Chapter 222 – Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication

Chapter 222 – Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication

Unlike Fan Yunlan’s frenzied and unrestrained actions, Qing Xiuyi’s movements were orderly and her speed was extremely swift. Yet there wasn’t the slightest trace of being impatient and unable to resist, and she instead seemed elegant and unhurried as if she was taking a bath and burning incense. But she was a woman in the end, and no matter how composed she was, she still felt a wave of indescribable shame when facing an unfamiliar man, causing her face that was beautiful beyond compare to become red to the point it simply seemed as if blood was about to drip out from it.

Right at this moment!

Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes that were filled with streaks of blood and fiercely embraced Qing Xiuyi like a wild beast.

Qing Xiuyi was merely relying on a trace of great willpower to bitterly resist the lust that was bursting forth within her heart, and her delicate body was powerless, causing her to actually be without the slightest strength to resist when Chen Xi embraced her.

“Bastard! Let go of me this instant!” Qing Xiuyi screamed. However, no matter how she struggled, she was incapable of struggling free of Chen Xi’s embrace, and her struggling had instead stimulated Chen Xi to the point he embraced her even more tightly.

Qing Xiuyi was stunned.

She was the favored genius of the Whitecrane Sect that possessed an extraordinary status, a figure who was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal that everyone coveted, and her reputation had even spread throughout the Darchu Empire and was like the sun that hung in the midday sky. Under these countless dazzling halos, she was simply like the goddess in the hearts of every single young disciple that allowed no disrespect.

However, at this moment, she’d instead been forcefully embraced by an unfamiliar man that was poles apart in terms of status, identity, and cultivation from her, and she’d completely lost the power of control. No matter how great her mental state was, the shock she received at this instant caused her mind to be unable to help but become muddled, and she was frustrated and bewildered.

In her frustration, Qing Xiuyi felt her mind buzz as her remaining bit of reason was drowned by the tide of lust.

Chen Xi suddenly sobered up halfway.

He didn’t open eyes before understanding what he was doing, and he realized that the woman in his embrace had already changed into another.

Qing Xiuyi!

I’m actually making Qing Xiuyi moan sweetly and feel pleasure? An indescribable feeling surged into Chen Xi’s heart. He recalled the feeling of being disregarded when he met Qing Xiuyi for the first time, and he recalled the grievance and rage he felt from being powerless to resist when facing this woman…

After that, he suddenly pressed down fiercely onto her once more.


Just like before, the dense azure fog in the surroundings swarmed into the bodies of the two, and the energy that couldn’t be described repeatedly nourished and strengthened their bodies, True Essence, and souls.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had already sobered up from the vengeful mentality he had earlier, and he started to carefully sense the tremendous changes within his body.

“Yin alone is unable to form life, just like Yang alone is unable to cause growth, so the heavens and the earth joined Yin and Yang. Clear air rises to the heavens and is Yang, foul air descends to the earth and is Yin. The day is Yang, the night is Yin, heat is Yang, cold is Yin, men are Yang, women are Yin, the body and skin are Yang, the internal organs are Yin… Yin and Yang blends and everything in the world is formed. It’s the principle behind the mastering of vitality and the cycle of the workings of the heavens…” Numerous comprehensions towards the Yin and Yang Dao Insights caused Chen Xi to completely understand what Yin was, what Yang was, and what Yin and Yang complementing each other to cause spirit and essence to become unobstructed meant.

Never had Chen Xi comprehended the Grand Dao of Yin and Yang more deeply than this instant.

The nine Shaman Markings on his back underwent a fundamental change. The shape of the nine palaces started to revolve as the nine dazzling Star Cores formed a nebula that was condensed from the energy of the five elements, Yin, Yang, Star, Lightning, and Wind. It was faintly visible and was almost appeared out of his body, and it vaguely possessed the sign of being soon to advance.

Within his violet palace lake, his True Essence surged and roiled while emitting the surging sound of waves, and it was like a great river was concealed within it, causing lake water to rise and surge. The vortex at the center which was also the depths of the Door of Life seemed as if it was developing a lifeform, and it emitted strong and powerful thumps that were similar to the sound of a heartbeat.

Hmm? The quality of my True Essence seems to have increased more than a single level, Yin and Yang are fused together, and it’s erupting with vitality. It’s only a step away from being capable of condensing a golden core from the Door of Life. Could it be that all of this is because of the energy contained within the azure fog?

