Chapter 221 – Straddled

Chapter 221 – Straddled

Chen Xi felt that this turn of events wasn’t good. The sheen that flickered in Fan Yunlan’s eyes were scorching and surging, and it seemed like two blazing torches. That was the flames of lust, and she was already without any reason left within her.

At the other side, Qing Xiuyi emitted a weak muffled moan from her nostrils as well, and it was like the cry of a kitten, charming, sexy, and arousing.


When he heard this light moan, Chen Xi felt his soul trembled as the billowing lust in his heart was like a flood that broke through the gates, and it couldn’t be restrained any longer as it surged throughout his entire body with a bang. Only a trace of reason still remained bitterly struggling, yet it was a futile effort that would be obliterated by the boundless lust at any moment.

“Give… Give me…” Fan Yunlan’s mumbling sounded out by his ears, and then she somehow seemed to gain strength out of nowhere and flipped over to roll into Chen Xi’s arms.

Chen Xi was shocked and instantly felt a soft and delicate body that was extremely hot tightly pressing onto his chest. Even though they were separated by a layer of torn clothes, it still caused him to strongly feel the softness and plumpness of this figure. It felt like he was embracing warm jade, yet he also felt as if he’d found a place to vent the surging lust in his heart, and it stimulated his entire body to the point that a shivering feeling he’d never once experienced suffused his entire body from his feelings of extreme happiness and satisfied.

But the last strand of reason that remained in him told him that if this were to continue, then he was bound to become a wild beast that was driven by lust, and he opened his mouth to cry out. “You…”

However, before his voice could come out, his mouth was plugged up by Fan Yunlan.

In an instant, Chen Xi felt as if he was struck by lightning, and his mind instantly went blank. The last strand of reason that remained within his was covered up by the boundless lust he felt. There was only a single voice in his heart at this moment, and it told him to vent, vent the billowing lust in his heart!


Since he started cultivating until now, due to there being too many things weighing down on his shoulders, Chen Xi utterly didn’t have the mood to pay attention to the relationship between men and women. Practically all his time was used on cultivating and raising his cultivation.

But never had he imagined that such a series of unforeseen events would actually occur during his trip to the Oceanic Desert this time. First, he was chased down with the intent to kill by Qing Xiuyi. Then Fan Yunlan suddenly appeared, and then because of various coincidence, it instead caused the three of them to be in an embarrassing situation together, a situation that they were unable to control, nor escape.

At this moment, they weren’t like cultivators that had set their sights on the path of the Dao, but were instead like ordinary mortals that struggled bitterly in the mortal world for matters such as birth, death, illness, old age, greed, anger, and infatuation.

They sank in the sea of desire and were powerless to transcend to paramita.

Even if Chen Xi’s temperament had been tempered to be tough and tensile like iron, and his will was even like a towering mountain that was difficult to shake, yet at this moment, he was instead unable to control himself any longer.


Strands of vast Yin energy entered into Chen Xi’s body like rain that descended from the sky after a long drought, and it nourished and repaired his heavily injured and damaged meridians and apertures at a shocking speed. Every single inch of his body seemed as if they were cheering and jumping for joy, and his entire soul became muddled, causing him to feel as if he was embracing the universe, roaming in the heavens and the earth, and he enjoyed himself to his heart’s content.

The comfortable and wonderful feeling caused him to instantly seem as if he’d arrived above the stars in the skies of the universe and broke through the layer upon layer of shrouds of darkness and mist to see a vast and long river that lay across the boundless universe. It was like a mighty stream that converged the fate of the myriad of beings in the universe as it continuously surged towards its unknown end.

At practically the exact same time, Yang qi gushed into Fan Yunlan’s body as well before flowing ceaselessly to wash her meridians and apertures, and it actually brought about the marvelous effect of consolidating and condensing her Dao Foundation.


The azure fog in the surroundings seemed as if they were summoned and started to converge towards the two of them, and it actually formed into a vortex that caused an indescribable quintessence energy of the world to gush into their bodies. This energy washed every single inch of their flesh, bones, muscle, soul, and True Essence.

