Epilogue 1 – The Door In The Outerealm (Part 3/3)

Complicated emotions flashed through Dao Wushuang’s eyes as she said, “So, it was you who destroyed that door?”

Chen Xi said, “Are you talking about the passageway which leads to the other civilization?”

Dao Wushuang gritted her teeth and said, “Yes.”

Chen Xi smiled. “I naturally would destroy that passageway, otherwise, wouldn’t I have to waste my strength to open up another passageway when I intend to head over and have a look at the other civilization?”

Dao Wushuang was stunned, and she spoke with disbelief. “You…. Could it be that you intend to encroach on my Sacred Soul Cosmos?”

Chen Xi spoke indifferently. “Since that door was created with the intention of encroaching on my Three Dimensions Cosmos, then why can’t I make a trip over to your side?”

Dao Wushuang started laughing out of extreme rage. “How wildly arrogant! Do you really think that you can underestimate the Sovereigns of the cosmos of the other civilizations just because you’ve taken control of the Three Dimensions Cosmos? To tell you the truth, my Sacred Soul Cosmos had a Supreme Sovereign of its own before the Three Dimensions Cosmos was even born!”

Chen Xi remained composed and tranquil as he said, “That’s for the best. Then I would only need to kill the Supreme Sovereign of the Sacred Soul Cosmos you speak of, and then it’ll naturally fall under my territory.”

Dao Wushuang’s expression became extremely unsightly. She was truly unable to imagine that Chen Xi had actually become so arrogant and haughty now. How did such a person become the one and only Supreme Sovereign of the Three Dimensions Cosmos?

But the flames of rage in her heart were instantly extinguished when she thought about the situation that she was in, and her rage was replaced by boundless despair.

She was very clearly aware that she would be unable to escape death today no matter what.

Chen Xi seemed like he couldn’t be bothered to continue talking with Dao Wushuang, and he gazed at Leng Xinghun with interest as he said, “As they say, a crafty hare has three burrows. I didn’t believe it at first, but now it would seem like I really did underestimate the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s ability.”

Leng Xinghun was instantly dazed. What does he mean?

On the other hand, Dao Wushuang seemed to have understood, and her expression instantly changed as she cried out involuntarily. “You…. What else do you know?”

Chen Xi paid no attention to her, and he just gazed at Leng Xinghun with pity and said, “Looks like you still aren’t aware of the situation that you are in.”

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Leng Xinghun howled loudly. He felt like he was on the verge of going mad because he seemed like an idiot before the conversation between Dao Wushuang and Chen Xi, and he wasn’t able to understand it at all.

“I just want to seize the moment while you’re still Leng Xinghun to ask you if you really thought the Sovereign Sect’s Master gave you a second life in order to seek revenge from me?”

Chen Xi’s voice was very calm, yet it sounded like a sudden thunderclap to Leng Xinghun, and it shocked him to the point his mind fell into disorder while he instinctively asked. “Was it not for that?”

Chen Xi smiled and remained silent.

Leng Xinghun suddenly felt a strand of indescribable terror surge into his heart upon seeing the smile on Chen Xi’s face, and then he spoke with a shivering voice. “Could it be…. Could it be….”

He seemed to have figured out something. However, he suddenly felt pain come from within his sea of consciousness. It was like a blade was mincing his mind apart, and it was on the verge of collapse.

He couldn’t help but hold his head with both hands while screaming incessantly in pain.

A short while passed before Leng Xinghun’s figure suddenly stiffened, and then the pain on his face had vanished. He’s become calm and indifferent like he was a completely different person.

He gazed at Chen Xi, then glanced at Dao Wushuang, and couldn’t help but sigh softly. “I never expected that I would still be discovered by you in the end.”

His voice was ethereal and indistinct, and it was completely different when compared to before.

Chen Xi didn’t say anything in response to that, and he just gazed at Leng Xinghun and said, “You even refused to spare your own disciple. You, the Sovereign Sect’s Master, are really peerless when it comes to being emotionless. But this should be your final contingency, right?”

Leng Xinghun…. No, he should be called the Sovereign Sect’s Master right now.

He nodded candidly and said, “Yes. After I found out that my main body failed in the Dao Terra Firma, I knew that you would notice this clone, sooner or later. But I never expected that it would actually be so soon.”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “This is the will of the heavens.”

As he spoke, a clear and glistening Divine Chain or Order suddenly surged out, transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master remained calm and composed as he said, “Don’t you want to know about everything between me and Dao Wushuang….”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when that ray of light struck his head!

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was clearly stunned at the moment of his death, and he seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would act so decisively and resolutely.

After that, his entire figure vanished into nothingness, and there was no chance of him being resurrected.

After that, Chen Xi finally said, “I, Chen Xi, would really not deserve the title of Supreme Sovereign if I wasn’t able to figure out the relationship between the two of you.”

