Epilogue 3 – A Son Of The Chen Clan (Part 3/8)

Zhao Yunsong was still quite stunned even when he was seated within the bronze treasured carriage.

After all, a terrifying expert with peerless divine might was merely like a driver while such a proud and peerless beauty who was like an icy cold mountain, Tang Bao’er, seemed like a female attendant….

What exactly is Chen Pu’s background? Zhao Yunsong was dazed.

“Have some tea.” A warm voice resounded and jolted Zhao Yunsong back to reality. He raised his eyes and saw Tang Bao’er was in a sitting kneel position at the side of the table. Her jet black hair flowed down to her fine waist like a waterfall, and she was using her slender and fair hands to prepare a jug of fragrance tea.

Her peerlessly beautiful and fair face was covered in a concentrated expression while her movements were skilled and elegant. She revealed an indescribably beautiful and extraordinary aura.

On the other side of the table, Chen Pu was smiling as he passed over an azure teacup which was clear like glass.

“Try it. It’s a cup of ‘Divine Cloud Sprouts’ that my aunt prepared herself. Its taste is very unique.”

Zhao Yunsong hurriedly took the teacup with both hands. He gazed at Tang Bao’er who was concentrated on preparing the tea before he gazed at the handsome young man who was smiling warmly, and he couldn’t help but feel quite dazed.

Divine Cloud Sprouts?

He’d never heard of such a name.

However, Zhao Yunsong was clearly aware that it was personally prepared by Tang Bao’er, so he couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the unexpected favor and was struck with slight awe.

After all, could any student throughout Dao Emperor Academy enjoy such treatment?

Wenren Lie was a disciple of a renowned noble clan within the Immortal Dimension, but he probably wasn’t qualified to make Tang Bao’er prepare tea for him!

“How is it? Does it suit your taste?” Chen Pu smiled as he asked this question. He was able to discern that Zhao Yunsong was very nervous.

“No, no….” Zhao Yunsong hurriedly shook his head, and then he raised his head and emptied his cup. He felt a strand of warm and comfortable liquid accompanied by fragrance which refreshed even the depths of his soul sweep through his entire body.

It felt like his entire body was being cleansed by the dew of the Grand Dao. His vital blood, soul, cultivation, and even every single inch of his body seemed to be cheering and emanated a strand of matchlessly abundant vitality.

In just a short while, Zhao Yunsong’s cultivation which had fallen into a bottleneck actually started to wriggle about, and it showed strong signs of breaking through!

He swiftly took a deep breath and suppressed the impulse he felt, and then his face was covered in shock as he said, “What…. What tea is this? It’s really miraculous!”

Chen Pu grinned. “Drink more if you think it’s nice.”

Zhao Yunsong was quite eager and tempted, but he knew his limits. He knew that this tea was probably an unparalleled treasure, and he was only able to drink this cup because of Chen Pu. So, he would be trying to take a yard when given an inch if he acted greedily.

“It’s fine. I probably wouldn’t be able to control my cultivation from breaking through if I were to drink another cup.” Zhao Yunsong declined.

Chen Pu nodded and didn’t persuade him.

“Fourth Young Master, these are the gifts which the Lord and Madam prepared. Take a look and see if we need to prepare anything extra.” Meanwhile, Tang Bao’er withdrew a storage bracelet and passed it to Chen Pu.

Chen Pu glanced at various gifts within the bracelet and smiled. “I never expected that my mother would even prepare gifts for me. Looks like I won’t have to wrack my brains over what to get.”

Zhao Yunsong felt complicated emotions in his heart when he witnessed this scene, and he grew even more certain that Chen Pu’s background was extraordinary. Otherwise, how could a genius like Tang Bao’er be so meek and modest before him?

Moreover, Chen Pu actually enjoyed such treatment in a natural manner since the beginning, and it was very obvious that he was used to Tang Bao’er’s presence by his side.

That wasn’t something that just any ordinary person could get used to!

Zhao Yunsong suddenly recalled that Chen Pu had said he was going to the birthday part of a senior, and Chen Pu had even said that his destination was on the way. Doesn’t that mean that there’s some sort of relationship between Chen Pu and the Xuanyuan Clan?

