Chapter 220 – Arousing Tune

Chapter 220 – Arousing Tune

The azure fog was dense, to the point it was like inseparable honey. At the instant they entered into it, Fan Yunlan felt as if she’d fallen into a ball of cotton. No matter how much strength she used, she was unable to disperse the azure fog that coiled in her surroundings.

“Why is it like this? Even though I have less than 10% of strength I possessed at my prime, how can I possibly be even unable to disperse this fog?” Fan Yunlan’s heart tightened as she vaguely felt something was off.

This fog in the surroundings was boundless, like a sea of azure clouds, and had no visible end. It was dreamlike and illusory, and it emitted a fresh and mellow fragrance that was like a fine and aged wine that had been stored for a long time, causing one’s soul to become intoxicated.

Fan Yunlan experienced numerous dangerous places on her path of cultivating until now, yet it was still the first time she’d seen a place like the one before her eyes. If felt like an illusory formation, yet she just happened to not detect a trace of the fluctuation of spirit energy; it seemed like an extremely beautiful sea of clouds and paradise of immortals, yet it revealed a peculiar aura from every corner.

Cling~ Cling~

A tune that was like wispy like the sounds of nature resounded out like a gurgling stream in the depths of the azure fog, and then every single inch of space within the surroundings and the entire heavens and the earth resounded with this graceful tune.

It was like the cry of a lark, like a celestial maiden singing, do, re, mi, so, la. The purest tune in the heavens and the earth was twittered, chanted, and lingered as it played an indistinct tune that could cause one to be intoxicated and overwhelmed.

It was like the hand of a lover stroking one’s face; like a pair of young lovers who possessed great affection between each other indulging in desire while emitting moans that rose and fell on the bed, and their lust gushed out as they enjoyed each other to their heart’s content.

This tune was different from lewd sounds and extravagant words. It wasn’t the slightest bit improper, and it instead seemed as if it was weaved from the desire at the bottom of the hearts of the myriad of living beings in the world, noiselessly infiltrating one’s heart and causing one to unknowingly have the flames of passion at the depths of one’s heart hooked out.

“What tune is this? Where’s it coming from?” Fan Yunlan felt a ball of raging flames of desire being lit ablaze within the depths of her heart, causing her entire body to become hot, limp like water, soft, and weak.

Since cultivating until now, she’d never once felt passion, as the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures were simply a trifling matter to this disciple of the devil sect, and it was utterly unable to affect her Dao Heart. However, at this moment, no matter how she shut off her six senses and caused herself to be blind to everything in her surroundings, she was still unable to stop this strand of tune from slipping into her.

That strand of tune was like a shapeless energy that directly entered the heart before causing her Dao Heart to be in chaos.

She even noticed that when combined with this strand of tune, the fragrance that was effused out from the azure fog silently entered her body from every single one of her pores. The clear and mellow fragrance that was contained within the fog was like the most intense aphrodisiac in the world, causing her blood and vital energy to burn violently in the flames of desire.

No matter if it was the tune or this mellow and clear fragrance, they were extremely powerful, shapeless, and impossible to resist. In only an instant, various illusions had appeared before Fan Yunlan’s eyes.

This was the sign of heart devils arising and imminent qi deviation!

“Hu… Hu…” Right at this moment, a string of heavy and rapid breathing sounded out by Fan Yunlan’s ears. When she lowered her head to look, she saw that Chen Xi whom she held in her hands had his eyes closed tightly, his face flushed red, his chest rising up and down intensely, and his entire body seemed as if it was trembling uncontrollably.

Obviously, this fellow was just like her. His Dao Heart had suffered the erosion of the tune and fragrance, causing desire to break out within his heart, and he was vigorously resisting this exceedingly strange energy.

“There’s something wrong with this fog, get away from me! Quickly!” Chen Xi’s hoarse voice emitted a dysphoric tone like a wild beast that was trying hard to restrain its bloodthirsty thoughts, and when combined with his warped face, he seemed to be extremely savage.

