slightest bit inferior to Qing Xiuyi, and based on her aura, she seemed to be much stronger than Qing Xiuyi!

Chu Tianju’s heart was overflowing with suspicion as he silently concealed himself in the distance and cleared his mind to observe the scene, and this observation instantly caused him to notice a shocking thing.

Some torn pieces of cloth were scattered all around the ground nearby Qing Xiuyi’s group of three, and there were two wisps of bloodstains that were bright red like peach blossoms and revealed an indescribable and peculiar aura.

Moreover, the appearance of the three of them at this moment seemed to be slightly embarrassing. Their clothes were torn and their hair was disheveled. Especially Qing Xiuyi and that other woman, their bodies revealed patch after patch of snow white skin, and a strand of charm and lust from between their brows…

Chu Tianju’s gaze instantly became strange. Could it be that these three people united here earlier? When he thought about this, Chu Tianju’s heart thumped, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi contained hate, envy, and jealousy.

What ability does this kid possess to actually be able to be together with Qing Xiuyi? Moreover, it’s a threesome? Dammit! It’s truly too detestable! Flames of jealousy burned within Chu Tianju’s heart as malicious thoughts grew within him. The three of them look to be sitting cross-legged in cultivation and seemed to be unable to sense everything in the outside world. If I seize this opportunity to kill this kid and then control these two women, then wouldn’t I have two exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful servants by my side in the future?

The more he thought about it, the more fervent he was in his heart. He knew that this was a chance of a lifetime, and if he were to lose it, he would absolutely regret it for his entire lifetime.

“Xiao Wan, Xiao Xia, I have two Frozen Soulshackle Needles. Each of you take one and pierce it into the Dantian of those two women, whereas I will instead annihilate that kid in the center. Don’t worry, they’re at the critical moment of their cultivation now, and they’re like sheep that are at our mercy. There’s absolutely not the slightest bit of danger.” Chu Tianju decided promptly and withdrew two Frozen Soulshackle Needles from his storage Magic Treasure as he spoke via voice transmission.

The Frozen Soulshackle Needle was 10 cm long and fine like a cow’s hair, it seemed like a cold light that was translucent and crystalline; it was a treasure refined from the Icesoul at the core of the earth. Every single Frozen Soulshackle Needle possessed a shocking value, and it could compare to a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure.

The greatest miraculous effect of this needle was its ability to shackle the soul, causing one’s enemy to lose all ability to resist. But a thing like this didn’t have much use during battles, and it was usually utilized when punishing and torturing an enemy to extract information.

Simply speaking, the Frozen Soulshackle Needle was actually an instrument of punishment used to punish cultivators, and only great clans and sects would possess it.

“Senior Brother Chu, that’s Qing Xiuyi…” Xiao Wan hesitated.

She hadn’t finished speaking when she was interrupted by Chu Tianju. “There’s no need to worry. So long as we’ve subdued her, I’ll use a myriad of methods to train her to the point of obeying my every wish and become completely loyal and devoted to me. No one will be able to notice it.”

Xiao Wan and Xiao Xia glanced at each other, and then they didn’t hesitate any longer before flashing towards Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan right away.

Chu Tianju wasn’t the slightest bit slow and was even burning with impatience as he flashed to arrive before Chen Xi, and then he raised his hand to slap towards Chen Xi’s forehead.

He was truly too excited. Never had he imagined that he would encounter a godsent opportunity like this. When he thought about how from today onwards, Qing Xiuyi that was like a celestial maiden in the eyes of the people of the world would become the woman in his embrace, he couldn’t refrain from shivering in his heart and feel as if he was walking on air.

He completely didn’t notice that a 10 cm tall tiny person was concealed in the shadows behind Chen Xi.


When he saw Chu Tianju intending to annihilate Chen Xi, Ling Bai didn’t hesitate in the slightest to attack ferociously, and the extremely fierce Nirvana Sword Insight shot out explosively like a ray of sunlight that abruptly tore apart the darkness to strike towards Chu Tianju’s descending palm.

“You’re courting death!” At practically the exact same time, two delicate shouts resounded out at the same time. It turned out that Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan had actually suddenly awoken at this extremely dangerous moment.


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