Zhao Yunsong was clearly aware that the invitation which Wenren Lie had gone to great lengths to secure had been issued by the Xuanyuan Clan.

It was the 8,000th birthday of a senior of the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Pojun. Actually, a birthday was nothing to a cultivator, but the Xuanyuan Clan was too dazzling and supreme in the Immortal Dimension. After all, it was like the number one clan in the Immortal Dimension.

Under such circumstances, they naturally had to hold a large-scale event for Xuanyuan Pojun’s 8,000th birthday.

The birthday party hadn’t even begun, yet it had become a grand event that shook the entire Immortal Dimension, and all the top-rate powers of the Immortal Dimension had dispatched ambassadors to congratulate Xuanyuan Pojun.

Just this alone made it obvious how high the standards of such a birthday part was. Not to mention first-rate powers, even some top-rate powers weren’t qualified to enter the Xuanyuan Clan without an invitation.

So, Wenren Lie really had exhausted a huge amount of effort to obtain an invitation, and it was all thanks to his identity as a direct line descendant of the Wenren Clan and a student of Dao Emperor Academy.

Wenren Lie had intended to rely on the invitation to participate in a top-rate grand event of the Immortal Dimension to develop his networks. But most importantly, it was for the sake of proving his ability to Tang Bao’er so as to obtain her heart.

Zhao Yunsong was rather clearly aware of it all, but he hadn’t imagined that Tang Bao’er would reject Wenren Lie’s invitation in such a decisive manner yet accompany Chen Pu there.

When he thought up to this point, Zhao Yunsong couldn’t help but take pleasure in Wenren Lie’s misfortune. He would probably spit blood in anger from witnessing such a scene, right?

But right after that, Zhao Yunsong became quite worried for Chen Pu. After all, Wenren Lie was a descendant of a top-rate clan as well, and the resources and reserves at his disposal were enormous. It was probably not inferior to Chen Pu’s background at all. So, Zhao Yunsong felt that the consequences of conflict between them would be unimaginable.

“Fourth Young Master, we’ve arrived.” Right at this moment, a heavy and rough voice resounded from outside the carriage.

At the same time, Tang Bao’er had stood up and opened the door for Chen Pu.

“Uncle Mu Kui, how many times have I told you to just call me by my name. My father would definitely berate me for being rude if he heard that.” Chen Pu smiled as he stood up, and then he left the carriage with Zhao Yunsong.

Mu Kui? So that man with terrifying strength is called Mu Kui…. But why have I never heard of such a peerless expert in the Immortal Dimension? Zhao Yunsong was puzzled.

The rugged man called Mu Kui just roared with laughter, and his voice was heroic and heavy.

Outside the Xuanyuan Clan.

Streams of carriages were arriving, and countless guests were gathered here. All sorts of great figures in the Immortal Dimension who couldn’t be met at all during other ordinary times were arriving in succession.

Every single one of them was a great figure of the Immortal Dimension, they were existences that were dazzling like the sun in the sky. They possessed monstrous authority, and boundless divine might, yet they were gathering here from all directions. This obviously showed how grand it was here.

Wenren Lei was standing outside the Welcome Hall of the Xuanyuan Clan. His heart was filled with anticipation as he looked outside with expectation.

He was very confident that no woman would refuse an opportunity to participate in a grand event of the Immortal Dimension.

So would Tang Bao’er refuse?

It was obviously impossible!

As far as Wenren Lie was concerned, he’d been sufficiently sincere, and coupled with the temptation of participating in Xuanyuan Pojun’s birthday party, then even Tang Bao’er whom he hadn’t been able to conquer until now would absolutely grow much closer to him.

So long as they weren’t too far apart, then Wenren Lie had all sorts of methods to slowly win her heart. Thus, it was only a matter of time before he would gain her in the end.

When he thought about how he was the only one throughout the academy who’d revealed such sincerity and stopped at nothing to pursue Tang Bao’er, Wenren Lie was almost moved by his own sincerity.

