Chapter 2185 – How Dare You!?

Chapter 2185 – How Dare You!?

The heavens and the earth were deathly silent, and only the whistling of wind resounded in the surroundings.

Wu Xuechan stood there while bathed in blood, and a horrifying yet beautiful pool of scarlet blood had formed beneath his feet.

His snow white hair was dyed red with bleed, his clothes were drenched with blood, and there was even more fresh blood flowing down his body.

The blood throughout his body was too striking.

Moreover, it seemed even more striking when it appeared on a Daolord who’d laid eyes on a trace of the profundities of the Ultimate Path.

Wu Xuechan had clearly suffered a heavy injury during the previous battle, and his injuries were severe to the point he couldn’t stop his bleeding!

The eldest personal disciple of Fuxi, and a formidable and otherworldly existence who’d long since attained the peak of the Daolord Realm was actually unable to even stop his own bleeding. No cultivator would dare to believe such a thing.

But that was exactly what the current situation was like!

This clearly showed how terrifying the heavy injury Wu Xuechan had suffered during the soundless battle with the Sovereign Sect’s Master was.

Blood flowed incessantly but Wu Xuechan’s backbone was still ramrod straight. He stood there like a silent and firm statue, and he protected all the disciples of Oracle Mountain behind himself.

He wasn’t willing to take a single step back, nor was he willing to let himself collapse!

This was Wu Xuechan, the Grand Lord known to the world. He was the Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Martial Uncle, and Eldest Martial Ancestral Uncle who’d protected and taken care of them for numerous years….

Regardless of who it was, all the disciples here had been cared for by Wu Xuechan since they’d stepped foot into Oracle Mountain.

He was like a warm and amiable senior, and he was gentle like the spring breeze.

In the eyes of all the disciples from Oracle Mountain, Wu Xuechan had always been invincible and all-powerful. It was like there was nothing in the world which he couldn’t accomplish, and so long as they encountered any danger, then Wu Xuechan would be standing in front of them at the first possible moment.

His back wasn’t very wide, but it was like an impenetrable iron wall that blocked off the elements and protected them from all danger.

Yet now….

Wu Xuechan seemed to be really unable to hold on any longer.

Many disciples of Oracle Mountain were filled with sorrow while a wisp of tears had appeared in the eyes of many. Moreover, many of them couldn’t help but clench their fists.

At this moment, it was like they’d seen their pillar of support crumble down before them, and it made extremely painful and horrible feelings to surge into their hearts.

The heavens and the earth were still deathly silent while the wind continued to howl by their ears, and it sounded like sorrowful howls.

At the side of the rock before the cottage, the Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t attack again. He just stood there with his hands behind his back as if he didn’t even exist or wasn’t even present there.

The battle just now had almost not harmed him at all.

From the angle at which the Sovereign Sect’s Master saw things, he was able to see Wu Xuechan’s face clearly, and he was able to see how ghastly pale it was. Besides that, two streams of blood were flowing down from Wu Xuechan’s deep eyes, and they streaked past his ghastly pale face, causing it to be an extremely horrifying sight.

Besides that, Wu Xuechan’s fingers were trembling incessantly as if he was accumulating strength.

However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master wasn’t worried. Only he was most clearly aware of how Wu Xuechan’s tendons, bones, and meridians had been crushed into pieces while the ‘Chaos’ within Wu Xuechan’s body had been blasted apart into an extremely disorderly state. Even Wu Xuechan’s Soul Divine Flame seemed to be on the verge of being extinguished.

In other words, even though Wu Xuechan was still standing, it was no different than having died.

So, the Sovereign Sect’s Master wasn’t worried at all.

However, he couldn’t help but be slightly visibly moved because Wu Xuechan seemed to have somehow mustered the strength to stand still even when his body was in such a state, and he protected the others while being unwilling to take a single step back.

This seemed especially laughable.

Because a person that was about to die was extremely weak, so wasn’t it laughable for such a person to continue struggling?

It was even to the extent that he didn’t doubt just a push from a single finger of his would be able to instantly push Wu Xuechan down and keep him from standing up again.

However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t do that. He just gazed at Wu Xuechan and frowned as he asked. “All of them are those you’ve always been protecting until now. But now that they’ve lost you, they are like prisoners waiting for judgment. Why go to such extents if you knew this would happen?”

Wu Xuechan’s lips trembled with difficulty, and he seemed to even be on the verge of losing the ability to open his mouth and speak.

“You… don’t understand.” These words sounded hoarse, weak, and were clearly very difficult to utter. However, he still seemed so calm and composed.

“I really don’t.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke indifferently. “How stupid is it to waste all your strength on a bunch of useless disciples? Just as I said before, if you were to have concentrated on your cultivation and paid no attention to all these trivial matters, then your natural talent would have allowed you to attain ability that rivals Fuxi’s past ability by now.”

Wu Xuechan’s lips which were covered in blood curled into a slight arc, and he gasped for breath as he said, “So… you… don’t understand.”

After he finished speaking these words, his figure shook abruptly, and he seemed to be on the verge of being unable to support himself. Li Yang and the others couldn’t help but exclaim when they saw this, and they intended to charge forward.

At this moment, Wu Xuechan somehow mustered up the strength to suddenly spit out a mouthful of thick blood and speak in a low voice. “Stand back!”

His voice was resolute and filled with energy, but everyone was very clearly aware that this was no different than a momentary recovery of strength before death.

The more it was like this, the more it proved that Wu Xuechan was doomed and getting closer and closer to death.

“Eldest Senior Brother!!” Many disciples couldn’t bear such a sight and were extremely sorrowful and furious.

