Epilogue 3 – A Son Of The Chen Clan (Part 6/8)

That voice rumbled like raging thunder and surged throughout the surroundings.

Even though it was just a voice, it was filled with indescribably terrifying might and arrogance. As soon as it swept out, it shook many people in the surroundings to the point they shuddered with fear.

Even those powerful figures who commanded great authority in the Immortal Dimension couldn’t help but be visibly shaken, and they felt suffocating pressure envelop them.

This isn’t good!

Wenren Chonglin was an extraordinary figure, so he instantly realized that he might have bit off more than he could chew!

Based on what the owner of the voice said, that young man had actually been addressed respectfully as ‘Fourth Young Master’. It wouldn’t be so bad if that were the extent of it because it would only be a servant of the young man.

But when that ‘servant’ addressed Xuanyuan Pojun by his name and even seemed to have not taken anyone here seriously, everything changed!

If just the voice of his servant is so terrifying, then how lofty is that young man’s identity?

These thoughts had only flashed through Wenren Chonglin. Unfortunately, he was just about to react when it was already too late.


That rough and arrogant voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when an enormous spiked club that was like a pillar which could support the heavens carried terrifying Laws of the Divine Dao as it appeared out of thin air, and then it smashed down forcefully towards him.

Space was smashed into pieces and thrown into disorder while a terrifyingly sharp howl resounded through the air. In their daze, the spectators in the surroundings felt as if they saw the terrifying scenes of mountains of corpses, oceans of blood, the gods falling, and the Grand Dao collapsing.

It wasn’t reality, but it was formed from truly terrifying and supreme strength, and it struck directly at the heart and shook the soul!

No one had imagined that someone actually dared to launch an attack during the Xuanyuan Clan’s birthday party. After all, it wasn’t just arrogant, it was simply an insult to the Xuanyuan Clan!

Even if it were powerful figures like Wenren Chonglin and the others, they’d constantly adopted the most conservative methods when dealing with Chen Pu.

Otherwise, if it were any other ordinary time, they wouldn’t have wasted their breaths at all and would have directly destroyed their opponent.

That was how powerful figures acted.

A young man at the Mysterious Immortal Realm dared to go against them? That was absolutely like courting death!

However, Wenren Chonglin and the others could only adopt conservative methods our of consideration for the Xuanyuan Clan, and they didn’t dare act rashly at all.

Under such circumstances, when this attack directly descended in such a barbaric and simple manner, it seemed like it was a complete insult to the Xuanyuan Clan.

This indirectly showed how domineering the person who attacked was, and that person seemed to not be worried about infuriating the Xuanyuan Clan at all.


The spiked club whistled through the air as it descended with great force, and it carried boundless divine might with it as it smashed down. While it seemed to be moving slowly, it was actually very swift, and it was practically teleporting through the air and right before Wenren Chonglin!

Wenren Chonglin’s reaction wasn’t slow at all. He roared loudly while divine radiance surged from his entire body, and he used all his strength to resist it.


However, he’d merely come into contact with it before his figure was smashed flying like a fly. He was actually unable to resist it at all.

Wenren Chonglin was a Half-step Immortal King, and he was the younger brother of the Wenren Clan’s patriarch. He was an existence at the top of the pyramid throughout the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension. But at this moment, he’d actually been smashed flying by a single attack….

Obviously, the strength of the person who attacked him had surpassed Wenren Chonglin by a great deal, and they weren’t on the same level at all.


At this instant, the expressions of every single one of Wenren Chonglin’s friends who were by his side had changed, and their hearts couldn’t help but tremble because they were Half-step Immortal Kings as well. So, how could they dare to go against that person who’d attacked Wenren Chonglin? All of them instinctively dodged aside in unison.

However, that person who attacked Wenren Chonglin clearly had no intention to let them off. The might of the spiked club didn’t reduce at all as it swept towards them in a violent and barbaric manner.

Thus, in the next moment, all the spectators witnessed a shocking scene.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All of these respected and powerful figures who were renowned in the Immortal Dimension seemed like flies right now and were blasted away by the spiked club. Moreover, all of them crashed to the ground and howled incessantly with pain. They were in a truly embarrassing state.

When that extremely ferocious spiked club had vanished, all of those great figures were scattered all over the ground.

The atmosphere here was deathly silent.

All the cultivators who’d arrived to participate in the birthday party were shocked, gasped, and fell chills run down their spines. What shocking ability! Even an Immortal King wouldn’t have been able to accomplish that with such ease, right?

Zhao Yunsong was stunned as well while indescribable emotions surged in his heart. He was of humble origins, so when had he even come into contact with so many great figures of the Immortal Dimension?

Yet now, he hadn’t just met numerous great figures of the Immortal Dimension before the birthday party began, he’d even watched them being blasted flying.

They seemed extremely pitiable as they howled in miserable and embarrassing states, and it caused Zhao Yunsong to suddenly realize that those great figures could feel helpless and pain as well. Moreover, it turned out that even they were so weak and inferior when facing absolute strength.

