Chapter 2197 – Punishment (Part 1/3)

Everything had been turned back to the moment Chen Xi had just entered the Dao Terra Firma.

That was Samsara!

It didn’t just alter time and space, even Karma, consciousness, and Destiny were altered!

When he heard the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s cold and indifferent voice resound before him, Chen Xi remained silent as if he was thinking about something.

A short while later, the Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke again.

Chen Xi gazed at the chaotic clouds in the distance and spoke at the exact same time. “You’re not mistaken. This is the world created by the Chaos of the three dimensions. After I took control of the Order of the Heaven Dao, the entire world fell into my control as well.”

It was like two people speaking the same words in different voices. One was cold, indifferent, and filled with majesty while the other was calm, indifferent, and carefree. However, the words they spoke were exactly alike!

“Huh?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master clearly noticed that the situation was slightly strange, and he couldn’t help but continue. “If you think it’s an illusion, then I can send down a calamity and erase the Immortal Dimension from existence.”

However, Chen Xi spoke the same words at practically the exact same moment.

At this instant, the Sovereign Sect’s Master finally noticed that something was off, and he fell silent.

On the other hand, Chen Xi stood with his hands behind his back while he stared at the chaotic cloud in the distance, and he spoke calmly, “Are you very surprised?”

“Indeed.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke frankly.

Everything was the same as it had been the first time, but everything which had occurred earlier seemed to have been erased by an invisible hand, causing everything to return to the past.

At that time, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was naturally extremely proud and arrogant. He’d deliberately and meticulously prepared a plan that was a dead end for Chen Xi, and he was just waiting for Chen Xi to step into it.

But Chen Xi’s current reaction made him acutely notice that something was off. It was like Chen Xi had seen through everything he’d done, and it was like all the secrets and plans within his heart were vividly and completely displayed before Chen Xi's eyes.

It felt extremely uncomfortable to the Sovereign Sect’s Master, so he refrained from attacking for now.

“This is the path.” Chen Xi spoke calmly, and he gave the Sovereign Sect’s Master an utterly incomprehensible answer.

As if he knew the Sovereign Sect’s Master would be utterly unable to understand him, he continued. “In your opinion, taking control of Samsara and Genesis Energy is equivalent to becoming the one and only eternal overlord of the entire world.”

“It’s not surprising to me that you’re aware of that. I would even look down upon you instead if you weren’t aware of it all.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke indifferently.

Chen Xi paid no attention to him and just continued. “For the sake of accomplishing that objective, you attained the Dao through emotionlessness, severed your Dao Heart, created a plan with no way out for me, and even stopped at nothing to force me to come here.”

“You….” The Sovereign Sect’s Master was slightly visibly moved. He was able to believe that Chen Xi was capable of guessing all his plans, but he couldn’t believe that Chen Xi actually knew that he’d severed his Dao Heart!

That was his biggest secret!

Chen Xi paid no attention to all of that, and he just continued. “In your opinion, I who possess the complete River Diagram am like a stepping stone, and you just have to destroy my Dao Heart and seize the River Diagram to accomplish your objective.”

At this moment, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had fallen silent. He felt like a shadow that was completely exposed beneath the scorching rays of the sun. Nothing could escape the illumination of the sun, and all his secrets were clearly known to Chen Xi. Such a feeling was extremely uncomfortable to him, and he was filled with aversion and shock towards all of this.

However, he’d restrained the questions in his heart when he thought of that plan which he’d formulated for Chen Xi, and he said, “You’re right. But so what if you’ve guessed all of that. Since you’ve fallen into my plan, then your path has been determined.”

Chen Xi nodded. “Truthfully speaking, you succeeded. Just a while ago, I had no choice but to kill my master, Fuxi, and eliminate Senior Nuwa because of the loyalties and emotions I held. Moreover, you added fuel to the fire and killed the Divine Dao Parasol Tree, the 1st Netherworld Emperor, the 2nd Netherworld Emperor, and many others right before my eyes.”

Chen Xi’s voice was calm as a pool of still water as it resounded through the boundlessly vast and empty Dao Terra Firma.

