Epilogue 3 – A Son Of The Chen Clan (Part 5/8)

Wenren Chonglin gazed at Chen Pu. He noticed that it was a handsome young man with a calm and composed bearing, but the young man’s cultivation was only at the Mysterious Immortal Realm and was nothing to worry about.

“You injured Lie’er?” Wenren Chonglin spoke in a low voice and an icy cold gaze that emanated a huge amount of pressure. He was a powerful figure who’d experienced all sorts of storms, so he naturally wouldn’t act rashly without figuring out his opponent’s ability.

“It should be…. Kind of.” Chen Pu thought for a moment, and he felt that it made no difference whether it was him or Tang Bao’er who did it.

What does he mean by that?

Isn’t that a little too perfunctory?

Wenren Chonglin’s eyes narrowed while he started pondering in his mind about how he should deal with this young man who had such a bad attitude.

“Which clan are you from? You actually dared to injure others in public?” Zhongli Zhen frowned as he spoke. He was a good friend of Wenren Chonglin’s, and they’d known each other for many years. So, he would naturally not stand by idly.

“Old man, it doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that this fellow deserved a beating.” Chen Pu sighed and seemed to be flagging with interest. “I’ve told all of you the reason. Now please forgive me as I have other matters to attend to and can’t accompany all of you.”

“You’re still thinking of leaving after you injured someone else?” Zhongli Zhen felt that this young man was truly too arrogant for acting as if nothing had happened even when he’d stepped forward to deal with the matter. In an instant, even Zhongli Zhen couldn’t help but feel slightly furious.

Chen Pu frowned while his expression finally became serious. He said, “I came to attend a birthday party and not to cause trouble. If all of you still refuse to differentiate between right and wrong, and continue to bother me, then I can only be rude.”

Be rude? All the others who’d come here with Wenren Chonglin couldn’t help but frown. This little fellow is really arrogant.

Looks like it was definitely he who was rude in the beginning and harmed Wenren Lie!

Chen Pu’s words made those great figures actually think that it was Chen Pu’s fault that Wenren Lie had been injured.

Zhao Yunsong who’d been constantly watching all of this couldn’t restrain himself any longer, and he somehow summoned the courage to speak loudly. “It was clearly Wenren Lie who attacked first. How could it possibly be Chen Pu’s fault?”


An extremely horrifying gaze shot over towards him like a cold gale, and it instantly caused Zhao Yunsong’s mind to regain its clarity. Only now did he realize that it was a group of renowned and powerful figures of the Immortal Dimension who were standing before him!

On the other hand, he was only a junior from an impoverished clan. Even if he was lucky enough to join Dao Emperor Academy, the consequences of offending these great figures of the Immortal Dimension was extremely severe!

Zhao Yunsong couldn’t help but groan in his heart while his expression changed indeterminately.

“Little Fellow, there’s no place for you to speak here!” Zhongli Zhen glanced coldly at Zhao Yunsong while his voice was filled with a threatening tone, causing Zhao Yunsong’s expression to change.

Especially when Zhao Yunsong noticed that Wenren Lie’s gaze towards him had become extremely resentful and ghastly. Obviously, his words had infuriated that respected young master.

This made a wave of bitterness surge through Zhao Yunsong’s heart. Did he regret it? Not really. But… he knew that he probably wouldn’t have the chance to regret it in the future.

“Who said that there’s no place for my friend to speak here?” Chen Pu glanced at Zhao Yunsong and couldn’t help but frown before he gazed at Zhongli Zhen, and his voice carried a questioning tone.

Zhongli Zhen started laughing from extreme rage. He was just about to speak when Wenren Chonglin spoke before him. “It’s a grand event of the Xuanyuan Clan today, so I’m unwilling to lower my status and make a fuss about it with a junior. But harming others is wrong in the end. Young man, you have to pay a corresponding price to make amends for this.”

His tone was flat and indifferent, and it carried an oppressive and dignified aura that was simply like that of an order.

“Oh? What price? I’m really dying to know.” At this moment, Chen Pu wasn’t anxious to leave, and he smiled as he asked this question. However, there was no happiness in his eyes.

“Cripple an arm of yours, and then apologize in public. If you’re sincere enough, then I’ll naturally let bygones be bygones, if it isn’t sufficient, then you’ll probably have to pay an even greater price. What do all of you think?” Wenren Chonglin even acted like he was magnanimous after he finished speaking, and he even asked his friends for their opinions.

