Chapter 2191 – The River of Destiny

At this point in the conversation, Chen Xi had come to a complete understanding. He realized that he wasn’t the only one who’d seen through the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans, and even his master, Fuxi, had seen through it a long time ago.

Chen Xi said, “In other words, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s control over the Order of the Heaven Dao is equivalent to upsetting the balance, and even Master who’s in the Dao Terra Firma… will probably be unable to keep the Sovereign Sect’s Master busy?”

Ji Yu nodded and said, “That’s roughly how it is. But it’s even more dangerous than you imagine. Presently, your master, Nuwa, Liu Shenji, and the others have gathered within the Dao Terra Firma, and only then are they able to barely resist the Sovereign Sect’s Master. However, the situation is getting more and more pressing after the Sovereign Sect’s Master took control of the energy of the Heaven Dao.” Ji Yu’s voice carried a trace of worry as he finished speaking.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry Martial Uncle. The Sovereign Sect’s Master will definitely not kill them before I arrive at the Dao Terra Firma.”

Ji Yu was stunned. “Why are you so sure?”

Chen Xi said calmly, “It’s very simple, he’s very clearly aware that I’d definitely rather abandon my path towards the Dao than step foot into the Dao Terra Firma if Master and the others are dead. If I don’t head to the Dao Terra Firma, then all his plans would have been in vain.”

Chen Xi paused for a moment and continued. “Under such circumstances, the Sovereign Sect’s Master will definitely not act rashly.”

Ji Yu pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “How confident are you towards your trip to the Dao Terra Firma?”

Chen Xi shrugged. “I’ll only know once I get there.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi stood up and said, “Martial Uncle, I don’t have any other worries since you’re protecting Dao Emperor Academy. So, I intend to leave immediately for the Dao Terra Firma.”

Ji Yu frowned and said, “Do you really not intend to meet everyone in the academy?”

Chen Xi raised his head. His gaze passed through space and descended upon Dao Emperor Academy which was far away in the distance. He said after a long time passed, “Since my clone is there in Dao Emperor Academy, I can instantly find out about everything that has occurred during the past few years.”

As he spoke, his figure had gradually become indistinct, and he was about to vanish when he said, “Martial Uncle, farewell.”

Ji Yu took a deep breath and said seriously, “Take care of yourself. I’ll be waiting for your return!”

He’d just finished speaking when Chen Xi’s figure had vanished.

“Success or failure hinges on him….”Ji Yu muttered.

“Martial Uncle.” Suddenly, a tall figure flashed over from afar. He had a handsome appearance and a deep gaze. He was Chen Xi’s clone.

“What are you doing here?” Ji Yu turned around and saw the clone which looked exactly like Chen Xi. He was clearly aware that Chen Xi hadn’t contacted this clone of his.

“I was meditating just now when I suddenly sensed a trace of a familiar aura. But it vanished in the blink of an eye. It’s truly strange.” Chen Xi’s clone frowned as he spoke.

“It was an old friend that came here, and he just left.” Ji Yu spoke casually.

“Who?” Chen Xi’s clone was surprised. He was a part of Chen Xi, so their thoughts, wisdom, and even physical body were all from the same source. However, the clone had only been unable to notice Chen Xi because Chen Xi wasn’t willing to see him right now.

“He’ll be back soon, and you’ll understand then.” Ji Yu glanced at Chen Xi’s clone with a thought provoking gaze.

Chen Xi’s clone was stunned on the spot while a thought couldn’t help but appear in his mind. Was it my main body?

After that, he shook his head. If it was my main body, then I would have probably realized a long time ago. Looks like that ‘old friend’ is probably someone else.

Throughout these years after Chen Xi’s main body had left the Immortal Dimension, his clone had been living in seclusion within Dao Emperor Academy and had shut himself away from the outside world. However, he’d noticed everything that had occurred within Dao Emperor Academy.

He did that so that his main body could immediately obtain knowledge about everything that had occurred throughout the years upon its return.

“Let’s go.” Ji Yu’s figure flashed towards the academy.

Chen Xi’s clone took a deep breath, and then his gaze recovered its calm before he chased after Ji Yu.

The Mortal Dimension, the Dark Reverie.

The Unknown Lands.

It was called unknown because it was indescribable and not well known to the inhabitants of the world. So, it had undoubtedly added a mysterious veil onto this area in the Dark Reverie.

Since the ancient times until now, the cultivators of the Dark Reverie had always considered the Unknown Lands to be the ‘Minor Immortal Dimension’, and it was said to be the closest to the Immortal Dimension.

However, all of those cultivators weren’t aware that the Unknown Lands was actually the most mysterious place throughout the three dimensions and even the entire world!

There were numerous sects here like the Saintly Land of Ascension, the Dhyana Forest Temple, the Integration Sect, and the First Heaven Devil Sect.

There were also numerous ancient sects that had vanished through the boundless annals of time. Most of them only had a single successor, and they seemed extremely mysterious as well.

However, as far as Chen Xi was concerned, the most mysterious place in the Unknown Lands was the Dao Terra Firma!


At this moment, space fluctuated here as Chen Xi traveled through the Unknown Lands. His speed didn’t seem to be swift, yet a single step of his caused his figure to immediately vanish. It was utterly impossible for others to notice him.