During this period of waiting, there were some great figures that recognized Wenren Lie from time to time, and all of them greeted him while Wenren Lie hurriedly bowed to them in a modest and polite manner. He fully revealed the bearing of a disciple from a great clan, and it drew the attention of many.

All of this made Wenren Lie feel rather self-satisfied, and he even looked forward to displaying his networks of relationships after Tang Bao’er arrived. He believed that Tang Bao’er would definitely change her attitude towards him, and at the very least, it would give her a lasting impression of him.

A bronze treasured carriage dashed over, and then Wenren Lie saw Zhao Yunsong and Chen Pu walk out from within it.

He couldn’t help but frown from this sight. Why has that idiot brought that fellow, Chen Pu? When did I agree to bring Chen Pu along?

When he saw Tang Bao’er’s graceful figure walk out from behind them, Wenren Lie instantly couldn’t be bothered about everything else, and a brilliant smile appeared on his face as he walked over and said, “Bao’er, you’re here.”

Even the way he addressed her had changed.

Wenren Lie would definitely not dare to address her in such a way if it were in the past. However, Wenren Lie was rather complacent towards his own status while he was here at the Xuanyuan Clan and coupled with the fact that Tang Bao’er was here, he felt that she’d clearly accepted his invitation.

That was a good sign for him. So, under such circumstances, Wenren Lie couldn’t help but be more courageous and speak in an even more intimate tone.

However, Wenren Lie was astounded to see that Tang Bao’er actually didn’t spare him a single glance. Her expression remained extremely cold as if she took him to be air.

The most inconceivable scene to him was that Tang Bao’er whom he’d taken to be his property was actually standing by that kid, Chen Pu’s, side!

What…. The smile on Wenren Lie’s face instantly stiffened slightly, and his gaze carried a questioning and angry expression as he looked at Zhao Yunsong.

Zhao Yunsong’s expression remained unchanged as he walked forward, and then he spoke swiftly about how Tang Bao’er had refused the invitation which he sent to her.

“What? She refused?” Wenren Lie’s face fell, and he said coldly, “Then what’s going on here?”

As he spoke, his gaze had shot towards Chen Pu and Tang Bao’er.

Zhao Yunsong said softly, “They’re here to participate in the birthday party as well.”

Wenren Lie started laughing from extreme rage. “What a joke! How could they possibly pass through the Xuanyuan Clan’s door without my invitation?”

At this moment, Wenren Lie was really furious. He’d waited here for a very long time and Tang Bao’er had finally arrived, yet he was told that she’d refused his invitation!

The fact which was the most impossible to accept for Wenren Lie was that while Tang Bao’er had refused him, she’d actually taken the initiative to come here with a new student who’d just joined the academy today!

How could Wenren Lie not be furious?

He suddenly pointed a finger at Chen Pu and said coldly, “Chen Pu, our of consideration that we’re from the same class, vanish from my sight right now!”

A wisp of coldness suddenly arose in Tang Bao’er’s clear eyes, and she seemed to intend to do something but Chen Pu smiled and shook his head. “Don’t make a fuss about it. We came to celebrate a birthday and not cause trouble.”

As he spoke, Chen Pu started walking towards the Welcome Hall.

Tang Bao’er followed closely behind him when she saw that.

When he saw his orders and threats being disregarded, and Tang Bao’er actually seemed completely obedient to Chen Pu, the corners of Wenren Lie’s mouth twitched fiercely while his handsome face was suffused with a wisp of lividness.

“Chen Pu! I gave you a chance, yet you still refused it. So, this Young Master is going to teach you a good lesson before everyone!” Wenren Lie shouted in a grim tone as his figure charged forward, and he clawed forcefully towards Chen Pu’s back.

The commotion here instantly drew the attention of all the guests in the surroundings, and all of them couldn’t help but feel quite surprised. After all, it was Xuanyuan Pojun’s 8,000th birthday and countless renowned and authoritative figures of the Immortal Dimension were gathered here.

But someone was actually causing trouble outside the Xuanyuan Clan right now?

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