Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 1/17)

Author’s Note: The content of this epilogue will be related to the new year, and it’s set at the Origin Dimension which Liang Bing was from. I’m sure everyone is aware that Liang Bing was introduced in Talisman Emperor with a modern background, and her clothes and dressing were in accordance with modern dressing as well.

So, this chapter will occur in a place with a similar background as earth, but the story itself will be occurring on a fictitious star called the Origin Star.

You can regard this chapter as a ‘Modern Cultivation Novel’.

Chen Lan.


17 years old.

Son of Chen Xi and Liang Bing.

A reserved bearing and a rather similar character to his father during his father’s youth.

The Origin Star.

The year was 2016 at the end of the lunar calendar.

The location, the Imperial Academy of the Cathay Empire.

It was almost new year, so regardless of whether it was those who were working or schooling, all of them were returning home to gather with their families and celebrate a happy new year.

It was a tradition branded within the blood of everyone in the Cathay Empire, and it had been passed down for thousands of years. Moreover, this tradition had gradually started to spread overseas and had become known to the world.

During this period of time, even the most important things had to be delayed until after the new year. That was the traditional view held by the residents of Cathay Empire. No matter how busy, how tired, or how much hardships they were suffering, they had to celebrate the new year happily.

The students and teachers of the Imperial Academy were on leave and had returned home a long time ago. At this moment, the very modern campus was extremely cold and quiet.

The library. Chen Lan was seated before a table as he bent over it and wrote an essay, and there was a concentrated expression on his face.

Mu Qing sat lazily on the opposite side of the table. She wore a long and black woolen coat while her slender and gorgeous legs were placed casually on the table. Her fine and delicate hands were clasped together before her while her pitch black and beautiful eyes were gazing at Chen Lan. Moreover, there was a faint smile on the corners of her glistening red lips.

Mu Qing was just like Chen Lan. She was a fourth year student in the Imperial Academy as well. Both of them studied in the same class, and Mu Qing was the famous beauty of the entire class and the entire science stream.

She possessed beauty that was beyond gorgeous, a proud bearing, exceptional intelligence, was the top student…. This was the common view of all the male students in the science stream.

There were even some busybodies who made posts on the forums which compared Mu Qing’s picture with the superstar of the entire empire’s entertainment world, Yun Caiwei. The outcome was that both were on par, and it gave rise to countless discussions. Moreover, that post even became the hottest thread in the entire forum, and it was even spread to various websites on the international web and drew the attention of countless people.

On the other hand, Mu Qing was judged as the ‘the most elegant and beyond gorgeous female top student of the Imperial Academy’ by netizens who had nothing better to do.

So, such gifted beauty had naturally become a ‘goddess’ in the eyes of all the male students within the academy. Many male students who felt that they were from wealthy and influential families even started a fierce chase for her heart. Some gave her flowers, some gifts, others invited her to dinner, or even confessed….

But in the end, all of them returned in failure.

The most astounding thing was that Mu Qing hadn’t fallen for a son of an influential family, nor had fallen for a son of a wealthy family, and she hadn’t even fallen for the intellectual and handsome male student who was a top student just like her…. But she just so happened to have fallen for the bookworm who no one had ever considered!

Since the bookworm had joined the academy, he’d been constantly ‘living’ in the library when there weren’t classes to attend. He didn’t join any sports or games, let alone social activities.

The bookworm was simply like a freak that deserved to be isolated in the eyes of university students who were in the prime of their youth!

Most importantly, while the bookworm worked so hard at studying, his results were utterly mediocre. Not to mention being a top student, he wasn’t even outstanding.

However, it was exactly such a bookworm who didn’t seem like a university student at all, had a practically unsociable and sedate bearing, mediocre results, and even a very ordinary background was given special treatment by the gorgeous top student, Mu Qing….

When they confirmed this information, the sounds of countless hearts shattering into pieces resounded throughout the academy.

Some were depressed, some were filled with sorrow, some felt it was unfair, others were envious, and so on and so forth.

Moreover, countless sighed towards the heavens and simply felt like crying when they found out that Mu Qing had taken the initiative to pursue the bookworm instead.

