Chapter 2195 – A Storm

His voice that was filled with boundless hatred reverberated through the surroundings, yet he received no reply.

However, numerous Paramita Flowers that were crimson red like fire formed a path illuminated by fire from extremely far away, and it was charging towards him.


The supreme Grand Dao that was comprehended by the 1st Netherworld Emperor.

“I believe you.” A heavy and deep voice resounded from the path covered in Paramita Flowers, and then an indistinct and mighty fiery red figure appeared there.

He seemed like he was walking through life and death, and his figure was only faintly visible.

However, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that it was the 1st Netherworld Emperor and one of the Saviors of this era.

Just these few words caused Chen Xi’s heart to feel warm, and his unstable mental state which was filled with accumulated gloom had calmed down greatly.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and bowed in a serious manner. “Thank you….”

However, he hadn’t even been able to finish speaking when the path illuminated by fire suddenly collapsed, and then the Paramita Flowers seemed like flames which had been extinguished as they vanished into nothingness.

At the same time, the indistinct and mighty figure of the 1st Netherworld Emperor had vanished before Chen Xi’s eyes.

Chen Xi’s figure stiffened on the spot and maintained that bowing state. It was like a tsunami was raging through his heart right now, and it rumbled and shook him intensely.

He was filled with indescribable hatred!

It was like a rollercoaster of emotions. Hope had arrived yet was lost almost right away. Light had just descended yet it was immediately drowned out by darkness….

His Dao Heart experienced such a storm as well, and it was on the verge of collapse.


Chen Xi coughed up another mouthful of blood.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was imperceptibly destroying his Dao Heart with extremely unpredictable methods. He wasn’t in any rush to kill Fuxi and the others, but he would eliminate their existence at the best moment.

Just like he’d done right now.

It was cruel and terrifying!

Blood almost dripped down from Chen Xi’s eyes while his countenance was ghastly pale, and he’d clenched his fists tightly. Besides that, he could see nothing but blood red with his eyes.

His Dao Heart was suffering torment and devastation.

At this moment, ‘loyalty and emotions’ could be described as blades that were sharp to an irresistible degree, and they were extremely heavy like mountains to the point that they were impossible to ward off!

A short while later, a muddy and boundless sea of misery appeared in the distance.


It was the supreme Grand Dao that the 2nd Netherworld Emperor had comprehended.

“The path seems simple yet isn’t. Don’t lose yourself.” As soon as he finished speaking, the 2nd Netherworld Emperor had been wiped out from existence as well.

Chen Xi’s countenance grew as pale as wax.

After that, the Ant Exalt arrived here, and he left behind the words ‘the Grand Dao is a path towards simplicity. The heart is never insignificant’ before he was annihilated as well.

The Master of the Manku Period appeared, and he just nodded slightly to Chen Xi while remaining silent….

The Dean of the Dao Institute, Liu Shenji, arrived. He just sighed with emotion, and then smiled lightheartedly….

Every single one of them was a supreme figure who practically only existed in legends and epics, yet all of them had been annihilated before Chen Xi in less than 10 minutes.

Chen Xi coughed up blood incessantly while his countenance grew paler and paler.

He knew that it was bound to be a dead end, yet he hadn’t imagined that it would be so brutal and miserable!

He was feeling guilt, remorse, hatred, and rage, yet he was also struggling, dazed, and conflicted. All of this was because of the emotions and loyalties he possessed.

Moreover, as he watched these legendary figures die before him and either provide him with instruction, encouragement, or consolation…. It made Chen Xi feel like a heavy responsibility that practically suffocated him had been placed on his shoulders!

Responsibility was sometimes like pressure that was impossible to endure, and it could cause one’s Dao Heart to collapse.

Just like this very moment, Chen Xi didn’t even dare to think of the consequences if he were to fail….

“You’ve lost.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s indistinct voice resounded amidst the deathly silent atmosphere, and it was emotionless and cold. “Do you remember what I told you earlier? If you didn’t agree to the opportunity that I gave you, then you were bound to experience the most unbearable pain in this world.”

At this moment, Chen Xi’s clothes were dyed red with blood while his countenance was ghastly pale, and his blood red eyes seemed to have lost all their vitality. They were empty and lifeless.

“I haven’t collapsed yet.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently in a calm and hoarse voice.

“Yes, but your Dao Heart is only a trace away from collapse.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master grinned as he said, “Most importantly, my plan is only halfway done. Next, I’ll allow you to watch the deaths of your friends and loved ones. You must be sure to have a good look because they’ll die in all sorts of different ways.”


The starry sky around them suddenly transformed into ripples and vanished.

Chen Xi felt something flash before his eyes, and then he’d returned to the boundlessly vast and empty Dao Terra Firma.

The enormous ‘chaotic cloud’ wasn’t too far away while countless clear and glistening strands of the Order of the Heaven Dao surrounded the chaotic cloud. Besides that, the chaotic cloud itself had the three dimensions, Ancient God Domain, Godrank Mountain, and various other worlds and planes reflected on it.

The chaotic cloud suddenly roiled before a world was revealed. It was the Ancient God Domain, and it wasn’t long before Oracle Mountain appeared there!

When gazing at Oracle Mountain from here, it was like looking down at it from the nine heavens. He could see the entire mountain clearly, and even the restrictions which surrounded it couldn’t escape such detection!

It was the energy of Order which belonged to Godsbane Heaven and covered the entire Ancient God Domain!

Now, it was in the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s control, so he was naturally able to view everything on Oracle Mountain with ease.


