Chapter 2190 – Martial Uncle Ji Yu


Chen Xi’s consciousness swept out through a vast expanse of space, and it instantly charged through the barriers of the Last Days Domain and arrived within a boundlessly vast area.

This area was filled with countless clear and glistening strands of the Order of the Heaven Dao, and they were like divine chains of Order which interweaved together as they circulated incessantly and emanated the supremely dignified aura which belonged solely to the Heaven Dao.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that this was the energy of the Heaven Dao which covered the three dimensions. It was a force that belonged to Godsbane Heaven.

If he wanted to enter the three dimensions, then he had to avoid the barrier formed by the divine chains of Order, and he would immediately suffer the wrath of the heavens if he were to be noticed by them.

Such heavenly wrath wasn’t ordinary at all, and even Daolords would be instantly crushed on the spot. There was absolutely no chance of survival for them.

This was the main reason why very few experts from the Ancient God Domain had been able to enter the three dimensions throughout the countless years of the past.

But obviously, such a dangerous barrier that was filled with the Order of the Heaven Dao wasn’t very dangerous to Chen Xi at all.


When his consciousness had locked onto a certain area in the three dimensions, Chen Xi immediately strode forward from within the Last Days Domain, and he arrived where the Order of the Heaven Dao was interweaved together.

His hands were placed behind his back as he walked forward, and he seemed to have no intent to avoid the Order of the Heaven Dao.

Surprisingly, those clear and glistening chains of Order were actually unable to notice Chen Xi’s existence, and they just allowed him to pass through them and weren’t alarmed in the slightest.

Extraordinary existences who’d comprehended traces of the secrets of the Ultimate Path were naturally able to utilize supreme techniques to move through the boundless Order of the Heaven Dao, but it was extremely dangerous for them. The slightest mistake would bring calamity down upon them, so they didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest.

But Chen Xi was different. He seemed like he was walking through his own backyard, and it was completely calm and tranquil all along the way. He hadn’t caused a single ripple in the Order of the Heaven Dao. If any other cultivator were to have witnessed such a scene, that cultivator would definitely be shocked speechless.

In the end, Chen Xi was able to accomplish this because he’d comprehended the secrets of the Ultimate Path. But most importantly, he possessed the strength of the complete River Diagram!

In next to no time, a grand and vast world unfolded like a canvas within Chen Xi’s mind.

It was the Immortal Dimension.

The 4,900 continents seemed like stars that studded the entire Immortal Dimensions, and they were extremely dazzling and resplendent.

It was enshrouded by Immortal Energy and flowed with the aura of the civilization of the path to Immortality. The unique cultivation system of the Immortal path had carved the unique history of the Immortal Dimension.

The Immortal King Realm was like the realm of kings in the Immortal Dimension. They traveled proudly through the world, deterred all before them, and ruled over the world with boundless might.

The Immortal Dimension was like the ultimate and eternal heavenly kingdom for all cultivators that were protected beneath the three dimensions’ Order of the Heaven Dao.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly dazed, and the scenes of his experiences throughout his cultivation in the Immortal Dimensions flashed before his eyes.

The four great continents.

Darkombat City.

Dao Emperor Academy.

Midnight Immortal King, Meng Xinghe, A’Xiu, Hua Jiankong, Qiu Xuanshu, Xuanyuan Pojun, Zhou Zhili….

Numerous familiar names of people and places accompanied those memories and were interweaved with them, causing Chen Xi’s gaze to reveal a wisp of deep emotion.

After so many years, are all of them doing well?

Chen Xi stared blankly for a long time before he took a deep breath, and then his gaze became clear and calm once more. Moreover, his figure seemed like an illusory and dream-like ray of light as it silently vanished from amidst the Order of the Heaven Dao.

The Immortal Dimension.

Darkombat City.

A tall figure suddenly appeared from an expanse of space that was a few thousand kilometers away from Darkombat City.

Chen Xi stood there silently as he gazed at the ancient and grand city in the distance.

It was prosperous and bustling as always. Countless cultivators surged in incessant streams throughout the city.

The Dao Emperor Academy resided even further in the inner city, and it was covered by Immortal Energy, causing it to seem indistinct and filled with a dignified and divine aura.

Chen Xi faintly remembered that when he’d broken through into the World Enlightened True God Realm and headed to the Last Days Domain, the forces of the Sovereign Sect throughout the Immortal Dimension, Netherworld, and Mortal Dimension had been uprooted while all the storms of blood caused by the Sovereign Sect had been calmed.

However, even he hadn’t imagined that the heavily injured Immortal Dimension hadn’t just recovered its peace and prosperity in these few years, it had even become much more prosperous.

The prosperous aura and peaceful atmosphere which filled the city called Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling gratified. He knew that it was definitely because of the Dao Emperor Academy.

After all, Dao Emperor Academy had become the one and only overlord of the Immortal Dimension after the Sovereign Sect had been destroyed, and it was simply unshakable and reigned supreme over the world.

Since it was managed by the numerous experts of Dao Emperor Academy and wasn’t threatened by the Sovereign Sect anymore, the peace in the Immortal Dimension naturally prospered with each passing day.

However, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that while the Immortal Dimension seemed to be peaceful and prospering right now, the Sovereign Sect’s forces would definitely stage a comeback as long as the Sovereign Sect’s Master was alive.

Hmm? Right when numerous thoughts were surging through Chen Xi’s mind, he suddenly noticed an extremely familiar aura, and it was sweeping over from deep within Dao Emperor Academy.

A wisp of a strange arc instantly arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he didn’t seem to have moved at all, but he suddenly vanished on the spot.

At the same time, a tall figure had opened his eyes within a Secret Realm in the deepest depths of Dao Emperor Academy, and he frowned without end.