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, after one advanced to the Golden Hall Realm, one must absorb the qi of Yin and Yang in the heavens and the earth to temper one’s True Essence. It was because of this that he entered the Oceanic Desert for the sake of searching for the Nine-Yang Profound Qi to make preparations for his charge into the Golden Core Realm. However, the schemes of man are inferior to those made by the heavens, and the unusual encounter this time had instead caused him to obtain an extremely great benefit. It had actually completely tempered the True Essence within his violet palace, causing it to transform completely, and its quality had obtained an extremely great improvement.

Moreover, he vaguely felt that the quality of his True Essence now was even better and even more tougher and tensile than the quality is would have been from absorbing the Nine-Yang Profound Qi, and it was full of a lively vitality that circulated ceaselessly, causing his probability of condensing a golden core to increase greatly!

I finally possess sufficient strength, and I’m only a step away before my body refinement and qi refinement cultivations can both attain the Golden Core Realm! I truly never imagined that I actually benefited from this misfortune, and the turns in life are indeed impossible to estimate and unfathomably profound. Chen Xi’s heart surged extremely, and he’d unconsciously released Qing Xiuyi who was within his embrace and immersed himself in a type of cultivation that was filled with great freedom and delight.

Meanwhile, Qing Xiuyi had sat down cross-legged on the ground before closing her eyes and cultivating because of the energy contained within the azure fog that she’d absorbed.

All three of them were completely naked as they sat cross-legged on the ground, yet there wasn’t a trace of a lustful aura. The extremely great amount of lust in their bodies had been completely wiped out. Their Dao Hearts were tranquil, their expressions peaceful and serene, and the airflow around their bodies surged without end as they ceaselessly absorbed the azure fog that gushed over endlessly.


Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication! Why is such a treasure here? As he looked at the azure fog that roiled ceaselessly before him, Ling Bai’s anxious gaze instantly became exceedingly bright.

Because of being worried about Chen Xi’s safety, he’d chased after Fan Yunlan’s footsteps all the way here, but due to his act of sacrificing his life earlier, he’d injured his quintessence, causing his strength to be greatly consumed and speed to become sluggish, and he’d only rushed over at this moment.

The Heavenly Fiends possess six great Saint Beasts, the Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast was also called the beast of lust, and it’s born from the heavens and the earth. This Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication is obviously formed from the Blood Essence of the Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast. Good gracious, there’s actually so much Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication. Looks like during that battle from a few thousand years ago, the Heavenly Fiends invited a Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast to fight for them!

Information about the Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication swiftly flashed within Ling Bai’s mind. In the dimension of the Heavenly Fiends, the Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast possessed an extremely supreme status, and it was mysterious and difficult to find. It was deified as a god by the countless Heavenly Fiends, and the divine status of the Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast would surely be worshipped during ordinary marriages and unions.

The reason it was like this was because the Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast was supposedly formed from the purest energy of passion and desire amongst the quintessence energies of the heavens and the earth, and it controlled the Dao of Passion and Desire. It was like a god that stood above the myriad of living beings and was exceedingly supreme.

The gas formed from every breath of the Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast was capable of causing all males and females in the world to unite themselves. To cultivators, if they were able to obtain a strand of its Blood Essence, then at the instant of mutual cultivation between man and woman, it would be able to cause the miraculous effect of causing Yin and Yang to unite. Its effect that was most well known was that the quality of True Essence formed from mutual cultivation while using its Blood Essence would attain an unbelievable height.

It was precisely because of this that the Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast’s Blood Essence would be called the Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication. Of course, this was merely one of the various miraculous effects the Blood Essence of the Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast possessed, but even then, then Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication was still a rare treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck. After all, this Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast lived in the Heavenly Fiend Dimension that was in opposition with the cultivation world, and it was extremely far and separated by boundless amounts of spatial barriers from the cultivation world.

Ah! Ling Bai seemed to have thought of something, and he suddenly cried out in shock. Chen Xi wouldn’t have entered the azure fog formed from Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication with those two women, right? I’m afraid even Heavenly Immortals would become completely powerless and overflowing with lust from entering such dense Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication… Oh, could it be that they’re doing some things that can’t see the light of day now?

Instantly, Ling Bai’s expression became strange as he’d already possessed a seventy or eighty percent certainty. Chen Xi has surely done those two damnable women!

Exactly. In the heart of Ling Bai, both Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan were extremely detestable, not to mention they’d almost forced him to the point of sacrificing his life, they even wanted to seize the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession. How could he possibly not hate them?

When Ling Bai thought of how Chen Xi was able to do as he pleased with the bodies of those two women, a wave of delight from taking revenge arose within Ling Bai’s heart, yet he still muttered in his heart. There shouldn’t be women in this world. All women are trouble, enemies, and even the tombs of heroes. If it wasn’t for women, Master wouldn’t have…


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