A very bad feeling surged from Chen Xi’s heart.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke once more. “Look, Oracle Mountain is right before your eyes. So long as I will it, I can send heavenly wrath down and obliterate Oracle Mountain. Or I can control the energy of Order to take control of the lives of every single living being on Oracle Mountain.”

As if it was done to prove his words, a bolt of tribulation lightning descended like a black dragon and blasted against Oracle Mountain, and it forcefully blasted away almost half of the entire mountain!

After that, exclaims resounded throughout Oracle Mountain as numerous figures appeared. These figures included Di Shun, Wen Daozhen, Li Yan, Tie Yunhai, Senior White, and Zhen Liuqing.

Chen Xi’s face instantly became livid. His blood red eyes seemed as if they were burning with rage while his chest rose and fell rapidly.

“So long as I will it, Di Shun can perish at Wen Daozhen’s hands, or Wen Daozhen can lose his life from qi deviation…. Oh, I remember that little girl called Zhen Liuqing is your Dao Companion, right? I can let you choose how she dies. For example, being humiliated and insulted to death, or I can take away her rights as a god, place her in the mortal world, and make her endure endless torment.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s voice carried indifference from possessing absolute control.

“Of course, if you aren’t willing to accept all of that, then I can satisfy your wish as well, and I’ll start from your friends and loved ones at Dao Emperor Academy.

“For example, I can make your descendants kill each other, I can make your clone annihilate all your wives, friends, and descendants….”

His voice was extremely cold and emotionless, and it was like the voice of the devil!

Blood was dripping from Chen Xi’s eyes while his entire body couldn’t help but shiver. He was biting his teeth together tightly, and his livid face had faintly become ferocious and warped.

He knew that since the Sovereign Sect’s Master dared to say all of that, the Sovereign Sect’s Master would dare to put his words into action!

In other words, the Sovereign Sect’s Master would never joke about such things. After all, he’d always done things without any restraint, and he’d always been a cold and merciless person!


Chen Xi coughed up another mouthful of blood. This time, he wasn’t able to endure it any longer, and he slumped to the ground while his entire body seemed to be on the verge of collapse and obliteration.

“Take it.” Chen Xi seemed to have given up. His blood red eyes were empty and lifeless. It was like he’d lost his soul, and his Dao Heart had collapsed completely at this moment!

As soon as his Dao Heart was destroyed, even the Chaos within his body, the strength within him, and his soul had all been affected and suddenly started collapsing.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d lost all vitality. He was dispirited to the extreme and seemed to be on the verge of death!

“Little Fellow, so you admitted defeat yourself in the end.” A figure had suddenly appeared by Chen Xi’s side. He wore black clothed with wide sleeves, and his entire body was indistinct as if he were in between reality and illusion. He seemed like he was omnipresent.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed, and then nine obscure and mysterious rays of light were seized from within Chen Xi and fell into his grasp.

“The River Diagram! This is the River Diagram! Hahaha! After countless years of planning, I’ve finally succeeded now! With it in my possession, the Genesis Energy in the Dao Terra Firma will definitely be mine as well. At that time, the myriad of Daos in the world, the source of Chaos, all living beings…. Everything will submit beneath my feet! I’m bound to be the one and only eternal and supreme existence since the Chaos had been split apart!” At this moment, the Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to be especially excited. A wisp of light suddenly shot out from his eyes, and it was peerlessly dazzling to the point it was on the verge of illuminating the world.

However, his voice was still indifferent and emotionless. There were no fluctuations of emotion within him at all, and it made him seem extremely terrifying.

At this moment, Chen Xi was lying on the ground. His blood red eyes were opened wide, empty, and deathly still. The vitality throughout his body had vanished while countless cracks had appeared throughout his body, he seemed to be on the verge of collapse and vanishing.

“The home of the Dao?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master swallowed the entire River Diagram into his body. In merely a short moment, a mysterious, obscure, and powerful aura surged out from within him, and he seemed to have fused with the entire Dao Terra Firma.

“It’s within me!” The Sovereign Sect’s Master roared with laughter, and it resounded throughout the boundlessly large and empty Dao Terra Firma. At this instant, he seemed to have become an eternal overlord!

The home of the Dao?

It’s within me!

The entire Dao Terra Firma started to tremble while an invisible force surged towards the Sovereign Sect’s Master like an ocean.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s eyes were empty while his body was growing even more icy cold.

“Little Fellow, Samsara is within my heart, and I’ve taken control of both Genesis and the Ultimate Path. The Dao Terra Firma, the Chaos of the three dimensions, and the myriad of worlds in the cosmos are all beneath my feet now!” The Sovereign Sect’s Master looked down at Chen Xi who was lying there and spoke indifferently. “Your duty is complete, so go to eternal rest.”

He flicked his sleeve, and then Chen Xi’s figure which was on the verge of collapse suddenly transformed into ash and vanished completely.

At this point of time, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had finally relaxed, and he was filled with complacency and self-satisfaction as he strode through the Dao Terra Firma!

This was his Ultimate Path. He attained the Dao through emotionlessness, severed his own Dao Heart, seized control over Samsara, took control of Genesis, and ruled over the world!

But in just a short moment, a trace of wonder suddenly arose in his heart because he kept having the feeling that he lacked something.

Is the end of the Ultimate Path really just like this?

I’ve obtained everything I’ve sought throughout my lifetime, but it seems like… it can’t make me feel any anticipation or wild joy. Why is that so?

“Did you really think that taking control of Genesis would be the most intrinsic secret of the Ultimate Path?” A calm and indifferent voice suddenly resounded throughout the Dao Terra Firma.

In merely an instant, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s eyes narrowed.

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