Epilogue 4 – Grand Wedding (Part 4/6)

Even welcoming the guests had specific arrangements and methods.

This wedding could be said to be unprecedented, so there were extremely detailed arrangements even when it came to welcoming the guests.

As Chen Xi’s younger brother, Chen Hao had taken control of everything related to welcoming the guests since a few days ago, and this was also able to display their greatest sincerity towards their guests.

After Senior White’s voice resounded like the roar of a dragon, numerous figures instantly appeared before the enormous archer doorway which was condensed into form from auspicious clouds of the Grand Dao.

The person in the lead was the Emperor of the Darchu Dynasty, Huangfu Zhongling. The Supreme Elder of the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect, Bei Heng, the Sect Master of the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect, Ling Kong’zi, the Old Turtle King, Xuan Jing, the Nine-tailed Fox King, Qing Qiu, and various others were standing on either sides of Huangfu Zhongling.

Behind them was Song Lin, Duanmu Zhe, Zhao Qinghe, Ling Yu, Fourth Young Master Zhou, Yu Xuanchen, and various other experts.

It was a vast group of over 100 people, and they were all Chen Xi’s friends from Pine Mist City, Dragon Lake City, Silken City, and various other places throughout the Mortal Dimension.

Chen Hao had moved forward to greet them when they arrived.

“Who are they?”

“They seem to be cultivators of the Mortal Dimension.”

“They should be the friends that the Supreme Sovereign made while he was in the Mortal Dimension, otherwise, they would probably not be qualified to come here.”

All of the disciples of Dao Emperor Academy were speaking via voice transmission, and they couldn’t avoid feeling slightly surprised when they saw that the first group of guests were actually cultivators from the Mortal Dimension.

They’d originally thought that the first guests to enter the venue should be those great figures with the greatest status and identities. Never had they imagined that it would be some cultivators from the Mortal Dimension, so a gap between their expectations and reality couldn’t be avoided.

Cultivators from the Mortal Dimension?

If it were at any other ordinary time, they who were students of Dao Emperor Academy wouldn’t take such cultivators seriously at all. After all, they were geniuses of the Immortal Dimension, and the cultivators of the Mortal Dimension wore no different than ordinary commoners in their eyes.

Many students couldn’t help but laugh a little while disappointment was utterly unavoidable. In this world where strength was respected, they were bound to be unable to change their inherent view of things regardless of how reverent and respectful they were towards Chen Xi.

It was even not exaggerated to say that if this wedding wasn’t extremely grand, then students of Dao Emperor Academy like them would definitely not act like servants and line up to respectfully welcome the guests who were attending the wedding.

“The Emperor of the Darchu Dynasty, Huangfu Zhongling, presents 100 jars of a thousand year old brew, Sweet Jade Spirit, with wishes that the couple will love and respect each other for eternity!”

“The Old Turtle King, Xuan Jing, and Nine-tailed Fox King, Qing Qiu, specially presents 10 boxes of precious mountain produce from the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range with wishes that the couple have a happy marriage and love each other forever!”

“The Wandering Cloud Sword Sect….”

Meanwhile, one of the Chen Clan’s clansmen had started announcing the list of gifts in a loud and grand voice that swept through the surroundings.

On the other hand, Chen Hao smiled as he instructed some of the attendants to take Huangfu Zhongling and the others to their seats.

Meanwhile, someone couldn’t help but chuckle and say, “My god! They dare to humiliate themselves with such terrible gifts at a time like this? The cultivators of the lower dimensions are truly too laughable….”

Even though his voice was soft, everyone here possessed an extraordinary cultivation, so they’d naturally heard it clearly.

A short moment of deathly silence appeared in the originally bustling atmosphere here, and then the gazes of many immediately swept over towards the source of the voice.

Wenren Lie was standing in that direction, but he swore that it wasn’t him!

When he noticed that even the Dean, Qiu Xuanshu, had shot a cold glance in his direction, Wenren Lie couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before he noticed that those gazes were focused on a student by his side.

That student was rather handsome. He wore embroidered robes, had a graceful and unrestrained bearing, and the space between his brows carried a faint expression of arrogance.

