Epilogue 3 – A Son Of The Chen Clan (Part 7/8)

Wenren Chonglin fell silent.

The area before the Welcome Hall had recovered its bustling state from before. However, the expressions of everyone in the surroundings couldn’t help but be slightly strange as they gazed at Wenren Chonglin.

Even though the incident had concluded in a very short period of time, it had spread quickly because it was too shocking.

At this very moment, all the cultivators who’d come to participate in the birthday party were clearly aware of the defeat which Wenren Chonglin and the others had suffered just now.

Moreover, all of them clicked their tongues with admiration as they wondered about the handsome young man’s background? After all, it was too shocking for just a servant by that young man’s side to be capable of defeating numerous powerful figures of the Immortal Dimension.

On the other hand, the members of the Xuanyuan Clan actually acted indifferent towards such an incident, and they directly stood by the young man’s side. That was even more shocking.

For a time, discussions about Chen Pu’s identity had become the hottest topic here.

As for Wenren Chonglin and the others, all of this was definitely an extremely heavy blow to them. After all, they’d been crushed in public. They’d been humiliated and fallen into an embarrassing state without any strength to resist, that was simply like a complete loss of face.

Zhongli Zhen, Jiang Taizhong and the others couldn’t bear to stay here any longer, and they wished for nothing more than to vanish and leave here as soon as possible.

The incident had originally not been related to them at all, and they’d only spoken out to teach that young man a lesson because of their friendship with Wenren Chonglin.

In their opinion, they were merely teaching a young man a lesson, and it wasn’t a big deal. Never had they imagined that they actually bit off more than they could chew!

Not only had they failed to teach him a lesson, all of them had been bashed up instead and were completely humiliated. Besides feeling angry out of embarrassment, they were extremely terrified in their hearts. So how could they possibly wish to stay here for a moment longer?

After all, all the gazes being shot at them from the vicinity seemed to be looking at them like they were huge jokes. When had they ever suffered such a situation when the status they possessed?

Leave! I must leave!As for the birthday party, what’s the point of participating now? It would just make others laugh and ridicule us!

However, Wenren Chonglin stopped them when they were about to leave, and he said, “Everyone, we can’t leave!”

His voice was heavy and carried a wisp of anxiousness.

The faces of Zhongli Zhen and the others fell as they said, “Why? Could it be that Brother Chonglin is still unwilling to let the matter go, and you intend to look for trouble with that young man? We aren’t willing to continue losing face!”

Even though they hadn’t found out about Chen Pu’s background from Xuanyuan Qiuheng, Zhongli Zhen and the others were experienced old men, so they were naturally able to guess that the young man’s background was absolutely horrifying. Otherwise, how could they possibly be willing to swallow such humiliation?

Jian Taizhong frowned with displeasure as well. “Brother Chonglin, I presume you weren’t aware of it, so we naturally won’t resent you for it. However, why are you stopping us right now? Could it be that you feel we haven’t lost enough face?”

The others showed faint signs of being displeased as well. Could Wenren Chonglin’s rage have overcome his reason? Could it be that he wants to continue bringing shame to himself instead of leaving right now?

At this moment, even Wenren Lie spoke softly in a cautious tone. “They are right, Ancestral Uncle. It’s pointless for us to stay behind….”

“Shut up!” Wenren Chonglin glared angrily at Wenren Lie, and his gaze was like an extremely shocking blade that terrified Wenren Lie to the point Wenren Lie’s entire body trembled while a livid and ashen expression flickered on his face.

In the end, all of this had been caused by Wenren Lie. If Wenren Lie wasn’t a direct line descendant of his Wenren Clan, Wenren Chonglin would have swung his palm and slapped Wenren Lie to death.

At this moment, when he saw Wenren Lie was actually unable to understand the situation until now and was making noise in front of him, it was obvious how furious Wenren Chonglin felt.

Damnable little bastard! You just had to offend a descendant of that clan! Do you think our Wenren Clan is tired of living?

Will you only be satisfied once all of us die with you?

