Chapter 2198 – Rebuilding The World (Part 1/2)

The Unknown Lands.

A tall figure walked out from within the mist. It was a handsome young man in green clothes, with jet black long hair that hung loosely down to his waist, and there was a smile hanging on his face. He seemed extraordinary and otherworldly.

He held a wine gourd in his hand, and he was walking and drinking in such a carefree manner.

When he walked out of the Unknown Lands, he placed his hands behind his back, looked towards the sky in the distance, and then spoke. “Today, I, Chen Xi, will rebuild the world!”

His voice was ethereal, yet it shot up into the nine heavens and instantly swept throughout the cosmos.

At this moment, all the living beings throughout the world seemed to have sensed it. They stopped everything they were doing and looked up into the sky while they revealed a solemn and devoted expression, and it seemed as if they were being cleansed by an invisible force.

The Netherworld.

The Nether Springs Grand Emperor presided over the Netherworld with a still and composed expression.

The Queen of Judgment, Cui Qingning, had utilized bloody methods to suppress the unrest in the Netherworld a very long time ago, so the Nether Spring Hall, Granny Meng’s Hall, the Six Paths of Hell, the 10 Kings of Hell, the 18 levels of hell, and all the other areas in the Netherworld had recovered to their previous orderly states.

So, the living beings of the Netherworld welcomed a rare period of peace.

However, only the Nether Springs Grand Emperor was very clearly aware that the Netherworld wasn’t complete. The reason was that the three supreme Grand Daos which belonged to the Netherworld were still separated from it, so it wasn’t as flourishing and glorious as it was during the reign of the Third Netherworld Emperor.

The Netherworld!

It was where Samsara resided!

It was a form of order that judged all beings and upheld justice in the world!

However, now that Samsara had ceased to exist, the Order in the Netherworld was merely limited to the Netherworld itself, and it was unable to cover and link itself with the entire world.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor was waiting. He’d seen a ray of hope many years ago, and he hoped that little fellow who inherited the mantle of the third Netherworld Emperor would be able to rebuild the Netherworld’s glory!

But at this point in time, that strand of hope still seemed to be very distant and hadn’t shown itself until now. So, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor couldn’t help but sigh occasionally with emotion.

However, he’d never given up.

He knew that even the Queen of Judgment, Cui Qingning, had never given up as well. If it was in terms of confidence, then the Queen of Judgment’s confidence seemed to be stronger than his own.


The pleasant sound of jade trinkets colliding with each other resounded, and then a bloody, murderous, and icy cold aura swept over towards him.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor opened his eyes, and then he saw the Queen of Judgment walking over from afar.

She wore a scarlet red palace gown, jet black hair that was coiled into a bun, and her aloof, icy cold, yet exquisite face had a pair of scarlet red lips which were curved into an indifferent arc.

As she stood there casually, she emanated the aura of judgment and blood, and it was extremely horrifying.

“It has been very long since you’ve last come here. What alarmed you today?” The Nether Spring Grand Emperor seemed to be lost in thought as he spoke.

“It’s nothing. I’ve just come to have a look.” Cui Qingning sat down on the ground while keeping her backbone straight, and even her face was icy cold as before. Moreover, she emanated an oppressive pressure.

Even though she was like that, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor had still discerned that there was something clearly weighing down on Cui Qingning’s heart. He didn’t ask about it because it wouldn’t make a difference. Since Cui Qingning had become the Queen of Judgment and started managing the book of life and death, she seemed to have become a completely different person. No one knew what the thoughts in her heart were like.

“When he left all those years ago, he promised that he would definitely return to see me, and I’ve been constantly working hard and using all my ability to unify the disorderly Netherworld because I didn’t want him to be disappointed when he returned.” After a long moment of silence, she continued with a slightly upset tone. “But there was actually no news of him after so many years have passed.”

The Nether Springs Grand Emperor fell silent. He was very clearly aware that Cui Qingning had definitely not come here to complain.

