Chapter 2189 – Departing For The Three Dimensions

A single scheme had been going on for countless years.

Since Chen Lingjun obtained the 1st River Diagram fragment on Godrank Mountain until Chen Xi fused all 9 River Diagram fragments into his body, this considerably grand and shocking scheme had finally arrived at the moment which it was about to end.

But it was too early to rashly speak of its final outcome until it had truly come to an end.

Just as Chen Xi had said, the last step in the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans was to seize the strength he possessed, and then rely on the secrets of the River Diagram to take the Genesis Energy within the Dao Terra Firma.

However, Chen Xi had seen through the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans, so he naturally wouldn’t allow the Sovereign Sect’s Master to succeed.

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen understood that, so they’d become slightly calmer. At the very least, there was still a trace of hope, and that hope came from the River Diagram which Chen Xi possessed!

Was Chen Xi’s current strength combined with the strength of the River Diagram capable of turning the situation around and defeating the Sovereign Sect’s Master?

It was really difficult to say for certain.

But there was a trace of hope in the end. So long as Chen Xi could maintain possession of the River Diagram, then the Sovereign Sect’s Master would be helpless against him, and this shocking scheme that had been going on for countless years would definitely be stopped and fail short of success!

When he thought up to this point, Di Shu asked. “Since it’s like that, then why do you insist on heading to the Dao Terra Firma?”

In his opinion, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was waiting there for Chen Xi to walk into his trap. Chen Xi would clearly be in danger with the terrifying ability to scheme that the Sovereign Sect’s Master possessed. So, based on these circumstances, he felt that it was better not to go.

After all, if Chen Xi didn’t go there, then the Sovereign Sect’s Master could only wait there helplessly, and wouldn’t the entire scheme fail?

Wen Daozhen shook his head and sighed before Chen Xi could speak. “Since the Sovereign Sect’s Master has made such a plan, how could he have not considered that? Don’t forget that what that strand of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s will said before it was destroyed by Chen Xi.”

Di Shun was stunned, and then his expression changed slightly while he fell silent.

That strand of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s will had said that Fuxi, Ji Yu, and even Chen Xi’s loved ones in the three dimensions would suffer calamity if he didn’t head to the Dao Terra Firma!

That was a threat that Chen Xi couldn’t refuse.

Because Di Shun knew his martial nephew very well. Chen Xi was a tenacious person who attached great importance to his word, his loyalty, and his loved ones. It was an extremely commendable character in the eyes of others, but it was a lethal flaw in the eyes of his enemies!

Why was the Sovereign Sect’s Master so strong?

The reason could be explained with just two words — emotionlessness and mercilessness!

It allowed him to avoid being tied down by emotions, and it allowed him to stop at nothing in order to attain his objective!

But Chen Xi wasn’t such a person. His character was actually shockingly similar to Wu Xuechan. He was loyal and dared to selflessly sacrifice himself!

Chen Xi shook his head and said, “That’s not all. I still have to head to the Dao Terra Firma no matter what.”

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s eyes narrowed, and they were slightly bewildered.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said seriously, “The Sovereign Sect’s Master needs my strength to fulfil his objective, and I similarly need his strength to attain my Ultimate Path towards the Dao!”

He paused for a moment and continued. “In other words, regardless of whether it’s the Sovereign Sect’s Master or me, both of us won’t allow ourselves to miss this opportunity!”

Every single word he spoke carried resolve and determination.

At this moment, Di Shun and Wen Daozhen finally understood Chen Xi’s thoughts.

It was imperative that Chen Xi went to the Dao Terra Firma!

After Di Shun and Wen Daozhen left, Chen Xi met his parents, Ming, Zhen Liuqing, Senior White, A’Liang, and the others in succession. He told them frankly about his intentions to head to the Dao Terra Firma in search of the secrets of the Ultimate Path towards that day, and it wouldn’t take long for him to return if everything went smoothly.

As for the dangers that he may face on his journey and the scheme of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, he hadn’t told anyone about it.

Even then, they were still very clearly aware that Chen Xi’s journey would definitely be extremely dangerous, and they couldn’t avoid feeling extremely worried.

However, they knew that Chen Xi’s decision was impossible to be changed once he’d decided on something, so they could only silently pray for his safe return.

Similarly, Chen Xi had met with Li Yang, Tie Yunhai, the Old Scholar, Li Fuyao, and the others as well, and he’d told them about his final goal was to firstly seek the Ultimate Path towards the Dao. Secondly, it was to find a method to revive Wu Xuechan.

As for the matters related to the Sovereign Sect’s Master, he didn’t have to speak about it at all because they were very well aware.

Li Yang and the others were naturally rather worried about his decision to travel to the Dao Terra Firma. After all, Oracle Mountain had lost its eldest senior brother, Wu Xuechan. If even their little junior brother were to suffer misfortune, then such a heavy blow was absolutely not something they could endure.

But it was very obvious that their worries were of no use, and they had no choice but to stay at Oracle Mountain and just wait.

Presently, the Heaven Dao had undergone an unexpected change, the Ancient God Domain was in chaos, a calamity had swept through the world, and countless regions and ancient powers had mostly been destroyed or recruited by the Sovereign Sect. So it could be said to be an extremely dire situation.

Even Oracle Mountain was unable to stay unaffected.

