Epilogue 4 – Grand Wedding (Part 5/6)

Before long, the second ground of guests arrived, and they were the cultivators from the Dark Reverie’s Nine Radiance Sword Sect. The Sect Master Wen Huating, Elder Lie Peng, and all Chen Xi’s senior brothers and sisters from West Radiance Peak were present.

Even though the gifts presented by Wen Huating and the others were still too inferior in the eyes of those students of Dao Emperor Academy, no one dared to ridicule it.

Actually, if one thought about it carefully, how could Chen Xi who was in control of the entire world have any lack of gifts?

The only reason gifts were being presented was as a form of celebration.

Unfortunately, many people didn’t understand that principle. The students of Dao Emperor Academy had taken all of these gifts to be a process of competing in ability and reserves. They couldn’t be blamed for that because those who looked at things from different angles would have different ways of looking at things.

The third group instantly caused the spirits of many to be refreshed. It was especially so for the students of Dao Emperor Academy, and they’d even opened their eyes wide.

Because the third group consisted of guests from the Immortal Dimension!

According to the knowledge of those students from Dao Emperor Academy, those top-rate powers who only had an ordinary relationship with the Chen Clan hadn’t received any invitations because Chen Xi wanted a low profile wedding.

So, even if they weren’t top-rate powers, just their ability to receive an invitation and participate in the wedding proved that they’d obtained the Chen Clan’s acknowledgement!

Merely that alone was a supreme honor!

In next to no time, the third group of guests had arrived and passed through the arched doorway. Surprisingly, Midnight Immortal King who’d vanished from the Immortal Dimension for many years was leading the group!

Behind her was Valiant Star Immortal King and the powerful figures of the True Phoenix Clan, the Dragon Dimension, and the Buddha Dimension. Besides them, there was also Zhao Mengli, Ye Tang, Ao Wuming, Zhen Lu, and many other friends who’d been Chen Xi’s fellow students in Dao Emperor Academy.

The students of Dao Emperor Academy were shocked when they witnessed this scene. No matter how proud they were, they couldn’t help but feel reverent and reserved when facing these renowned figures of the Immortal Dimension.

After all, these renowned figures were their seniors!

“Fellow Daoist.” No one noticed that the corners of Chen Hao’s mouth had twitched imperceptibly when he saw Midnight Immortal King’s graceful and beautiful figure, and he hurriedly went over to welcome her.

“Hmph! You never expected that I would come as well, right?” Midnight Immortal King glanced at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao smiled embarrassedly.

He was very clearly aware that Midnight Immortal King had really provided a huge amount of assistance to his older brother all those years ago, and there was even a rather thought provoking relationship between the two of them.

Of course, all of that wasn’t something that he could interfere in.

“Don’t worry, I won’t cause trouble today because it’s his wedding with A’Xiu.” Midnight Immortal King strode forward as she spoke those words.

Chen Hao thought for a moment and kept having the feeling that her tone carried a trace of bitterness. But what else could he say?

Meanwhile, a wave of exclaims resounded. It was because the students of Dao Emperor Academy were shocked when they heard of the list of gifts that Midnight Immortal King and the others had presented.

Chen Hao couldn’t help but shake his head. These youths are still too young.

At the same time, he was gratified because while the members of his Chen Clan were amongst the group that were welcoming the guests, not a single one of them had lost their composure when facing such scenes. So, the difference between them was obvious.

The fourth group was a group of special existences. It was the Netherworld’s Nether Spring Grand Emperor and the Cui Clan’s ancestor who was in charge of the six paths of hell. Besides them, Meng’meng and the Thunderbird, Emerald, from the Origin World.

Most people here didn’t recognize them, and they couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised. After all, both the Netherworld and Origin World were mysterious places that most had only heard of but didn’t know where they were.

However, the Netherworld was like a sword that floated above the heads of everyone. It was in control of the judgment of Samsara. It examined sin, judged life and death, and upheld justice for the world. No one could avoid it!

So, when they found out that they were from the Netherworld, many couldn’t help but feel a trace of fear in their hearts. It was like they were looking at a group of executioners who had come from hell.

Chen Hao naturally recognized them. It was even to the extent that he knew that after Chen Xi had rebuilt the Heaven Dao, the Origin World which was the first world to be enveloped by the Order of Samsara had fused into one with the Netherworld. Presently, King Gu Yuan had taken over the position of the 10 Kings of Hell, and he was one of the Three Overlords of the Netherworld along with the Nether Spring Grand Emperor and the Queen of Judgment Cui Qingning.

As for Meng’meng, she was naturally that kind hearted Greater Horned Rabbit that loved to share her own food and was sometimes very carefree. She was really loved by both Chen Xi and Ming.

The Thunderbird, Emerald, could be considered to be Chen Xi’s first messenger in the Origin World, and they could be considered to be rather closely related. So, King Gu Yan had brought Emerald along with him.

The gifts presented by the Netherworld weren't really very precious, but every single one of them were unique treasures which could only be found in the Netherworld. They were rather unique and rare, so many clicked their tongues in admiration.

But it wasn’t long before such admiration was replaced by waves of shock.

Because the fifth group of guests had arrived.

Normally speaking, the most important usually appeared first, or the last was the most important. Just like auctions, the first item to be auctioned was naturally a huge treasure to make a good start for the auction, and the last treasure was of utmost importance as well because it was the final item to be sold.

The treasures in between were definitely unable to compare to the treasures at the beginning and the end, regardless of how precious they were.

However, such a situation clearly didn’t suit this wedding.

Because it was the cultivators from the Darchu Dynasty who had been the first group to enter, the second group had come from the Dark Reverie, the third was from the Immortal Dimension, and the fourth was from the Netherworld….

Merely based on this order alone, it was utterly impossible to determine a difference in their status.

But if one observed carefully, one would notice that as the groups of guests continued to arrive, their origins and status grew even more extraordinary.

Just like the fifth group that was entering right now. The surroundings had fallen completely deathly silent.

The Ancient God Domain’s Shentu Clan, the Goddess of Arambha Temple, the Region Lord of Snow Ink Region, the Eternal Yea Clan, the Le Clan, the Zhuanyu Clan, the Yuqiu Clan….

All of them were gods that the students of Dao Emperor Academy had never seen or heard of, yet they’d suddenly descended to the Immortal Dimension. So, how grand was such a scene?

It was like the powerful figures of the Immortal Dimension suddenly descending to the Mortal Dimension, and it was obvious how shocking and impactful it would be.

In an instant, all the students were dumbstruck. They were shocked to the point they almost lost their composure. After all, Immortal Kings were the most supreme existences in their hearts. How could they have imagined that they would witness the arrival of numerous overlords that were gods appearing before them?

Moreover, it wasn’t just one such person….

Those students of Dao Emperor Academy were aware that Chen Xi’s power and influence spread throughout the cosmos, but they’d never truly witnessed it in the end. Now, when they saw that these powerful figures of the Ancient God Domain had descended to the Immortal Dimension to congratulate Chen Xi, such a scene was bound to be imprinted into their memories for eternity.

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