Chapter 2196 – Succeeded By Calm (Part 1/2)

That voice was so familiar that it caused the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s heart to jerk, but he recovered almost immediately and swept the surroundings with his gaze.

In the innumerable years of the past, he’d set up countless schemes, and every single one of them could be considered to have been perfect and without the slightest flaw.

The Chaotic Divine Lotus’s death was his doing.

Chen Lingjun’s ability to smoothly seize the 1st River Diagram fragment from Godrank Mountain had similarly been because of him pulling the strings from the shadows.

Chen Lingjun’s reincarnations, Chen Xi’s birth, and even until this very moment, it could be said that everything had been within his control.

Even if many unexpected events had appeared throughout the way, it still hadn’t been able to pose any obstruction to the development of his plan.

Just like this very moment. Fuxi, Nuwa, and all the others had been killed while the complete River Diagram, Genesis Energy, and even the Dao Terra Firma had fallen smoothly into his grasps.

It could be said that he’d truly realized his path at this moment. The heavens, the Grand Dao, and all the living beings in the world. All of them had submitted beneath his feet, and he’d become the one and only supreme and eternal ruler!

This indirectly proved how terrifying the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s methods were, and he even possessed a form of absolute control towards everything without ever making a mistake!

Yet now, Chen Xi whose Dao Heart had been destroyed and perished right before his eyes had actually spoken once more….

Such an unexpected event was something that was beyond the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s expectations!

However, he didn’t fall into panic. After all, it was just an unexpected event, and all he had to do was exterminate it.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was filled with confidence towards him. He’d become the ruler of the Dao Terra Firma, and he’d grasped the energy of Genesis and the Ultimate Path. So, all living beings in the world were like ants before him!

However, his eyes narrowed after just an instant passed. Even with the terrifying consciousness he possessed right now, he was actually unable to locate the source of that voice!

That was another unexpected event, and it was absolutely intolerable to someone like the Sovereign Sect’s Master who’s taken every conceivable possibility into account and possessed absolute control over everything.

“Hmph!” This cold grunt was like the display of displeasure from a supreme ruler, and the entire boundlessly vast and empty Dao Terra Firma was suddenly thrown into disorder.

Terrifying energy surged like a storm through every single inch of space here.

It was the strength of an overlord, a supreme force that was the product of Genesis and the Ultimate Path being fused together. Even if Fuxi and Nuwa were brought back into the world now, then would still find it impossible to resist!

However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was still unable to detect any traces of Chen Xi!

This caused his countenance to grow even more indifferent. Because he refused to believe that all of that was just him hearing things.

But he was puzzled because he’d clearly eliminated Chen Xi, so why could Chen Xi still speak? Is he still not dead?

The Sovereign Sect’s Master frowned without end, and a trace of detest had arisen in his heart towards such an unexpected event that showed faint signs of escaping his control.

He stopped searching, and he just fell silent for a while before he spoke indifferently. “As far as I’m concerned, the intrinsic secret of the Ultimate Path is Genesis, and the complete River Diagram is required to take control of Genesis. I possess all of that now, so why should bother about the doubt of a fledgling child like you?”

No one answered him.

The Dao Terra Firma was deathly silent, and only the Sovereign Sect’s Master stood there.

That feeling of the situation escaping his control grew even stronger when no one answered him, and it made his face grow even more indifferent.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master took a deep breath before issuing a command in his heart. The chaotic cloud appeared once more, and then a myriad of clear and glistening Divine Chains of Order covered the chaotic world around him. Moreover, the myriad of worlds throughout the cosmos were reflected within the chaotic cloud.

In next to no time, a ball of light shot out from within it and revealed the image of the 4,900 continents throughout the Immortal Dimension.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to have reclaimed his confidence and arrogance upon seeing this, and he spoke slowly. “Little Fellow, don’t blame me for obliterating the entire Immortal Dimension if you still refuse to show yourself. Once it’s destroyed, Dao Emperor Academy will definitely be obliterated along with it, and those friends and loved ones of yours in Dao Emperor Academy would….”


