Chapter 2200 – Arrival (Part 2/2)

At the moment he returned to the Immortal Dimension, he’d instantly formed a link with his clone and received all of his clone’s memories and experiences throughout these years, so he was clearly aware of everything that had occurred in the Immortal Dimension throughout these years.

As for the farce occurring in the hall right now, Chen Xi was clearly aware of the embarrassing situation that his clone had faced, and he couldn’t help but feel amused by it.

This was the tricky side of emotions. His friends and loved ones only acknowledged his main body yet had never regarded his clone to be him, and he couldn’t blame them for that.

So, as soon as he returned, Chen Xi had placed his clone within him, and he’d decided that he would make cautious use of this technique in the future.

At this moment, many people here had a slightly strange feeling when they saw Chen Xi who wore green clothes walking into the hall. It was like they’d seen the real Chen Xi return, but they were unable to confirm it. So, all of them were stunned on the spot.

Even Ling Bai and the others were stunned and quite puzzled.

The clamorous atmosphere here actually seemed extremely quiet right now.

Chen Xi strode into the hall, and then his gaze flashed through Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan, Chen Hao, Fei Lengcui, Chen Yu, Chen An, and the others, and then an indescribably complex strand of emotions while he felt dazed and sighed with emotion.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment, and the surroundings were quiet and still.

The scenes of the past shot through Chen Xi’s heart like tidewater, and it caused his heart to surge incessantly as well.

“Husband!” Suddenly, an exclaim resounded by his ear, and then a sweet fragrance assaulted his nose as a beautiful figure had wrapped her arms tightly around him. Chen Xi lowered his head and saw a gorgeous face in front of him. She had ink black brows, a fine nose, cherry lips, skin that was snow white and delicate, and a pair of eyes that seemed like two glistening pools of dew. She was breathtaking.

It was Fan Yunlan!

Tender feelings instantly surged out from Chen Xi’s heart, and he held her in his arms. However, while there were a thousand things that he wanted to tell her, he didn’t know where to start.

The others within the hall seemed as if they’d been jolted away from a dream when they witnessed this scene, and they finally confirmed that the Chen Xi before them wasn’t the clone from before but Chen Xi’s main body!

In other words, the true Chen Xi in their opinions had finally appeared before them!

In an instant, all of them couldn’t restrain the excitement in their hearts.

“Chen Xi….” A delicate and extraordinarily gorgeous white figure leaned lightly on Chen Xi’s side. It was Qing Xiuyi. As he gazed at Qing Xiuyi’s familiar face which had always been on his mind, and a dazed expression couldn’t help but appear within his clear eyes.

“Big Brother!” Lighthearted laughter resounded from Chen Hao.



Chen An and Chen Yu charged over as well.

Chen An’s wife, Wei Zitong, and Chen Yu’s wife, Xue Wenting, followed them over as well. Both of them gazed at Chen Xi with excitement and anxiety, and they seemed like they were at a loss for what to do.



Chen Baojing and Chen Yunzhi came over as well, and happiness covered their faces.

In merely a short moment, Chen Xi was completely surrounded, and there was more than one circle of people around him. Besides that, all sorts of voices resounded in the surroundings, causing it to seem extremely bustling.

As for Ling Bai, Bai Kui, A’Man, and Starry…. Even though they urgently desired to squeeze forward, how could they compete with the others? So all of them started shouting endlessly from their anger.

When Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue walked into the hall, it was such a bustling scene that entered their eyes, and their eyes couldn’t help but open wide while slight disbelief could be seen within their eyes.

Our Pine Mist City’s Chen Xi has so many descendants after all these years?

It wasn’t long before Li Yang and Ming walked in as well. When she saw Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan who were snuggled up closely to Chen Xi, Li Yang’s glistening lips couldn’t help but twitch imperceptibly. On the other hand, Ming couldn’t help but be stunned because it was the first time that she’d witnessed such a scene.

Moreover, Li Yang instantly placed her hand on her forehead and couldn’t help but sigh softly when she heard some of them address Chen Xi as uncle, father, and even grandfather.

Ming was completely stunned. Father? Grandfather? This fellow doesn’t just have wives, he even has grandchildren?

“What do you think? Do you still intend to be with that fellow now?” Li Yang glanced at Ming and spoke via voice transmission.

“What are you talking about?” Ming was stunned.