Sure enough, she continued just a moment later. “I intend to leave the Netherworld for some time.”

His eyes narrowed. “You’re going to look for him?”

Cui Qingning pursed her lips and remained silent.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor sighed. “If you want to go, then go.” He knew that he was utterly powerless to stop her once she’d decided.

She nodded and said, “I’ll be troubling you to take care of the Netherworld during my absence.”

He smiled and said, “Of course.”

Cui Qingning stood up immediately, turned around, and started walking away. She’d merely come here to notify the Nether Spring Grand Emperor. After all, she didn’t know how long her journey would take or whether she would return. All she sought was to put an end to that ‘knot’ in her heart.

Right at this moment, an ethereal voice resounded abruptly, and it swept throughout the Netherworld.

In an instant, the hearts of all living beings shook while they revealed devoted expressions. Besides that, all things had gone silent as well. Only that supreme and ethereal voice was resounding through the Netherworld.

“Today, I, Chen Xi, will rebuild the world!”

Cui Qingning’s figure stiffened while a wisp of peerlessly brilliant radiance surged from within her clear eyes and undulated towards the surroundings.

“He… he…. He’s back….” As she muttered these words, her voice carried a trace of anticipation that had been suppressed for a very long time, so it caused her voice to tremble slightly. It clearly showed how excited she was.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s heart shook as he stood up swiftly, and he stood by Cui Qingning’s side while his aged face was covered with excitement. “He really succeeded!”

In their senses, the Order of the entire Netherworld was undergoing a qualitative transformation after that voice resounded….

It was the aura of Samsara!

“Thank you for all your hard work throughout these years.” A warm voice resounded within the empty hall they were in.

Cui Qingning and the Nether Spring Grand Emperor simultaneously turned towards the source of the voice, and then they saw a familiar tall figure appear within their fields of vision and was walking towards them.

The Mortal Dimension.

Since the Heaven Dao had undergone an unexpected change and sent calamities down into the world, the Mortal Dimension couldn’t avoid being unaffected as well.

The flames of war raged throughout the Mortal Dimension, causing countless sects and powers to be annihilated overnight.

The force which benefited the most from the calamity was the Sovereign Sect.

The forces of the Sovereign Sect were like a swarm that swallowed the Mortal Dimension and caused countless storms of blood wherever they went. At this point in time, only a few powers throughout the Mortal Dimension were able to protect themselves.

One of them was the Violet Thistle Bai Clan.

The Bai Clan’s Patriarch Bai Jingchen was an expert in strategy and had reacted as soon as the calamity swept throughout the world. He gathered the forces of his entire clan and stayed within the boundaries of their clan in order to maintain the inheritance of the Bai Clan.

Even then, the Bai Clan had still suffered great losses because of the calamity, and its forces were far inferior to what it used to be.

At this moment, the Bai Clan could be said to be covered in an aura of gloominess and depression, and the faces of every single one of their clansmen was filled with uneasiness and anxiousness.

They were on the verge of collapse. If such a situation were to continue, then it wouldn’t be long before their Bai Clan would be completely destroyed.

At the Ancestral Hall of the Bai Clan.

Bai Jingchen remained silent for a long time before he couldn’t help but sigh. “Now that it has come to this, we can only choose to fight to the death. We have no other choice.”

All the higher-ups of the Bai Clan remained silent. They were clearly aware that they had no path of escape. It wasn’t just the Mortal Dimension that was affected by the calamity, the calamity had probably even swept through the Immortal Dimension as well. It seemed like there wasn’t a single peaceful place in the entire world!

“Then we’ll kill to our heart’s content!”

“Yes! The Sovereign Sect has staged a comeback, and it’s impossible to stop. But it’s impossible for them to make us submit!”

All of them gritted their teeth as they spoke, and they were filled with sorrow and resolve.

Bai Wanqing, and Bai Xi’xi were standing outside the Ancestral Hall, and their hearts couldn’t help but feel extremely heavy when they heard the sorrowful voices coming from within the hall.