He hadn’t even finished speaking when the ball of light which represented the Immortal Dimension exploded into pieces, and it had actually been completely obliterated!

From the beginning until the end, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had actually been unable to stop it all! It was even to the extent that he hadn’t even been able to react!

In an instant, his pupils constricted while the feeling that everything was escaping his control grew even clearer.

He was finally sure that this was no simple unexpected event, and it had even surpassed the scope of his control!

But I’ve severed my Dao Heart, seized control over Samsara, taken control of Genesis, and rule over the world now! Is there even anything that I can’t control?

Suddenly, the Sovereign Sect’s Master recalled that dazed feeling he had when he’d just taken control of Genesis Energy and the Dao Terra Firma. He’d felt like he’d lacked something.

Could it be that taking control of the Genesis Energy in the Dao Terra Firma is still not the true end?

As soon as such a thought appeared in his mind, the Sovereign Sect’s Master immediately erased it. That’s impossible!The worlds throughout the cosmos and all the living beings that inhabit it were born from the Chaos of the three dimensions. The past and current eras were similarly from the Chaos of the three dimensions.

The Chaos of the three dimensions came from within the Dao Terra Firma. So, this means that the Dao Terra Firma is the source of everything in the world!This is definitely the place where everything began. So long as I’ve taken control of it, it’s equivalent to taking full control of the secrets of the Ultimate Path, and I’ve become the one and only supreme ruler!I’m absolutely not mistaken!

The Sovereign Sect’s Master had schemed and planned for countless years in order to accomplish everything he had not, so how could he not be aware of the secrets of the Ultimate Path?


What about everything that just occurred….

He wasn’t able to figure it out, and the thing that puzzled him the most was that if it was really Chen Xi who did that just now, then why had Chen Xi obliterated the Immortal Dimension in such a decisive manner?

After all, there were countless living beings throughout the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension, and Dao Emperor Academy even housed numerous loved ones and friends of Chen Xi’s. Yet now, he’d destroyed it decisively! So, it made the Sovereign Sect’s Master if this was still the same Chen Xi who had emotions and loyalty branded into his bones!

Suddenly, a wisp of vigilance surged into the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s heart.

“What else can you do? Feel free to do everything in your power. Otherwise, once I act, then I’ll be fulfilling my promise from before.” Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent voice resounded once more.

His promise was that he wanted living to be worse than death for the Sovereign Sect’s Master. He’d promised to make the Sovereign Sect’s Master suffer eternal torment which was similar torment he’d experienced earlier!

The Sovereign Sect’s Master fell silent for a short while before he finally said, “How… did you accomplish this?”

He suddenly noticed that even if he possessed the strength of the one and only supreme ruler, he was actually helpless against this situation when he couldn’t locate Chen Xi!

At this moment, Chen Xi had even disregarded his loved ones and friends, and he’d even destroyed the Immortal Dimension himself, so he seemed to not be burned by his emotions and loyalties anymore.

In that way, Chen Xi had no more flaws!

All of this was definitely bad news for the Sovereign Sect’s Master who’d just taken control of Genesis Energy, but it wasn’t sufficient to instill despair in him.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was confident that so long as Chen Xi revealed the slightest mistake and as long as he’d locked onto Chen Xi’s position, then the only outcome that awaited Chen Xi would be death!

Where were they?

The Dao Terra Firma!

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was the one and only ruler of the Dao Terra Firma!

So, he felt that the important matter at hand was to force Chen Xi to show himself!

“Do you think I would tell you such a secret?” Chen Xi’s voice resounded, and it allowed the Sovereign Sect’s Master to instantly confirm that he was absolutely unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s whereabouts by relying solely on Chen Xi’s voice.

“Do you think that I would really be helpless against you just because you’ve hidden yourself?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master suddenly chuckled, and then lightly uttered a single word. “Samsara!”

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