However, that strand of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s will had been destroyed by Chen Xi. So even if the remaining forces of the Sovereign Sect were still running wild and even if the calamity was still sweeping through the world, they weren’t a lethal threat to Oracle Mountain anymore.

Coupled with the fact that Oracle Mountain had Di Shun and Wen Daozhen, it was impossible to destroy Oracle Mountain in a short period of time unless an existence at the level of the Sovereign Sect’s Master attacked Oracle Mountain.

So, Chen Xi didn’t have to be too worried before he left. But for safety’s sake, he’d still left a strand of his will at Oracle Mountain before he left.

That strand of his will didn’t possess any combat strength at all. However, it would immediately notice if anything were to occur to Oracle Mountain, so Chen Xi would be informed at the first possible moment as well. If he were still alive at that time, then he would naturally rush back with all his might.

Three days later.

After he’d finished making all the necessary preparations, Chen Xi left by himself without making a sound.

Actually, it was impossible even if he wanted to bring some help into the Dao Terra Firma with him.

The reason was that even Daolords were unable to enter that mysterious place, and only extraordinary existences that had laid eyes on the secrets of the Ultimate Path were qualified to step foot into that mysterious place.

However, Chen Xi had another important matter to deal with before he entered the Dao Terra Firma.

The Dao Terra Firma.

It was where the Chaos of the three dimensions had been born, and it was the source of all Daos!

It was in the Dark Reverie of the Mortal Dimension in the three dimensions, and it was at the mysterious place called the Unknown Lands.

Many years ago, Zhen Liuqing and her master, Daoist Dao Que, had headed there to investigate the Dao Terra Firma’s location. However, even though he’d obtain some extremely valuable clues, he hadn’t been able to enter at all due to his lack of strength, and he’d always regarded it to be a regret of his.

Now, these clues which Daoist Dao Que left behind had been obtained by Chen Xi, and it saved a lot of time and trouble for him.

So, the extra time he had was sufficient for him to deal with some important matters.

The three dimensions.

It was where the Chaos had split apart, and it consisted of the three main dimensions namely the Mortal Dimension, The Immortal Dimension, and the Nether World. Besides that, there were 3,000 large worlds and a myriad of minor worlds within it.

The three dimensions seemed to be quite insignificant when compared to the boundlessly vast Ancient God Domain, and it was far inferior to the Ancient God Domain in terms of cultivation.

The end of strength in the three dimensions was the Immortal King Realm, but the weakest World Enlightened True God of the Ancient God Domain was sufficient to annihilate any Immortal King!

However, this didn’t mean that the three dimensions were poor and behind to the point that the gods had forgotten about it. The main reason for this situation was the Order of the Heaven Dao!

The Order of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions was extremely unique. Once someone above the Immortal King Realm appeared, that person would be annihilated by the Order of the Heaven Dao. So, all the gods in the Ancient God Domain weren’t able to encroach on or destroy the three dimensions.

Actually, if one looked back into the past, one would notice that the three dimensions was like a source or origin. A very, very long time ago when the Chaos had just been split open, countless extraordinary overlords had been born in the three dimensions, and it once possessed a dazzling, resplendent, and extremely magnificent age of prospering cultivation.

For example, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, the Ant Exalt, the three Netherworld Emperors, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, and even Fuxi, Nuwa, the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and various other legendary figures had all left their mark behind in the three dimensions.

Similarly, the three dimensions had a place that held the cycle of reincarnation unlike the Ancient God Domain — the Netherworld!

Under such circumstances, even the top-rate figures of the Ancient God Domain had to head to the three dimensions if they intended to reincarnate themselves.

For example, Chen Lingjun, Li Fuyao, Qing Xiuyi, and various others had done just that.

Simply speaking, the three dimensions had numerous secrets which were unknown to the world and ancient reserves that the Ancient God Domain couldn’t compare to.

The Chaos of the three dimensions had been born here, the myriad of Daos in the world had been created here, and even the Order of Godsbane Heaven which covered the world had been formed here.

If the three dimensions weren't such a special place, then Oracle Mountain, the Sovereign Sect, and Nuwa’s Dao Palace wouldn’t have created their sects here.

Since Chen Xi intended to return to the three dimensions, he naturally had to pass through the Order of the Heaven Dao. In the past, he would only be able to barely send a strand of his will down to the three dimensions, and its combat strength would be at the Immortal King Realm, at most.

But it wasn’t the same now. He’d fully fused with the complete River Diagram and laid eyes on his own Ultimate Path. So, he possessed extraordinary understanding and insight towards the Order of Godsbane Heaven.

So, Chen Xi faced no threat from the Heaven Dao when he returned to the three dimensions now.

The Last Days Domain resided above the three dimensions.

It was a domain formed from the Roc Daolord’s remains. When Chen Xi had broken through from the Immortal King Realm all those years ago, he’d passed through the Last Days Domain before finally arriving at Snow Ink Region.


On this day, ripples suddenly appeared in the sky above the Last Days Domain, and then Chen Xi’s tall and extraordinary figure appeared there. But from the beginning until the end, all the living beings residing in the Last Days Domain hadn’t noticed his arrival at all.

Chen Xi took a stride forward and immediately arrived at the area which he arrived at first upon entering the Last Days Domain all those years ago, and then he stood on the spot and started searching….

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