Chapter 2199 – The Path Home (Part 2/2)

Three days later.

Chen Xi said goodbye to everyone on Oracle Mountain, and he left swiftly with his parents, Zhen Liuqing, Senior White, Ming, A’Liang….

Ye Yan didn’t leave with them. She’d decided to join Oracle Mountain and become Wu Xuechan’s personal disciple.

She was a disciple of the Sovereign Sect in the past, and she’d even pursued Chen Xi for many years in the past. However, all of that were matters of the past, and she wasn’t the same person anymore.

As for why she didn’t leave with Chen Xi and chose to stay in Oracle Mountain, no one knew the exact realm.

Chen Xi had faintly guessed something yet didn’t say anything.

The thing that truly surprised Wu Xuechan and the other disciples of Oracle Mountain was that Li Yang had completely changed her usual dressing which made her seem like a man, and she showed no unwillingness at all as she left Oracle Mountain and left with Chen Xi.

According to Li Yang, she’d taken utmost care of Chen Xi throughout these years, so it was time for her to follow by himself and enjoy the happiness of leisure!

Wu Xuechan and the others were speechless when they saw her proud, happy, and in high spirits. However, in their hearts, they knew that Li Yang wasn’t able to forget Chen Xi….

Of course, they wouldn’t expose that because the consequences of making Li Yang embarrassed were very severe.

From that day, the Ancient God Domain which had been in unrest after calamity descended had completely recovered its peaceful state of the past.

However, unlike before, the Order of the Heaven Dao had the energy of Samsara within it, so all the gods didn’t dare commit all sorts of evil as they had in the past.

Samsara, it examined sin, judged life and death, and upheld justice for the world. Even Daolords didn’t dare act rashly before this Order of the Heaven Dao, let alone the other gods.

Conversely, the myriad of living beings throughout the world that had been regarded as ants in the past obtained a rare opportunity to rise up in the world because of the Order of Samsara. At the very least, so long as they didn’t commit any evil, then they wouldn’t be captured or killed by powerful sects and clans for no reason.

That was the deterrence of the Order of Samsara. No one throughout the world dared to go against it.

That was the lifelong wish of the Third Netherworld Emperor. He wanted all the living beings in the world to receive good from doing good, and to be punished for their crimes!

In the years after, Oracle Mountain was considered as the one and only supreme and transcendent power throughout the Ancient God Domain even though Oracle Mountain didn’t show itself in public anymore.

Everyone was aware that it was a place which the Supreme Sovereign, Chen Xi, favored. After all, Chen Xi had been a disciple of Oracle Mountain, so the myriad of living beings throughout the Ancient God Domain regarded Oracle Mountain as a divine place that could only be revered and tolerated no disrespect.

Unlike Oracle Mountain, both the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute were destroyed. They were completely obliterated from the annals of history, and it was impossible for the flames of those sects to be rekindled.

Besides that, Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Dao Institute rose from the ashes of the calamity they suffered, and they obtained the protection of the heavens. So, they became so strong that they surpassed their past glory!

All of this was because of Chen Xi.

It wasn’t exaggerated at all to say that those powers which were on good terms with Chen Xi had obtained all sorts of benefits in the years after.

For example, Shentu Yanran’s Shentu Clan, Yea Chen’s Yea Clan, Le Wuhen’s Le Clan, Zhuanyu Shui’s Zhuanyu Clan, and various other powers had become the strongest powers beneath Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Dao Institute.

As for those who had enmity with Chen Xi in the past, they silently fell into decline and vanished in the following years.

For example, the Luo Clan which Luo Shaonong belonged to, the Jin Clan which Jin Qingyang belonged to, the Di Clan which Di Jun belonged to…. All of them were unable to avoid such an outcome.

Of course, all of that occurred in the future.

After Chen Xi left Oracle Mountain, he immediately flashed towards the Dao Emperor Academy in the Immortal Dimension.

The Immortal Dimension.

The Immortal Dimension was said to possess 4,900 continents, and every single continent contained countless cities, vast territories, abundant resources, and countless geniuses.

Since Chen Xi had taken over Meng Xinghe’s position as the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, he’d annihilated the Sovereign Sect, and crushed a group of Immortal Kings to make them an example for the entire Immortal Dimension. So, the Immortal Dimension was in a state of peace while there were no signs of the disciples of the Sovereign Sect wreaking havoc through the Immortal Dimension.

