Chapter 2194 – Coughing Up Blood Repeatedly

Fuxi was very strong, inconceivably strong. Nuwa was equally strong as well.

Both of them were ancient figures who possessed extraordinary ability. They were existences who reigned supreme throughout the world and rarely met their match.

Moreover, there were innumerable legends about them throughout the world. They were like epics that could move one to tears and joy, and they were filled with eternal radiance!

This was no exaggeration because it was common knowledge that only a few throughout history could rival their strengths.

Yet now, these two supreme existences had been instantly crushed by Chen Xi, and they hadn’t been able to resist at all.

If cultivators of the outside world were to have witnessed such scenes, they would definitely not believe it. But only Chen Xi was clearly aware of the price that he’d paid to kill them.

At the very least, his perfect and firm Dao Heart was still trembling, and he wasn’t able to regain his calm in a short period of time.

It was even to the extent that his efforts to calm the trembling of his Dao Heart had caused him to be affected, and his entire body suffered the backlash of it. It even caused his countenance to turn pale and cough up blood without end.

Existences at Chen Xi’s realm of cultivation had long since abandoned every other external factor. They possessed mighty and supreme strength that could rival the forces of nature, and even the heavens couldn’t do anything to them!

Such a realm of cultivation was the Ultimate.

The test of the Ultimate was the Dao Heart!

As it was said, the Grand Dao was without shape, without name, and without principle. The bigoted would take the heavens as the Dao, the gods as the Dao, and the Laws as the Dao. However, what was there beyond the heavens, beyond the gods, and beyond the Laws?

The Dao actually didn’t exist in the heavens, the earth, the gods, or the Laws…. It was hidden within the Dao Heart alone.

If the heart was certain, then all things would be the Dao.

Where the heart looked, the universes, boundless regions, and endless expanses of the universe… would all just be a speck of sand.

As it was said, even the smallest speck of sand was actually like a world.

When the Dao Heart had comprehended such profundities, it would be able to reflect the universe, see through the Heaven Dao, and bear eternal might. That was the Ultimate Path!

At that time, a single thought would cause the entire cosmos to be unable to put a veil over one’s eyes, the myriad of Daos to be unable to invade the heart, and one would be capable of creating worlds, refining universes, giving life to countless living beings, and formed a myriad of Daos!

Such ability was no different than the ability possessed by the god of creation.

That was the might possessed by those who’d comprehended the secrets of the Ultimate Path!

The secret of the Ultimate Path was Genesis, and the essential point to take control of Genesis was the Dao Heart.

Thus, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had arranged such plans merely for the sake of destroying Chen Xi’s Dao Heart!

The supreme battle between them had begun while revolving around the ‘Dao Heart’!

Chen Xi’s actions of killing Fuxi and Nuwa hadn’t gone against his Dao Heart, but his Dao Heart had still been affected because of his loyalty and emotions. That was unavoidable.

At the same time, it was the exact outcome which the Sovereign Sect’s Master had created such plans for.

The only thing which surprised the Sovereign Sect’s Master was that Chen Xi was far more ruthless and decisive than he’d expected!

Fuxi and Nuwa had both been suppressed by the Sovereign Sect’s Master, so he was naturally clearly aware that it would be extremely easy for Chen Xi to kill them.

That was exactly why the Sovereign Sect’s Master intended to see if Chen Xi would be able to bear to kill them when faced with such a situation?

Just the fact that he wondered if Chen Xi could bear to kill them showed how terrible its impact on Chen Xi’s Dao Heart would be.

After all, regardless of whether Chen Xi could bear to kill them or not, it was bound to affect his Dao Heart.

Before he’d even implemented this plan, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had prepared his contingencies. If Chen Xi couldn’t bear to kill them, then there would be conflict and struggling within Chen Xi’s heart. The longer Chen Xi struggled, the greater it would harm his Dao Heart.

In the end, the Sovereign Sect’s Master would kill them himself, causing Chen Xi to struggle and crumble amidst such a tragedy!

If Chen Xi were to act against them, then he would be killing his own master!

The act of killing his own master was absolutely not something a person like Chen Xi who had loyalty branded into his bones could deal with!

At that time, Chen Xi’s Dao Heart would definitely be struck with guilt, pain, helplessness, and various other negative emotions!

That was the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plan.

The entire plan had been created solely for the sake of destroying Chen Xi’s Dao Heart.

At this moment, when he saw Chen Xi’s countenance turn pale, cough up two mouthfuls of blood, and seem to be dazed, struggling, and dejected upon killing Fuxi and Nuwa, the Sovereign Sect’s Master knew that his plan was working as he’d expected.

Now, he just had to wait for a flaw to appear in Chen Xi’s Dao Heart!

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was in no hurry because his plan had just begun, and it was far from completion. So long as Chen Xi’s Dao Heart was being shaken incessantly, then it would collapse, sooner or later.


Chen Xi let out a long breath of air, and then he sat casually in space.

He was in a mysterious area that was boundlessly vast, and he couldn’t be bothered to figure out his whereabouts; it was sufficient for him to know that it was an area created within the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s ‘chaotic cloud’.

Chen Xi was sure that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had definitely clearly witnessed the scenes of him killing Fuxi and Nuwa.

It was unavoidable, and Chen Xi didn’t mind as well.

His countenance was still pale while his deep eyes were horrifyingly calm, and his Dao Heart was still surging incessantly.