All of this seemed to have destroyed a cage around Zhao Yunsong’s heart, causing him past thoughts to be completely overturned, and he realized that so long as he possessed absolute strength, then it didn’t matter if he was of impoverished or lowly origins because he could still beat down all of those great figures who usually stood towering above others!

Wenren Lie was stunned on the spot while the corners of his mouth trembled, and his pupils dilated. He seemed to still be unable to believe all of this.

My Ancestral Uncle was actually blasted flying with a single strike?

Even Ancestral Uncle’s good friends were defeated as well….

Wenren Lie felt like his mind was about to explode, his vision darkened, and he almost fainted on the spot. How could this be possible?

The surroundings were deathly silent, and only Wenren Chonglin’s groans resounded through here. As for the other cultivators, they were all shocked and didn’t dare speak a word.

At this moment, perhaps only Chen Pu and Tang Bao’er remained calm as if they’d expected this.

A rugged and robust grey clothed man suddenly walked over while casually carrying a grey spiked club in his hand, and he stood by Chen Pu’s side as he grinned. “Fourth Young Master, see? Since they weren’t willing to be reasonable and chose to oppress you with force, then there was only one last way to deal with the problem. Bash them until they open up a path themselves!”

Chen Pu smiled bitterly and said, “Uncle Mu Kui, I didn’t want to cause trouble at Grandpa Xuanyuan’s birthday party.”

Mu Kui spoke indifferently. “That old fellow was probably clearly aware of your arrival, but he chose to hide himself. Obviously, he intended to see how you would deal with this situation. So, you don’t have to care about whether you caused trouble because it was Xuanyuan Pojun himself who was looking for something to entertain himself.”

Chen Pu seemed to have thought of something and said, “I think that should really be it.”

The reality of the situation was indeed so. After all, it was a party of the Xuanyuan Clan and countless powerful figures of the Immortal Dimension were gathered here. Now that such commotion had occurred right outside the Welcome Hall, how could the host, the Xuanyuan Clan, be unaware of it?

But it just so happened that not a single member of the Xuanyuan Clan had stepped forward to stop it even until now when it had come to an end. Obviously, it was just as Mu Kui had said, and it was definitely Xuanyuan Pojun who’d stopped them from interfering.

But Chen Pu couldn’t help but feel quite puzzled. Why did Xuanyuan Pojun do this? Could it really be just for the sake of watching a show?

That really isn’t how someone at his age should act.

Of course, Chen Pu could only criticize in his heart. He was very clearly aware that while his father had been cultivating in Dao Emperor Academy all those years ago, Xuanyuan Pojun had given his father a great amount of help as he was one of the head instructors of the inner court. So, as Chen Xi’s son, he naturally had to respect Xuanyuan Pojun.

Besides that, the relationship between his Chen Clan and the Xuanyuan Clan wasn’t normal at all, and they were no different than relatives.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be necessary for Chen Pu to personally represent his father and attend Xuanyuan Pojun’s birthday party.

Sure enough, once the commotion had ended and Mu Kui had shown himself, another group of people had walked out from within the Welcome Hall.

However, Chen Pu was surprised to see that the person in the lead of the group was….

Chen Pu’s eyes opened wide as he blurted out. “Chen Bao’bao! What are you doing here!?”

That person in the lead had a tall figure, large eyes, thick brows, a handsome and talented appearance, and had facial features that were 70% similar to Chen Yu. Surprisingly, it was Chen Baojing who was nicknamed Chen Bao’bao.

In terms of seniority, Chen Bao’bao was Chen Yu’s son and Chen Hao’s grandson.

“Young Uncle, quickly come in. My second uncle is here as well, and he’s waiting for you in the hall. However, you have to prepare to be scolded.” Chen Bao’bao grinned as he spoke and waved at Chen Pu.

Chen Pu was Chen Xi and Zhen Liuqing’s son, so Chen Bao’bao really was his junior.

However, if it was in terms of age, then Chen Bao’bao was much older than Chen Pu. So, while Chen Bao’bao was respectful to Chen Pu, he wasn’t quite constrained by the limitations of seniority.

After all, he’d even helped this ‘young uncle’ of his change when his young uncle was still an infant!

So, the relationship between them couldn’t be said to be like one between a senior and a junior, yet they weren’t like peers as well. In short, they were very close to each other.

“Second Brother is here as well?” Chen Pu was immediately stunned, and then he couldn’t be bothered about everything else as he walked hastily towards the hall.

A wisp of nervousness couldn’t help but appear between Tang Bao’er’s brows when she heard that Chen Pu’s second brother was here as well, and then she followed closely behind Chen Pu.

Mu Kui thought for a moment before following them in the end.

However, Chen Pu seemed to have thought of something when he was about to enter the hall, and he turned to gaze at Chen Bao’bao as he said, “That’s a classmate of mine, and he came here with me. So you have to take good care of me.”

