Chapter 219 – Fresh and Mellow Fragrance

Chapter 219 – Fresh and Mellow Fragrance

The full force strike of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert was fully revealed by this Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman, and it was absolutely capable of shocking the universe, shattering space, and crushing all cultivators below the Earthly Immortal Realm.

“Want to flee?” The black and luxurious robed image shouted out with a cold and indifferent voice, then its hand slightly cupped together as if he was holding a ball, and an unparalleled suction force gushed out, causing the plants and rocks on the ground to be unable to resist from being sucked up into the air. Chen Xi even noticed that the ground in a few hundred meters of his surroundings was pulled up and cracked apart before soaring up towards the hands of the image.

Under the energy of this pair of palms that absorbed everything in the world, those countless bloody lights that fled swiftly towards all directions were instantly grasped by the shapeless suction force. No matter how they struggled, it was of no use, and they were instead gradually pulled towards the large hands.


The palm of the black and luxurious clothed image sank as it slapped out once more. The timing of the change between suction and slapping down was grasped with extreme excellence, causing those countless bloody lights to seem as if they were moving to collide with the large hand.

“Want to completely annihilate me? Absolutely impossible!” When faced with this scene, one of the countless bloody lights exploded once more with a bang, and it actually narrowly struggled free from this suction force before flashing out explosively.

The direction it flew out was actually towards Chen Xi!

The instant before Chen Xi could react, this bloody light had swiftly transformed into Fan Yunlan in black robes and a covered face. She raised her hand to lift up Chen Xi who lay on the ground before tapping the tip of her foot on the ground, and a blood wheel Magic Treasure gushed into appearance beneath her feet before swiftly flying towards the depths of the forest. Her speed was so swift that it had already surpassed the scope of the speed of sound.


Right when Fan Yunlan finished doing all this, the palm of the image in black and luxurious clothes had fiercely pressed onto the ground, causing an enormous pit that stretched out for an area of 300m to instantly appear on the ground. The pit was bottomless, as if it was a naturally formed abyss, and it was extremely terrifying.

“Qing Xiuyi, you actually dare injure me! I’ll surely kill you in the future!” Fan Yunlan’s voice drifted out from the faraway depths of the forest, and it revealed billowing hatred.

Qing Xiuyi frowned as she looked at the depths of the forest. Even an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman wasn’t capable of wiping out the life of this devilish woman, and it indeed caused her to feel a trace of shock.

But the trace of surprise flashed before vanishing. She didn’t even spare a glance at the image in black and luxurious clothes in midair that gradually became weak until it vanished due to having consumed all its energy, and the tip of her foot tapped on the ground before her figure charged into the depths of the forest like a bolt of lightning.

In Qing Xiuyi’s heart, using up an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman was nothing to feel pity about, and it was already sufficient as long as it heavily injured Fan Yunlan, so she only had to chase after them before being able to easily kill Fan Yunlan.

Most importantly, Chen Xi was still in the hands of Fan Yunlan, and she would absolutely not allow another to take advantage of her prey. So long as she killed Fan Yunlan and seized the various treasures in Chen Xi’s possession, then the value would be so great that it far surpassed the value of a single Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman, and she was able to clearly distinguish this.


In next to no time, her figure had already vanished within the depths of the forest.


This forest was actually an extremely vast oasis within the depths of the Oceanic Desert, and its warm and damp air contained the aura of rot and decay mixed within, and this aura fermented in the entire forest.

Ancient large trees that were over 30 meters in diameter could be seen everywhere in this forest. The vines and branches were as thick as buckets, and as they climbed in the forest, they completely blocked out the scorching sun in the sky, causing the forest to be exceedingly pitch black and ghastly.

Most terrifying of it all was this forest was densely covered with poisonous fogs and miasma that were like multicolored and beautiful mists that revealed a dangerous aura, causing one’s heart to palpitate with fear.


