Epilogue 4 – Grand Wedding (Part 1/6)

Xuanyuan Pojun’s birthday party was attended by many distinguished friends and guests, and it was extremely bustling.

Even though Xuanyuan Pojun hadn’t introduced Chen An, Chen Pu, and Chen Baojing’s identities, many great figures had guessed their origins, and the gazes of those great figures were faintly reserved and reverent when looking at the three of them.

The Chen Clan.

How could anyone throughout the world not be aware of that clan?

When the birthday party had been going on for some time, and when they saw a renowned and powerful figure muster up the courage to walk over to Chen An’s group and offer a toast, the bustling atmosphere here had suddenly revealed a short moment of silence.

The hearts of many couldn’t help but rise to their throats.

However, when they saw Chen An and the others happily raise their glasses and drink with that person and had never shown any signs of refusal or displeasure, the hearts of the great figures here couldn’t help but relax before they started to become anxious to make their move.

After that, all the great figures within the hall disregarded everything and offered toasts to Chen An and the others. All of them weren’t refused as well.

The atmosphere in the hall became bustling once more while Chen An’s group undoubtedly became the center of attention. It was even to the point that Xuanyuan Pojun, the star of the event, had actually been covered beneath their shadow.

Besides being unable to help but chuckle, Xuanyuan Pojun, didn’t mind at all. It was even to the extent that he faintly felt an indescribable feeling of pride and shared glory.

After all, which cultivator in the entire Immortal Dimension could invite members of the Chen Clan to participate in their birthday party?

This was a unique honor that only the Xuanyuan Clan enjoyed!

So, how could Xuanyuan Pojun not feel delighted by that?

There was a group of people in the hall that had been anxious since the beginning of the party, and they were in a very embarrassing state. It was Wenren Chonglin, Wenren Lie, Zhongli Zhen, Jiang Taizhong, and the others.

They hadn’t been treated coldly but their hearts were filled with anxiety after the incident from before, so they were naturally driven to distraction and even their food felt tasteless to them.

When he saw that all the powerful figures in the hall were offering toasts to Chen An’s group in succession, Wenren Chonglin gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, and then pulled on Wenren Lie’s sleeve as he said softly, “Come. Let’s go apologize!”

Wenren Lie’s entire body stiffened while his expression changed indeterminately. He was both anxious and hesitant, and he was extremely afraid that they would be rejected and mocked because they would truly be finished then.

However, when he saw Wenren Chonglin’s absolutely resolute expression, Wenren Lie knew that he couldn’t refuse, and he could only muster up the courage to walk forward with Wenren Chonglin.

Chen Pu smiled when he saw them walking over, and he didn’t make a fuss about it. On the other hand, Chen An had taken the initiative to stand up and raise his cup. “It was just a small misunderstanding. I hope both of you don’t mind it.”

He emptied his cup once he finished speaking.

Wenren Chonglin and Wenren Lie were stunned, and a wisp of indescribably complicated emotions surged from within their hearts. They were prepared to be ridiculed and even rejected, but never had they expected that Chen Xi’s eldest son, Chen An, would actually take the initiative to console them and let bygones be bygones?

“I can die without regrets after receiving such kindness from you, Young Master!” Wenren Chonglin spoke with excitement, and he empties his cup before he bowed all the way down.

Wenren Lie bowed along with him as well.

The others in the hall gained a completely new understanding of Chen An and the others when they witnessed this. If they were said to have been respectful to them because of their title as ‘disciples of the Chen Clan’, then they felt sincere respect towards them now.

What was it like to possess a graceful bearing and ability?

They were the epitome of it!

Chen Pu and the others left silently before the party had even come to an end. It couldn’t be helped because the powerful figures in the hall were truly too fervent.

Even Chen An was almost unable to endure it any longer.

At this moment, Chen An and Chen Pu were walking side by side on a bustling street within Darkombat City. On the other hand, Chen Bao’bao, Tang Bao’er, Mu Kui, and the others were following silently from afar.

“Second Brother, you probably didn’t go there just because of Grandpa Xuanyuan Pojun’s birthday party, right?” asked Chen Pu with a smile on his face.

Chen Yu was the oldest in the Chen Clan, Chen An was the second, Chen Nuo was the third, and Chen Pu was the youngest.

Even though Chen Yu was Chen Hao and Fei Lengcui’s son, they were very close and didn’t differentiate amongst each other. Even if it was in terms of the way they addressed each other, it was usually based on their age and not differentiated by direct line and branch line.

Chen An said casually, “Yes. You should be aware that Father promised Aunty Xiu to hold a wedding for her when he left the Immortal Dimension for the Ancient God Domain all those years ago.”

Chen Pu suddenly came to an understanding and smiled. “Of course I remember. Aunty Xiu said that she wanted Father to marry her in front of the entire world. Haha! It seems like Father can’t delay it any longer.”

His voice carried a faint trace of amusement.

Chen An couldn’t help but chuckle as well, and he shook his head helplessly. He felt heartfelt respect and reverence towards his father as well, but he really didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry when it came to his father’s romantic relationships.

Was his father one who went around courting others?

Not really. Because besides a few of them, all of those ‘Aunts’ who possessed various different characters and extraordinary appearances were pursuing his father instead.

Was his father amorous?

Not really as well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have only 4 descendants when he had that many lovers.

So, even Chen An didn’t know what to say about all of it, and he could only shake his head and laugh bitterly.

Now, it was just as Chen Pu had guessed. Chen Xi couldn’t delay any longer, and he had to satisfy A’Xiu as soon as possible and fulfil his promise from all those years ago.

“So, you went there to discuss the marriage between Father and Aunty Xiu with the Xuanyuan Clan?” Chen Pu spoke in a curious tone.