Wenren Chonglin had decided that he would definitely give this troublemaking bastard a good beating once they returned to the clan!

In the past, Wenren Lie had always seemed to be intelligent and sensible, but never had Wenren Chonglin imagined that he would actually do something like this. If it wasn’t because that disciple of that clan wasn’t willing to make a fuss about it, the entire Wenren Clan would have been dragged down as well!

Of course, it wasn’t the time to flare-up right now. After he berated Wenren Lie, Wenren Chonglin had shot his gaze towards Zhongli Zhen and the others, and his expression had become solemn and sincere.

He took a deep breath and spoke softly. “Everyone, we really can’t leave right now.”

Wenren Chonglin immediately explained the reason before they could ask him about it.

When they heard that Chen Pu was from that clan, Zhongli Zhen, Jiang Taizhong, and the others seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning, and they were stunned on the spot.

The Chen Clan!

We actually offended a descendant of the Chen Clan….

My god! All of these powerful figures of the Immortal Dimension felt that they’d experienced all sorts of storms and situations of life and death. However, they instantly felt like the sky was about to fall down when they found out about this, and they felt horrible.

Quite a long time passed before Zhongli Zhen’s hand shivered as he pointed a finger at Wenren Chonglin, and he spoke with a dim and complicated expression. “You…. You really got us in trouble!”

The others seemed as if they’d lost their souls as well.

Wenren Chonglin’s heart was filled with bitterness as well. What else could he say? After all, the calamity he’d brought down upon them was simply beyond their imagination.

Tempestuous waves had arisen in Wenren Lie’s heart as well. He finally understood that the fellow who he couldn’t stand the sight of was actually a descendant of the Chen Clan!

No wonder Dean Zhou Zhili was by his side when he joined the academy, and no wonder that servant by his side was so formidable.

At the same time, Wenren Lie thought of Tang Bao’er, and his heart couldn’t help but hurt. He finally understood that he was probably unable to obtain that peerless beauty.

However, Wenren Lie was still quite puzzled. Since we’ve offended a descendant of the Chen Clan, but he refuses to make a fuss about it, then we’re already extremely lucky. So why should we stay behind under such circumstances?

“Looks like… we really have to stay behind today. I hope… no further changes in the situation occur, otherwise….” Zhongli Zhen seemed as if he’d lost his soul as he muttered to himself.

The others were roughly the same as well.

“Ancestral Uncle, why exactly must we stay behind?” Wenren Lie couldn’t stop himself from asking this question.

“You fool!” Wenren Chonglin simply felt like killing someone when he laid eyes on Wenren Lie, and he instantly scolded. “Leave? The Xuanyuan Clan wouldn’t say anything if we did, but what if… that young master misunderstands our actions?”

In an instant, Wenren Lie understood completely. Indeed, he was unwilling to make a fuss about it, so what would he think if we were to leave hastily?

What if he felt that we were resentful? The consequences of that would be truly severe!

Thus, all of them had no choice but to stay behind. Even if they were to be ridiculed and mocked, and even if they had to be utterly humiliated, they still had to persist until the party ended because it was a display of their attitude towards the entire incident.

Most importantly, they had to apologize! Regardless of who was in the wrong, they had to apologize and strive to resolve the issue to the best of their ability!

Even if Chen Pu couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to the matter, they still had to take the necessary action!

Otherwise, if news about them offending the Chen Clan were to spread through the Immortal Dimension, then the world would definitely regard them as enemies of the Chen Clan.

If that happened, then the consequences would be beyond severe. Because even if the Chen Clan didn’t make a fuss about it with them, there would definitely be other powers which would step forward to crush them on behalf of the Chen Clan!

Were such thoughts exaggerated?

Not at all!

Only those who were clearly aware of the Chen Clan’s ability understood that it was extremely normal.

Xuanyuan Qiuheng had been standing in the distance since the beginning while coldly observing everything that was occurring there, and he couldn’t help but nod in his heart when he noticed the decision which Wenren Chonglin and the others had made. Moreover, he didn’t look down upon them at all.

Because even he would do the same in their shoes.

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