Presently, only Dao Wushuang remained here, and her heart was filled with bone piercing coldness and unprecedented despair when she saw the Sovereign Sect’s Master being killed on the spot and heard Chen Xi’s cold and indifferent voice.

“There’s no need for despair. You’re still quite useful to me. At the very least, I won’t kill you right now.” Chen Xi glanced at Dao Wushuang before he spoke casually.

“What use?” Dao Wushuang couldn’t help but ask this question.

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Chen Xi flicked his sleeve as he spoke, and then an invisible force swept out and instantly sealed and hid Dao Wushuang away.

After that, he placed his hands behind his back and left.

According to the records in the history books. The Supreme Sovereign descended to the Outerealm on this day, crushed the Order of the Heaven Dao in the Outerealm, and guided the Order of the Heaven Dao from the three dimensions to envelop the Outerealm. After that, the Xeno-race pledged their allegiance to the Three Dimensions Cosmos out of gratitude to the Supreme Sovereign for sparing their lives.

After that day, the Outerealm became a part of the Three Dimensions Cosmos’ territory.

“Father, what’s the Sacred Soul Cosmos?”

“In the past, I thought the Dao Terra Firma was the end of the Grand Dao, and it was the beginning of all things. However, when I truly comprehended the secrets of the Ultimate Path, I realized that the place we resided in was merely a single Cosmos, and there are numerous other Cosmos beyond our Three Dimension Cosmos. All of them have their own civilizations, Grand Daos, and cultivation systems. The Sacred Soul Cosmos is one of them.”

“Father, I’m definitely going to head to the Sacred Soul Cosmos to have a look in the future!”

“Hahaha! That’s my song! How could you possibly be satisfied by just residing in the Three Dimensions Cosmos?”

Chen Xi was holding the hand of a young boy around the age of 8 while he strode back from the Outerealm.

The boy had white skin, a round forehead, and a pair of lively and deep eyes. His name was Chen Pu, and he was the fruit of Chen Xi and Zhen Liuqing. He was gifted with great intelligence at birth, and it was especially so when it came to his peerless natural talent in cultivation. Chen Xi doted on him.

Chen An and Chen Nuo were both adults, and Chen Xi hadn’t carried out his responsibilities as a father even when they were young. So, now that he had this little fellow, Chen Pu, he naturally didn’t intend to neglect his responsibilities like he had in the past.

“Father, but what about Dao Wushuang and the Sovereign Sect’s Master?” Chen Pu seemed like a very curious child that constantly asked questions all along the way.

“Oh, that’s quite complicated to explain yet is actually very simple. All those years ago when Dao Wushuang arrived in our Three Dimensions Cosmos from the Sacred Soul Cosmos, she’d come with a mission, and it was to seize control of our cosmos. Her main objective was to remove the barrier between our Three Dimensions Cosmos and the Sacred Soul Cosmos. However, it was utterly impossible to accomplish with her strength alone, so she made a deal with the Sovereign Sect’s Master.”

Chen Xi thought for a moment, and then he tried his best to make it simple and easy to understand. “However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t trust that woman of mysterious origins. So, even though he agreed to cooperate with her, he merely took her to be a way out for himself.”

Chen Pu suddenly came to an understanding. “So that’s what it was. Even though the Sovereign Sect’s Master deserved death, he still should be commended for that. At the very least, he didn’t assist that woman.”

Chen Xi chuckled and rubbed Chen Pu’s head as he said, “You’re not wrong. However, the matter isn’t that simple. Once you’ve grown up and experienced more, then you’ll notice that while all things seem to be simple, they aren’t as simple as they seem to be.”

Chen Pu nodded, and then he asked. “But since Dao Wushuang was very weak, then why didn’t the Supreme Sovereign of the Sacred Soul Cosmos come himself?”

Chen Xi said casually, “I’m still unable to answer that question for now. Perhaps I’ll be able to answer you when I head over to the Sacred Soul Cosmos and have a look for myself.”

Chen Pu fell silent for a while before he raised his little head, and then he gazed at Chen Xi and spoke seriously. “Father, will you really be leaving the Three Dimensions Cosmos to explore the Sacred Soul Cosmos in the future?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled. “What is it? Are you reluctant to let me leave?”

Chen Pu shook his head, took a deep breath, and then said, “I only want Father to take me along!”

Chen Xi said with surprise, “Why?”

“Mother said that no other person in this world can possess such eternal glory like you, and it’s impossible for another in this world to surpass the height which you’ve reached. But I believe that I’ll definitely be able to accomplish that one day!” Chen Pu’s little face was covered with resolve and aspiration.

Chen Xi stared at Chen Pu for a long time before he suddenly started laughing, and his roaring laughter shook the world.

“Alright! Father will wait for the day that you’ll become my equal!” Chen Xi patted Chen Pu on the shoulder as he spoke seriously.

Chen Pu nodded forcefully. “Yes!”

The sun in the horizon emanated dazzling golden radiance that covered the pair of father and son in a layer of resplendent golden light, and their figures gradually vanished into the distance.

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