Chen An nodded and sighed. “After all, Father’s status is completely different from what it once was. He’s the one and only Supreme Sovereign of the world. An existence like him is bound to be unable to show himself too much in public, otherwise, it would probably cause the entire world to be stirred.”

Chen Pu seemed to have thought of something and said, “So he has to keep a low profile?”

Chen An spoke frankly, “Exactly. Aunty Xiu understands the situation that Father is in, so she hasn’t made things difficult for him at all. She only said that since they were going to hold a marriage, then they naturally had to choose a place they liked. So, Dao Emperor Academy was chosen.”

It was very understandable. After all, A’Xiu was a descendant of the Xuanyuan Clan, and she’d cultivated at Dao Emperor Academy with Chen Xi all those years ago. So, it was within reason for her to choose the academy as the venue for the wedding.

Chen Pu thought for a moment and asked, “Second Brother, since Father intends to keep a low profile, then will word of the wedding be spread?”

Chen An replied without the slightest hesitation, “Of course not. According to Father’s instructions, I only have to invite some of his good friends. However, Father was troubled because he’d truly made too many friends throughout his life, and it would probably be impossible to keep a low profile if he were to invite all of them.”

Chen Pu couldn’t help but feel amused and roar with laughter. “I never expected that even Father would be troubled by something. I thought he was all-powerful.”

They arrived before Dao Emperor Academy while they were talking. At this point, Chen An immediately bid farewell to Chen Pu, “Fourth Brother, the wedding will take around another month to be arranged. Just be at ease and cultivate in the academy until then.”

Chen Pu asked, “Second Brother, don’t you need my help?”

Chen An shook his head and smiled. “These are Father’s orders. It isn’t just you, even Big Brother and Nuo’nuo aren’t allowed to interfere in order to avoid attracting too much attention.”

Chen Pu nodded, “Since it’s like that, then I’ll just wait in the academy until the wedding begins.”

When he spoke up to this point, he suddenly asked curiously, “Second Brother, would the other aunties complain because father is marrying Aunty Xiu this time?”

Chen An laughed bitterly and said, “Of course. Even my mother, Aunty Yunlan, and Aunty Liuqing hadn’t had a wedding with Father. Yet now, Father is having his first wedding with Aunty Xiu, so it’s naturally unavoidable that they would feel jealous and feel that it’s unfair. But as juniors, we aren’t able to be of any help, and we can only leave it to Father to deal with.”

Chen Pu couldn’t help but feel amused and laughed, “Now I really want to see Father’s face. It would definitely be interesting.”

Chen An glared at him, and then he bid farewell to Chen Pu and left swiftly with Chen Bao’bao.

On the other hand, Chen Pu led Tang Bao’er into the academy instead.

As for Mu Kui, he was simply elusive, and Chen Pu didn’t have to worry about him at all.

Xuanyuan Pojun’s birthday party came to an end, but the conflict between Chen Pu and Wenren Lie had actually not spread at all.

It was like an invisible hand had dealt with it, and only those who participated in the party knew that it was definitely the Chen Clan.

But in that way, the Wenren Clan naturally heaved a sigh of relief. After all, if news of it were to spread, then it would definitely cause the Wenren Clan to suffer a huge amount of unnecessary trouble and reproach even if the Wenren Clan had been forgiven by Chen An’s group.

Everything returned to calm.

Chen Pu’s cultivation in Dao Emperor Academy didn’t cause any storms. The students of Dao Emperor Academy were utterly unaware that this handsome young man with a warm bearing possessed such a shocking background.

Wenren Lie did know of it, but how could he dare to expose it?

It was even to the extent that if he occasionally encountered Chen Pu in the academy, he would either leave hastily with a pleasant expression on his face, or forcefully endure the anxiousness in his heart and greet Chen Pu when he truly couldn’t avoid it. His attitude was truly modest and respectful.

Zhao Yunsong was clearly aware of it as well, but he similarly wouldn’t spread such information. He wasn’t an idiot, and he was naturally clearly aware that since Chen Pu wasn’t willing to mention his own background, then how could he overstep his boundaries?

However, it still felt like a dream to Zhao Yunsong. He’d never imagined that a coincidental meeting would allow someone from an impoverished family like him to form a relationship with a descendant of that extremely extraordinary clan. It was truly inconceivable to him. Sometimes, he couldn’t avoid feeling perturbed and fearful, and he wasn’t able to face Chen Pu calmly like he had in the past.

Chen Pu couldn’t help but feel slightly helpless when that happened. After all, he didn’t want his friends to arouse reverence when they found out about his identity, otherwise, their relationship wouldn’t be the same anymore, and it wouldn’t be the same pure friendship they had.

Fortunately, Chen Pu didn’t intend to cultivate in Dao Emperor Academy for very long. The reason he’d chosen to come to Dao Emperor Academy was none other than because he wanted to relive his father’s path, and then work hard to surpass the dazzling records his father had created all those years ago!

That was Chen Pu’s aspiration!

Time flowed by swiftly.

Only less than 3 days were left before the grand wedding between Chen Xi and A’Xiu.

Even if he was within the academy, Chen Pu acutely noticed that the atmosphere in the academy had started to change subtly. The senior instructors seemed to be in a hurry, but there was a trace of excitement and anticipation on their faces which couldn’t be eliminated.

Obviously, they were probably clearly aware that the venue of Chen Xi and A’Xiu’s wedding had been set at Dao Emperor Academy.

That was a supreme honor!

Chen Pu even noticed that the Dean, Qiu Xuanshu, who usually lived in seclusion and rarely showed himself had started to show himself repeatedly lately.

It was also at this time when only 3 days remained before the wedding that Qiu Xuanshu had gathered all the instructors and students of the academy, and he announced that all the students and instructors were prohibited from leaving the academy from that day!

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