When the Chaotic Lifesoil in the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking on Chen Xi’s back obtained the influx of this energy, it abruptly shone brilliantly as numerous strands of chaotic qi effused out from it. This chaotic qi surged, cheered, and jumped for joy before transforming into various essence energy that gushed into the nine Shaman Markings.

With the energy of the Chaotic Lifesoil being mobilized, the Shaman Energy that had dried up within Chen Xi’s body had actually started to recover strand by strand, and it nourished his shriveled and withered body, whereas Fan Yunlan was even more formidable. Chen Xi could even feel that a swallowing and seizing energy actually gushed out from this woman’s body, and it ceaselessly absorbed the energy contained within the azure fog and even absorbed quite a bit of the energy of his Chaotic Lifesoil.

Both of them were actually in a rare Dao comprehension state at this moment, and their injuries and even cultivations were recovering and advancing at a speed that was visible to the eye…


After an unknown period of time, Fan Yunlan seemed to have felt that the energy she absorbed within her body had arrived at the limit, and her figure flashed out to float down and sit cross-legged on the nearby ground. The vital energy in her entire body circulated copiously and her eyes never opened from the beginning until the end.

Her back was ramrod straight, her expression solemn and tranquil, and it even faintly revealed a divine feeling. Obviously, she’d already fallen into a type of state of sudden enlightenment.

All of this instead caused Chen Xi to instantly feel a sense of loss, as the flames that hadn’t been completely vented within his body had slowly arisen once more, and he completely didn’t notice that Qing Xiuyi was staring at him with a strange gaze. Her gaze contained smoke and mist that were suffused with a peculiar sheen, and it seemed as if there were flames burning within the mist, causing the mist to roll like waves.

Even though this woman was completely weak and powerless, she relied on the great willpower and spirit in her heart to forcefully counter the burning instinct of lust that burned within her until now.

She’s watched what happened between Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan with her own two eyes, and the feeling in her heart couldn’t be described with words. She seemed to be disdainful, enraged, and feeling a sense of loss. Her feelings were complicated to the extreme.

What caused her to be even more extremely ashamed was that under the stimulation of the two, the lust within her didn’t decrease, but increased instead, growing more and more intense, and there were many occasions where she almost couldn’t refrain from moving over.

In the end, she still succeeded in restraining herself.

Who was she? The reincarnated Heavenly Immortal that was famous in the word, the favored genius of the Whitecrane Sect, an existence that was like a celestial maiden in the heart of countless young people in the Darchu Dynasty. How could possibly she destroy her own pure body because of an unforeseen event?

Figures like her had never lacked willpower, firmness, and tenacity, thus she was able to maintain the bit of clarity in her heart during this charming crisis and forcefully resist until now.

She’s actually recovering her strength! But at this moment, when Qing Xiuyi saw Fan Yunlan sit cross-legged in cultivation, and Fan Yunlan’s aura was gradually strengthening, she was instantly shocked and extremely anxious in her heart. She knew that if she were to wait for this woman to open her eyes, then she would undoubtedly die!

In practically an instant, Qing Xiuyi had set her sights on Chen Xi. Because she noticed that the reason that Fan Yunlan had recovered from the flames of lust that couldn’t be resisted was completely due to Chen Xi’s contribution. No, it ought to be from the effect that could only be attained by fusing with another and cultivating both Yin and Yang together!

What should I do? Could it be that I have to throw down myself onto this fellow as well? Qing Xiuyi was both anxious and struggling in her heart, yet it just happened that her entire body was filled with boundless lust, causing her to be unable to exert a strand of energy, and she instead had to constantly grit her teeth and be on guard against the final strand of reason within her being shattered. It was obvious how painful and complicated her feelings were.

Never mind, I’ll disperse the lust within my body with his help, and I’ll just kill him once I recover my cultivation… Qing Xiuyi knew that she had no time to lose. If she were to wait for Fan Yunlan to awaken first, then only disaster would be awaiting her, so she bit her teeth and moved over…


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