Epilogue 4 – Grand Wedding (Part 3/6)

Dao Emperor Academy.

The azure blue sky was covered in auspicious clouds and a rose glow. Gorgeous divine light descended down from above like a waterfall that enveloped and suffused the entire world.

The rumbling of the Dao was resounded like the tune of nature arrived in waves, and it sounded like the clear cries of a phoenix or the rumbling of the morning bell. It drifted through the world while carrying a natural aura of happiness and joy.

It was even to the extent that one could faintly notice dazzling rays of the Dao surging and covered the entire sky above Dao Emperor Academy.

Darkombat City was completely alarmed by this. The hearts of countless cultivators shook while they were on the verge of prostrating themselves in worship because such unprecedented phenomena was simply unheard of!

When all of these phenomena were converged together, they’d created a peerlessly dazzling and grand scene.

What exactly is going on in Dao Emperor Academy?

All the cultivators in Darkombat City were puzzled. Because since the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Qiu Xuanshu, had ordered that no one was allowed to leave the academy, no further information had come from within the academy.

Such unusual actions had caused all the cultivators of Darkombat City to feel that Dao Emperor Academy might have encountered some sort of serious and unexpected event.

However, when they witnessed such a peerlessly dazzling scene today, all of those cultivators were suddenly enlightened. Dao Emperor Academy hadn’t encountered a serious and unexpected event, it was clearly holding some sort of unprecedented ceremony!

But who exactly possesses such ability to make the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Qiu Xuanshu, start preparing three days in advance?

Many were curious.

At this moment, Dao Emperor Academy was filled with a bustling atmosphere of happiness.

Qiu Xuanshu was leading a group of instructors to personally set up everything for the wedding, whereas, the students took care of the miscellaneous jobs.

There wasn’t any displeasure on the faces of the students, and all of them were extremely excited and happy instead. Moreover, none of them slacked off.

If the cultivators in the outside world were to lay eyes on such a scene, one could only wonder what they would think. After all, when had all of these geniuses liked to do labor like servants?

At this moment, the Hall of Vie had been completely redecorated. It was brightly illuminated with multicolored lanterns and covered in a red carpet. The beams and pillars within it were carved and painted while gold powder glittered throughout the hall. Even the windows were covered in joyous and auspicious drawings.

Even the jade platform in front of the hall was covered in an extremely thick ‘carpet’ of flowers that were in pairs. They were flaming red, extremely gorgeous, and rosy like the glow of the setting sun.

Besides that, instruments like the zither, flute, lute, and various other instruments were being played on the distant square. It was all Chen Xi’s senior brothers and sisters from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s West Radiance Peak.

The tune being played by them was happy and lively. It flowed like water through a rocky stream, full of ups and down yet tugged at one’s heartstrings. It made others feel extremely happy and joyous like they were bathing beneath the summer breeze.

An enormous arched doorway stood right in front of the square, and they were completely formed from auspicious clouds of the Grand Dao and flowed with the aura of the Dao. Just walking through them allowed when to sense a strand of peerlessly abundant aura of the Grand Dao.

If one cultivated below it, then it was simply no different than obtaining extraordinary fortune. Yet now, such an arched doorway had a very simple use, and it was to welcome the guests….

The Chen Clan was probably the only clan in the entire world that was capable of such extravagance.

Besides that, everything utilized throughout the wedding had been meticulously prepared. For example, the tables were all made from Divine Kunlun Wood.

The teapots placed on all the tables were refined from glazed amberjade, the tea itself was ‘Skandha Leaves’ picked from the top of the five colored mountain in Nuwa’s Dao Palace. Besides that, even the water utilized to prepare the tea was special, and it was Dew of Guidance taken from the Dao Institute’s Ageless River.

Even the snacks and fruits in the plated on the tables were fresh divine treasures picked from throughout the world, and every single one of them was peerlessly rare.

These were merely the decorations at the square, and this clearly displayed how shocking the resources and reserves the Chen Clan had revealed for the sake of this wedding were.

At this moment, the wedding was still 6 hours away, but the surroundings were already bustling. The juniors of the Pine Mist City’s Chen Clan and the students of Dao Emperor Academy were preparing all sorts of things needed for the wedding, and they were absolutely busy. However, they weren’t disorderly at all, and everything seemed to be completely in order.

Chen Pu stood amidst the crowd, but he seemed to be completely idle. It couldn’t be helped because when he went over with the intention of helping out, he’d noticed that others had taken everything that had to be done….

Zhao Yunsong and Tang Bao’er were standing by Chen Pu’s side right now. Both of them were clearly aware that today would be the day that Chen Pu’s father was marrying the young princess of the Xuanyuan Clan.

As disciples of Dao Emperor Academy, both of them were fortunate enough to participate in the wedding. However, only when they really participated in it did they realize that this wedding was simply peerless!

Tang Bao’er took it slightly better, but Zhao Yunsong was quite dazed. He saw powerful figures who usually extremely dignified and possessed monstrous divine might were running around like servants right now, and they were carrying out all sorts of extremely trivial and insignificant matters.