How could killing his own master be that simple?

Even if he was forced to do it, but if Wu Xuechan, Di Shun, Wen Daozhen, Li Yang, and the others were to find out, then the consequences….

Moreover, if Shi Yu and Qing Xiuyi were to find out that he’d killed Nuwa, then what would the consequences of that be?

This was the guilt and shame he felt, and it was like lashes from the loyalty and emotions that he possessed!

Needless to say, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans were terrifyingly accurate, and his plans would be ever successful just by targeting Chen Xi’s loyalties and emotions.

At the very least, it was ever successful right now.

Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t calm down!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh. He knew that the current situation was very disadvantageous to him, but he couldn’t only continue on this path.

Otherwise, he would lose even more quickly and horribly!

If even he lost, then who else could go against the Sovereign Sect’s Master? Who else could revive Wu Xuechan? Who else could resurrect Fuxi and Nuwa?

So, Chen Xi had no choice but to continue on this path. Even if he felt uneasy, he had to continue!

It wasn’t long before a sigh that was filled with sorrow and grief resounded. “Why?”

Yes, why? Chen Xi sighed as he raised his eyes, and he saw a large tree that covered the sky was suddenly standing towering extremely far away from him.

Its leaves and branches were verdant and strong, and it emanated a myriad of specks of clear radiance that descended down like rain. As it stood towering there, it seemed to extend through both past and present, and it was simply lofty and grand to the extreme.

The Divine Dark Parasol Tree!

All those years ago while he was at the Ancient God Domain, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree had coincidentally been able to recover its consciousness, and it left its main body to Chen Xi while it left in search for the Ultimate Path.

Now, it had appeared in the Dao Terra Firma.

Obviously, it had succeeded in obtaining the secrets of the Ultimate Path, but it had been suppressed here just like Fuxi and Nuwa.

It couldn’t be said to be lucky or unlucky.

At the very least, while he should be happy and excited from being reunited with the Divine Dao Parasol Tree right now, Chen Xi wasn’t able to feel happy in the slightest.

He stood up and looked at the Dark Parasol Tree as he said seriously, “Senior, both of us are Saviors, and we’ve even waded storms together for many years. So, you should be clearly aware of my character. If you trust me, then place your life in my hands.”

The Divine Dark Parasol Tree said indifferently, “I’m truly unable to trust you.”

Chen Xi frowned. “What are you worried about?”

The Divine Dark Parasol Tree said, “You’ve been too heartless. Since you were even able to kill your own master, I can’t avoid worrying if the Sovereign Sect’s Master has already taken control of you.”

Chen Xi’s brows knit together even more tightly. He’d experienced such distrust on numerous occasions in the past, but his heart hurt for no reason when such words were spoken by the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, and he felt quite sad.

Chen Xi sighed. “Why?”

“I naturally have to be careful when facing an enemy like the Sovereign Sect’s Master.” The Divine Dark Parasol Tree’s voice was still indifferent as before.

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he said, “But if you don’t trust me, then do you have a way to escape this calamity? To be frank, you would have been killing on the spot a very long time ago if it weren’t for my help. Since it’s like that, then why not take a gamble?”

The Divine Dao Parasol Tree fell silent.

A trace of uneasiness faintly appeared in Chen Xi’s heart when he saw this, and then his figure flashed swiftly to the Divine Dark Parasol Tree.

Right at this instant, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree’s towering figure that seemed to be holding up the heavens had actually exploded into pieces, and it transformed into powder that dispersed into the surroundings.

“I… believe….” A hoarse and weak voice resounded from it before it died, yet it stopped abruptly as the Divine Dark Parasol Tree had perished before it could finish speaking.

Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly opened wide as he stood there on the spot, and an extremely strong feeling of bitterness arose in his heart. I was too late in the end.

A stream of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, and it caused his countenance to grow paler and become faintly translucent.

Chen Xi just stood there on the spot like a soulless statue.

His loyalties and emotions were things that Chen Xi really couldn’t abandon.

It was exactly that which caused him to be unable to control the anger in his heart when the Divine Dark Parasol Tree died.

He would rather see it die in his hands than watch the Sovereign Sect’s Master annihilate it!

But it had still occurred in the end….

Killing Fuxi was murder of the master!

Killing Nuwa was murder of a senior!

Killing the Divine Dark Parasol Tree was murder of a friend!

Chen Xi’s heart was completely empty while he felt indescribably suffocated. Moreover, extreme rage, hatred, guilt, and remorse raged through him like lava, and they were on the verge of exploding.

His eyes had become scarlet red like blood while his lips were pressed together tightly. He was on the verge of losing control of himself, and his Dao Heart was wailing violently without end and was on the verge of collapse!

Chen Xi knew that this was exactly what the Sovereign Sect’s Master wished to see, but he was utterly unable to control his Dao Heart.

All of it was because of his emotions and the loyalties he had!

At this moment, it was like poison that was on the verge of corroding and destroying Chen Xi’s Dao Heart.

Was I mistaken?

Chen Xi gritted his teeth. If my loyalties and emotions were poison, then what was the point of staying true to my heart?Could it be that my heart was mistaken?


Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and his blood red eyes swept the surroundings as he spoke word by word. “One day, I’ll make an emotionless bastard like you suffer such torture as well! Living will be worse than dying to you!”

The hatred in his voice surged like an ocean and was simply on the verge of overturning the world!

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