Epilogue 3 – A Son Of The Chen Clan (Part 2/8)

The Dao Development Reserve.

After Zhou Zhili finished the lecture, all of the students were in high spirits as they gathered here to spar and discuss the Dao. So it was rather bustling here.

One on one spars were used to temper their combat ability and cultivation, and it was one of the most attractive subjects in Dao Emperor Academy.

As a renowned figure amongst the new students this year, Wenren Lie’s display was naturally extremely dazzling, and he was really in the limelight. Numerous female students stood around and watched numerous interesting battles of his in succession, and it caused many sharp cries and cheers to resound as well.

He possessed a lofty status, a handsome appearance, and just happened to be rising like a dazzling star. How could such a man now be admired?

The gazes of many female students even had an infatuated expression as their hearts had been swayed, and they couldn’t help but fall for Wenren Lie’s appearance and martial prowess.

Another battle came to an end. Wenren Lie had defeated his opponent with a single strike and won in a rather imposing and majestic manner. It was a rather beautiful victory. As the crowd cheered for him, Wenren Lie suddenly looked towards Chen Pu who seemed to be watching the show at leisure and shouted. “Hey, newbie. Why don’t you come up here and play?”

All the other students in the surroundings cheered.

“No, I’ll just continue watching.” Unexpectedly, the handsome young man who’d just joined the academy today had merely grinned, waved his hand, and refused.

The students who had a comparatively good relationship with Wenren Lie started to boo because they really looked down on Chen Pu’s decision to shrink back from battle.

He doesn’t even dare to fight in a spar. Isn’t he a little too cowardly?

However, Chen Pu seemed to not be embarrassed at all, and he just stood there and smiled. “I’m not skilled in sparring, so there’s no need to pay any attention to me. Please do continue.”

The other students who were quite displeased that Wenren Lie had seized the limelight from them felt rather disdainful towards Chen Pu’s actions.

In the beginning, Chen Pu seemed quite dazzling since he entered the lecture room because they felt that the young man who’d arrived while accompanied by the Outer Court’s Dean Zhou Zhili seemed extraordinary. However, none of them had expected that he would actually refuse Wenren Lie’s provocation without the slightest hesitation.

That was simply no different than taking the initiative to admit weakness, and it was truly disappointing to them.

“Hehe.” Wenren Lie gazed at Chen Pu with a mocking expression as he smiled, and then he withdrew his gaze while feeling extreme disdain and contempt towards Chen Pu.

Moreover, he couldn’t help but feel amused in his heart. I thought this fellow possessed great ability based on how he joined the class, but who would have imagined that he would actually be so cowardly. He’s truly nothing worth mentioning.

This minor incident quickly passed.

From the beginning until the end, Chen Pu was smiling on the spot, and he clearly seemed very carefree and didn’t care about being looked down upon at all.

“You have to be careful of Wenren Lie from now on. While he seems to be heroic and magnanimous, he’s actually extremely vengeful and coldhearted. Fortunately, you didn’t agree to his request just now, otherwise, he would probably heavily injure you during the battle.” Zhao Yunsong had suddenly come over and spoke softly via voice transmission.

“Oh.” Chen Pu glanced at Zhao Yunsong with surprise, and then he seemed to be lost in thought as he nodded. “Thank you for the warning.”

For some unknown reason, Zhao Yunsong had a good impression of Chen Pu, and he was instantly anxious when he saw Chen Pu seeming to be indifferent towards it. He swiftly said, “In short, you just have to believe me. Staying away from Wenren Lie would definitely not be bad for you.”

As he spoke, he hurriedly turned around and walked away. Because Wenren Lie had called for him from afar, so he didn’t dare continue talking with Chen Pu.

However, Zhao Yunsong was sure that Wenren Lie would definitely look for trouble with Chen Pu in the future. Because that fellow never stopped after he’d set his sights on someone.

As for why Wenren Lie intended to treat Chen Pu in such a way when there was no enmity between them, it was actually very simple, he just didn’t like the sight of Chen Pu!

It was such an absurd reason.

However, only Zhao Yunsong truly understood it. After all, if it weren’t for that exact same reason, he wouldn’t be in a state where he was worse than a servant before Wenren Lie.

To Chen Pu’s surprise, Zhao Yunsong had returned not too long after that, and Wenren Lie was by Zhao Yunsong’s side.

“What were the two of you talking about just now? Can you tell me such interesting stories as well?” Wenren Lie smiled.

Zhao Yunsong’s expression became slightly uncomfortable, and then he gazed at Chen Pu with a faintly imploring gaze.

Chen Pu smiled and said, “Nothing.”

“What do you mean?” Wenren Lie frowned with displeasure, and then he gazed at Zhao Yunsong and said, “You tell me then.” He seemed as if he wanted to denounce Zhao Yunsong.

Chen Pu’s brows raised. This fellow really changed his attitude quickly.

“Brother Wenren, we were just engaging in small talk and getting to know each other. After all, Chen Pu just joined the academy today….” Zhao Yunsong took a deep breath and spoke softly.

However, Wenren Lie grunted coldly and interrupted him. “Forget it, I can’t be bothered to find out about what the two of you were discussing. However, don’t blame me for being ruthless if I find out that you were talking behind my back!”

As he finished speaking, his voice even carried a wisp of a threatening tone.

Zhao Yunsong’s figure stiffened as he spoke with great difficulty. “of course.”

Chen Pu merely smiled when faced with this situation, and he didn’t speak further.

Wenren Lie felt uncomfortable every single time he saw Chen Pu’s smile, and he kept having the feeling that this new fellow was a threat.