Chen Xi’s body was held up in Fan Yunlan’s hands as she flew swiftly towards the depths of the forest.

He was unable to exert a bit of strength from his entire body, so he didn’t continue struggling and carefully observed the surrounding environment along the way, as he hoped to be able to find a slight chance of survival in this hopeless situation.

This observation instantly caused him to be secretly shocked. Because all along the way, he’d seemed numerous ghastly skeletons. Some wore tattered armor, some only had half their bodies remaining, some were over 30 meters tall, some were enormous like mountains, some had lost their heads, and some were pierced with a variety of weapons like pikes, great axes, flying swords, and even a string of fist sized jet black pearls. This skeleton was pierced with so many weapons, and the horrific state of his death caused Chen Xi to be unable to bear the sight of it.

All of these were the skeletons of demon beasts!

Chen Xi would absolutely not have misjudged. Even though those numerous corpses were of strange and grotesque shapes, they were not much different from the corpses of humans. It seemed as if a great battle that shook the heavens and the earth had once occurred within this forest, and innumerable formidable beings had fallen here.

Could it be that this place is similar to the Five Element Ruins, and it’s a battlefield of the great battle between fiends and gods that occurred a few tens of thousands of years ago? Chen Xi pondered swiftly and was just intending to ask Ling Bai when he abruptly remembered that Ling Bai seemed to have not followed along with him. He was instantly shocked in his heart and looked around at his surroundings, yet Ling Bai was nowhere to be found!

Ling Bai saw me getting taken away, so he’ll surely chase after. Perhaps he’s rushing over here right now. At this moment, Chen Xi could only console himself like this.

Fan Yunlan’s speed was extremely swift, and she seemed to have noticed something, causing her to flash out at full speed without the slightest intention of stopping. Moreover, along with them going deeper into the forest, her speed became even swifter, and she seemed like a flowing light that shuttled through the forest. The piercingly cold strong winds that were caused by her swift speed were like blades as they sliced Chen Xi’s eyes, to the point they ached, and he had no choice but to close them.

Hmm? Chen Xi sniffed and seemed to have smelled a fresh and mellow fragrance that was like fine wine. Even though the fragrance was faint to the point it was almost nonexistent, it still caused the bones in his entire body to feel weak, and it was like a playful little hand was scratching his heart, causing a burning feeling to be unable to refrain from emerging from the depths.

He was held in Fan Yunlan’s hands, and as they flew, it was unavoidable that his body would touch Fan Yunlan’s body. He didn’t think anything about this earlier, yet at this moment, he clearly felt how supple and soft Fan Yunlan’s slim waist and slender thighs were, causing him to wish for nothing more than to bury his head within them and savor their wonders to his heart’s content.

Wait! Why am I thinking of these things at a time like this? Chen Xi was instantly shocked in his heart and he sobered up from these lewd thoughts. He faintly felt that it was the strand of fragrance that was causing it. This strand of fresh and mellow fragrance that was like fine wine seemed to possess a type of magic power that caused one to be unable to resist from arousing lustful thoughts in one’s heart before it affected one’s mind to the point of being controlled by lust.

Chen Xi opened his eyes and suddenly saw a large patch of azure fog that roiled ceaselessly enveloped the extreme distance, and it enveloped the entire forest within the fog. The plants and flowers within it were faintly visible, seeming to be dreamlike and illusory, and it seemed like a paradise of immortals.

As they approached closer and closer to it, the fresh and mellow fragrance became more and more dense, to the point it was like hard liquor. Even if Chen Xi stopped breathing, he still felt waves of weakness and numbness from his soul, and it was as if he’d sunken into a boundless ocean that was filled with fine wine!

Fan Yunlan seemed to have noticed something was off as well, but she only slightly hesitated before charging into the azure fog that coiled and drifted around the forest like a sea of clouds.


Chen Xi felt his soul tremble intensely, and it seemed as if he’d entered another dimension.


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