Chapter 2186 – Grief

It sounded like the roar of a dragon howling through the universe, and it rumbled as it surged through the world!

Even the Sovereign Sect’s Master was blasted back by this voice, so it was obvious how terrifying the force within this voice was.

On the other hand, hearing this voice was like hearing the sound of nature and chanting of scriptures to everyone else. Their Dao Hearts were comforted, and the sorrow and dejection accumulated within them was cleared.

That voice….

All of them looked up instinctively.

At the same time, the Sovereign Sect’s Master looked towards the same direction as well.

A tall figure appeared out of thin air. He wore green clothes, had jet black and dense long hair that fluttered with the wind, and his handsome face was covered in an icy cold and indifferent expression.

Especially his eyes that were deep like abysses, they surged with boundless killing intent, and it was extremely shocking.

It was naturally Chen Xi who’d rushed over in time!

The eyes of all the disciples from Oracle Mountain lit up when they saw him. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi would have actually been able to arrive in time when they were in such a moment of helplessness and despair.

It was even to the extent that he’d merely used his voice to make the Sovereign Sect’s Master retreat!

That simply felt like a dream to everyone here, and it made them feel that all of this was so dreamlike and unreal.

On the other hand, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw Chen Xi, and he had a solemn aura.

Earlier, he’d heard from Wu Xuechan that Chen Xi had killed the 13 Dao Servants and torn apart the restraints of the Godrank Chart during the Battle of Dao Protectors, so Chen Xi was completely different from before.

This didn’t shock him much, and it was even to the extent that all of it was within his plans, so it wasn’t unexpected to him at all.

The only thing which slightly surprised him was that Chen Xi just happened to have arrived right now, and it threw a wrench into his plans.

Wu Xuechan had Chen Xi as well, but he seemed to have lost all his strength right now, and he wasn’t even able to turn his head to glance at Chen Xi.

However, it was sufficient for him to confirm that Chen Xi had arrived.

A wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of Wu Xuechan’s mouth, and he muttered. How fortunate. He wasn’t too late….

After that, his figure that was standing upright like a spear had actually seemed as if it had lost its support, and it fell silently to the ground….

A strand of indescribable exhaustion surged into his heart, and it surged violently like the tide.

He’d been busy running around and working hard to take care of Oracle Mountain for countless years, and he’d always been like a lofty mountain that protected his fellow disciples.

Never had he ever rested, and he had never been so relaxed as he was right now.

He hadn’t experienced exhaustion or how it felt to be carefree for a very long time.

At this moment, when that exhaustion surged through him and the last worry in his heart had vanished, Wu Xuechan suddenly felt that he had no regrets dying just like this.

“Eldest Senior Brother!” A low voice that carried sorrow resounded by the ears of everyone, and then Wu Xuechan suddenly felt his body being embraced.

He knew that it was his little junior brother.

He opened his eyelids that were heavy like lead, and he worked hard to move his eyes to see a familiar handsome face in front of him. But at this moment, that face was covered in concern, sorrow, rage, and hatred. Especially those years, there were tears faintly flickering within them.

The corners of Wu Xuechan’s lips moved a little as he spoke with difficulty. “I can be at ease now that you’re here.”

Chen Xi felt like awls were stabbing forcefully into his heart, and it hurt to the point it was difficult to breathe. He’d noticed with just a single glance that his eldest senior brother’s vitality was flowing away swiftly and was on the verge of death.

Even he was helpless against such injuries right now!

He felt helpless!

He felt powerless!

He felt resentful!

All of these emotions were like blazing lava that surged through Chen Xi’s heart, causing him to be almost unable to control himself.

If there was a person besides his parents whom he respected and felt the closest to in this world, then it would definitely be Wu Xuechan.

In his heart, Wu Xuechan was like a warm senior that shielded him from the wind and rain, planned his path for him, and had never asked anything of him or criticized him for any reason. Moreover, Wu Xuechan had never shown a trace of weakness, hesitation, or coldness to him.

In Chen Xi’s heart, his eldest senior brother was all powerful! He was invincible! He was a loved one that Chen Xi would always respect and hold in high esteem!

Yet now….

His eldest senior brother had fallen. Besides the blood that was flowing incessantly from Wu Xuechan’s body, his face carried an indescribably exhausted and weak expression.

He was on the verge of death.

He wasn’t invincible, warm, and composed like he used to be, and Chen Xi wasn’t able to hear Wu Xuechan address him as ‘little junior brother’ in that warm and protective voice….

Chen Xi gritted his teeth tightly as he gazed at the color in Wu Xuechan’s eyes that was gradually vanishing. It felt like tsunamis were raging through his heart, and it was filled with a storm of rage, helplessness, sorrow, and grief.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’ll absolutely not die. I’ve grasped Samsara, so no one in this world can make you die! No one!!” Chen Xi gritted his teeth while his knuckles had turned pale from clenching his fists too tightly.

Wu Xuechan’s lips moved slightly. He seemed like he intended to say something yet was unable to make a single sound in the end. His pupils were covered in a grey color, and his figure was turning icy cold….

“Eldest Senior Brother….” Chen Xi embraced Wu Xuechan tightly while he muttered, and he ceaselessly repeated the words ‘Eldest Senior Brother’ while two streams of warm tears surged down from his eyes.

However, Chen Xi seemed as if he hadn’t noticed at all, and it was like he’d lost his soul.