“Of course.”

“However, he’s lucky that it was Brother Chonglin. If it were me, I would definitely cripple his cultivation as punishment.”

“Indeed, Brother Chonglin’s actions are truly exemplary and magnanimous.”

All of them smiled as they spoke, and all of them spoke as if Chen Pu was being punished lightly. Perhaps such punishment really was magnanimous in their eyes.

“Ancestral Uncle!” Wenren Lie was still indignant and disappointed. Just an arm? How could he be allowed to escape that easily!? As far as he was concerned, he’d lost face tremendously, so even killing Chen Pu wouldn’t be sufficient to vent the hatred in his heart.

“That’s enough. This is the Xuanyuan Clan’s territory in the end. Our Wenren Clan is a guest here, so we naturally have to respect the owner of this place.” Wenren Chonglin waved his hand in a magnanimous manner as if he’d made a great compromise and given face to the Xuanyuan Clan.

Wenren Lie could only give up his intentions when he heard this. However, he gazed at Chen Pu, and his gaze seemed as if he was saying that this wouldn’t be over even if Chen Pu apologized!

Zhao Yunsong couldn’t help but sigh in his heart when he witnessed this scene. It was Tang Bao’er who attacked him, but why is Chen Pu being blamed for it all? But right after that, he suddenly recalled that Chen Pu seemed to have never disputed all of this since the very beginning.

He realized that there really was not much difference whether it was blamed on Tang Bao’er or Chen Pu.

But the way the Wenren Clan does things…. It’s really too overbearing and oppressive. Could this be how top-rate clans act?

“I still have to apologize after I cripple my arm, and I have to pay a worse price if it isn’t sincere enough….” Chen Pu repeated what he heard. In the end, he raised his hand while a wisp of a brilliant smile arose on his handsome face, but there was no joy in his eyes at all.

For some reason, a trace of a bad feeling arose in Wenren Chonglin’s heart when he saw Chen Pu’s reaction, but he wasn’t able to put a finger on it.

At the same time, all the other great figures of the Immortal Dimension had noticed this as well. They felt that the young man’s reaction seemed to be off.

“Chen Pu! Why aren’t you kneeling down and apologizing for your crimes? My Ancestral Uncle has already been sufficiently magnanimous to you! Could it be that you intend to fight stubbornly until the end?” Wenren Lie suddenly berated Chen Pu in a grim voice. Obviously, he intended to seize this opportunity to sow discord between Chen Pu and the others. If he was able to infuriate them and cause a bigger problem to arise, then the punishment Chen Pu suffered would be worse and might even end with Chen Pu’s cultivation being crippled.

As a direct line descendant of a top-rate clan, he was naturally clearly aware that while these great figures would care about their dignity when dealing with a junior, but if they were infuriated, then not to mention Chen Pu, even if there were numerous more people like Chen Pu, those great figures would still annihilate them on the spot!

“Nevermind. I’d intended to allow all of you to save some face and avoid causing trouble at this birthday party. But since all of you don’t mind, then why should I?” At this moment, Chen Pu seemed to have made a decision, and he waved his hand.

Waving the hand was a movement that could be used to greet a friend or bid farewell to a friend.

However, under certain circumstances, waving the hand could be taken as a method to issue a command.

Just like this very moment.

Wenren Chonglin and the others thought that Chen Pu intended to fight against overwhelming odds until the death by fighting desperately against them.

But it was very obvious that Chen Pu didn’t intend to fight with his life on the line, and he’d just waved his hand.

So, under such circumstances, such an action seemed quite unusual when carried out by a young man who was in an absolutely disadvantaged situation. It was even to the extent that it was slightly… baffling!

What’s he trying to do?Order that beautiful woman by his side to fight them to the death?

If it’s that, then isn’t he being too cowardly? A man is actually asking a woman to suffer on his behalf? That’s only something that despicable cowards do!

It wasn’t just Wenren Chonglin and the others who were puzzled, even the others who were watching coldly from the sidelines felt rather bewildered.

Right at this moment, coarse laughter suddenly resounded. “Fourth Young Master, I told you that these old bastards deserve a beating and have to be bashed up. It’s impossible to reason with them. Since that old fellow Xuanyuan Pojun intends to hide and watch the show, then I’ll give him one. He can consider it to be a completely new type of gift!”

This heroic voice reverberated like a thunderclap from the heavens, and it surged through the surroundings and was deafening to all who heard it.

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