Chapter 2193 – Killing The Master

The scene before his eyes flashed, and then Chen Xi arrived at a starry sky.

A myriad of stars were circulating incessantly in cycles along various different pathways. The pathways were like the marks of the Grand Dao. Some were long, some were short, some were winding, some were straight like a spear, and some went around in circles. They seemed like the profound pathways of various talisman markings.

Chen Xi felt like he could see an invisible hand utilizing the world as the talisman paper, the myriad of stars as the talisman brush, and a talisman crafting technique which was beyond imagination to fully display the profundities of the Grand Dao. It was indescribably profound.

Such a scene was so familiar to Chen Xi.

It was familiar to the point that he felt like he’d returned to the time when he was still young.

At that time, he was a Jinx that everyone throughout Pine Mist City ridiculed, and even if he cultivated painstakingly, his cultivation wasn’t able to break through at all.

All of that continued until one quiet night when he noticed a jade pendant within a longevity lock he possessed, and he entered the mysterious Manor.

At that moment, it was like an unseen force had brought about a change in his destiny, and it had opened up the door to a dreamlike and unreal world to Chen Xi.

He saw the exact same sight of a myriad of stars which covered the sky for the very first time behind that door, and he saw Fuxi’s Divine Statue there as well.

When he thought about it now, he realized that he’d actually become a disciple of Oracle Mountain and a disciple of Fuxi since that moment.


This name had appeared countless times throughout Chen Xi’s life.

Since he was young until now.

Since Pine Mist City, the southern territory, the Darchu Dynasty, the Ancient Battlefield, the Dark Reverie, the Immortal Dimension, the Ancient God Domain, and the Dao Terra Firma at this very moment.

The laughable thing was that even until this very moment, and even until he’d stepped foot into the Daolord Realm, fused with the complete River Diagram, and seen through the secrets of the Ultimate Path, Chen Xi had never met Fuxi!

They were master and disciple, yet they’d never met each other. So such a relationship was truly inconceivable.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that his master, Fuxi, had a profound impact on his life. Fuxi had practically always existed behind him throughout his life and his path of cultivation.

Fuxi, Wu Xuechan, Li Yang, Ji Yu, Di Shun, Wen Daozhen…. All of them were members of Oracle Mountain, and they seemed like the personification of Fuxi, and all of them carried a ‘brand’ that Fuxi had left behind.

Even the technique Chen Xi cultivated, the Divine Talismans he possessed…. All of them carried traces of Fuxi.

They’d never met yet Fuxi was everywhere.

When he looked back upon it all right now, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that his master, Fuxi, had become a form of mental support in the bottom of his heart.

It was Fuxi’s Manor that he’d inherited and allowed him to obtain all sorts of techniques.

It was a form of influence that was completely soundless and imperceptibly, and it had changed Chen Xi’s life by too much.

It was exactly like a cycle of cause and effect right now.

Because of everything Fuxi had done for him, even though he was very well aware that the Dao Terra was dangerous, Chen Xi had still traveled here resolutely because he wanted to rescue this master of his that he’d never met.

This was the effect.

Cause and effect gave rise to each other, and they were like a cycle in Destiny which couldn’t be eliminated.

Chen Xi had seen through all of it, so even if he knew that the Sovereign Sect had set up this trap and knew that it was extremely dangerous, Chen Xi had still chosen to enter it.

Chen Xi was very clearly aware that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had done this because he wanted to use this to shake and destroy his Dao Heart!

Loyalty and emotions were Chen Xi’s weakest flaw in his Dao Heart.

Now, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had trapped Fuxi and the others here, and their fate had escaped their control a very long time ago. It was just as the Sovereign Sect’s Master had said, the outcome would be the same regardless of whether Chen Xi saved them.

Since Fuxi was trapped, it was impossible for Chen Xi to stand by idly because it would definitely cause his Dao Heart to become unstable.

If Fuxi was killed, then it would be impossible for Chen Xi to remain unaffected, and he would suffer a blow to his Dao Heart as well.

So, regardless of whether Chen Xi tried to save Fuxi or not, it didn’t make much of a difference to the Sovereign Sect’s Master. It was like a dead end, and it was one that targeted Chen Xi’s loyalty and emotions!

“Why come when you know that you shouldn’t?” A sigh resounded and reverberated through the myriad of stars.

Chen Xi’s gaze focused on the starry sky in the distance. He saw an old and simple old man in linen clothes who was seated cross-legged above the stars while having his legs bared. His white hair hung down loosely behind him as he sat above the stars and looked down from above while emanating an indescribably vast and mysterious aura.


Chen Xi had always utilized Fuxi’s Divine Statue to temper his soul since a very long time ago. So, how could he be unable to recognize that person he saw in the distance as his master whom he’d never met in the past?

At this moment, Fuxi was seated cross-legged there while the myriad of stars circulated around him. He was mighty and solemn, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi revealed a wisp of complicated emotions which included a sense of loss and gratification.

It really is Fuxi!

Chen Xi was sure that it wasn’t a ‘brand’ or a strand of will, and it was Fuxi’s real body there!

In merely an instant, a strand of indescribable excitement surged into his heart, and it caused Chen Xi’s eyes to seem deep yet bright.

“Disciple Chen Xi, greets Master!” As he spoke, Chen Xi bowed on the spot with a solemn and serious expression! He knelt three times and bowed nine times!

That was the most solemn method of greeting in a sect, and only one’s master could receive such treatment. Moreover, it was the first time Chen Xi had done it in his entire lifetime!