However, when the unexpected change had occurred in the Heaven Dao, the Immortal Dimension had been unable to avoid being affected as well, and it fell into a state of unrest.

Even with the position of Dao Emperor Academy, it hadn’t been able to avoid being affected, and it had almost fallen into the hands of the Sovereign Sect.

Fortunately, Ji Yu had arrived at that critical moment, and he immediately dealt with the situation and resolved the calamity which the Immortal Dimension was facing, allowing the Immortal Dimension to return to its prior peaceful state.

At this moment, within Dao Emperor Academy.

Regardless of whether it was the instructors or the students of the academy, all of them were in animated discussion. They were discussing just a single thing, and they were extremely clamorous and bustling.

Just a few days ago, countless strands of clear light had suddenly descended from the sky in the Immortal Dimension, and every single one of them were like the radiance of the Grand Dao as they enveloped the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension.

Such a scene instantly alarmed living beings throughout the Immortal Dimension, and they acutely noticed that… the Heavens had changed!

Even though they were unable to discern its actual changes, all living beings had a feeling in their hearts that the heavens above them wasn’t the same anymore, and it had an obscure and indescribable aura.

It was also at that very moment which a voice swept through the Immortal Dimension. “Today, I, Chen Xi, will rebuild the world!”

At that moment, the world fell silent while the hearts of all living beings trembled, and they prostrated themselves on the ground while worshipping devotedly!

It was also on that very same day which the entire Immortal Dimension found out that the grand scene of the Heavens being changed had actually been done by that legendary figure who’d entered Dao Emperor Academy as the 1st in its test, took control of Dao Emperor Academy as its Dean, and killed numerous Immortal Kings to make an example of them!

Chen Xi!

That name wasn’t unfamiliar to all the living beings in the Immortal Dimension because countless people took delight in talking about his past deeds.

But they hadn’t imagined that his voice would actually reappear in the Immortal Dimension one day, and he would actually issue such a supreme decree!

Such power and influence could simply be described as belonging to a supreme sovereign!

Even though many days had passed since then, the phenomena in the sky which had occurred that day and Chen Xi’s voice were still being discussed and causing countless uproars throughout the Immortal Dimension.

It was the same in Dao Emperor Academy right now.

The instructors had stopped teaching, and they’d gathered together to happily discuss everything about Chen Xi when he was in the academy all those years ago.

The students had stopped cultivating, and they’d formed groups of three to five while the places Chen Xi had resided in Dao Emperor Academy had become ‘hallowed grounds’ that they were fighting with each other to visit.

Some instructors who were close to Chen Xi like Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, Ye Tang, and the others even started sighing with emotion, and they described everything related to Chen Xi during those years to their own disciples.

They were students of Dao Emperor Academy just like Chen Xi had been all those years ago, but now that the circumstances had changed with the passage of time, they’d lost their status as students and had become instructors of the academy instead. Moreover, all of them had attained the Immortal King Realm.

That should have been something worthy of being proud of, but it was simply like the difference between the heavens and the earth when it was compared with Chen Xi. Actually, they couldn’t be compared at all.

Dao Emperor Academy was very bustling, and it was even 100 times more bustling that it had been in the past.

However, only Qiu Xuanshu, the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, was nowhere to be scene amidst this bustling atmosphere.

After Chen Xi had advanced into the Godrank Realm, that scholar who was a disciple of Fuxi’s fourth disciple, the Old Scholar, had taken over Dao Emperor Academy and became the new Dean.

But at this moment, Qiu Xuanshu was standing outside a hall with a hesitant expression on his face. He was actually hesitating if he should step foot into the hall.

After all, he could hear a wave of questions resounding frequently from within the hall, and it was like the sound of quarrelling.

“Clone, why hasn’t my husband returned until now? So many days have passed. What’s he so busy doing that he even refuses to return home?”

“Clone, you and my father are from the same body. Only you are aware of my father’s whereabouts. So, please don’t keep it from us. My mother’s heart had been burning with anxiety throughout the past few days, and she’s on the verge of suffering from qi deviation.”

“Clone, Yun’er only wants to know when my grandfather will be coming back! He hasn’t abandoned us, right?”



All sorts of clamorous noise resounded from within the hall, and it caused Qiu Xuanshu to be hesitant and dare not step forward into it.

It couldn’t be helped, he couldn’t afford to offend anyone within the hall, and he didn’t dare to offend them as well.

Actually he’d come here because he wanted to ask a question as well — Where exactly is Martial Uncle Chen Xi?

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