Epilogue 3 – A Son Of The Chen Clan (Part 4/8)

Zhao Yunsong hadn’t expected that Wenren Lie would actually attack Chen Pu at such an unprecedentedly grand event, and his heart couldn’t help but constrict while he felt slightly worried for Chen Pu.

However, merely an instant passed before he heard a shrill cry resound. Tang Bao’er was suddenly standing in front of Chen Pu, and she’d grabbed Wenren Lie’s wrist while Wenren Lie himself was howling miserably, and his body was bent at the waist and was on the verge of kneeling on the ground.

His handsome face had warped and seemed ferocious from the pain he suffered. His arm was completely twisted while his entire body was shivering, and he actually didn’t have the ability to struggle at all.

The battle had just begun yet had ended from such absolute strength, and this caused the hearts of all the cultivators who’d noticed the commotion here to tremble.

Many even cried out involuntarily.

The clamorous noise had mostly come from those who were aware of Wenren Lie’s identity, and they knew that he’d just passed the test and become an eminent new student in Dao Emperor Academy. He was a genius and renowned figure even amongst his peers.

Under such circumstances, it was extremely surprising for Wenren Lie to actually be restrained upon attacking.

Zhao Yunsong was clearly aware that Tang Bao’er was one of the new students in Dao Emperor Academy just like Wenren Lie. However, even he had never imagined that Wenren Lie who was at the top amongst the new students would actually be unable to resist a single move from Tang Bao’er!

This caused Zhao Yunsong to suddenly realize that all of them had been paying too much attention to Tang Bao’er’s appearance, and they’d actually never tried to seriously comprehend the exact extents of her strengths….

When he thought up to this point, complicated emotions couldn’t help but arise in Zhao Yunsong’s heart. Tang Bao’er has been following Chen Pu all the time and seemed like his maidservant, yet she probably has the identity of a bodyguard now.

Such a drop dead gorgeous genius is actually playing the role of a bodyguard?

Zhao Yunsong was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Tang Bao’er gazed coldly at Wenren Lie as she shook her hand, and then Wenren Lie cried in pain as he staged backward. When he turned around to look at Tang Bao’er again, there was rage, terror, embarrassment, and disbelief mixed together on his face, and his mind was presumably blank right now.

After all, the woman that he, Wenren Lie, was fond of had actually not hesitated to attack him for another man!

The most embarrassing part was that he’d even lost in a single collision!

It was an extremely huge blow to Wenren Lie.

“If you dare to attack again, then death will be the only outcome. I keep my promises.” Tang Bao’er stood upright there while her white dress fluttered with the wind. She seemed extraordinary and otherworldly while her peerlessly beautiful and exquisite face was covered in a cold and arrogant expression.

For some unknown reason, her words caused the hearts of many to feel cold. It was like she would definitely be able to do as she’d said.

Zhao Yunsong couldn’t help but gasp as well.

After all, they were right in front of the Xuanyuan Clan. The unprecedentedly grand birthday party was about to begin, and countless authoritative figures of the Immortal Dimension had gathered here. However, Tang Bao’er had actually dared to bluntly threaten Wenren Lie with death. So, it was simply unimaginable to them!

Perhaps Wenren Lie’s combat strength was inferior to Tang Bao’er, but he was a direct line descendant of the Wenren Clan, and the Wenren Clan was a top-rate clan in the entire Immortal Dimension.

Zhao Yunsong wondered. She actually dared to speak such words for Chen Pu’s sake? Is she not worried about the Wenren Clan’s revenge?

Chen Pu finally turned around and smiled with a helpless expression on his face. “I didn’t intend to cause trouble. Looks like… it was unavoidable in the end.”

Tang Bao’er lowered her head and pursed her lips. “Fourth Young Master, my responsibility is to protect you. Please punish me if I’ve made a mistake.”

Chen Pu couldn’t help but chuckle. “I have no intention of blaming you for anything. Let’s go.”

