Epilogue 2 – The Ant Exalt (Part 1/4)

Even the lowly may shine forever like the sun and exist for eternity with persistence.

Long ago during the primeval times when desolation covered the world.

The 10 ferocious beasts rampaged through the world, Innate Gods howled proudly through the surroundings, and sages passed down the Dao and educated all living beings.

The primeval times were a glorious period.

It was a time when the gods fought for supremacy, sages appeared incessantly, and innumerable sects and clans were born. They fought against each other for power, carried out countless world shocking battles, and left behind innumerable dazzling marks in history.

Countless legendary overlords had been born during these times while innumerable legends placed their marks on history, and their names were spread throughout the world!

It was also during this flourishing, dazzling, and disorderly period that an extremely ordinary ant left its nest on its own.

It desired to seek its own path of cultivation.

A very long time ago, it heard its Patriarch say that ants were the most lowly and tiny creatures in the world. Their lifespan was limited, and their natural talent was inferior.

So, they could either drag out their ignoble existence or just die! They had no other choice!

Unless they were able to possess innate strength, extraordinary intelligence, and a formidable body that wasn’t inferior to a Natural Spirit Treasure like the Godeater Ants.

Unfortunately, it was bound to be impossible.

How could ordinary ants compare to Godeater ants? That was like a pearl trying to compete in brightness with the moon! It was absurd and laughable!

As an ant, one could only accept one’s fate in order to survive….

However, this little ant didn’t believe all of that. It refused to accept its fate and drag out its ignoble existence, nor did it wasn’t to die just like that.

So, it left its nest and set off on a journey by itself.

It was still unable to forget the sighs of those old ants as it left. They probably don’t think that I can succeed at all, right?

Besides that, it was still unable to forget the ridicule its peers gave it. Perhaps they think I’ve gone mad, right?

But all of that isn’t important anymore!

Even if the shooting stars in the sky vanish in an instant, they still left a dazzling and resplendent mark in the sky.

I would rather be a shooting star! Because even an instant of brilliance is a million times more wonderful than living a worthless life!

As it traveled all by itself, the little ant constantly encouraged itself with the shooting stars in the sky. Every time it felt fearful, terrified, or hesitant, such encouragement was always able to give it enormous strength and courage.

Actually, even the little ant didn’t know what it wanted. It was just a very ordinary ant, so how could it know how huge the world was?

How could it be aware of the price that had to be paid in order to become dazzling like a shooting star?

It was even to the extent that it didn’t know where it was headed.

However, the little ant still persisted on its path. It told itself that it absolutely couldn’t turn back if it wanted to become different. Since it couldn’t turn back, then it had to continue forward.

Forward for the sake of going far.

Because a method for it to become different would definitely exist far ahead!

So, the little ant continued forward with persistence like a stubborn fool who was afraid of nothing.

As it was said, the ignorant are fearless.

The little ant was completely ignorant, so it naturally didn’t fear anything!

After walking for an unknown period of time, and after night and day had alternated incessantly. On this day, the little ant suddenly saw an ocean which it couldn’t see the end of, and it couldn’t help but feel shocked as it muttered. “Is this the ocean?”

Unexpectedly, a dove heard its voice, and it started cooing like it was roaring with laughter. It was even to the extent that tears could be seen flickering at the corners of its eyes.

“Tiny little ant, you actually thought a little puddle to be an ocean? HAHAHAHA!”

Its laughter was so loud and so vicious that it instantly crushed the little ant’s shock and transformed it into disappointment.

However, the little ant quickly regained its confidence and continued forward.

“Hey! Hey! Little ant! Where are you going?” The dove instantly started shouting when it saw the little ant disregard it.

“I’m going towards the distance.” The little ant raised its head and spoke with resolve.

“Why?” The dove was curious.

“To become as dazzling as a shooting star!” The little ant answered seriously.

The dove couldn’t help but roar with laughter, and it seemed like it had heard an absurd joke. However, for some unknown reason, it wasn’t able to laugh any longer when it saw the resolve on the little ant that had never wavered. It just stared blankly at the little ant as the little ant walked step by step towards the distance. Some corner of the dove’s heart was touched by this scene, and an irresistible impulse arose within him, causing him to speak involuntarily. “Little ant, I believe in you!”

No one knew if the little ant heard it, and it just continued forward….

Along its subsequent path, the little ant experienced the difference between a rock and a mountain, and it came to understand what a weed and tree were.

It finally understood that the ‘ocean’ it saw before was merely a puddle.

All along the way, it waded storms, endured the scorching heat of the sun, and experienced a huge amount of danger. But it received the help of many kind living beings as well.

There was a time that it was almost burnt to death by wildfire. Fortunately, a butterfly saved it, and the butterfly allowed the little ant to experience ‘flight’ for the first time.

At the instant it laid on the butterfly’s wing and fluttered through the air, the little ant felt like it was on the verge of accomplishing its dream of becoming like a shooting star, and all it lacked was an opportunity to leave a dazzling mark of its own in the sky.

This firmed the little ant’s intent to continue forward, and it was sure that it could fulfil its dream!

During the subsequent days of its travels, the little ant gradually gained a clear understanding of this world.

It found out from many ‘friends’ it encountered throughout its journey that there were formidable living beings in this world who could shine forever like the sun and exist for eternity!

That was simply unimaginable to and beyond the reach of an ordinary ant who could only drag out its ignoble existence or suffer a sudden death.

It was even to the extent that when the little ant told other living beings it met about its goal, it was unavoidable that it would be ridiculed, and they said that it was overestimating its ability and daydreaming.

Some kind living beings even advised it not to reach beyond its grasps because it was just an ant and cultivation required natural talent.

However, regardless of whether it was ridicule or advice, the little ant’s confidence had never waved. It persisted on its thought that since it was alive, then it had to try. Even if it failed, it wouldn’t have dragged out a worthless life, and that would be sufficient for it.

As it was said, experience is a process of discovery.

In the past, the little ant was simply like a blank piece of paper, and it was fearless and ignorant while it searched for the meaning of its existence.

But after it experienced all sorts of events, the little ant had learned to think, and it understood that it had to get a master if it wanted to cultivate.

If it wanted to get a master, then it first had to find a master who was willing to accept it as his disciple and pass down his inheritance to it.

So, the little ant started its path to look for a master.

However, it never considered whether any of the experts in the world would even take an ordinary ant as their disciple!

Author’s Note: According to science, ants see the world in two dimensions, so the world in their eyes is a flat surface. Moreover, an ant that left its nest would only be able to live a few days. However, we’re in a story of cultivation and immortality, so we can ignore the science….

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