Of course, that wasn’t the most shocking thing. After all, there were many pairs of ugly men with beautiful women in the current society. The thing that all of the other male students couldn’t endure at all was that the bookworm actually didn’t give Mu Qing a definite answer!!

What a fucking asshole, right?

The bookworm was instantly beyond infamous throughout the academy when they found out about this, and even the teachers and instructors of the academy had heard about it.

Moreover, even some of the female students criticized the bookworm to the extreme, and they felt that the bastard was trying to act cool and was utterly detestable.

Some of the sons of influential and wealthy families were even unable to accept this, and they intended to utilize all sorts of methods to make the bookworm vanish quietly from the academy. Unexpectedly, those plans of theirs hadn’t even been completed when Mu Qing stopped it all….

In an instant, even they were unable to figure out what ability that bookworm possessed to actually receive such love and affection from her?

But regardless of the storms that were brewing all around him, the person concerned, Chen Lan, the bookworm in the eyes of every single student in the academy, had always maintained that same fixed rhythm in his life, an endless cycle of class, ‘living’ in the library, and sleeping….

Such a life was simply beyond boring, and it was like torture. But it just so happened that Chen Lan seemed to willingly enjoy such torture.

Just like today. It was the end of the year, but this fellow, Chen Lan, who was commonly regarded by his male peers as a ‘pile of shit who had a gorgeous flower stuck on him’ was still in the library writing an essay….

The most infuriating part was that such a peerless beauty like Mu Qing had actually been accompanying him throughout this time!

Fortunately, the students were on holiday from a few days ago, so besides some administrative staff of the academy, only Mu Qing and Chen Lan were here. Otherwise, the other male students would definitely spit blood from envy if they witnessed such a scene.

Time flowed by slowly, and dusk had quickly arrived. Chen Lan had been constantly concentrated on his essay, and he really seemed to be wholeheartedly absorbed in it and hadn’t been disturbed by the peerless beauty who sat before him.

Even the senior monks in the temples were probably unable to rival this composure of his.

On the other hand, Mu Qing had been starting at Chen Lan since the beginning. She didn’t scroll through her phone or reveal even a trace of impatience. She just gazed at him as if she wouldn’t get bored of looking at him for an eternity.

She’d clearly dressed up with utmost care today, and her exquisite oval face was even covered in a thin layer of makeup, causing her beautiful face to reveal a charm that was different than usual. Coupled with her black and long coat and skinny jeans that were black like lead, the shocking curves throughout her body were vividly displayed. World shocking beauty was the perfect way to describe such a level of beauty.

There was a cup on the table. Chen Lan seemed to be thirsty and picked it up with the intention of drinking from it, yet he noticed that it was empty, and he couldn’t help but be stunned.

Mu Qing immediately moved her slender and gorgeous legs off the table when she saw this, and she took the cup and said, “I’ll go get some.”

“It’s fine. It’s getting dark. Let’s go.” Chen Lan raised his head, thought for a moment, and then closed the book with his essay and placed it within his old backpack of unknown make.

Only now was it obvious that Chen Lan was around 175m in height. His figure was ordinary, and his face was fair, but he was still very ordinary. Only his eyes were deep and pitch black, yet they were covered by a pair of black rimmed glasses. So while he seemed slightly scholarly, he seemed quite sedate as well.

To put it simply, Chen Lan’s current appearance was no difference than a nerd.

The scene of him standing by Mu Qing’s side was simply horrifying. A bookworm who could only be described as ‘ordinary’ from head to toe was standing by the side of a delicate, charming, and fashionable top student and gorgeous beauty. It seemed extremely unpleasant to the eye and out of place.

When the two of them walked side by side out of the library, the few aunties and uncles who were administrative staff for the academy seemed as if they’d seen a ghost.

However, Chen Lan seemed very calm from the beginning until the end, and it was even to the extent that he hadn’t displayed any reaction as he just continued forward.

Mu Qing was indifferent towards it as well because she’d become accustomed to these ‘puzzled’ gazes since a long time ago.

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