Chapter 2188 – The Truth

At this moment, the hearts of these two founding ancestor level existences who’d protected Oracle Mountain for countless years, Di Shun and Wen Daozhen, weren’t able to eliminate the heavy feeling in their hearts.

If the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans to take control of the energy of the Heaven Dao is only the first step, then what exactly does he want?

It was unimaginable to them!

But they were sure that since the Sovereign Sect’s Master dared to do all of that, he’d definitely been planning it for a long time. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi’s trip to the Dao Terra Firma was definitely dangerous to the extreme.

Especially when a calamity had descended upon the entire world and an unexpected change had occurred in the Heaven Dao right now. The Sovereign Sect’s Master who could control the energy of Order was simply omnipresent and all-powerful!

Chen Xi seemed to have seen through their thoughts and said. “Martial Uncles, there’s no need to be worried. Even though the Order of the Heaven Dao regards me to be an enemy, I possess the strength of the complete River Diagram, so it isn’t able to detect my presence at all.”

Di Shun was still quite worried. “But your journey to the Dao Terra Firma is probably within the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans as well. The dangers of your trip are truly unknown, and it’s worrying.”

Chen Xi’s expression had been calm and indifferent to the extreme since the very beginning. It was like the calm surface of water in a well that clearly reflected the moon in the sky.

Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he decided to be frank in the end. “I know what he wants, and it’s none other than to seize all the strength I possess, and then seize the Genesis Energy within the Dao Terra Firma.”

The Dao Terra Firma.

It was where the Chaos of the three dimensions had been born, and it was where the myriad of Heaven Daos had been born!

A very long time ago, Godsbane Heaven, Origin Heaven, and numerous other Heaven Daos had been born within the Genesis of the Dao Terra Firma.

Chen Xi didn’t know about all of that in the past, but once he gained full control over the River Diagram and attained the Daolord Realm, he’d instantly understood everything.

To put it simply, the so-called secret of the Ultimate Path was to seize the Genesis Energy within the Dao Terra Firma!

After all, the Chaos of the three dimensions, the myriad of Daos throughout the world, and even the numerous Heaven Daos had been born from within the Genesis of the Dao Terra Firma. So, how terrifying would one become if one was able to take control of that Genesis Energy?

The so-called Ultimate Path was Genesis!

It was like an alternation between the beginning and the end.

However, Genesis Energy was very mysterious, and the profundities of the Ultimate Path that each cultivator comprehended was completely different.

If one intended to step foot onto the end of the Ultimate Path, then the only chance to accomplish that could only be found within the Dao Terra Firma.

For example, the Sovereign Sect’s Master, Fuxi, Nuwa, the Divine Institute’s Dean, the Dao Institute’s Dean, and various other supreme existences had headed to the Dao Terra Firma a very long time ago, and it was naturally for the sake of seeking Genesis Energy.

In other words, there were a myriad of profundities of the Ultimate Path, but there was only a single method to arrive at its end, and it was to take control of Genesis!

“To seize your strength and then take control of Genesis Energy?” Di Shun and Wen Daozhen had comprehended a trace of the profundities of the Ultimate Path as well. Even though they hadn’t stepped foot into the Dao Terra Firma, they were naturally clearly aware what Chen Xi’s words meant.

So, at this moment, their expressions couldn’t help but become slightly heavy.

“Yes, that’s the plan of the Sovereign Sect’s Master.” Chen Xi’s face had a trace of recollection on it as he said, “Actually, the Sovereign Sect’s Master is extraordinary indeed. He’d set up this trap since the moment I was born. He was clearly aware of everything I experienced throughout my path of cultivation and everything I obtained, otherwise, with the ability he possesses, he would definitely not have to wait until now if he intended to kill me.”

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen were quite stunned and puzzled.

Chen Xi explained patiently. “Martial Uncles, both of you should be aware that my father, Chen Lingjun, took a precious treasure from Godrank Mountain before he reincarnated himself.”

Both of them nodded.

Chen Xi continued. “That precious treasure was one of the River Diagram’s fragments, and it fused into my body before I was even born.”

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen seemed to have faintly realized something but were able to be certain.

Chen Xi said, “In the past, I thought that the River Diagram was something my father had obtained by chance and fortune. But now I understand that even if such a coincidence existed in the world, it was actually the Sovereign Sect that was pulling the strings from the shadows!

“Perhaps my father wasn’t aware of all of this, but the Sovereign Sect’s Master had definitely set his sights on that fragment of the River Diagram which was hidden on Godrank Mountain. So, the Sovereign Sect targeted my father once he obtained it.

“After that, my father’s first reincarnation was very ‘coincidentally’ the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s junior brother.

“According to my father, he’d noticed that the situation was bad because it was impossible for such a coincidence to exist in the world. Later on, he noticed that the Sovereign Sect’s Master was actually trying to avoid the detection of the Order of the Heaven Dao and seize that piece of the River Diagram from him….”

When Chen Xi spoke up to this point, Di Shun seemed to have thought of something and spoke with a dazed expression. “I remember now. Your father was called Tai Ling when he was the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s junior brother, but he’d suddenly visited Oracle Mountain one day and had a secret discussion with Senior Brother Fuxi. It wasn’t long after he left Oracle Mountain that news of his death was spread from the Sovereign Sect.”

Wen Daozhen nodded and said, “Yes, I remember that as well. After that, Chen Lingjun reincarnated himself and became a disciple of Fuxi’s. He was Fuxi’s second personal disciple, Daoist Sheng Ji. However, he suffered an unexpected turn of events when his memories were awakened, and he was killed by the Sovereign Sect. I didn’t understand the reason at that time, but now it would seem like all of this was done by the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and it was for the sake of seizing the River Diagram fragment in his possession.”