Life and death weren’t terrifying.

The truly terrifying thing was when one could only watch helplessly as someone one loved and cared about passed away right before one’s eyes.

All the other disciples from Oracle Mountain were filled with sorrow while many had tears coursing down their cheeks. It was like something they loved had been taken away, and it was like they’d lost their pillar of support.

They hadn’t imagined that it would actually be impossible to save Wu Xuechan even if Chen Xi had arrived in time….

Why has this happened?


Even Senior White, A’Liang, Zhen Liuqing, and Ye Yan felt like something was stuck in their hearts, and it was suffocating.

It was the feeling of extraordinary sorrow and grief.

Since the beginning, the Sovereign Sect’s Master watched all of this with indifference. He didn’t react to it at all or make any movement.

He just watched like that, and no one knew what he was thinking.

The Sovereign Sect upheld the belief of ‘upholding justice for the Heavens’, and it followed the path of emotionlessness. So, every single one of its disciples were cruel and emotionless, and they really stopped at nothing to accomplish their goals.

As the master of the Sovereign Sect, he was naturally not an existence that was shackled by his emotions, and it was even to the extent that he was more emotionless than anyone in the world.

He was emotionless to take control of the world!

As an overlord, how could he allow his heart to be shackled by emotions?

Just like the Order of the Heaven Dao, had it ever shown pity on the living beings throughout the world?

As far as the Sovereign Sect’s Master was concerned, regardless of whether it was Chen Xi or those disciples of Oracle Mountain, all of them were truly useless because he just had to act against their emotions and he would be ever successful at dealing with them!

“Eldest Senior Brother isn’t dead.” Meanwhile, Chen Xi suddenly stood up, and he put Wu Xuechan’s body away in the Chaos within his body.

His words stunned all the others here.

But it was very obvious that Chen Xi had no intention to explain. His gaze shot towards the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and his expression was icy cold and indifferent to a terrifying extent.

The marks of tears that remained on his face seemed as if they'd evaporated. At this moment, he seemed to be completely emotionless, and his entire body emanated icy cold and merciless killing intent which instilled despair in others.

“He really has died. It’s useless even if you try to comfort yourself.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the killing intent Chen Xi revealed at all, and he spoke indifferently in a calm and composed manner.

“I’ll let my Eldest Senior Brother send you off once you’re dead.” Chen Xi spoke coldly. “As for now, kneel!”


Such words seemed to be extremely domineering, cold, and overbearing.

If the inhabitants of the world found out that someone actually dared to ask the Sovereign Sect’s Master to kneel, they would probably go mad.

Yet now, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s entire body stiffened once Chen Xi spoke. It was like irresistible might had pressed down upon him, and explosions from being unable to endure the weight of this resounded throughout his body.

“Little Fellow, you’re clearly aware that this is merely a strand of my will, yet you intend to do something so laughable! Aren’t you being too childish?” His voice was still calm, but the energy from before which seemed to not exist yet existed everywhere was nowhere to be found.

His body had been restrained while explosions resounded throughout his body, and his backbone was being pressed down while his knees had already exploded into pieces. He was on the verge of being pressed down to his knees.

But even then, he was actually not infuriated at all nor did he seem to feel humiliated in the slightest. On the contrary, he felt Chen Xi’s actions were laughable and childish.

Chen Xi remained silent and indifferent towards that.


In the end, the Sovereign Sect’s Master still knelt on the spot.


Chen Xi didn’t seem to have moved at all yet his leg was already on the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s head, and his head was stomped into the ground.

After that, Chen Xi said, “I’m naturally aware that this isn’t your true body, but so what? I’ll naturally head to the Dao Terra Firma once I destroy this strand of your will, and then I’ll eliminate every trace of you in this world! At that time, even Godsbane Heaven wouldn’t be able to save you!”

Kneeling on the ground and having his head stomped into the ground was simply like an extraordinary insult to any great figure, and it would be even more painful than killing them.

However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was strangely calm at this moment, and it was even to the extent that he smiled. “Little Fellow, your display has really satisfied me. I really look forward to that day. At that time, I’ll show you what a true supreme overlord is like.”

His tone was calm and natural, and it even carried slight expectation. It was very difficult to imagine how the Sovereign Sect’s Master was able to maintain such a emotionless and indifferent mental state in such a situation.

Perhaps, he wasn’t just emotionless to his opponents but even to himself?

Chen Xi said indifferently, “A supreme overlord? Do you think I don’t know about everything you’ve been planning throughout these years was for the sake of taking control of the Heaven Dao? Looks like you think you’ll become invincible then?”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master smiled. “Taking control of the Heaven Dao is only the 1st step. Once you arrive at the Dao Terra Firma, you’ll understand that the aspirations I’ve been working towards my whole life are far from something just Godsbane Heaven can fulfil.”

Chen Xi fell silent before he said, “So long as I, Chen Xi, remain in this world, then that day will never come.”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when he stomped down, and then the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s body exploded into pieces and transformed into a rain of light.

At the same time, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s indistinct voice resounded through the heavens and the earth. “Little Fellow, the outcome hasn’t been decided yet, so don’t determine things too early. I’ll be waiting for you at the Dao Terra Firma. If you don’t come, then your Master, Martial Uncle, and all your loved ones in the three dimensions will go on their way to meet Wu Xuechan….”

His voice gradually vanished, and the world returned to silence.

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