Chen Pu pointed a finger at Zhao Yunsong as he spoke.

Chen Bao’bao nodded and grinned. “Leave it to me. Young Uncle, you can punish me as you wish if I don’t take care of him well. Of course, the precondition is that you can defeat me.”

Chen Pu glared at him before he vanished into the hall with Mu Kui and Tang Bao’er.

All the cultivators outside the Welcome Hall were gradually recovering from their shock, and they’d naturally witnessed the conversation between Chen Bao’bao and Chen Pu.

Young Uncle?

Second Uncle?

Obviously, just these methods of address displayed that Chen Pu hadn’t just brought a maidservant and a servant with unfathomable divine might when he came here.

However, they weren’t able to figure out anything else.

But even then, when they witnessed the terrifying divine might Mu Kui revealed, all of them realized that the background of that young man wasn’t simple at all!

On the other hand, when they saw how all the great figures of the Xuanyuan Clan were standing behind Chen Bao’bao as if they were following his lead, the spectators were even more certain of their guesses.

“Seniors, I won’t be participating in the rest. But there’s no need to give those ignorant fellows any more trouble so as to avoid causing even more trouble for the birthday party.” Chen Bao’bao grinned as he cupped his hands towards the geezers of the Xuanyuan Clan, and then he waved his hand at Zhao Yunsong. “Friend, come with me.”

Zhao Yunsong somehow walked over without realizing it, and then he followed behind Chen Bao’bao as he entered the Welcome Hall which only those who received an invitation could enter. Moreover, he entered without any obstruction.

A wisp of envy couldn’t help but surge out from the hearts of many when they saw Zhao Yunsong leave. They were clearly aware that while the young man had offended the Wenren Clan earlier, it was exactly that sense of justice which had allowed him to obtain a good impression from that young master.

That was a fortuitous encounter!

Sometimes, just some words were sufficient to change a person’s fate. Just like Zhao Yunsong, he was a living example.

At the same time, an inadvertent form of offence wouldn’t just bring calamity onto one’s self, it would even affect the clan which stood behind a person.

Just like Wenren Lie, Wenren Chonglin, and the others. They were defeated in public. While losing tremendous face wasn’t a huge deal, they’d offended that young master of mysterious background, and the effects of that was probably not that simple.

At this moment, Wenren Lie was stunned like a statue, and it was like his soul had left him. No matter how he racked his brains, he wasn’t able to figure out why the situation would have developed to such an extent.

Wenren Chonglin had a livid expression as well, and he truly wished for nothing more than to look for a hold to hide himself in. What a disgrace! This is a grand even of the Xuanyuan Clan! Now that something like this has occurred in public, it probably wouldn’t take a day for it to spread throughout the Immortal Dimension.

At that time, our Wenren Clan will be reduced to a laughingstock!

How could this have happened?What exactly is that young man’s background?

Wenren Chonglin was puzzled.

“Brother Wenren, it really was all of you who were in the wrong. Fortunately, he wasn’t willing to make a fuss about it, otherwise…. The consequences would really be impossible to foresee.” Meanwhile, one of the elders of the Xuanyuan Clan walked over and glanced at Wenren Chonglin with a complicated gaze. His name was Xuanyuan Qiuheng, and he had quite a friendly relationship with Wenren Chonglin. So, he really couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he saw Wenren Chonglin being reduced to such a state.

“We were in the wrong?” Wenren Chonglin frowned.

“Is it even necessary to distinguish between right and wrong now?” Xuanyuan Qiuheng spoke indifferently.

As he gazed at Xuanyuan Qiuheng’s neither warm nor cold attitude and combined it with what Xuanyuan Qiuheng had just said, Wenren Chonglin’s mind which was filled with rage and humiliation had suddenly calmed down and cleared up.

“So, we really bit off more than we could chew?” Wenren Chonglin spoke in a bitter tone, and he felt extremely disgruntled in his heart.

Xuanyuan Qiuheng nodded. He thought for a moment before he added. “It isn’t just all of you. Anyone or any power in the Immortal Dimension can’t afford to offend him. The setback all of you suffered today isn’t very bad because even my Xuanyuan Clan would be powerful to stop him if he refuses to forgive all of you.”

Wenren Chonglin was horrified, and a slight chill ran down his spine as he asked. “Exactly what is his background?”

Since he was able to cultivate until such a level, he was naturally no ordinary figure, and he would have probably noticed all of this a long time ago if he hadn’t been overwhelmed by rage.

“Didn’t you hear his surname just now?” Xuanyuan Qiuheng replied with a question that carried deep meaning.

Wenren Chonglin was stunned, and then his pupils constricted while he seemed like he was struck by lightning. He was completely stunned on the spot, and his entire body felt cold as if it had fallen into an icy pit.

Chen!Could that young man have been….

When he thought about that clan and a supreme legend from that clan, Wenren Chonglin’s disgruntled feelings immediately vanished while fear surged out from within him instead.

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