When he spoke up to this point, both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen roughly understood that Chen Lingjun had reincarnated into Yun Fusheng next, and he’d hidden himself at Dao Emperor Academy, yet had still been unable to avoid death at the hands of the Sovereign Sect.

The only thing that puzzled them was why Chen Lingjun had reincarnated into the descendant of the Chen Clan within a small world in the Mortal Dimension.

Chen Xi gave them the answer. “At that time, my father noticed that regardless of whether it was Daoist Sheng Ji or Yun Fusheng, they were both still part of Oracle Mountain. So, even if he reincarnated himself again and chose a power belonging to Oracle Mountain to reincarnate into, he would still be unable to avoid death at the hands of the Sovereign Sect. Thus, he stopped seeking the protection of others and chose his own final place of reincarnation.”

Di Shun spoke with surprise. “Reincarnation can be chosen?”

Chen Xi nodded. “If he relied solely on his own strength, then it’s naturally impossible to accomplish that. But don’t forget that he possessed a River Diagram fragment, and some secrets related to Samsara are hidden within the River Diagram. So, it wasn’t very difficult for him to reincarnate himself.”

Only now did Di Shun and Wen Daozhen come to a complete understanding.

Chen Xi said, “It was also during my father’s last reincarnation that he encountered my mother, yet he was still unable to avoid the Sovereign Sect’s pursuit. It was also during that time… perhaps it can be said to be the will of the heavens. But the River Diagram fragment had fused into my body before I was even born.”

Di Shun opened his mouth with the intention of speaking yet stopped himself in the end.

Chen Xi had discerned his thoughts with a single glance and said, “Martial Uncle, did you want to ask why my parents didn’t suffer calamity this time?”

Di Shun nodded.

Chen Xi said indifferently, “That wasn’t because the Sovereign Sect’s Master was being soft hearted. It was because that after my father had reincarnated himself numerous times, the Sovereign Sect’s Master realized that merely relying on brute force alone to seize that River Diagram fragment would just make my father have no choice but to reincarnate himself incessantly, so the Sovereign Sect’s Master wouldn’t be able to accomplish his goal.

“Moreover, at that time, my master, Fuxi, would have definitely been clearly aware of it all, and he would naturally not just watch as the Sovereign Sect’s Master succeeded.”

Chen Xi paused for a moment and continued. “Under such circumstances, the Sovereign Sect’s Master naturally had to change his plans and stop constantly dispatching the Sovereign Sect’s forces to pursue my father, and he watched coldly from the sidelines instead. After all, he was clearly aware of the strength which the River Diagram fragment possessed, and he knew that Master would be aware of the River Diagram’s value.

“So, Master would definitely send forces to help me search and obtain the other River Diagram fragments once I became a disciple of Oracle Mountain.

“Now, I’ve gathered the complete River Diagram, so the Sovereign Sect’s Master would naturally stop watching from the sidelines as well.”

When he spoke up to this point, Chen Xi heaved a long sigh. “That’s the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s entire plan. Since my father obtained that River Diagram fragment on Godrank Mountain, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans had been set. Since the moment I was born, he’d started to use the strength of Oracle Mountain and my own ability to find and gather the River Diagram fragments….”

When they heard all of this, both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s hearts surged while they stared blankly ahead in silence.

They were too shocked!

How could they have imagined that the Sovereign Sect had actually started scheming and planning a very long time ago in order to accomplish all of this?

Who could have imagined that while the Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to have been doing nothing throughout these years, he’d actually been relying on the strength of Oracle Mountain and Chen Xi himself to find and gather the River Diagram?

Such methods were simply terrifying to an indescribable degree!

Even if this plan were to fail halfway, the Sovereign Sect’s Master could still utilize some other methods to mend the plan and turn the situation around!

But it was very obvious that it was very difficult for such a plan to fail. Because Chen Xi wasn’t the only part of the plan, the entire strength of Oracle Mountain was included!

How many people in the entire world could disturb the plans of Oracle Mountain?

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s hearts grew colder the more they thought about it, and they felt more and more fearful of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s terrifying methods.

Di Shun spoke bitterly. “I never expected that after fighting with each other for so many years, we would fall into their trap in the end.”

Wen Daozhen sighed endlessly with emotion as well.

Chen Xi shook his head instead and said, “No, the true outcome of this scheme hasn’t been decided yet. He’d planned all of it very well, so it was naturally ever successful. However, there’s nothing flawless in the world. At the very least, the Sovereign Sect’s Master isn’t aware of the complete River Diagram’s true ability!”

Both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s spirits were raised. “What do you mean?”

Chen Xi said, “Martial Uncles, do you know what the true ability of the complete River Diagram is?”

Both of them immediately shook their heads. “We’ve never possessed it, so we naturally don’t know what sort of secrets it holds.”

Chen Xi said, “The Sovereign Sect’s Master hasn’t possessed the River Diagram as well, so only I am clearly aware of its ability. Thus, if the Sovereign Sect’s Master intends to take it away, it depends on whether I will allow him to!”

His voice became powerful and decisive as he finished speaking, and it carried a resolute and firm tone.

Author’s Note: I’ve finally explained why Chen Lingjun would have reincarnated himself as the junior brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

Coming up next is the final battle at the Dao Terra Firma, and the mystery of the Ultimate Path will be concluded there.

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