When they’d just entered into the azure fog, Chen Xi had noticed that something was wrong. However, just like Fan Yunlan, he was similarly unable to resist the tune and the fresh and mellow fragrance that gushed ceaselessly into the depths of his heart.

Moreover, unlike Fan Yunlan, his body was heavily injured, his True Essence completely dried up, and his entire body didn’t have the slightest bit of strength. Thus, the temptation he encountered was even more ferocious and direct. If it wasn’t for his Dao Heart being tempered to the point of being as hard as a rock long ago, his thoughts would have probably been controlled by the flames of passion long since, causing him to suffer from qi deviation and be completely reduced into a wild beast of desire.

“You can’t escape within this fog either. All right, I’ll let you go for the time being!” Fan Yunlan knew the situation was critical as well, and she resolutely let go of Chen Xi without a moment’s delay before sitting down cross-legged at the side to use her entire strength to resist the scorching flames of passion that were burning in her heart.

Chen Xi lay on the ground and secretly heaved a sigh of relief. When he was held in Fan Yunlan’s hands earlier, it was unavoidable for his body to rub on Fan Yunlan, and coupled with the surging lust within his heart, the feeling of the flames of lust burning within him caused his senses to almost collapse.

“So both of you are here? Why aren’t you fleeing?” However, before Chen Xi could put his mind and soul into resisting the desire welling within him, Qing Xiuyi’s indifferent and cold voice suddenly sounded out by his ears, and when he opened his eyes to look, sure enough, he saw that Qing Xiuyi had entered into the azure fog!

“It’s you! Qing Xiuyi! Could it be that you haven’t noticed that something is odd about this azure fog? Why don’t we stop fighting for now? We’ll have a battle once we escape this azure fog. How about it?” Fan Yunlan swiftly stood up, and her clothes fluttered as she spoke with a voice that revealed a trace of seriousness.

“This azure fog is odd indeed. But I only have to kill you and I can leave this place safely all the same. Why should I give you the chance to catch your breath? If I’m not wrong, after suffering the strike from the Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman, you probably only have less than 10% of your strength remaining now. So wouldn’t it be a pity if I don’t seize this opportunity to kill you?” She hadn’t finished speaking when Qing Xiuyi had already attacked without the slightest hesitation. Her figure flashed out like a bolt of lightning. Her fists were like dragons as she soared into the air like a crane and headed towards Fan Yunlan. Her actions were straightforward and direct, and they revealed her resolution to kill.


The force of the fist surged like the clear cry of a crane, revealing agility and fluidity within its heavy and thick energy, and the myriad of fist imaged actually struck out into the vast phenomenon of a myriad of cranes converging into a cloud and a myriad of pine trees bowing in respect.

“The Whitecrane Sect’s Dao Grade martial technique, Pinecrane Universe Fist?” Fan Yunlan seemed as if she was enraged, and she stopped bitterly suppressing the surging flames of passion in her heart as her figure flashed, and she slammed out with a fierce and powerful punch technique.

Compared to the agile and condensed Pinecrane Universe Fist of Qing Xiuyi’s, her fist seemed to be extremely powerful and fierce. Her fist was like a sledgehammer that hammered the heavens and smashed the earth, annihilating everything in all directions, and it struck onto the sky to the point of causing buzzing sounds like a great bell to blast out.

This was the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect’s infamous Bloodshadow Warhammer Fist that was similarly a Dao Grade martial technique. A fist struck out with this technique was like a warhammer smashing out, and it stressed upon unparalleled speed and power, causing it to be peerlessly ferocious.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

These two women were locked in battle once again, their moves ruthless and resolute without holding back in the slightest, and every attack struck towards the vital points of the other as they each held the thought of wanting to swiftly exterminate the other.

Fan Yunlan only had less than 10% of her strength remaining, yet when she fought with her life on the line, she exploded out with boundless potential, causing her to actually be on par with Qing Xiuyi and be locked in battle.

