Epilogue 3 – A Son Of The Chen Clan (Part 8/8)

Meanwhile, after Chen Pu, Tang Bao’er, and Mu Kui entered the Welcome Hall, it wasn’t long before the servants of the Xuanyuan Clan led them to the inner hall.

Compared to the bustling situation outside, the inner hall seemed much quieter, and only two people were seated within the entire hall.

The person in the seat of the host was a middle aged man with a dignified expression, a gaze that was like a bolt of lightning, and emanated an unyielding aura. He was a senior of the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Pojun, and the star of the celebration today.

A handsome white clothed man was seated by his side. The man had a handsome appearance, a bearing that was deep like an abyss, and his appearance was quite similar to Qing Xiuyi. As he sat there in a casual manner, his aura seemed indistinct, tranquil, and clear. Surprisingly, it was Chen Xi’s son, Chen An!

“Second Brother, it really is you.” Chen Pu couldn’t help but smile when he saw Chen An. He hadn’t met Chen An for a very long time, and he hadn’t imagined that they would actually be reunited in the Immortal Dimension. So, he was truly pleasantly surprised.

Chen An glanced at him and said, “How rude. Aren’t you going to greet Senior Xuanyuan?”

Chen Pu smiled, and then he hurriedly stepped forward and bowed. “Chen Pu greets Senior.”

Xuanyuan Pojun roared with laughter and said warmly. “You’re Chen Pu? You really are extraordinary. Quickly have a seat!”

Chen Pu sat down immediately.

As for Tang Bao’er, she stood behind Chen Pu with a reserved expression, and a trace of reverence and respect faintly flashed through her eyes when she gazed occasionally at Chen An.

On the other hand, Mu Kui grinned to Chen An and Xuanyuan Pojun upon entering the hall, and then he just sat at a corner and started drinking on his own.

“Uncle Mu Kui, why did you stand up for Fourth Brother just now? That kid wasn’t even able to accomplish a single thing properly. He really does need to experience some tempering.” Chen An sighed as he glanced at Mu Kui with a helpless expression.

Mu Kui had acknowledged his father as his master while he was still young, and Mu Kui had stayed loyal and followed his father until now. So, he was an extremely senior figure in the Chen Clan, and no one dared to take Mu Kui to be a servant.

Even Chen An had been protected by Mu Kui when he was young, so Chen An had always treated Mu Kui as a senior.

“Hehe! Second Young Master, Fourth Young Master would have had to suffer injustice if I didn’t stand up for him, and I wouldn’t be able to bear to see that.” Mu Kui chuckled.

Chen An knew that Mu Kui really doted on his younger brother and even spoiled him a little, so it was impossible for him to advise Mu Kui further.

But based on the incident that occurred today, Chen Pu’s ability in dealing with situations are still quite lacking.

“Fourth Brother, do you think your actions were appropriate?” Chen An gazed at Chen Pu.

He was much older than Chen Pu, and even his daughter, Chen Yunzhi, was much older than Chen Pu. So, even though he loved Chen Pu as well, he was extremely strict as well.

Chen Pu revealed a serious expression, and he thought for a while before he said, “I really didn’t consider the incident well just now. If I had come here on my own and didn’t have anyone’s help, then I would definitely suffer a huge loss.”

Chen An frowned and said, “Since you realize that, then what would you do if you were given a chance to do it all again?”

Chen Pu smiled bitterly and said, “I thought it was merely a trivial matter. I never expected that it would create such a commotion. My fault was making an overly mediocre display. I would definitely announce my identity first if I were to do it all again.”

Xuanyuan Pojun was stunned, and then he smiled and shook his head.

Tang Bao’er couldn’t help but frown, and she seemed to be quite puzzled. Could it be that Fourth Young Master intends to utilize his identity to oppress others as well?

Mu Kui smiled and drank a cup of wine.

Only Chen An wasn’t infuriated by this answer, and he revealed a wisp of admiration instead. He nodded and said, “What if they refuse to believe you?”

Chen Pu smiled. “Then only one path would be left. Strike first, crush all obstacles with strength, and then try to reason with them.”

Chen An was completely at ease when he heard this, and he said, “Yes, that’s how you should have done it. You’re unlike Father, and you’re different from me as well. Your status was extremely great since the moment of your birth, but you have to tread this path of cultivation by yourself.”