But he wasn’t able to find an excuse to oppress Chen Pu for now. The reason was that Chen Pu seemed to be completely innocent and harmless since the very beginning, and Chen Put remained indifferent regardless of the provocation he encountered. It was like Chen Pu had no temper at all, so while Wenren Lie disliked Chen Pu, he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Tang Bao’er!” Suddenly, Wenren Lie noticed Tang Bao’er who wore a peerlessly beautiful dress walking by, and he couldn’t help but cry out to her.

However, the outcome was obvious. Tang Bao’er acted as if she hadn’t heard him at all and just left.

Wenren Lie coughed dryly, and then he pointed at Tang Bao’er’s graceful figure in the distance and said to Chen Pu, “Did you see her? She’s the number one beauty amongst the new students of our academy this year, and only such a woman is worthy of me, Wenren Lie!”

Chen Pu smiled and didn’t say anything.

Zhao Yunsong felt disdain in his heart instead. What do you mean by she’s worthy of you? Aren’t you being a little too shameless by blowing your own trumpet? Does anyone in the entire academy not know that she has never paid any attention to you?

“Zhao Yunsong, what are you still standing there for? Have you done what I’ve asked you to do?” Wenren Lie frowned as he glanced at Zhao Yunsong, and it caused the latter who was criticizing Wenren Lie in his heart to be startled, and then he stopped his thoughts from running wild and left hastily.

Outside Dao Emperor Academy.

Zhao Yunsong saw that extraordinary and graceful figure standing there from afar.

Tang Bao’er seemed to be waiting for someone.

Zhao Yunsong didn’t give it too much thought. He just withdrew the invitation that Wenren Lie had passed to him, took a deep breath, and walked over.

“Miss Tang, Young Master Wenren asked me to give this to you. Please accept it.” Zhao Yunsong spoke softly. His heart couldn’t help but disappoint him and start thumping when he faced such a peerless beauty like Tang Bao’er, and he felt inferior in comparison. If he hadn’t summoned up his courage just now, he wouldn’t even dare step forward and disturb such a beauty.

Tang Bao’er was stunned. She received it from Zhao Yunsong, took a glance, and then casually crushed it into powder. From the beginning until the end, she seemed completely composed and calm.

Zhao Yunsong couldn’t help but be stunned by this. Moreover, besides feeling surprised, he couldn’t avoid feeling satisfied. Only a peerless beauty like Tang Bao’er would refuse Wenren Lie’s invitation in such a direct manner, right?After that, he couldn’t help but feel slightly worried. Wouldn’t Wenren Lie lose face completely from such a direct rejection? What if it makes him become resentful?

“What a coincidence. You’re here as well, Fellow Daoist.” A warm voice resounded, and Zhao Yunsong was slightly stunned by it. He turned around and saw Chen Pu was suddenly standing by his side.

“Chen Pu?” Zhao Yunsong was slightly embarrassed and said, “I was….”

Chen Pu smiled. “I know. You were helping someone deliver something.”

Zhao Yunsong heaved a sigh of relief because he was really afraid that Chen Pu would misunderstand and think that he was pursuing Tang Bao’er.

After all, he would simply be no different than a frog trying to court a swan if a student of humble origins like him were to pursue a genius and gorgeous beauty like Tang Bao’er. Once news of it were to spread, he would definitely be ridiculed to death.

“Ah, right. Chen Pu, it’s your first day in the academy yet you’re already heading out?” Zhao Yunsong was curious.

“Yes, it’s the birthday of a senior, and my Father isn’t free to attend it, so I have no choice but to represent my father there.” Chen Pu explained casually.

The birthday of a senior? Zhao Yunsong instantly realized that Chen Pu’s background was absolutely not low, and even if it were inferior to Wenren Lie, it wouldn’t be too far apart.

He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. It looks like there really are only a few poor students in the academy….

A bronze treasured carriage dashed over and drew out a beautiful arc before it stopped right in front of Tang Bao’er.

A grey robed middle aged man with a rugged appearance and dark green eyes was driving the carriage. His hair seemed to be sharp at the end, and he revealed a very dignified, imposing, and terrifying bearing.

Zhao Yunsong’s heart trembled from merely a glance at the middle aged man. It felt like he was facing a peerlessly domineering king who’d fought countless battles, and it made him feel a form of terrifying pressure from inside out.

How terrifying!

Just the driver of the carriage has an aura that’s even more terrifying than the Outer Court Dean, Zhou Zhili. Who exactly is this fellow?Could he be here for Tang Bao’er?Zhao Yunsong saw Tang Bao’er stride over to the treasured carriage, stretch out her hand, and open the door. Unexpected, Tang Bao’er didn’t enter the carriage, and she stood at its side inside and shot her clear gaze over.

Hmm? What’s she doing?

Zhao Yunsong was stunned, and he was trying to figure out Tang Bao’er’s unusual actions.

Meanwhile, Chen Pu smiled. “Fellow Daoist, where are you going? I can take you if it’s on the way.”

Zhao Yunsong was slightly dazed by this situation, and he couldn’t figure it out. He stuttered. “I… I’m going to meet Young Master Wenren.”

“Wenren Lie?” Suddenly, Tang Bao’er spoke in a melodious and extremely pleasant voice. “Fourth Young Master, Wenren Lie is at the Xuanyuan Clan’s birthday party right now.”

Chen Pu was surprised, and then he smiled. “Then it really is on the way.”

As he spoke, he’d got into the bronze treasures carried, and then he said to Zhao Yunsong. “Get in, we’ll go together.”

“Huh?” Zhao Yunsong was shocked, and he almost didn’t dare believe his eyes. That bronze treasured carriage was actually not here for Tang Bao’er but for Chen Pu!?

The most inconceivable thing to him was that Tang Bao’er was acting like a maidservant right now. She’d personally opened the door for Chen Pu and even addressed him as Fourth Young Master!

My god!

What exactly is going on!?

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