Chapter 2187 – The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s Plans

Chen Xi stood there silently without moving like a status.

It was like he’d lost his soul.

The other disciples of Oracle Mountain had dazed expressions on their faces, and they stared blankly ahead in silence while frustration, hatred, rage, powerlessness, and various other emotions filled their hearts.

The unexpected events that had occurred today simply felt like the sky had fallen down to them, and it was impossible for them to accept.

Even though Chen Xi had arrived in time and crushed that strand of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s will in an absolutely supreme and domineering manner, it was still unable to save their eldest senior brother….

Is Eldest Senior Brother really gone? All of them were dazed.

The starry sky in the distance was dazzling, and a myriad of stars circulated through its boundless expanse. The atmosphere at this mountain where Fuxi had sat down and comprehended the Dao was deathly silent, and only the whistling of the wind resounded through the surroundings.

After an unknown period of time passed, Li Yang pursed her pale lips and seemed to have hesitated for a long time before she made some sort of decision. She asked hesitantly. “Little Junior Brother, has Eldest Senior Brother….”

She’d started speaking yet didn’t know how to finish.

It was none other than because she was worried that the answer which she received would be too heavy and painful for her heart.

Chen Xi turned around and gazed at his Senior Sister’s peerlessly pretty yet pale face, and he saw the worry and terror that was clearly visible in her clear eyes. His heart couldn’t help but hurt.

Would all of this have occurred if I arrived earlier?

Chen Xi took a deep breath and tried hard to calm himself. He was clearly aware that Oracle Mountain had just suffered a shocking and unexpected event. Their sect had almost been destroyed while all his fellow disciples were horrified in their hearts and were in dejected states.

Especially what had happened to Wu Xuechan, it had even caused the disciples of Oracle Mountain to seem as if they’d lost the support in their hearts.

At this moment, he couldn’t remain indifferent!

Chen Xi calmed down completely, and then he glanced at them all and said, “There’s no need to worry. Eldest Senior Brother’s soul is still here, so I’ll definitely bring him back one day!”

His voice was calm yet carried an indisputable tone.

All the others here were stunned, and their hearts calmed down slightly as they gazed at the determination on Chen Xi’s handsome face.

Chen Xi continued. “From today onward, leave Oracle Mountain to me. Anyone who attacks it will have to pass through me!”

The hearts of the others shook, and they were slightly visibly moved.

Chen Xi took a deep breath, and then he looked towards the starry sky in the distance as he said calmly, “I guarantee that such a tragedy will never occur to our Oracle Mountain again!”

As he spoke, he sat cross-legged on the rock before the cottage, and then he closed his eyes. “Martial Uncles, take them from here.”

He’d just finished speaking when Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s figures had suddenly appeared here.

“Little Junior Brother….” Li Yan intended to say something, but Di Shu shook his head and said, “Let him be by himself for some time.”

Li Yang bit her lips, and then she sighed lightly in the end.

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen immediately took all the disciples of Oracle Mountain, Zhen Liuqing, Senior White, A’Liang, and Ye Yan from the Secret Realm.

Chen Xi sat by himself on the rock before the cottage. His eyes were closed tightly, and his aura had vanished while he sat there in complete silence.

The rock was mottled with the traces of time. It was called Past Life, and it was a precious treasure that the Third Netherworld Emperor had entrusted to Fuxi.

The Rock of Past Life wasn’t the core to the creation of the cycle of reincarnation, but it was a key item that could complete the cycle of reincarnation.

Just as the Sovereign Sect’s Master had said before, only by possessing the Rock of Past Life could one truly control the eternal cycle of Samsara.

Yet now, this legendary rock and mysterious object which had laid here for countless years was right beneath Chen Xi.

It hadn’t been taken by the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

Li Yang and the others hadn’t been taken by the Sovereign Sect’s Master as well.

It seemed like the Sovereign Sect’s Master had fallen short of success in this conflict.

However, only Chen Xi was clearly aware that it was merely the beginning, and the true battlefield had already been set. It was the Dao Terra Firma!

A mysterious place that resided within the Unknown Lands of the three dimensions!

Three days later.

Chen Xi opened his eyes from his silent state, and his gaze had recovered its calm, pure, composed, and indifferent state. Moreover, it had an extra feeling of ‘stillness’ when compared to the past.

It was still like his heart.

He stood up, and then the rock beneath him suddenly transformed into a ray of green light that shot into him and vanished.

It wasn’t just the Rock of Past Life, the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush had fused into his as well, and they’d transformed into the quintessential energy of Samsara that was in a state similar to the Chaos within him.

As if he’d sensed something, Chen Xi bowed with clasped hands towards the starry sky in the distance. “Martial Uncles.”

At the same time, Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s figures appeared here and strode over.

Di Shun was still in his linen robe, and his face was firm and composed. Unless one looked carefully, it was almost impossible to notice that he was still heavily injured.

He gazed at Chen Xi, then gazed at the spot where the Rock of Past Life had vanished from, and then a wisp of gratification couldn’t help but surge into his eyes. He sighed with emotion. “Fortunately, the Sovereign Sect’s Master wasn’t able to seize the Rock of Past Life.”