However, Fuxi sighed when he saw Chen Xi do that. “I thought that you’d seen through the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s intentions and wouldn’t rashly enter his trap. Unexpectedly….” He couldn’t help but shake his head as he spoke, and a wisp of a disappointment appeared on his aged face. He seemed to be flagging with interest and extremely disappointed in Chen Xi’s actions.

Chen Xi stood up, pursed his lips, and remained silent.

He understood what Fuxi meant. Logically speaking, since he was aware that it was impossible to save such a hopeless situation, he should abandon it decisively and seek another path.

But Chen Xi wasn’t able to do that. Or perhaps it could be said that he’d stopped considering everything else once he was sure that Fuxi had been trapped.

“Do you know that I, Nuwa, and all the others had no chance of survival once he was suppressed and trapped here? So, why couldn’t you see through the true nature of it all?” asked Fuxi.

“I can, but I can’t go against my own Dao Heart.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

Fuxi had a complicated expression on his face as he sighed once more with emotion. “Then are you aware that your actions will bring harm to yourself and all your loved ones?”

Chen Xi spoke frankly. “I understand. Once the Sovereign Sect’s Master accomplishes his wish and takes control of the energy of Genesis, then the entire world and all the living beings within it would be at his mercy. There would be no one in the world who’s capable of going against him. He’ll be the one and only supreme overlord that reigns over the world for eternity.”

Fuxi was stunned. He stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he said, “Then why have you acted like this?”

Chen Xi fell silent for a short while before he answered with a question. “Master, may I ask what you think the Ultimate Path is?”

Fuxi frowned before he said, “The Ultimate Path is Genesis. That’s the common view that all of us who’ve been able to enter the Dao Terra Firma possess. Even the Sovereign Sect’s Master has always been trying to take control of it.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Yes, Genesis really can be considered to be the secret of the Ultimate Path. However, I think that Genesis isn’t the complete secret of the Ultimate Path.”

A wisp of surprise flashed through Fuxi’s eyes. “What do you mean?”

When he heard this, Chen Xi raised his head to gaze at Fuxi who was far away in the distant starry sky, and a wisp of a complicated expression faintly surged into his eyes.

Chen Xi fell silent for a long time before he actually sighed. “Master, you’ll be able to find out once I’ve defeated the Sovereign Sect’s Master.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi strode towards the starry sky, and then he suddenly appeared 300m before Fuxi.

Fuxi frowned while a wisp of a puzzled expression appeared on his aged face. He seemed to be unable to figure out Chen Xi’s intentions.

“Master, you’ll understand when you wake up.” Chen Xi’s expression grew even more complicated. He flicked his sleeve, and then the myriad of stars circulating in the surroundings suddenly exploded apart and vanished into nothingness.

At the same time, Fuxi seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His expression changed while he spoke with fury and disappointment. “You….”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when his figure slumped down. There was no more vitality left within him. He’d transformed into an icy cold corpse.

Chen Xi stepped forward, knelt on the ground, and he said, “Master, forgive me for the offence.”

His voice was low and carried a trace of indescribable bitterness.

His handsome face was covered in an extremely complicated expression while a trace of scarlet red blood suddenly flowed out from the corner of his lips yet vanished almost immediately.

“You killed you master?” Suddenly, a clear shout that carried an extraordinary dignified tone resounded.

Suddenly, five colored divine radiance appeared far away in the distance, and then it stretched across the sky as it approached. There was a boundlessly pure and graceful figure standing on the five colored divine radiance.

As she stood there casually, she seemed like a divine being that made all living beings prostrate themselves in worship wherever she went.

Nuwa!Chen Xi stood up, and he instantly determined her identity upon noticing the boundlessly pure aura she emanated.

“No, I’m saving my master.” Chen Xi shook his head while a wisp of melancholy which couldn’t be eliminated covered the space between his brows.

“Saving him? If you wanted to save him, then you shouldn’t have come here! Now, not only do you refuse to think of a way to escape, you’ve even murdered your master! How wicked of you!” Nuwa’s voice surged like the rumbling of the Dao, and she was extremely furious.

Chen Xi’s countenance became slightly pale while one could clearly notice that he was struggling and dazed from the expression in his deep black eyes. A short while passed before he said, “Senior, Master said that all of you’ve seen through life and death.”

Nuwa said coldly, “That doesn’t mean that you can kill your master!”

Chen Xi shook his head. “You’ve misunderstood what I’m trying to say. I just want to ask you if you can hand your life over to me if I’m able to defeat the Sovereign Sect’s Master?”

Dazzling and vast Five colored divine radiance flowed through Nuwa’s body, and it illuminated the entire surroundings. But in the end, she seemed to have thought of something and said, “Tell me where you’re getting your confidence from?”

Chen Xi said, “I can’t tell you that.”

Nuwa fell silent.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure suddenly vanished into thin air. In the next moment, he appeared before Nuwa, and then he struck her neck lightly.

Nuwa’s body slumped down while the vitality within her vanished.

Chen Xi’s figure swayed after he did this, and his countenance grew even pale. He couldn’t help but rub his forehead while he seemed to be forcefully suppressing something.

In the end, he still couldn’t help but cough out a mouthful of blood.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly and sigh. “As expected, loyalty and emotions really are the most lethal. I’m clearly aware that my actions are correct, but I’m unable to avoid the condemnation of my Dao Heart….”

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