“Stand back!” This time, it was Li Yang who spoke those words. Her peerlessly beautiful and fair face was covered in an unprecedentedly firm expression, but her chest which was rising and falling rapidly proved that her heart wasn’t as firm as she seemed on the surface.

“Listen to Eldest Senior Brother….” Sure enough, only an instant passed before Li Yang seemed to be unable to endure the sorrow she felt, and her voice had become low and started to tremble. It was like she was forcefully enduring something.

The expressions of the others changed indeterminately while they felt sorrowful and furious to the limit, but they could only grit their teeth and endure it.

A wisp of a gratified expression appeared in Wu Xuechan’s eyes that still had blood flowing from them, and then he gazed at the Sovereign Sect’s Master and said, “Why haven’t you attacked?”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke casually. “You’re already about to die, so isn’t it better to let you have your last words and die without regrets?”

Wu Xuechan suddenly started laughing before he coughed violently, and his entire body trembled while he coughed up a huge amount of blood.

However, he was still smiling, but his smile carried extreme ridicule as he said, “No, you’re worried that I would detonate myself before dying. So, you’re waiting. You’re waiting for the moment I’m unable to hold on any longer before you can finally be at ease.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master nodded and said, “That’s one of the reasons.”

He seemed to be extremely frank and showed no signs of being infuriated at all.

Wu Xuechan’s eyes became extremely dim when he noticed this, and then his face darkened. He sighed as he shook his head, and then he turned around with great difficulty and gazed at Li Yang and the others before he said, “Before he left, Master asked me to take care of the disciples of our sect no matter what. Now… it looks like I won’t be able to accomplish that. I’m sorry.”

As he finished speaking, his voice had become extremely low and bleak especially when he said that he was sorry, and it caused many disciples to be on the verge of crying while indescribably sorrow filled their hearts.

Wu Xuechan didn’t wait for them to speak before he moved his gaze over towards Senior White, A’Liang, Zhen Liuqing, and Ye Yan. He said, “I’m truly sorry to have dragged all of you down as well….’

Zhen Liuqing said, “Grand Lord, there’s no need for that. Since we started cultivating until now, we’ve seen through life and death a long time ago. Even though we weren’t able to be of any help, we can die without any regret after being able to fight by your side.”

This was the first time that Zhen Liuqing had interrupted Wu Xuechan. She couldn’t bear to let him continue speaking because she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to endure the sorrow in her heart and collapse because of it.

Wu Xuechan was stunned, and then he smiled as he nodded. “Alright, alright.”

He swept his gaze past all of them while seeming to be reluctant and sorrowful, and his movements seemed difficult and slow.

In the end, he turned around again, took a deep breath, and seemed to have made some sort of decision.

Right at this moment, the Sovereign Sect’s Master suddenly spoke. “Wu Xuechan, you’ve missed the best opportunity to detonate yourself.”

His voice had just resounded when the tip of his finger had suddenly arrived before Wu Xuechan’s forehead and was stabbing towards him.

Wu Xuechan’s pupils constricted violently. He seemed to have never expected that the Sovereign Sect’s Master would attack abruptly, and then he immediately came to an understanding.

Right, he wouldn’t be the Sovereign Sect’s master if he wasn’t able to discern that I’m unable to hold on any longer and intend to kill myself. What a pity….

A was a step too late in the end….

Wu Xuechan sighed lightly in his heart. He was powerless to avoid this attack, but he wasn’t afraid of death either. He just had some worries left in his heart and didn’t want to die with regrets.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s attack was very swift, and it was quick to the point Li Yang and the others hadn’t even been able to react. They were still feeling sorrowful, and they’d utterly not realized that Wu Xuechan was on the brink of death.

Perhaps Wu Xuechan would really be unable to escape calamity this time.

Di Shun had lost, Wen Daozhen had lost as well. So, could anyone in this secret realm stop the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s attack?

But the was never a lack of miracles in the world. The reason miracles were miracles was because they occurred at the critical moment. After all, how could ordinary things be miracles?

Right at the instant that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had attacked, and Wu Xuechan was still sighing with slight regret in his heart, an icy cold and indifferent voice suddenly blasted through this expanse of the world!

“How dare you!!!?”

It was like the furious roar of a divine dragon from the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world. It was like the myriad of Daos throughout the world were rumbling, and it was like the thunder which carried the rage of the ages was surging.

That voice shook the stars in the distance to the point they wailed, trembled, and were on the verge of falling down to the ground!

That voice shook the world to the point it seemed like silk which was about to be torn apart!

It shook the area before the cottage to the point space collapsed, the Dao flowed in reverse, and everything seemed like it had fallen into a state of eternal doom!

How dare you!?

It was just three words, yet it was so resolute, so murderous, and so arrogant!


The finger of the Sovereign Sect’s Master was less than an inch away from the center of Wu Xuechan’s brow, and the sharp glow it emanated had even torn apart the skin and bones there. It was only a thread away from destroying Wu Xuechan’s soul.

However, it was precisely this inch which seemed like it was so near yet so far. When that voice resounded, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s finger cracked explosively as if it was broken from having enormous force exerted upon it. At the same time, his figure was blasted backward uncontrollably, and he staggered back and almost fell to the ground.

How dare you!?

It was a question to the Dao Heart. It asked if the Sovereign Sect’s Master had the courage to endure the price of such actions!

How dare you!?

It was a form of arrogance that even if he dared to do so, he could wait to endure the flames of rage that were about to be vented upon him!


The Sovereign Sect’s Master coughed up a mouthful of blood. Even though he’d steadied himself, it was obvious that his aura was in a state of disorder. Moreover, his face carried a heavy, solemn, surprised, and bewildered expression. The composure he had before this was long gone.

How dare you!?

At this critical moment, such words were like the embodiment of a miracle.

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