Chapter 2197 – Punishment (Part 3/3)

The Sovereign Sect’s Master broke down completely. His hair was disheveled while a livid and fierce expression covered his face. His emotionless body was being tormented by emotions. Most importantly, his Dao Heart had fallen apart!

At this moment, he was in a state of anxiety, uneasiness, despair, and madness. He’d lost the supremely dignified and arrogant bearing he revealed just now, and he’d lost the extraordinary wisdom and ability he once possessed.

He seemed like everything had been taken from him, and he’d been reduced to a beggar or even worse than a beggar. Because he was utterly lost.

Moreover, he hadn’t noticed at all that Chen Xi had vanished a long time ago. There wasn’t even a trace of Chen Xi left here, and it was like Chen Xi had never existed.

The first time they met each other in the Dao Terra Firma, Chen Xi’s Dao Heart had suffered all sorts of torment because of his loyalties and emotions. In the end, the Sovereign Sect’s Master who’d seized the River Diagram and taken control of Genesis Energy had gone mad, and he entered into the cycle of Samsara.

The second time they met, the Sovereign Sect’s Master watched as the screen of light revealed the events that had occurred before he entered into the cycle of Samsara. In the end, he lost control of his heart and broke down completely into madness.

What would it be like if the 2nd encounter was within a screen of light as well?

At this moment, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was looking at two screens of light. The 1st screen of light displayed the events when Chen Xi had entered the Dao Terra Firma for the first time.

The 2nd screen of light displayed the events of their second encounter. The most horrifying thing to the Sovereign Sect’s Master was that his figure on the 2nd screen of light was looking at the 1st screen of light as well….

He was waiting for Chen Xi, but all that arrived before him was those two screens of light.

In the end, he broke down once more.

He had no enemy before him, but he was unable to see through the truth and reality of things, and his Dao Heart was completely lost.

That was what the Sovereign Sect’s Master suffered during the ‘third’ encounter.

What if even the 3rd encounter was within a screen of light as well?

It would just form an endless cycle that made the Sovereign Sect’s Master become completely lost within it. He would experience the torture of emotions and the pain from the collapse of his Dao Heart, suffer the impact of going mad and falling into despair…. He would fall into an eternal cycle of Samsara that couldn’t be escaped.

That was Chen Xi’s punishment for the Sovereign Sect’s Master!

Because any other method was insufficient to vent the hatred in Chen Xi’s heart!

Meantime, at the Unknown Lands outside the Dao Terra Firma.

The River of Destiny was still flowing incessantly, and there was a screen of light above the river.

The scenes displayed on the screen was the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s incessant journey through the cycle of Samsara. It was the scenes of him being tortured to the point of breaking down and becoming lost over and over again.

Chen Xi sat casually at the side, and Fuxi, Nuwa, the 1st Netherworld Emperor, 2nd Netherworld Emperor, Divine Dao Parasol Tree, Ant Exalt, Master of the Manku Period, and many other extraordinary figures were staring at the screen of light while standing nearby.

Their expressions were changing indeterminately. They sometimes sighed repeatedly, sometimes clapped and roared with laughter, sometimes drank strong wine to their heart's content, sometimes sighed with emotion, and so on and so forth.

But they were very clearly aware that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had lost! It was impossible for him to ever free himself from it throughout his lifetime, and he was bound to spend eternity in endless torture.

That was Chen Xi’s punishment to him.

In the end, Fuxi withdrew his gaze. He stood looking at the screen of light, and he gazed at Chen Xi instead while he sighed with emotion. “It was all thanks to you.”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t say anything.

“Kid, is everything that we are seeing now another illusion you created as well? I don’t want to experience such pain as the Sovereign Sect’s Master is.” Nuwa spoke abruptly while she gazed at Chen Xi with a slightly complicated gaze.

“No, I’m still the same as before, and I won’t utilize such methods again in this world.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke.

He really wouldn’t do such a thing because it would be too boring.

It was even to the extent that he still maintained the strength he possessed before this. As for everything he’d obtained within the Dao Terra Firma, he’d concealed all of it.