Chen An paused for a moment before he continued. “Just like that incident from before. If you announced your identity when facing such provocation just now, then there would naturally be no one who dared to stop you.”

Xuanyuan Pojun hesitated for a moment and said, “Isn’t that like bullying others with the backing he possesses? If that little fellow, Chen Pu, learns such habits, then it would probably be harmful to his future path of cultivation.”

That was exactly what Tang Bao’er thought. However, she naturally didn’t dare to question Chen An with the status she possessed.

Chen An shook his head and said, “That isn’t bullying others. If Fourth Brother acted in that way, he would have only done so to deal with unnecessary trouble and not because he held any ill intent.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Besides that, strength, status, and background were all things that Fourth Brother possessed since the very beginning. No one can deny that. Since it’s like that, why should he abandon all of that and choose to use an even more foolish method to deal with the problems before him?”

“It’s like having a precious treasure in your house, and no one knows about the peerless might it possesses. However, if you constantly think that utilizing that precious treasure in the face of trouble or danger would be a form of bullying others with power that doesn’t belong to you, and you choose to act recklessly instead. What would be the point of possessing such a precious treasure then?”

These words were very simple and easy to understand, and they weren’t any profound principles at all. However, it made both Xuanyuan Pojun and Tang Bao’er fall into deep thought.

Indeed, Chen Pu possessed all of this since the very beginning, so why shouldn’t he use it?

His father painstakingly travelled the world and experienced countless hardships in order to establish the current glory of the Chen Clan. Wasn’t everything he did for the sake of allowing his clansmen to have a better life?

Status, identity, background, wealth, strength…. All of them aren’t bad things!

Chen An gazed at Chen Pu as he spoke calmly, “Actually, after saying all of that, I merely intended to tell you, Fourth Brother, that Father created all this glory and brilliance so that we may wield and utilize it well, and not to resist and refuse it. To put it bluntly, our background predetermined that we would be different from others. Regardless of how others think of it, it’s reality, and no one can change it. If you encounter any pressure or burdens, the first thing you should consider is if you have the ability to wield and utilize the forces at your disposal, and not try to avoid the status and background you possess when you encounter problems.”

Chen Pu fell silent for a moment before he stood up, and then he cupped his hands. “Thank you for the guidance, Second Brother.”

Chen An smiled. “You have to walk on your own path. That’s all I can tell you. If you revealed your identity on your own accord, then that incident wouldn’t have occurred just now, and you wouldn’t have needed to ask Uncle Mu Kui to crush them with his strength. You’ve seen the outcome of that for yourself. Even though Wenren Chonglin and the others were defeated, then only remember that you are a disciple of the Chen Clan, and they aren’t afraid of you but the clan that stands behind you.”

Chen Pu nodded.

He’d been spoiled since he was young. Regardless of whether it was his father, Chen Xi, or his mother, Zhen Liuqing, or even his Great Grandfather Chen Tianli, Grandfather Chen Lingjun, and Grandmother Zuoqiu Xue. Moreover, even the other seniors of the Chen Clan were extremely protective of him as well.

So, growing up in such an environment made it so that he could only feel the heavy pressure that came from his status and identity.

Especially when he heard the legendary experiences of the Ant Exalt. He yearned even more to escape the protection of his clan and attain his own accomplishments.

But after he experienced that incident just now, Chen Pu finally understood that he wasn’t like the Ant Exalt at all….

He was Chen Xi’s son, one who was doted on by many, and all of this predetermined that his path would be unlike everyone else.

The wealth, status, strength, reputation, backgrounds…. All of them were resources that he possessed. Since they were his, then why should he refuse and reject all of it?

If he really did that, he would seem to be extremely foolish instead.

At this moment, Chen Pu suddenly recalled what he’d told his father that day. He’d said that he intended to have a look outside the Three Dimensions Cosmos, and the path he had to take in order to accomplish that was bound to be unlike anyone else.

Now, his father had helped provide an extremely great environment for him, so why shouldn’t he utilize it?

At this moment, Xuanyuan Pojun suddenly roared with laughter and said, “It’s time. Come meet the guests with me.”

Chen An and Chen Pu immediately stood up and nodded with smiles on their faces.

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