As he spoke, he sat down casually on the ground, and then gestured to Chen Xi and Wen Daozhen to sit down as well. After that, he said, “Chen Xi, what sort of state is Wu Xuechan in right now?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “He still has a chance to survive. Don’t worry Martial Uncles, I’ve found my Ultimate Path towards the Dao, and it won’t be long before I’ll definitely be able to revive Eldest Senior Brother.”

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen exchanged glances, and then they seemed to heave sighs of relief in their hearts while even their expressions eased up greatly.

Wen Daozhen sized up Chen Xi before he suddenly said, “What do you intend to do next?”

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to answer. “The Dao Terra Firma.”

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen seemed as if they expected that answer.

After that, Wen Daozhen frowned and said, “The Dao Terra Firma is where the quintessence of the Chaos of the three dimensions was born, and the Sovereign Sect’s Master entered that place a very long time ago with the intention of searching for the secrets of the Ultimate Path. Now that so many years have passed, the strength he possesses has probably arrived at an inconceivable height. Are you… confident in your ability to defeat him?”

Chen Xi fell silent for a while before he said, “I’ll only know after I’m there.”

Wen Daozhen was stunned, and then he sighed lightly. “Right, only Senior Brother Fuxi and a few others have met the Sovereign Sect’s Master in person, and even we are unable to guess exactly how terrifying his current strength is.”

Di Shun said, “But we are certain that the Sovereign Sect’s Master has already started taking control of the Order of the Heaven Dao. Presently, he can be considered to reign supreme over the world and have the workings of the heavens in the palm of his hand. He’s no different than the Heaven Dao itself.”

He wasn’t trying to strike a blow at Chen Xi’s confidence, and he was just describing a fact. Because he was very clearly aware that Chen Xi would definitely be heading to the Dao Terra Firma. Under such circumstances, only accurate information would be of help to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi nodded, and he remained composed from the beginning. “I understand. Since I killed the 13 Dao Servants and broke through the Godrank Chart, I’d roughly guessed what the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s aspirations were.”

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen were visibly moved. “What do you mean?”

Chen Xi spoke casually. “The Battle of Dao Protectors was actually part of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans as well. He knows me very well, and he even knows about all the abilities and trump cards which I possess. He knew very well that I’d fallen into his trap since the moment I participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors.”

Chen Xi paused for a moment and continued. “Everyone in the world thinks that the Sovereign Sect’s Master was trying to stop me from advancing into the Daolord Realm, and he would definitely stop at nothing to kill me. Even the 13 Dao Servants and Daolord Xu Tuo had used me as bait to lure out the Chaotic Divine Lotus and tried to seize the Spirit of Samsara like that.

“However, even they didn’t know why they had to seize the Spirit of Samsara or what exactly could the Spirit of Samsara do?

“Only I know that even if they succeeded at seizing the Spirit of Samsara, the Sovereign Sect’s Master would definitely use other methods to ‘hand it over’ to me!

“In other words, the Spirit of Samsara had always been prepared for me!”

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow when they heard up to here, and they were slightly surprised and bewildered. If what Chen Xi said is true, then the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s plans are truly beyond expectation.

Why did he do all of that?

Why did he want to do all he could to make the Spirit of Samsara fall into Chen Xi’s hands?

Chen Xi continued. “I didn’t really understand it before this. But after I killed the 13 Dao Servants and broke through the Godrank Chart, I noticed that something was strange. Once I returned to the sect this time and noticed that even that strand of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s will could control and utilize the Order of the Heaven Dao, I finally came to an understanding. I realized that his final objective was the Heaven Dao itself!”

“The Heaven Dao?” The hearts of both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen shook.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded and said, “The Heaven Dao is actually made up of the energy of Order. The Sovereign Sect and Godrank Mountain are the only two places capable of utilizing the energy of Order of the Heaven Dao throughout the world. That was the reason why the Sovereign Sect has been able to survive until now and Godrank Mountain is treated as a unique and supreme paradise in the world.

“Now that I’ve killed the 13 Dao Servants and broken the Godrank Chart open, it’s equivalent to completely destroying the glory that covered Godrank Mountain. In that way, the Sovereign Sect became the only existence in the world capable of utilizing the Order of the Heaven Dao.

“At the same time, my actions made the Heaven Dao feel threatened, and that’s something which its energy of Order would absolutely not tolerate. Under such circumstances, it could only rely on the Sovereign Sect.

“So, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was definitely the person who gained the most from it. Not only did he use me to destroy Godrank Mountain, he’d relied on this opportunity to obtain the secrets of the Order of the Heaven Dao. Thus, he started to take control of the Order of the Heaven Dao.”

After they heard all of this, Di Shun and Wen Daozhen weren’t just visibly moved, their hearts felt cold. They’d never imagined that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had imperceptibly set up such a world shocking scheme. After all, it was equivalent to ‘scheming to obtain the heavens’!

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged. He’d figured all of it out and thought all of it through a long time ago. He continued. “I even suspect that the unexpected change in the Heaven Dao which caused the calamity throughout the world was the work of the Sovereign Sect’s Master as well. His intentions were to spoil the workings of the heavens and cause boundless chaos so that he could accomplish his objective to take control of the energy of the Heaven Dao.”

Chen Xi paused for a moment, and then a wisp of deep contemplation appeared on his face while he said, “But it’s very obvious that this is only the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s first objective. He even admitted it earlier and said that even the Heaven Dao isn’t able to give him what he desires….”

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