Wenren Lie recognized that student, his name was Yuwen Jing, and he was a direct line descendant of the top-rate Yuwen Clan in the Immortal Dimension. His natural talent and strength were even slightly superior to Wenren Lie.

He could be considered to be a rather renowned figure in the academy.

But at this moment, Wenren Lie couldn’t help but pity that fellow. What an idiot! What’re you acting all proud for? What are you doing trying to put on airs at a time like this? This is the epitome of courting death!

Sure enough, Yuwen Jing noticed that the situation was bad right now. He looked towards his left and right, yet he noticed that all his classmates who he had quite a good relationship with were acting as if they didn’t know him at all, and many others around him had even soundlessly moved far away from him.

Yuwen Jing’s heart couldn’t help but thump when he noticed all of this, but he was also slightly puzzled. I didn’t say anything wrong. Those gifts are really… repulsive!

“Come with me.” A voice resounded. Yuwen Jing looked over and saw the Outer Court’s Dean, Zhou Zhili, was standing in front of him while gazing indifferently at him.

Yuwen Jing’s entire body trembled, and he was just about to give an explanation when he noticed that he was actually unable to speak. This caused his mind to drone while his expression changed drastically. He finally realized that he’d unintentionally brought great calamity upon himself.

Unfortunately, it was too late for regret now.

In the blink of an eye, Yuwen Jing had lost consciousness and was taken out of the venue. As for the consequences that awaited him… they were bound to not be simple as well.

I never expected that fellow would actually be an idiot. Those cultivators from the Mortal Dimension were able to enter Dao Emperor Academy and were even arranged as the 1st group to enter the venue. That’s an extraordinary honor. Moreover, even Senior Chen Hao went to welcome them himself. Yet that fellow actually dared to ridicule them. Isn’t that like courting death? Now, that fellow’s clan will probably be dragged down by him as well…. Wenren Lie heaved a sigh of relief in his heart as he watched all of this. It was truly a false alarm for him just now as he’d almost been dragged down by Yuwen Jing.

At this moment, Wenren Lie couldn’t help but recall the conflict between himself and Chen Pu that day, and he felt even more fortunate in his heart.

If Wenren Chonglin hadn’t been present that day, then he, Wenren Lie, would probably suffer the same consequences as Yuwen Jing….

The other students of Dao Emperor Academy saw Yuwen Jing being removed from here, and it was like a soundless warning. Their hearts couldn’t help but tremble while they didn’t dare arouse any other further thoughts of looking down upon those guests.

That small incident passed quickly. Qiu Xuanshu and Chen Hao both hadn’t paid any attention to it, but all those who witnessed that scene knew that Yuwen Jing was in trouble, and the Yuwen Clan which stood behind Yuwen Jing would probably be affected as well.

This was what both power and influence represented.

The Chen Clan didn’t have to pay any attention to it at all. Because no matter how much authority one commanded in the Immortal Dimension, one could just wait to be dealt with if one dared to rashly speak nonsense at a time like this.

The first group which consisted of Huangfu Zhongling and the others represented the friends that Chen Xi possessed in the territory of the Darchu Dynasty. At the same time, it gave a signal to everyone present here, and it was that regardless of how peerlessly dazzling the Chen Clan was, it wouldn’t forget its old friends!

Of course, all of this was arranged for by Chen Hao.

It would definitely be possible for him to arrange for important and powerful figures to be the first to enter. However, as far as Chen Hao was concerned, that would make it seem like his Chen Clan had divided the guests into various levels of status, and that absolutely couldn’t be allowed to happen.

If something like that were to happen, Chen Hao was sure that his older brother, Chen Xi, would definitely be displeased as well.

Not to mention that the guests weren’t divided by status and nobility in Chen Hao’s eyes. After all, regardless of how high their status was, could it surpass his older brother, Chen Xi? No matter how strong they were, could they be stronger than his older brother, Chen Xi?

As the son of the number one rich man in a kingdom of the mortal world once said — I never consider wealth when I make friends because all of them aren’t as rich as I!

Even though it was arrogant, it was the same principle!

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