Chapter 2198 – Rebuilding The World (Part 2/2)

Chen Xi!

Bai Wanqing was stunned on the spot.

Bai Xi’xi’s eyes opened wide while she pulled forcefully on Bai Wanqing’s sleeves. “It’s Big Brother Chen Xi! Big Brother Chen Xi has saved us!”

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help but roar with laughter as well, and his laughter shook the sky. “I knew that kid was extraordinary. But the commotion he created this time is really fucking shocking!”

“Is that so?” Suddenly, a tall figure appeared here. He wore green clothes, had a handsome appearance, a smile on his face, and an extraordinary and composed bearing.

Bai Jingchen’s eyes almost popped out from their sockets, and it seemed like someone was choking him. Quite a while passed before he pointed a finger and Chen Xi and said, “It really was you!”

He raised his fist with the intention of striking Chen Xi on the shoulder. But for some unknown reason, a strand of rare reverence and resistance appeared in his heart. It was like his actions were a form of disrespect.

Bai Jingchen’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch. He was very well awake that while Chen Xi’s bearing seemed ordinary, it had actually arrived at a height which was even unimaginable to him, and no force in this world could disrespect Chen Xi!

“Big Brother Chen Xi!” A happy cry resounded as Bai Xi’xi instantly hugged Chen Xi while happiness and excitement filled her face. How could she be bothered about showing any restraint when they’d been reunited after so long?

“Chen Xi.” Bai Wanqing stood at the side, and she was warm and modest just like she’d always been.

In his daze, Chen Xi seemed to have gone back in time to the period that he was in Pine Mist City, and his grandfather, younger brother, and him depended on each other for their survival. At that time, Bai Xi’xi was only around 5 or 6 years old, and she was like a little ‘lackey’ that followed Chen Hao around and played with him.

At that time, Aunt Bai was warm just like this, and she silently took care of the two brothers….

Fortunately, while time and the circumstances had changed, they were all still alive, and it was truly something worthy of celebration.

Chen Xi patted Xi’xi on the shoulder, and then he said to Bai Wanqing, “Aunt Bai, I’ve found my parents, and I’ve come to take you with me.”

Bai Xi’xi raised her head and said anxiously, “Then what about me?”

Chen Xi chuckled. “We’re all going together.”

As he spoke, he shot his gaze at Bai Jingchen.

Bai Jingchen waved his hand and said, “If you’re going to leave, then leave yourselves. My Bai Clan must stay, and we’ll only return to the Immortal Dimension when the Xeno-race are annihilated. That’s the will of my Bai Clan, and it won’t be swayed.”

The Xeno-race…. Chen Xi suddenly realized that he’d overlooked the Xeno-race’s existence.

I should head to the Outerealm to have a look when I’m free. I wonder what sort of place it is…. Chen Xi immediately decided.

The Ancient God Domain.

The distressed, miserable, and suffering inhabitants of the Ancient God Domain suddenly noticed that the calamity had actually vanished abruptly.

The disciples of the Sovereign Sect who raged through the world while plundering and destroying had actually evaporated into thin air, and they’d vanished without a trace.

However, unlike in the past, the Order of the Heaven Dao had an obscure energy that caused their hearts to tremble incessantly.

It was the aura of Samsara.

It examined sin, judged life and death, and upheld justice for the world!

Even the gods could only feel reverence when facing such an aura within the Order of the Heaven Dao, and they didn’t dare offend it at all. Because all of them had the feeling that once Samsara had appeared, then all who commit evil in the world would definitely suffer the most severe punishment!

Even gods like them were unable to avoid it.

“Samsara! Such a taboo has actually transformed into a part of the Order of the Heaven Dao! Doesn’t this mean that….”

“The Sovereign Sect has lost!”

“That’s definitely what happened!”

“Who exactly has taken control of Samsara, rebuilt the Order of the Heaven Dao, and calmed the unexpected changes in the Heaven Dao to provide deliverance to all living beings?”

Countless clamorous exclaims surged throughout all the regions and universes of the Ancient God Domain. All the gods and powers that had been lucky enough to survive the calamity until now were astounded, and their hearts were filled with boundless reverence.

It wasn’t long before all the living beings throughout the Ancient God Domain heard a voice from above the Heaven Dao. It was so indistinct yet so dignified. “Today, I, Chen Xi, will rebuild the world!”

Chen Xi!

When this name entered into their ears, the entire Ancient God Domain seethed with excitement while those who had enmity with Chen Xi in the past were horrified to the extreme.

Conversely, all those who had a relationship with Chen Xi in the past were visibly delighted and beamed with joy, and they seemed as if they took pride in the glory that he’d achieved.

No one had expected that Chen Xi would have actually been able to defeat the Sovereign Sect’s Master who was said to be invincible!

Moreover, they’d never imagined that Chen Xi had even transcended the Order of the Heaven Dao, and it could only submit before him!

This day was remembered through history as the day of prayer for the arrival of the Sovereign! It was a day to remember Chen Xi’s eternally grand deed of bringing peace to the world for all ages!

Every single time this day arrived in the years after, all living beings would definitely cleanse themselves, burn incense, and pray solemnly in their hearts while sincerely wishing happiness to that eternally supreme existence.

Even Daolords would willingly pray with devotion and wish that supreme existence well when this day came every single year.

Of course, all of that are matters of the future.

When Chen Xi’s voice resounded like the decree of a supreme overlord, all the disciples on Oracle Mountain had stopped what they were doing, and they cheered happily at the same time.

“He succeeded! Little Junior Brother succeeded!”

“Young Martial Ancestral Uncle is really extraordinary. The Sovereign Sect’s Master has definitely been annihilated!”

“Our Oracle Mountain will prosper through the ages with Young Martial Ancestral Uncle amongst us!”

All sorts of clamorous voices undulated while happiness and excitement covered all of their faces. Li Yang, Zhen Liuqing, Ming, Senior White, Ye Yan, Tie Yunhai, the Old Scholar, Li Fuyao, Tang Xian, and all the others had smiles on their faces while the gloominess in their hearts had been completely wiped away. It was like all their gloominess had been brushed aside, and only happiness remained in their hearts.

Meanwhile, Di Shun and Wen Daozhen exchanged glances and smiled at each other before they turned around and entered the Tower of Beginnings. Di Shun had promised Wen Daozhen that he would show Wen Daozhen something Chen Xi had left behind many years ago once Chen Xi had attained victory in the Dao Terra Firma.

Now, it was time for him to fulfil his promise.

Author’s Note: Allow me to explain that Talisman Emperor hasn’t come to an end yet…. At the very least, he has to meet his friends and resolve the matters from his past.

Moreover, I’ll be continuing further with epilogue chapters once this is over.

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