A long time long, he shook his head and closed his eyes once more.

He wore dark clothes with wide sleeves, and he had a handsome and firm appearance. Moreover, he seemed to emanate an extraordinary aura as he casually sat upright on the spot.

Surprisingly, it was the other Chen Xi!

At the peak of a lone mountain outside Darkombat City, the ocean of clouds here seethed while gales whistled through the surroundings.

Chen Xi sat casually on the spot while seeming to be waiting for something.

It wasn’t long before a figure appeared out of thin air. His hair was completely grey, his face was lean, and his eyes were filled with the aura of age.

Chen Xi stood up and smiled. “No wonder I didn’t notice anything unusual when I returned. So Martial Uncle Ji Yu was here taking care of everything.”

Surprisingly, the old man was Ji Yu!

“Haha! I thought the Sovereign Sect sent an extraordinary figure who’d comprehended the secrets of the Ultimate Path, and I was wondering who it was. I never expected that it would be you, little fellow.” Ji Yu sighed with emotion and roared with laughter as he went over and patted Chen Xi on the shoulder, and his lean and aged face was covered in a gratified and happy expression.

After so many years, that unyielding and green young man had actually stepped foot into the Daolord Realm and laid eyes on the secrets of his own Ultimate Path. So how could he not feel gratified and delighted?

At this moment, Chen Xi was sighing endlessly with emotion as well. He still remembered the time he’d met Ji Yu for the first time within the Manor, and Ji Yu’s true form had caused him to break out in cold sweat at the time.

Now that they’d reunited with each other, Chen Xi understood that it wasn’t a coincidence that he’d been able to meet Ji Yu, and it wasn’t just luck as well.

All of it was predetermined by an unseen force.

Ji Yu asked. “Since you’ve returned, then why haven’t you made a trip to Dao Emperor Academy?”

As he spoke, Ji Yu sat down on the ground and gestured for Chen Xi to sit as well. After that, he withdrew a jug of wine and passed it to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi drank to his heart’s content before he said, “My objective is the Dao Terra Firma. I only returned to the Immortal Dimension because I was worried if anything had happened to my loved ones in Dao Emperor Academy. Fortunately, Martial Uncle Ji Yu is here, so I’m quite at ease now.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “As for meeting them… I’ll do it after I return from the Dao Terra Firma.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi raised his head and took another large gulp of wine while a wisp of resolve appeared in his eyes.

Ji Yu instantly understood Chen Xi’s intentions. Chen Xi’s trip was dangerous, so Chen Xi wasn’t willing to meet his friends and loved ones now as he didn’t want to worry them.

After that, Ji Yu asked about Chen Xi’s experiences after he’d headed to the Ancient God Domain. Chen Xi didn’t conceal anything and described everything he’d experienced throughout the years.

Ji Yu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion for a long time when he found out that Chen Xi had experienced so many dangers.

It was easy to speak about, but could anyone truly understand what it was like without experiencing it for himself or herself?

Moreover, Ji Yu’s expression couldn’t help but become much more solemn when he found out that the Heaven Dao had undergone an unexpected change and even Oracle Mountain had almost suffered calamity.

“Martial Uncle, what are you doing at Dao Emperor Academy? I remember that you left in search of the Ultimate Path after you left Ancient Hall.” Asked Chen Xi.

“Your master asked me to come here.” Ji Yu explained casually.

It turned out that Fuxi who was within the Dao Terra Firma had deduced the arrival of calamity many years ago, and he sent a message to Ji Yu to patrol the three dimensions and prevent any mishaps from occurring.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long after Ji Yu arrived at Dao Emperor Academy when he noticed the traces of some experts from the Sovereign Sect.

All of those experts possessed strengths that surpassed the Immortal King Realm, but they hadn’t suffered any punishment from the Order of the Heaven Dao. They were mysterious and formidable to the extreme.

Moreover, the reason they’d come to Dao Emperor Academy was because they intended to stop at nothing in order to capture all who were related to Chen Xi!

If Ji Yu hadn’t been in the academy, then they might have even succeeded.

Chen Xi felt lucky in his heart when he heard about it now. He’d been worried about his friends and loved ones in the three dimensions after he crushed that strand of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s will in Oracle Mountain. Thus, he’d immediately travelled to Dao Emperor Academy after he returned to the three dimensions.

But he hadn’t expected that Ji Yu had actually arrived in advance and had even helped him deal with the forces of the Sovereign Sect. So, he was truly surprised.

“I know how those fellows from the Sovereign Sect accomplished all of that. The Sovereign Sect’s Master has started to take control of the Order of the Heaven Dao. Under such circumstances, it’s extremely easy for him to allow some experts at the Godrank Realm to descend into the three dimensions.” Chen Xi explained.

Ji Yu nodded and said, “I guessed that was the reason. I just never expected that the Sovereign Sect’s Master is already strong to such an extent.”

Chen Xi said, “It’s all thanks to Martial Uncle’s help, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Ji Yu laughed lightheartedly and said, “Little Fellow, remember that you’ve never been fighting alone. Your master, I, and the entire Oracle Mountain are standing behind you.

Chen Xi’s heart felt warm as he nodded. “I understand.”

Ji Yu revealed an arrogant expression as he said, “Our Oracle Mountain has been able to confront the Sovereign Sect for countless years, so it naturally possesses ability that even the Sovereign Sect’s Master fears. Just like this very moment, regardless of how extraordinary the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s schemes are, he isn’t able to leave the Dao Terra Firma for now since your master himself has acted against the Sovereign Sect’s Master!”

But it wasn’t long before Ji Yu couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh. “However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master isn’t the same anymore, and such a situation probably won’t continue for long….”

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