“Oh, looks like you refuse to give up. Unfortunately, according to my knowledge, those two women are only 2 of his lovers. You’ll probably give up when you meet all of his other women.” Li Yang chuckled.

“Why would I do that?” Ming was puzzled.

Li Yang couldn’t help but sigh with distress when she saw Ming’s muddled appearance. “Nevermind, there’s no need to mention it. You wouldn’t understand even if I told you.”

Li Yang paused for a moment before a wisp of a firm expression suddenly appeared on her peerlessly beautiful face, and she gritted her teeth as she said, “But don’t worry. So long as I’m here, those lovers who surround Little Junior Brother wouldn’t dare to do anything to you. Hmph! Besides getting his parents’ approval, they still have to get my approval if they want to enter my Little Junior Brother’s family!”

Ming asked. “Then what about you?”

Li Yang was stunned. “What about me?”

After that, she understood what Ming meant, and her fair and pretty face instantly had a wisp of embarrassment on it. After that, she waved her hand angrily and said, “Don’t ask about me, just take care of yourself.”

Ming couldn’t help but chuckle. She really pursed her lips and didn’t speak further, but she couldn’t help but arouse complicated emotions in her heart. Because she hadn’t imagined that the Chen Xi whom she knew would actually be favored by so many women….

It was something she’d never had any knowledge about.

The atmosphere in the hall was bustling.

Qiu Xuanshu who stood outside the hall seemed as if a heavy burden was lifted from his shoulder, and he left out a long sigh before a wisp of happiness which couldn’t be concealed appeared on his face.

He’s back!Martial Uncle is finally back!Qiu Xuanshu forcefully restrained his impulse to charge into the hall, and he left hastily in the end.

On this day, the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Qiu Xuanshu, announced that the previous Dean, Chen Xi, had returned to the Immortal Dimension and was in Dao Emperor Academy right now!

This news was simply like a storm that instantly swept out of Dao Emperor Academy and moved at an inconceivable speed. It swept through all 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension in just a short period of half a day.

The entire Immortal Dimension was stirred, and it caused countless waves to surge through it.

Southbridge Continent, Four Divinity City.

The Liang Clan.

“Young Miss! Young Miss! There’s news of him! The previous Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Xi, has returned to the Immortal Dimension, and he’s at the academy right now!” A maidservant had a flushed face as she charged by numerous palaces and arrived within a courtyard, and then she shouted with excitement about the news she’d just received.

A short moment of silence ensued before a chilly voice sounded out from behind the tightly closed door of a pavilion in front of the maidservant. “Alright. You can leave.”

The maidservant was stunned. She seemed to be unable to believe the reaction of her Young Miss, and it took her some time before she finally left with embarrassment.

On the other hand, Liang Bing who resided behind the tightly closed door seemed like she’d gone mad. She was flipping everything over as she searched all over, and a long time passed before she finally found the clothes which she’d worn that day when she’d met Chen Xi for the first time.

A short while passed before Liang Bing had finished changing, and then she stood before a smooth and extremely reflective bronze mirror.

A slender and graceful figure had appeared in the mirror. A tight white shirt that was tied up at the waist, black slim-fit pants that fully brought out the curves of her slender legs, bright and sharp high heels that housed a pair of gorgeous and fair feet. Her clothing vividly displayed her figure, and it brought out a unique sense of beauty from her.

Besides that, her long wavy golden hair was tied up into a bun behind her head to reveal an icy cold yet peerlessly beautiful face with red and glistening lips, and smooth and fair skin.

You damnable fellow! I haven’t dressed myself up for so many years since you left…. Liang Bing muttered as she looked at herself in the mirror.

As she spoke, she placed a black rimmed glasses on her slightly high nose, causing her to emanate a strong aura of a queen that was intellectual, noble, and proud.

Such dressing was truly unique in the world, and Liang Bing was the only person in the Immortal Dimension who liked to dress up in this way. However, she’d stopped dressing like this after Chen Xi left all those years ago.

“Hmph! Those women who were infatuated with you will definitely be waiting for a chance to strike when they heard of this news. But at the very least, they can’t compete with my dressing!” Liang Bing whistled complacently at herself in the mirror, and then she turned around and walked out of the tightly closed door. Her high heels emanated clear and melodious taps as she strode, and it was beautiful just like her current state of mind.

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