Chapter 2199 – The Path Home (Part 1/2)

An ancient stone pagoda stood towering while densely covered in mottled traces of time. It seemed to have experienced the baptism of countless years, and it emanated a solemn and lofty aura.

It was the Tower of Beginnings. According to legend, it was created by Fuxi himself, and it was specially prepared for the disciples of Oracle Mountain.

Within The Tower of Beginnings was actually a boundless expanse of the starry sky.

Numerous stars were spread out within it, yet all of them were stationary. Moreover, every single one of them emanated a completely different aura of the Grand Dao.

The further one went while cultivating within the tower, the greater the pressure of the Grand Dao which one had to endure would be, and the benefits obtained would increase along with this.

All those years ago when Chen Xi had arrived at Oracle Mountain for the first time, he’d entered the Tower of Beginnings, and he’d broken the records of everyone else and arrived at the furthest star within the tower.

At this moment, Di Shun and Wen Daozhen had arrived here. They were striding through the starry sky within the tower and moving forward incessantly.

It wasn’t long before Wen Daozhen stopped moving, and he pointed towards a star that was completely like ice. It was translucent, crystalline, and emanated a dazzling and piercingly cold aura. Wen Dao Zhen said, “My disciple Tang Xian cultivated here all those years ago.

Di Shu glanced over and saw a sky blue lake on the star, and an extremely inconspicuous palm sized black paper boat floated in the lake.

However, when one looked at it, it seemed pitch black like the veil of eternal night and possessed the unique might to endure all things in the world.

“After 18 years of closed door cultivation, every year was different. I laughed and sighed at the destiny provided by the Grand Dao is always changing like a boat that floats aimlessly.”

These were the words that Tang Xian had left behind after he completed his cultivation here.

Di Shun nodded and said, “Tang Xian’s talent is sufficient to step foot onto the Ultimate Path.”

After that, the two of them continued forward.

It wasn’t long before Di Shun and Wen Daozhen stopped once more, and their gazes shot towards a sky blue star, and its aura glistened brightly and circulated endlessly.

There was a limestone table on the star. The surface of the table was inscribed with a row of simple and ordinary writing — “Water is gentle, it provides for all yet conflicts with none. It exists everywhere. In the face of attack, the enemy is unaware what it guards; when it puts up a defense, the enemy is unaware where its defenses lie, and it’s impossible to shake!”

Signed by — Eldest Disciple of Fuxi’s line, Wu Xuechan!

A wisp of a complicated expression appeared in Di Shun’s eyes when he saw this, and he spoke with an upset tone. “Just as the Sovereign Sect’s Master Said, if he were to abandon all trivial matters and concentrate on his cultivation, then Xuechan’s current accomplishments would definitely not be inferior to Senior Brother Fuxi’s accomplishments from all those years ago. Unfortunately….”

Wen Daozhen shook his head and smiled. “There’s no need to feel that it’s a pity. Chen Xi will definitely be able to bring Xuechan back once he returns. Now that the Sovereign Sect has been destroyed and the Sovereign Sect’s Master has failed short of success, the Order of the Heaven Dao has undergone a qualitative change, and it possesses the Order of Samsara within it. Under such circumstances, Xuechan just has to concentrate on his cultivation and he will definitely gain extraordinary improvements in his path of cultivation.”

Di Shun nodded and took a deep breath. “Come, I’ll take you the place where that kid, Chen Xi, cultivated all those years ago.”

Wen Daozhen smiled. “That’s exactly what I came for.”

Both of them continued forward again until they arrived at the end of the tower, and they saw a single star floating all by itself in space.

It was completely round while hazy and clear colored radiance surged on its surface. Surprisingly, if one looked through the layer of clear radiance, a dense mass of divine chains that simply seemed like a spiderweb could be seen, and it enveloped the entire star!

All of them were divine chains of the Grand Dao. Every single one of them represented a Law of the Grand Dao, and they contained the quintessence profundities of the Grand Dao.

When looked at from afar, it was like the entire star was shackled by divine chains of the Grand Dao. The dense aura of the Grand Dao and dazzling and resplendent divine chains of the Grand Dao were interwoven together, and it formed a peerlessly rare and marvelous spectacle.

This was the last star at the end of the Tower of Beginning. Since the ancient time, Chen Xi had been the only disciple of Oracle Mountain to arrive and cultivate here.

At this moment, as he gazed at this star and thought of Chen Xi’s current accomplishments, even Wen Daozhen felt a wisp of indescribable excitement and even a trace of rare nervousness.

It was like he’d arrived at the divine vestige of a Sovereign, and he had no choice but to fix his bearing and couldn’t help but arouse a trace of respect.

Di Shun was the same. His face had suddenly become solemn and serious.

Both of them were seniors who were standing towering in the Daolord Realm for countless years. They protected Oracle Mountain and were renowned throughout the Ancient God Domain, yet now, they revealed a rare respectful bearing as if they’d come to offer praise to an exalted being.

The respect they revealed was a form of acknowledgement towards Chen Xi’s current strength, and it was a form of yearning and reverence towards the true Ultimate Path.