The world was very unique here. It was boundless, ancient, desolate, and primitive. Regardless of whether it was the landscape or the plants here, everything was suffused by a heavy and ancient aura.

It was like a primitive place that hadn’t been explored and walking into it was like arriving at the period when the Chaos had just been split open. There weren’t any signs of life here.

All along the way, indescribable emotions had arisen in Chen Xi’s heart for no reason. It was like he wanted to return to the Dao Terra Firma yet also seemed like he yearned for something, but he wasn’t able to put a finger on it.

Chen Xi paid no attention to the indescribable emotions he experienced. He was just continuing forward. However, his expression was growing increasingly calmer and indifferent while his deep eyes that were like two abysses reflected everything in the world and seemed to hold the alternation between all Daos yet there weren’t any ripples within them.

They were calm like his heart. His heart was boundless like the world, and it had fused with the world.

Just his journey forward had actually continued for a few days. All along the way, Chen Xi noticed many variant beasts that only existed during the primeval times, and he even noticed the auras of a few cultivators scattered all over.

But all of this wasn’t able to draw his attention at all. Moreover, he hadn’t caused any commotion as he traveled all along the way.

Chen Xi finally stopped after travelling for 7 days.

At this moment, the veil of night was dark as ink, and countless stars flickered throughout the veil of night that covered the world while sending clear silver radiance down to the ground below. Besides that, there was only a light breeze whistling through the deathly silent ancient world.

A winding river resided before Chen Xi. The water of the river was clear, and it gurgled endlessly and emanated tinkling that was pleasing to the ear.

As the silver starlight rained down upon the surface of the river, it enshrouded the river in dreamlike mist and caused it to seem mysterious.

If one looked down from high above in the sky, one would notice that the winding river just happened to form the ancient character for destiny ‘命’ while being illuminated by the silver starlight. The river surged through the river in incessant cycles.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that while this river seemed ordinary, didn’t possess any aura, and even seemed very insignificant, but only the extraordinary experts who’d laid eyes on the secrets of the Ultimate Path could see the river. Conversely, all other cultivators would see nothing.

Because this river had a name which made countless cultivators yearn to lay eyes on it — the River of Destiny!

It was the true River of Destiny!

The River of Destiny that Chen Xi had observed in his mind was a strand of aura emanated by the Grand Dao of Destiny.

On the other hand, this river was the true River of Destiny!

It was just flowing calmly and normally here without end, but only few throughout the world were able to lay eyes on it.

After he arrived at the Unknown Lands, Chen Xi had noticed the River of Destiny at once, so he’d traveled towards it.

The jade slip Zhen Liuqing’s master, Daoist Dao Que, left behind had no records about the River of Destiny, but there was a clue that pointed towards this area.

So, it was clear that the Dao Terra Firma was hidden within the River of Destiny!

Chen Xi even didn’t have to deduce it before he was sure of it. Because he’d immediately noticed the entrance when he faced the River of Destiny.

The river was shaped in the form of the character ‘命’. At the bottom left of this character was the character ‘口’ which represented entrance, so that was the way into the Dao Terra Firma!


In an instant, Chen Xi’s figure flashed into the air above the river, and then his figure was covered in silver starlight and seemed dreamlike as he vanished.

The Dao Terra Firma. The place where the Chaos of the three dimensions and all the Daos in the world had been born!

The three dimensions, the Ancient God Domain, and even both Godsbane Heaven and Origin Heaven had been born from within the Dao Terra Firma.

It was even to the extent that this place could be considered the place where Chaos, the myriad of Daos, and all worlds had been created!

The River Diagram was created here as well.

The Laws and Order of Destiny were created here as well, and it traversed through both past and present as it carried the evolution of countless civilizations.

This was the origin of all things, the beginning of everything.

The Ultimate Path towards the Dao and the end of the Dao were hidden here as well. The beginning and the end had always been a process in the cycle of Samsara!

Only supreme figures who possessed extraordinary ability and had laid eyes on the secrets of the Ultimate Path could arrive here.

In his daze, Chen Xi noticed that he seemed to be travelling against the current of the River of Destiny and was pursuing its source.

He swept the surroundings with his gaze, yet everything was indistinct.

He investigated with his consciousness, yet he could only detect a void in the surroundings.

He tried to move, yet he could only move along with the forces acting upon him.

At this moment, he was like a child returning to his mother’s body. It was vigilance and powerlessness that surged into his heart, and it was a form of calmness and anticipation from ‘returning’ instead.

After an unknown period of time passed, Chen Xi’s heavy and dazed consciousness suddenly shook, and then his field of vision instantly recovered its clarity.

An expanse of true ‘Chaos’ appeared before his eyes!

There was no space, time, or anything here. There was only Chaos Energy that enshrouded and drifted through the boundless surroundings.

This was a very unique feeling. Chen Xi had entered into many expanses of space that seemed like Chaos, yet none of them were able to provide him such a clear experience of what Chaos was!

For example, he was standing here at this moment because he could control space, and he’d instinctively created an expanse of space for himself to stand on.

If he intended to move forward, then he definitely had to utilize the Grand Dao of Space which he possessed to create a path for himself!

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