From the beginning until the end, the two of them had actually disregarded Wenren Lie.

The spectators in the surroundings noticed all of this. When they confirmed that the peerlessly beautiful, composed, and imposing woman was actually that young man’s maidservant, the gazes of many underwent a subtle change.

Since he was able to arrive before the Xuanyuan Clan and bring such a peerlessly beautiful maidservant along, his background is probably not simple at all.

However, another setback appeared just when Chen Pu and Tang Bao’er intended to leave. In other words, trouble had arrived again.

It turned out that the commotion had alarmed many people, and especially because of Wenren Lie’s background, it wasn’t long before a group of people arrived in a very threatening manner.

That group was led by a dignified man who had a beard which was tied into three clumps. He walked in vigorous strides, and his gaze was like a terrifying bolt of lightning.

They’d walked out from within the Welcome Hall. Obviously, their identities weren’t simple at all. At the very least, they’d received an invitation from the Xuanyuan Clan and were great figures who were qualified to participate in the birthday party.

“As expected, Wenren Chonglin is here as well.” Many people in the vicinity recognized the man. He was the younger brother of the current patriarch of the Wenren Clan and a Half-step Immortal King, Wenren Chonglin!

Besides that, all the others behind Wenren Chonglin possessed auras that were on par with him.

The expressions of many here had changed when they saw this group, and their eyes revealed a wisp of reverence….

Zhongli Zhen who was a senior of the Zhongli Clan, Jiang Taizhong who was a senior of the Jiang Clan, Huan Xu’zi who was an inner court instructor of Vastsky Academy….

All of them were overlords who were renowned in the Immortal Dimension!

Wenren Chonglin had been chatting with these good friends of his when he suddenly heard of the incident which occurred outside, and so he left hastily.

As Wenren Chonglin’s good friends, it was perhaps out of good intentions or curiosity, but all of them had come with him.

In the blink of an eye, the area outside the Welcome Hall had instantly started to become clamorous and oppressive from the arrival of so many great figures.

Anyone was able to discern that it would probably not be easy for Chen Pu and Tang Bao’er to get out of this predicament….

Chen Pu who’d constantly seemed to be completely harmless and had a warm smile on his face couldn’t help but frown when he witnessed such a scene, but he didn’t say anything.

As far as he was concerned, it was Xuanyuan Pojun’s birthday party, so they would definitely not dare to cause a commotion. So it would be fine so long as he could explain the reason behind everything and deal with this situation peacefully. There was no need to make a big deal out of it at all.

Tang Bao’er just stood at his side. Even though she didn’t say anything, her clear eyes carried a wisp of imperceptible coldness.

“Ancestral Uncle!” When he saw Wenren Chonglin arrive here, Wenren Lie who was embarrassed, furious, and terrified seemed like he’d grasped onto a life-saving straw, and he suddenly exclaimed with sorrow.

“What exactly happened?” Wenren Chonglin’s face fell, and a wisp of imperceptible rage flashed through his eyes when he saw Wenren Lie’s twisted arm. Someone actually dared to openly beat up a disciple of my Wenren Clan during the Xuanyuan Clan’s birthday party!?

That person is simply courting death!

“Err….” Wenren Lie’s gaze swept past Tang Bao’er. He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and resentful when he thought about how the woman whom he admired had actually been the one to attack him.

“It was that fellow! It was him!” Wenren Lie suddenly pointed at Chen Pu and gnashed his teeth as he spoke. He didn’t explain the reason but there was no need to explain anymore because he was clearly aware that he only had to give his Ancestral Uncle a target.

As for why he didn’t point his finger at Tang Bao’er, the reason was very simple. Even though he was embarrassed and furious, he was still thinking about winning her heart.

However, it wasn’t admiration and protective feelings like he had in the past. He’d taken Tang Bao’er to be a wild horse that he had to forcefully tame, trample on, humiliate, and watch her cry in pleasure beneath his loins.

But he felt that even that wasn’t sufficient to vent the rage and resentment in his heart.

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