Chen Xi lay on the floor while unable to move, and as he watched the two women fight with their lives on the line, the flames of passion and lust within his heart didn’t reduce, but increased instead, and it possessed the trend of being more and more intense.

While Fan Yunlan and Qing Xiuyi fought, the force of their fists collided and frequently shattered each other’s clothes, revealing skin that was snow white like jade and faintly visible, and they revealed seductive sexiness.

Especially Fan Yunlan, who’d always covered her face, had the hat she wore torn part by Qing Xiuyi at the beginning of the battle, revealing a drop dead gorgeous appearance. Her brows were black like ink with a fine nose and cherry lips; her eyes seemed like a pair of deep springs that flowed with waves of water that were clear and overflowing, and her snow white and smooth skin was glossy like water and seemed as if water would drip out with a slight pinch of her skin.

At this moment, her hair was disheveled instead, her skin suffused with a layer of scarlet like the petals of a rose, and her clothes were damaged, causing her graceful and seductive figure to reveal heart stirring beauty.

Qing Xiuyi was like this as well. In the eyes of the world, she seemed like a celestial maiden that rode the waves that emerged from the misty rain. Her appearance was like a drawing and beautiful beyond compare, her figure graceful, sacred, and inviolable. She was simply the goddess that couldn’t be violated in the hearts of everyone. But now, her thick hair was disheveled, her clothes damaged, her exquisite and beautiful oval face was suffused with a wisp of a seductive and alluring flush, and she emitted an indescribably charming aura.

Obviously, the two of them had suffered the effect of the tune and fragrance in the azure fog that drew out the flames of desire within their hearts while they fought, and it had affected them seriously.

This was because the two of them were fighting with all their might and were not suppressing the lust in their hearts any longer, nor did they shut their six senses tightly, causing the vital energy in their bodies to be without the slightest barrier between them and the azure fog. The consequence was the tune and fragrance had seized this opportunity to enter their bodies before continuing to cause the flames of desire in their bodies to skyrocket at a shocking rate.

Even though both of them knew it would be extremely dangerous if this went on, for the sake of killing the other, they gritted their teeth and fought without end, and they didn’t have the slightest intention of reaching a compromise.

Along with the battle growing more and more intense, the damaged clothes on Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan grew more and more, causing numerous large patches of skin that were extremely snow white and tainted with scarlet red to be exposed, and it was extremely seductive.

The scene was charming and dreamlike, yet revealed a sense of slaughter because they were still fighting and their battle grew more and more intense.

Chen Xi always possessed little understanding about the topic of men and women. He’d always been pure of heart and without desire since cultivating until now, and he’d never coveted the joys of passion and lust. But at this moment, when he saw the appearances of the two women, it was as if a large flame was instantly lit within his heart, and it was simply about to incinerate his body it into nothingness. This was the signs of him soon to be unable to suppress his own lust.

Cling~ Cling~

In the azure fog, the faint tune that caused one to be intoxicated and overwhelmed grew louder and louder, and it was as if it resounded in the depths of one’s heart and wanted to release all the passion and desire within one’s heart. Whereas the mellow and fresh fragrance in the fog grew more and more denser, causing one to become intoxicated.

Thump! Thump!

Two muffled sounds resounded out. Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan who were in battle seemed as if the strength within their bodies were completely extracted, causing them to stagger to the ground while feeling weak and powerless, and they were unable to stand up no matter how they struggled.

As luck would have it, Chen Xi lay at the center between the two women. He was able to clearly see the limitless sexiness revealed from their fronts, and even smell the traces of unusually sweet fragrance emitted from them.

“Mnnn…” Fan Yunlan seemed to have lost all reason as she moaned lightly. Her gaze suddenly locked onto the nearby Chen Xi as her eyes burned with scorching flames of passion that almost caused fluids to gush out from her body.


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