A stone tablet that was shaped like a sharp talisman of the sword stood on the star, and a row of words were inscribed on the stone tablet with the tip of a finger— “One day, I’ll definitely stand above the Heavens!”

Every single stroke was simple and unhurried, yet they revealed a firm, resolute, and indescribable boldness and will!

“One day, I’ll definitely stand above the Heavens!” Both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen simultaneously repeated those words as if they’d been shocked in their hearts, and as they recalled everything Chen Xi had experienced in the Ancient God Domain, the depths of their Dao Hearts couldn’t help but be moved by these words.

One day, I’ll definitely stand above the Heavens!

All those years ago when Chen Xi cultivated in the Tower of Beginnings, he was only a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, yet he’d possessed such a path in his heart. One could only wonder what sort of stir it would cause if word of this were to spear.

Now, Chen Xi really possessed might that stood above the Heavens. It was even to the extent that no one throughout time immemorial could stand above the Heavens like he did, and he’d even rebuilt the Order of the Heaven Dao with the energy of Samsara!

What was it like to be the one and only supreme Sovereign?

It was obvious if one looked at Chen Xi.


Suddenly, the countless divine chains of the Grand Dao which enveloped the star had suddenly fluctuated, and then they surged like tidewater into that stone tablet.

The stone tablet was just an ordinary object before this. But at this moment, it seemed like it had obtained the blessings of the heavens, and it possessed a supreme and otherworldly aura.

This made the innumerable divine chains of the Grand Dao in the surroundings to submit before it and stand on guard around it. They prostrated themselves before that row of simple and unrestrained words.

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s hearts shook when they witnessed such a miraculous scene, and the devoted and solemn expressions on their faces even faintly revealed a trace of reverence.

To stand above the Heavens!

This was indeed an act of standing above the Heavens!

Di Shun decided that this stone tablet would be the supreme inheritance of Oracle Mountain from today onward, and only disciples of Oracle Mountain would be allowed to view and learn from it!

At the foot of Oracle Mountain.

Two figures were walking up the winding and rough limestone path up the mountain.

The figure on the left had green clothes on, a handsome appearance, and an extraordinary and otherworldly bearing. He had his hands placed casually behind his back, and he seemed to be relaxed and at ease.

The figure on the right wore white clothes. His hair was white as snow, his face warm and indifferent, and his eyes carried a deep smiling expression within them.

It was Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan!

The little path on the mountain was quiet and beautiful. Wu Xuechan had walked up the path countless times in the past, but he sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart while he took the path this time.

After experiencing death once, one’s mental state would definitely become different.

That was exactly what Wu Xuechan was experiencing right now.

Waves of cheering and discussion frequently drifted down from above. It was the voices of all the disciples from Oracle Mountain, and they were discussing the battle in the Dao Terra Firma.

Even though they hadn’t witnessed it with their own two eyes, when they noticed the Heaven Dao grow calmer and possess the aura of Samsara, all of them were clearly aware that Chen Xi had definitely won the battle!

Wu Xuechan couldn’t help but smile happily when he heard the discussions, and then he turned his head towards Chen Xi and asked. “Little Junior Brother, do you really not intend to stay on Oracle Mountain?”

Chen Xi spoke casually. “Eldest Senior Brother, regardless of where I am, I only have to give it a thought and I can appear anywhere throughout the cosmos. So, what’s the difference between staying on Oracle Mountain or not?”

Wu Xuechan chuckled for a while before he said, “I forgot that no one in this world can bind you anymore.”

Chen Xi glanced at Wu Xuechan when he heard this, and then a strand of warmth surged out from within his heart. He knew that Wu Xuechan had always taken him to be the little junior brother that Wu Xuechan had to protect, so Wu Xuechan was always thinking about him. Now, Wu Xuechan was unable to get accustomed to the fact that he didn’t have to take care of Chen Xi anymore.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you don’t have to worry about Oracle Mountain anymore from today onward. You can just concentrate on your cultivation. No one in this world will dare to touch the disciples of our Oracle Mountain while I exist!” Chen Xi spoke seriously.

Wu Xuechan patted Chen Xi on the shoulder and roared with laughter. “That’s exactly what I intended to do.”

As they spoke, both of them had arrived at the peak of Oracle Mountain.

“Young Martial Ancestral Uncle!”

“Eldest Martial Ancestral Uncle!”

A rough voice resounded abruptly, and it carried extremely pleasant surprise. Surprisingly, it was Tu Meng.

It was like a single stone that caused a thousand ripples on the calm surface of a lake. In an instant, all the disciples of Oracle Mountain who were gathered on the peak of the mountain, Zhen Liuqing, Senior White, A’Liang, Ye Yan, and all the others shot their gazes over at the same time.

For some unknown reason, the extremely clamorous atmosphere here quieted down when they saw Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan’s familiar figures.

All of their eyes opened wide while their faces were covered in excitement and delight. However, they didn’t dare make any clamorous noise as they were afraid of disturbing this precious moment.

Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan exchanged glances and smiled. Both of them were extremely gratified and happy when they saw all of these familiar faces.

It was a scene of reunion after parting for a long time.

There was no need for words because everything could be understood with just the heart.

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