The calamity was too dangerous indeed. The strength of man was limited, so how could it resist the heavens?

“Xi’xi, are you willing to live and die with everyone?” asked Bai Wanqing in a soft voice.

Xi’xi nodded firmly. “Of course. As a daughter of the Bai Clan, I naturally have to live and die with my clansmen!”

When she spoke up to this point, a wisp of disappointment couldn’t help but suffuse her pretty face, and she muttered. “But I have some regrets in my heart. I’m truly unwilling to die just like that.”

Bai Wanqing was stunned and said, “You’re still thinking about Chen Hao?”

Bai Xi’xi blushed a little, and she lowered her head as she spoke timidly. “No, I’m just quite annoyed that he left without bidding farewell when we were young.”

Bai Wanqing smiled and rubbed Bai Xi’xi’s head as she said, “You’re already grown up yet still refuse to forget that? How silly.”

Bai Xi’xi said angrily, “Mother, you don’t understand. Are the events of my childhood not important? Now that I’ve grown up, I naturally know what I want.”

Bai Wanqing instantly felt like a headache was arriving. She’d always been curious about why Xi’xi attached such importance to the events of her childhood. After all, it was even to the extent that Xi’xi had been constantly thinking about it and had even refused many marriages because of it.

“Mother, we’re probably unable to escape calamity this time. In any case, we’re going to die, so you don’t have to worry about me anymore.” Bai Xi’xi consoled her mother.

“Ptooey! You jinx!” Bai Wanqing spat on the ground yet her heard grew even heavier and filled with worry. Could it be that our Bai Clan is really going to be destroyed by this calamity?

Suddenly, Bai Xi’xi exclaimed. “Mother! Look! Quickly!”

Numerous crimson red and dazzling flowers had suddenly appeared in the sky. They were dreamlike and dyed the entire sky red.

“That seems to be the… Paramita Flowers of the Netherworld?” Bai Wanqing’s heart shook and she seemed to be dazed as she muttered those words. She couldn’t figure out why the divine flowers of the Netherworld would appear within the Mortal Dimension.

“The Paramita Flowers!”

“Why have these flowers appeared in the Mortal Dimension?”

“According to legend, these flowers possess the ability to guide the souls of the dead. It’s a portion of the Order of Samsara…. Could it be that the energy of Samsara is about to appear in the Mortal Dimension?” All the great figures in the Bai Clan’s Ancestral Hall had been alarmed by this development, and they stood up successively and gazed at the sky with indeterminate expressions on their faces.

At this moment, such a scene wasn’t just occurring in the Bai Clan. All the living beings throughout the 3,000 large worlds and countless minor worlds of the Mortal Dimension had noticed the Paramita Flowers in the sky. They were crimson red like flames, and they seemed to be paving a path illuminated by fire!

After that, all of them noticed that the members of the Sovereign Sect scattered throughout the Mortal Dimension seemed to suffer the wrath of the heavens at this moment. All of them immediately perished on the spot while their souls were taken by an invisible hand and restrained within the path illuminated by fire created by the Paramita Flowers….

For a time, countless souls formed a dense army that were led away by the Paramita Flowers and vanished.

This scene instantly shocked all the living beings throughout the Mortal Dimension. They were astounded and filled with disbelief.

Samsara appeared and the Paramita was born!

Such a phenomena was simply unprecedented!

Does this mean that this calamity which has swept through the world is about to be over?

Many living beings couldn’t help but start crying from extreme joy, and they prostrated themselves on the ground and prayed with extreme devotion.

In the Bai Clan, all its clansmen who were lucky enough to survive the calamity until now were extremely excited and had started cheering.

It was at this moment when the living beings of the entire Mortal Dimension were excited that an ethereal voice suddenly resounded through the world.

“Today, I, Chen Xi, will rebuild the world!”

That voice was extremely flat and indifferent as it resounded throughout every single corner of the Mortal Dimension, and it filled the hearts of all with boundless reverence.

It was like the decree of a supreme overlord!

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