Chapter 2196 – Succeeded By Calm (Part 2/2)

In the blink of an eye, nothing changed throughout the Dao Terra Firma, and only a strand of a strange and obscure fluctuation appeared around the chaotic cloud.

The Immortal Dimension which had been destroyed had appeared once more, and it had recovered to its previous state.

Moreover, as the energy of Samsara arose here, everything was being turned back….

The Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t change at all because he controlled Samsara, so it would naturally not affect him at all.

According to his estimations, the scene of him destroying Chen Xi’s corpse would appear in a short moment….

However, while that scene had occurred, Chen Xi’s corpse was nowhere to be seen!

how could this be possible?Could it be that someone else besides me can avoid being affected by Samsara?

The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s eyes narrowed.

He was involved in everything which had occurred earlier, but he’d removed every trace of himself from it. However, never had he imagined that Chen Xi’s corpse was actually not within the cycle of Samsara as well!?

The Sovereign Sect’s Master fell silent. More and more unexpected events were occurring. All of it had escaped the scope of his control, and it caused him to feel a trace of uneasiness.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t stop. He continued controlling the cycle of Samsara and moved back into the past, and the scenes from before appeared as well.

In next to no time, he’d gone back to the moment when all of those extraordinary figures were crushed before Chen Xi’s eyes, but only Chen Xi wasn’t there in those scenes.

This caused a wisp of a gloominess to appear on his face.

Samsara was moving backward incessantly, the scenes which had occurred earlier were reappearing, and it wasn’t long before the figure of the Divine Dao Parasol Tree had appeared. However, Chen Xi was still nowhere to be found….

Nuwa’s figure appeared, and then Fuxi’s figure appeared…. No matter how he searched, he was actually unable to find a trace of Chen Xi.

It was like everything that occurred earlier was a dream or a show that only the Sovereign Sect’s Master was enjoying by himself.

From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi didn’t exist there at all, and that argument between all of them hadn’t occurred!

This caused the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s face to grow even more indifferent, solemn, and gloomy. It was really like a dream, but only he was very clearly aware that it was no dream!

But he still couldn’t figure out how Chen Xi had erased his entire existence from the cycle of Samsara without leaving even a trace behind!

In next to no time, Samsara had gone back all the way until the Dao Terra Firma appeared once more before him. However, it was completely empty.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master remembered that Chen Xi had just arrived at the Dao Terra Firma then, and he’d spoken with Chen Xi. In the end, he’d forced Chen Xi to enter the area created within the chaotic cloud to meet Fuxi and the others.

But now, there was nothing here!

This caused him to almost be unable to believe his eyes.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master withdrew the energy of Samsara, causing all the scenes before him to return to normal and stop going back in time.

At this moment, the uneasiness in him grew strong and strong, and the feeling that everything had escaped his control was utterly impossible to accept for him, causing his face to turn extremely gloomy.

Why?Why is this happening?I clearly destroyed that kid’s Dao Heart, took his River Diagram, and erased him from existence. How could I be unable to find even a trace of him?

He has vanished from both past and present!That’s utterly impossible!


Wait, I’ve only looked at the past and present. What happens in the future?

The Sovereign Sect’s Master had a flash of inspiration, and he activated Samsara again and started deducing the future….


However, merely an instant passed when it felt like lightning had struck his heart. His soul trembled, and he couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood!


I’m actually unable to see the future!

His entire body trembled while terrifying light blazed within his pupils, and it was horrifying to the extreme. He couldn’t help but mutter. “What exactly… is going on?”

His voice carried surprise, bewilderment, and a trace of horror.

He wasn’t cold and indifferent anymore, and there were ripples of emotion within him.

“Wait! I’ve severed the barrier of emotions, and I have no desires or feelings. So, why… why do I feel horror?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master roared loudly while he was finally unable to maintain his calm anymore, and his expression started to change indeterminately.


It was his path. Once he gained emotion, it was simply like cracking open a rift on his foundation, and it was the worst blow he could ever suffer.

Emotions included happiness and anger, sorrow and resentment, love and hate, despair and hope….

In the past, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had used ‘emotionlessness’ to go against Chen Xi’s ‘emotions’. He’d been ever-successful, and he’d used a practically flawless plan to smoothly annihilate Chen Xi.

Yet now, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s ‘emotionless’ heart had started rippling with ‘emotion’. Such an unexpected event was something even he was unable to accept.

Emotionlessness was what he relied on the most, but his reliance had actually started to crack apart, so it was simply no different than destroying himself!

“How could this have happened?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master roared furiously, and the entire Dao Terra Firma fell into disorder. Terrifying Genesis Energy swept towards the surroundings and obliterated all the Divine Chains of Order that enveloped the chaotic cloud, and it even blasted the chaotic cloud itself into powder. Moreover, even all the worlds within the chaotic cloud have been obliterated along with it.