It was even to the extent that some of them were fighting just to do those trivial things….

He saw all sorts of divine treasures that he’d never even heard of being placed throughout the hall, and they were just placed casually there, causing Zhao Yunsong to be unable to help but feel horrified. Exactly how great is the value of all these treasures?

“My god! Dao Illumination Lanterns, and it’s even an entire 108 of them! Just this set of divine treasures would be sufficient for Daolords to feel covetous!”

“Good gracious! There are Divinelight Profundity Jars! Violet Striped Groundcore Fruits! Triple Enlightenment Diagrams! A Hairpin of Auspiciousness….”

An old man was crying out successively in the hall, and he was being constantly startled. It was a rather amusing sight.

Zhao Yunsong stared blankly at the old man as he asked, “Who’s that senior? Why is he unable to maintain his composure today?”

Chen Pu glanced over and grinned. “That’s a friend of my father’s, and he’s from the Ancient God Domain. Right, don’t laugh because that’s a powerful figure at the Daolord Realm.”

The Daolord Realm? Zhao Yunsong naively asked Tang Bao’er what exactly the Daolord Realm was.

Tang Bao’er knew that her fourth young master, Chen Pu, had taken Zhao Yunsong to be a friend, so she didn’t pay no attention to him like she had in the past, and she immediately explained briefly.

Zhao Yunsong was flabbergasted when he found out about the status and might of a Daolord….

Meanwhile, a snow white and imposing Pixiu suddenly charged over, and a proud and handsome tiny white clothed figure was standing on the Pixiu.

It was Bai Kui and Ling Bai.

Ling Bai waved at Chen Pu and said, “Fourth Nephew, come with me quickly. Your Eldest Mother saw a beautiful young woman, and she intends to introduce her to you. Perhaps you might even for a relationship with her.”

Chen Pu’s face froze, and he was finally unable to maintain his calm as he spoke with surprise. “Uncle Ling Bai, what are you talking about? My Eldest Mother wants to introduce someone to me?”

Ling Bai nodded and said, “Yes. I’ve seen that young woman as well, and she’s very beautiful. Moreover, she’s even extremely sensible, obedient, dignified, and virtuous. She’s the granddaughter of your father’s senior, Chi Changsheng.”

Chen Pu’s expression changed indeterminately, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve already said that I’m seeking the Dao wholeheartedly, and I don’t intend to get married at all. So why has Eldest Mother acted in this way? I… I… I….”

He wasn’t even able to finish speaking when Ling Bai had grabbed him and tossed him onto Bai Kui’s back. “Heh! You little bastard, I’m only here to give you the message, not hear you explain.”

Ling Bai didn’t allow Chen Pu to struggle anymore, and Bai Kui turned around and left.

Tang Bao’er hurriedly grabbed Zhao Yunsong and followed closely behind them.

This small incident passed quickly.

As time passed, the entire hall had been completely decorated, and it was grand and magnificent from inside out.

Qiu Xuanshu led all the instructors and students to stand in proper order outside the hall and was prepared to greet the guests.

On the other hand, Chen Hao led the clansmen of the Chen Clan to stand all around the area.

In the Hall of Vie, Chen Tianli, Chen Lingjun, Zuoqiu Xue, Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan, Zhen Liuqing, Chen An, Chen Yu, Chen Nuo, Chen Pu, Chen Baojing, Chen Yunzhi, and all the other women and juniors had finished making the necessary arrangements here.

Even though Chen Xi had said that he wanted to keep it low profile, Qing Xiuyi and the others were clearly aware that merely the relatives and good friends who’d been invited could be considered to be an extremely enormous group. Especially those very close friends of Chen Xi’s, they absolutely couldn’t be entertained by others because that would be very rude.

So, as Chen Xi’s wives and loved ones, they naturally had to help him deal with these trivial matters.

Auspicious clouds and light seethed as divine radiance of the Dao descended from the sky. Its brilliance could compete with the sun and moon, and it was accompanied by waves of the sound of nature that drifted through the surroundings. They completely enshrouded Dao Emperor Academy within a divine atmosphere.

It was getting closer and closer, and the bustling atmosphere here was gradually vanishing and was replaced by a solemn and serious atmosphere instead.

“The auspicious time has arrived!!!” Suddenly, a sonorous voice tore through the sky. It was Senior White who was standing before the Hall of Vie. This old bird who was called the master of all had taken up the position of master of ceremonies today.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sounds of bells resounded through the world, and they resounded a total of nine times.

In an instant, the expressions of everyone here became serious and solemn, and their gazes simultaneously shot towards that enormous arched doorway at the end of the square.

“Greet the guests!” Senior White raised his head up high while his snow white wings were placed behind his back, and his voice was like a dragon roar that surged through the nine heavens. It was just three words, but he’d actually made them sound so imposing and grand.

On the other hand, the students of Dao Emperor Academy and the clansmen of the Chen Clan couldn’t help but feel a wisp of anticipation.

Exactly how many powerful figures of the world will be personally attending this unparalleled wedding today?

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