Chapter 2192 – The Secrets Of Genesis

The Dao Terra Firma!

It was where the ‘mother’ of all things resided, and it contained the quintessence of everything.

It was filled with an expanse of Chaos. Time and space didn’t exist here, and all things in the world had vanished. It was heavy and mysterious.

Chen Xi stood silently on the spot for a long time before he suddenly took a step forward, and then the profundities of space surged out as he started walking through the Chaos.

The profundities of time surged out as well, and it allowed Chen Xi to be clearly aware of the passage of time as he took every single step.

He seemed to walk endlessly through the world of Chaos yet still hadn’t noticed anything worthy of his attention. The world was just filled with an expanse of grey emptiness.

It seemed like there was nothing, and it showed signs of ‘emptiness’.

It was huge yet empty.

This place really was too huge, and it was seemingly boundless.

After traveling for a long time, Chen Xi gazed at the scene of Chaos around him and suddenly realized that he seemed to be lost. He realized that he would probably never be able to find his way if he were to continue walking aimlessly like this.


Chen Xi issued a command in his heart, and then a myriad of stars surged into appearance and flowed with dazzling and clear radiance. It was the Laws of Star.

Next, land appeared and formed into the shape of a world. It was the Laws of the heavens and the earth.

After that, mountains sprouted from the ground, rivers surged incessantly, a scorching sun illuminated the world from high above…. It was the Laws of the Five Elements.

In next to no time, a world had taken shape.

From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t utilized even a trace of his strength, and he just needed a single thought to turn his thoughts into reality within this world of Chaos.

He was like a true god of creation!

Even if the world around him was completely empty, anything could be formed out of nothing so long as the thought of it had appeared in his heart!

Chen Xi suddenly had a moment of clarity. While the Dao Terra Firma seemed to be completely empty, it actually held all things, principles, Laws, Order, and just about everything in the world!

It was truly capable of accommodating everything, and that was why it was said to be the source of all things.

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a short moment before he tapped lightly with the tip of his finger, and then the world which had just taken form suddenly collapsed into pieces. It returned once more into a state of Chaos as if everything which occurred just now was only an illusion.

A strange expression arose in Chen Xi’s eyes when he witnessed all of that. “So this is the energy of Genesis. It’s the source of the beginning, the mother of all things!”

Once he understood that, the Chaos in the surroundings suddenly surged, and then it actually instantly vanished completely.

After that, an empty, ethereal, and boundlessly large world appeared within his field of vision.

It was like an expanse of outer space that was devoid of any stars, yet it also seemed like a boundless area without a sky or ground.

It was empty and large.

That was the true appearance of the Dao Terra Firma!

“Little Fellow, you’re finally here.” Suddenly, an indistinct voice that was filled with a supremely dignified tone resounded as if it was a decree of the heavens.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and then he saw an expanse of chaotic clouds suddenly appeared extremely far away in the distance. The clouds covered the world and were boundlessly vast. Chen Xi simply seemed like a drop in the ocean when compared to it.

Countless clear and lustrous Divine Chains of Order were like huge dragons that were interweaved around the cloud, and they flowed with the extremely terrifying and supremely dignified aura that belonged solely to the Order of the Heaven Dao.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s voice had come from that expanse of chaotic clouds.

Even though it was extremely far away, Chen Xi had still immediately determined that the clear and lustrous Divine Chains of Order possessed the unique aura of Godsbane Heaven.

However, unlike before, the energy of Order which belonged to Godsbane Heaven was being controlled by a mysterious and mighty force, and it seemed extraordinarily tame!

Obviously, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had started to take full control of the energy of Godsbane Heaven!

This undoubtedly proved that his current strength was superior to the Heaven Dao which covered the world!

He’d even brought the Heaven Dao beneath his feet. How terrifying was that?

Chen Xi’s thoughts flashed in his heart before he recovered a composed and tranquil state. He faintly noticed that the reason the Sovereign Sect’s Master was capable of accomplishing this was probably because he’d obtained a strand of the true secrets of Genesis Energy from the Dao Terra Firma!

However, that wasn’t important. Because since the Sovereign Sect’s Master had waited until now, it showed that even if he’d obtained a strand of Genesis Energy’s true secrets, he hadn’t gained full control over it.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to wait for Chen Xi’s arrival, and he could just charge out from the Dao Terra Firma because no one in the world would be able to resist him anymore.

Chen Xi was clearly aware of it, so he didn’t panic at all.

The true reason that he was visibly moved was because strands of dazzling light frequently flickered within the chaotic cloud. The aura of every single strand of light was extremely unique. They carried the aura of civilizations, the aura of the world, and all sorts of vast and complicated forms of energy.

If one looked carefully, those strands of dazzling light were actually numerous planes and worlds!

The Netherworld, Mortal Dimension, Immortal Dimension, Ancient God Domain, Godrank Mountain, the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos…. All of them were actually reflected there!

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi could see the 3,000 large worlds, myriad of minor worlds, and even the landscape and countless inhabitants within the Mortal Dimensions!