However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master frowned endlessly when he heard all of this. He was unable to understand all of this. He felt like Chen Xi was talking nonsense. I’ve been waiting here all along, so when did I ever do all of that?

When did Chen Xi kill Fuxi and Nuwa?This is all a bunch of nonsense!

However, when he saw Chen Xi’s calm and completely composed expression, he once again experienced that feeling of losing control of the situation.

“After that, you took my River Diagram, and finally took control over Genesis Energy. However, that was exactly why I was able to truly grasp my own path.” Chen Xi wasn’t trying to infuriate the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and he was just describing facts that the Sovereign Sect’s Master wasn’t aware of right now.

However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s heart fell into slight disorder when he heard all of this.

Even though he’d severed his Dao Heart, he still had his wisdom. He really wanted to interrupt Chen Xi and berate Chen Xi for talking absurd nonsense!

However, for some unknown reason, his mind told him that Chen Xi didn’t seem to be lying….

Such a strange and conflicting feeling caused the Sovereign Sect’s Master to be unable to restrain himself any longer, and he suddenly showed himself.

He wore black clothes with wide sleeves, and he stood casually in front of the chaotic cloud with his hands behind his back. His imposing aura was still extraordinary and boundless, yet his expression was cold and indifferent to a terrifying degree.

“What exactly are you trying to say?” He spoke word by word, and every single one of them was filled with killing intent.

“Do you still not understand? You lost from the moment I finally grasped my true path.” Chen Xi spoke casually.

“I lost?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master roared with laughter, and his voice didn’t carry a shred of emotion. “You think that you can turn the situation around and escape the death trap I’ve set up for you with just a bunch of fabricated nonsense?”

Chen Xi didn’t speak, and he just flicked with the tip of his finger. A screen of light appeared without a sound, and then numerous scenes flashed through the screen of light and were clearly witnessed by the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

Those scenes included everything Chen Xi experienced when he’d entered the Dao Terra Firma for the first time. It showed him being forced into the chaotic cloud, it showed him killing Fuxi and Nuwa, it showed him watching as the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, the 1st Netherworld Emperor, the 2nd Netherworld Emperor, and numerous other extraordinary figures were obliterated from existence….

After that, it showed the Sovereign Sect’s Master using the Immortal Dimension to threaten Chen Xi into handing over the complete River Diagram, and then he fell to the ground and perished….

In the beginning, the Sovereign Sect’s Master remained indifferent towards all of this. He felt that Chen Xi had been merely utilizing certain methods to form such illusionary scenes. So, even if they seemed real, they were fake in the end.

However, when he saw himself take control of the complete River Diagram, seize control of Genesis Energy, and attain his position as the one and only supreme overlord of the world. A wisp of surprise couldn’t help but appear in his eyes.

Isn’t that… everything I year to accomplish?

That was his path! It was the end of the Dao which he’d sought throughout his lifetime!

However, it wasn’t long before his expression changed slightly. He saw himself suddenly frown within the screen of light, and then seem to fall into panic and disorder.

After that, he saw himself utilize the energy of Samsara, yet was still unable to locate Chen Xi. Next, he saw himself try to deduce the future, but seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning and coughed up blood repeatedly.

In the end, his figure within the screen of light actually seemed to have gone mad, started to howl incessantly, and was overtaken by emotion….

That mad, terrified, unwilling, helpless, and resentful appearance of his caused the pupils of the Sovereign Sect’s Master who stood before Chen Xi to constrict, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

How could that have happened?Could all of this be real?

The Sovereign Sect’s Master grew even more indifferent. On the other hand, his figure displayed on the screen of light was shouting similar words. “How could this have happened?”

“Chen Xi! Chen Xi! Get the fuck out here! Get out here!”

His howls were filled with panic and helplessness, and it surged with frustration and resentment, but no one answered him.

As he watched all of this which occurred within the screen of light, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s gaze flickered incessantly while his expression changed indeterminately as well, and then he suddenly flicked his sleeve.


Terrifying energy swept out with the intention of destroying the screen of light. However, it hadn’t even come close to it when it seemed like an insignificant speck of dust that vanished completely.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s expression couldn’t help but change when he witnessed this.

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