At this moment, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was in complete panic and disorder. It was even to the extent that he felt terrified.

When someone emotionless like him suddenly aroused emotions within him, it was no different than an alternation between life and death to the Sovereign Sects Master!

No one answered him. At this moment, he was like a king that had lost his crown and had been reduced to a beggar in the mortal world. He had no dignity, no arrogance, and had lost that halo of a supreme overlord. All he had was horror, bewilderment, and disorder.

He was in such an embarrassing state. His hair had become completely disheveled as he just stood there howling and roaring by himself, yet no one answered him. It was like he was punishing himself.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was a terrifying existence who possessed supreme wisdom, and his ability was so formidable that he was practically unparalleled throughout the world.

It was precisely such extraordinary wisdom which allowed him to possess his current accomplishments, and he’d become the one and only supreme overlord of the world. He could be said to be perfect.

It was exactly his formidable ability which made it so that only he schemed against others since the ancient times until now, and others could only be at his mercy.

But in the end, did he really have no weaknesses?

He did!

If loyalty and emotions were Chen Xi’s burdens, the emotionlessness was the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s weak point. So long as he aroused emotions, then cracks would appear in his foundation; so long as he lost his absolute control over things, then his formidable ability would collapse.

That was exactly what was occurring right now.

When that uneasiness appeared in his heart and strengthened gradually, it caused the Sovereign Sect’s Master to feel doubt for the very first time. It was like a poisonous snake that bit him and created a flaw in him.

At this moment, this unexpected event which was beyond his control had grown even worse, so the doubt within him had transformed into a torrent that ceaselessly struck, shook, and damaged his will.

In the end, he felt a trace of terror and panic, and it was exactly why the path of emotionlessness which he’d perfected had started to be swayed.

“Chen Xi! Chen Xi! Get the fuck out here! Get out here!” The Sovereign Sect’s Master howled with a livid and savage appearance. He was trying hard to control his emotions yet noticed that he was unable to do so at all.

No one answered him at all.

Only the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s practically insane voice reverberated through the deathly silent Dao Terra Firma, and it didn’t seem indistinct and completely emotionless as it was before.

As if he’d noticed that this was very bad and dangerous, the Sovereign Sect’s Master fell silent, and then he started gasping rapidly for breath.

He was madly deducing a method to escape this predicament because even he knew that his enemy was watching all of this from the shadows.

It was even to the extent that he was clearly aware that he was starting to move towards defeat if he didn’t start taking control of the situation.

It was something that the Sovereign Sect’s Master couldn’t tolerate at all.

He’d been planning for countless years and exercising forbearance throughout that time. Now, he’d finally seized control over Samsara and Genesis Energy, and he’d become the one and only supreme ruler of the world. So, how could he just watch helplessly as he lost everything?

“Enter Samsara! I seek my true self! The eternal shall be my guide to retake Genesis!” The cycle of Samsara appeared amidst a practically mad roar, and then the Sovereign Sect’s Master himself entered Samsara and instantly returned to the moment when Chen Xi had just arrived at the Dao Terra Firma.

On the other hand, the complete River Diagram, the Genesis Energy, and everything he’d attained upon stepping foot onto the end of the Ultimate Path had vanished.

In other words, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had completely returned to the moment Chen Xi entered the Dao Terra Firma, and even his consciousness and memories had been changed….

It was like this period of time had ceased to exist.

That was the price he had to pay for entering Samsara himself. Unlike controlling and utilizing Samsara, so long as he entered the cycle of Samsara while he was within the Dao Terra Firma, then this price had to be paid.

The Dao Terra Firma could be said to be a path of Destiny, and while the Sovereign Sect’s Master could control it and manipulate the fate of others who were on this path of Destiny, he would experience the same treatment if he were to step foot onto it as well.

The Dao Terra Firma was completely empty. It wasn’t long before a tall figure appeared here. He wore green clothes and had a handsome appearance. It was Chen Xi.

“Little Fellow, you’re finally here.” An indistinct voice that was filled with a supremely dignified tone resounded as if it was a decree of the heavens.

After that, an expanse of chaotic clouds suddenly appeared extremely far away in the distance. The clouds covered the world and were boundlessly vast. Chen Xi simply seemed like a drop in the ocean when compared to it.

Countless clear and lustrous Divine Chains of Order were like huge dragons that were interweaved around the cloud, and they flowed with the extremely terrifying and supremely dignified aura that belonged solely to the Order of the Heaven Dao.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s voice had come from that expanse of chaotic clouds.

Everything was just like it had been.

Chen Xi stood there on the spot and watched all of this, and then a wisp of a thought provoking smile appeared on the corners of his mouth when he heard the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s voice that seemed to be eternally emotionless and indifferent.

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