That was the main reason why Chen Xi had been visibly moved just now.

A chaotic cloud encompassed the entire universe within it, and it seemed to reflect everything within the world. Moreover, the chaotic cloud was densely covered by the clear and lustrous order of Godsbane Heaven.

Does this mean that it isn’t just a chaotic cloud which I’m looking at, and it’s the true appearance of the entire ‘world’?

Sure enough, the Sovereign Sect’s Master give him the answer. “You’re not mistaken. This is the world created by the Chaos of the three dimensions. After I took control of the Order of the Heaven Dao, the entire world fell into my control as well.”

He paused for a moment before he suddenly smiled. “If you think it’s an illusion, then I can send down a calamity and erase the Immortal Dimension from existence.”

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow, and then he said, “Erase the Immortal Dimension? I think you probably wouldn’t do that.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master said, “Oh, you don’t believe me?”

Chen Xi said, “I don’t.”

“You really don’t?”


Their conversation seemed extremely laughable and immature in the eyes of anyone else, and it was like an argument between two children.

But it was obvious that both the Sovereign Sect’s Master and Chen Xi weren’t joking. Their tones were serious, calm, and direct.

They knew that deception was useless now, and an actual argument was especially laughable.

After all, both of them had attained a supreme state which was beyond imagination.

Under such circumstances, such a competition between them was an extremely real competition of the Dao Heart and strength!

If they were to continue trying to use schemes and tricks against each other, it would prove that their opponent was too weak and inferior.

“Indeed. I can accomplish it, but I won’t. After all, that’s not all I need.” The Sovereign Sect’s voice was still indistinct as before, and it reverberated through the boundless world here and was filled with a supremely dignified tone.

At this point, he still hadn’t revealed himself.

But Chen Xi seemed to pay no attention to that, and he just stared at the chaotic clouds in silence for a long time before he said, “My Master and the others… have been trapped inside there?”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master answered frankly. “Yes.”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he asked. “Then what do you intend to do with me?”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master roared with laughter, and his voice didn’t have any fluctuations of emotion. “Little Fellow, you’ve lost since the moment you arrived at the Dao Terra Firma. Offering up your life to me right now is equivalent to completing your mission. That’s the final opportunity that I’ll give you.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “What if I don’t agree?”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke indifferently. “It’s very simple, you’ll experience the most unbearable pain in this world. You’ll realize that being able to obtain release right now is a very fortunate thing.”

Chen Xi suddenly chuckled and said, “In the end, it’s all just threats. If you really had the ability to kill me right now, then you would have probably attacked a long time ago. Yet you just happened to waste your breath for so long. It really makes me look down on you a little.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master remained unaffected and said, “You’re right. Your current Dao Heart is perfect and flawless, so it really is very difficult to kill you right away. But you’ll soon understand that your fate was predetermined.”

Chen Xi said calmly, “Please do try.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master smiled and said, “As you wish.”

As he spoke, the chaotic cloud suddenly roiled, and then a boundless path that seemed like the pathway to hell had split open on the chaotic cloud.

“Your master and the others are trapped in there. You’re unable to change their fate if you choose to rescue them or not. However, you’ll definitely refuse to believe me. Since it’s like that, are you willing to head in there and give it a try?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s voice resounded once more, and it was like he was talking about an extremely ordinary thing that didn’t even cause a ripple to arise in his voice.

“This is your plan?” asked Chen Xi.

“Yes.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s answer was extremely frank.

“What would you do if I refuse to head in there?” said Chen Xi.

“I’d switch to another plan until I create a flaw in your Dao Heart, and that would also mean that Fuxi and the others will definitely die.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke indifferently.

This wasn’t a scheme but an open and unavoidable plan. Regardless of whether Chen Xi agreed, he’d fallen into the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s grasps since the beginning!

Since a very long time ago, Chen Xi had always been extremely against the feeling of being in the grasps of another and being unable to decide his own fate. It was the same right now.

So, a wisp of indescribable killing intent surged out from Chen Xi’s heart at this moment.

“Good, ripples have started to appear in your Dao Heart.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to have noticed the changes in Chen Xi’s heart, and he sighed with satisfaction.

Chen Xi suddenly asked. “Do you know why I came here this time?”

“To kill me and rescue Fuxi and the others? Or take control of the energy of Genesis?” said the Sovereign Sect’s master.

“No, I won’t allow you to die because that would be like letting you off too easily. I came here to tell you that the thing I’ve hated most since I was young has always been being schemed against by others!” As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he traveled through the passageway in the chaotic cloud and vanished.

On the other hand, the pathway closed up as well.

“What an immature little fellow. Since he possessed the complete River Diagram, I thought he’d seen through the principles of life, death, and the unreal, and he would understand that only emotionlessness leads to eternality. Unexpectedly, he’s still unable to escape the cage that is the Dao Heart.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s lighthearted sigh resounded within that boundlessly vast area.

The Dao Heart?

That was just a lie!

If one intended to attain eternality, then what good would the Dao Heart do?

Boundless emptiness was the true secret of Genesis!

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