The reason he did that was indeed because he didn’t want to make things too boring for himself.

Because if he were to utilize his full strength, then the past, present, and future would all be reflected in his heart and the secrets of the entire world and all its inhabitants would be unable to escape his detection. In that way, life would really not be interesting at all.

As they said, it was lonely at the top.

Even though standing aloof above the myriad of worlds and transcending all living beings allowed him to possess everything and become omnipresent, it was too lonely and boring.

Chen Xi had always been one who emphasized on relationships and loyalty. His dream had always been to just live like a normal person, be together with his parents, and reunited with his loved ones. Perhaps, cook a little for them when he was free. After all, how joyful and leisurely would such a life be.

So, he didn’t intend to utilize some of his power, unless danger that could threaten him appeared in the world. But it was obvious that something like that was bound to be impossible.

Presently, he could be considered as the one and only supreme and eternal overlord!

“Then what do you intend to do now? Will you be leaving for the world beyond the Dao Terra Firma, or will you be staying?” asked Fuxi.

At this moment, many of them shot their gazes at Chen Xi, and they stopped paying attention to the Sovereign Sect’s Master on the screen of light.

“Now that I’ve dealt with the Sovereign Sect’s Master, that largest rock which was weighing down on my heart has finally been removed. So, I naturally wouldn’t go create problems for myself when I’ve finally obtained a chance to relax.” Chen Xi smiled.

Obviously, he intended to stay.

After they obtained this answer, all of them couldn’t help but feel a faint trace of disappointment even though they did feel like a heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders.

Chen Xi was naturally able to discern that, so he immediately spoke seriously. “Seniors, I could have never attained my current accomplishments without your care and kindness, so I’ll naturally provide all of you with guidance if you seek the true secrets of the Ultimate Path.”

In an instant, all of their eyes lit up.

They’d travelled all this way on their path of cultivation and even entered the Dao Terra Firma because they wanted to find the true secrets of the Ultimate Path. As for the trivial matters of the world, it couldn’t attract their intention at all any longer.

Now that they heard Chen Xi make such a guarantee to them, they were naturally extremely gratified and filled with happiness.

However, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that it was probably not so simple for them to lay eyes on that invisible ‘door’.

As they say, it’s easy to know but hard to accomplish. Chen Xi could naturally provide them guidance in terms of comprehension, but Chen Xi couldn’t provide them the enlightenment related to the true secrets of the Ultimate Path and that invisible ‘door’.

It was like how Chen Xi could tell them that such a door definitely existed in the world, but Chen Xi could only describe its exact location and provide some guidance. However, he couldn’t help them arrive before it, push it open, and walk through it.

There was no time to lose as many of them were getting impatient, so Chen Xi didn’t delay and separated a strand of his will to lead them back into the Dao Terra Firma. But he himself was prepared to return to Oracle Mountain.

However, to his surprise, even Fuxi and Nuwa actually wanted to stay back and search for the secrets of the Ultimate Path as well. Moreover, there was actually not a single one of those great figures who intended to leave the Dao Terra Firma.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle. He instantly realized that they were bound to never leave unless they found the true secrets of the Ultimate Path.

Chen Xi didn’t persuade them, and he just left silently by himself.

Godsbane Heaven’s Order still covered the entire world, but in Chen Xi’s eyes, it had stopped moving in a disorderly manner, stopped sending calamities down into the world, and had become calm.

Chen Xi had no intention to destroy it. After all, Godsbane Heaven was just an existence formed from the Order of the world, and it had no emotions. The only reason such an unexpected change had occurred to it was entirely because the Sovereign Sect’s Master had taken control of it.

It was like a blade that was neither good nor bad, but it became the bloodied blade of a butcher when it fell into the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s hands.

Now, Chen Xi had no intention to take control of it, and he felt that it was sufficient to allow Godsbane Heaven to ceaselessly cover the world like this. The energy of Order was the foundation stone to maintain the world, and only something which no one could take control of could be considered as true Order!

However, Order was bound to have its flaws and limitations, so Chen Xi intended to mend the flaws within the Order of Godsbane Heaven.

For example….


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