Chapter 2184 – Zero Hesitation

The rock seemed extremely ordinary if it was evaluated on outer appearance alone. It was branded with the mottled marks of time, and there were many clumps of moss growing all over it. It had experienced the corrosion of the elements for countless years as it resided before the cottage in order to transform into its current state.

In the past, the disciples of Oracle Mountain were merely aware that their Founding Ancestor Fuxi had comprehended the Dao on that rock, and that was why the rock carried extraordinary meaning and was like a relic.

However, when they heard the conversation between Wu Xuechan and the Sovereign Sect’s Master, they finally understood that the rock wasn’t as ordinary as it seemed on the surface!

It was called the Rock of Past Life, and it was something their Founding Ancestor Fuxi had obtained from the Third Netherworld Emperor!

According to the Sovereign Sect’s Master, if one didn’t possess the Rock of Past Life, then it was impossible to truly control the eternal cycle of Samsara even if one possessed the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil brush!

Similarly, their Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, said that the departure of their Founding Ancestor Fuxi was closely related to the Rock of Past Life.

That was clearly extremely inconceivable!

Even though all of them were unable to deduce the exact reason, they’d clearly realized that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had come to Oracle Mountain for the sake of taking the Rock of Past Life!

Moreover, if he were to succeed at taking it away, then it might cause the plans of their founding ancestor to fail.

The hearts of everyone here couldn’t help but rise to their throats, and they’d never been more nervous and worried in their lives.

After the Sovereign Sect’s Master obtained a certain answer from Wu Xuechan, he didn’t reveal any fluctuations of emotion because he hadn’t come to Oracle Mountain out of impulse.

Conversely, it was just as he’d told Di Shun and Wen Daozhen just now. He’d come with a very simple objective, and it was to take the Rock of Past Life and a few people with him.

Besides that, destroying Oracle Mountain was completely meaningless to him.

At this moment, as he gazed at Wu Xuechan who’d stopped just 10 steps away from him, the Sovereign Sect’s Master said, “Looks like you will definitely not allow me to take it with me, right?”

Wu Xuechan nodded and said, “I’d definitely stop you with my life.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master chuckled. “Could it be that you intend to follow in Fuxi’s footsteps by fighting without hesitation and risking everything?”

Wu Xuechan nodded and said frankly, “Exactly.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master restrained the smile on the corners of his mouth, and then he fell silent.

He stretched out one of his hands. His slender and fair fingers were practically ethereal and were suffused with a clear and mysterious glow. He pressed the tips of his fingers together and made a knocking motion towards Wu Xuechan.

His movements were carefree and casual like a guest that was knocking against the door of a cottage.

However, this simple movement formed boundless profundities in Wu Xuechan’s eyes. It was like it could cover the world, strike the surroundings, and break through the annals of time.

It was an extremely terrifying feeling. It wasn’t like he was facing a simple attack. It was like he was facing the might of the entire heavens, and it was a strike and interrogation in relation to Destiny!

Wu Xuechan took a deep breath while a myriad of strands of illusory light surged within his deep eyes. It was like all the Daos in the world were circulating within his eyes.

At the same time, he pushed his hand forward lightly through space.

The might of this push was clean and direct. It seemed like he wanted to push the Grand Dao and the entire world away, and it was extremely resolute and decisive.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke with surprise. “I never expected that you’d actually peeked into a trace of the true secrets of the Ultimate Path. You’ve already faintly surpassed the attainments of both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen. You didn’t possess such ability a few years ago.”

As he spoke, his fingers which were pressed together had flicked open like an arrow released from a bowstring, and his fingers suddenly became completely straight like a sword as they stabbed forward lightly. Wu Xuechan’s palm which was pushing towards the Sovereign Sect’s Master stiffened, and then he withdrew it like he’d been shocked by a bolt of electricity. Moreover, he seemed like he’d suffered a heavy blow, and he staggered three steps back while his countenance flashed between a livid and ashen color.

“I watched the 13 Dao Servants being killed and the Godrank Chart being split apart some time ago, and I was lucky to discern some clues to the true profundities of the Ultimate Path.” Wu Xuechan took a few deep breaths in succession before his wide sleeves surged like the wind and rumbled like thunder. He interlocked the fingers on both his hands to form an ancient seal, and then he lightly pressed it forward.


Numerous mysterious divine talisman diagrams formed in the space between them. All the diagrams were crystalline, translucent, and contained a huge amount of the Laws of Destiny. They competed in brilliance with each other and seemed like a flaming prairie as they stretched out towards the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

All the others in the surroundings felt a piercing pain in their eyes, and then their souls and Dao Heart burned and were on the verge of exploding apart as if they’d suffered a heavy injury.

This caused them to feel astounded. They practically instinctively closed their eyes and didn’t dare continue watching the battle.

The level of that battle was too terrifying! It wasn’t something they could understand at all. Moreover, even just a glance had caused their souls and Dao Hearts to almost collapse. That was simply inconceivable to them.

“Oh? The 13 Dao Servants have been killed? No wonder, no wonder….” The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to be lost in thought, but his actions weren’t slow at all, and he waved his sleeve lightly at the instant Wu Xuechan had attacked.

The divine talisman diagrams that were stretching towards the Sovereign Sect’s Master suddenly transformed into ashes and vanished into nothingness. At the same time, a strand of invisible energy surged over and collided with Wu Xuechan.


Wu Xuechan’s body trembled violently, his snow white hair fluttered, his countenance turned pale, and a strand of scarlet red blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

However, he seemed as if he hadn’t noticed at all, and he gazed calmly at the Sovereign Sect’s Master. He clenched his right hand into a simple fist, and then smashed it forward in a rough and wild manner.

Was it a form of attack that had returned to simplicity?


This punch was called Feelings of the Heart. The thoughts in the heart were converged onto the fist. It was a technique that completely disregarded the incorporation of technique and profundities, and it just carried the will to smash everything before it.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was slightly visibly moved when he faced this seemingly unrefined punch. “You actually know such profound methods of utilizing the Dao Heart. Perhaps you’ll become another Fuxi if you’re given the chance.”


The Sovereign Sect’s Master waved the tip of his finger, and then a fine ray of light shot forward like a sharp bolt of lightning, and it was simply ethereal and traceless.

In an instant, the ray of light struck Wu Xuechan’s punch, and then his fingers and knuckles cracked apart while his blood sprayed.

When that ray of light was about to continue along his palm and charge towards his arm, Wu Xuechan suddenly shook his head with an emotionless expression on his face, and he actually removed his entire right arm from his body!


His severed arm transformed into a rain of light and vanished while another right arm grew out in its place. However, Wu Xuechan’s countenance had turned extremely pale while his breathing was heavy.

“You still intend to continue?” asked the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

“Why not?” Wu Xuechan replied with a question. Even though he seemed to be heavily injured, his expression was calm and steady as before.

“Alright. I’ll fulfil your wish.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master nodded.

In an instant, they engaged each other in battle again.

Regardless of whether it was the Sovereign Sect’s Master of Wu Xuechan, both their strengths had exceeded the boundaries of the world, and it wasn’t something that other cultivators could lay eyes upon.

This predetermined that this battle would be completely different because while it seemed to be a completely ordinary collision, it contained extraordinary killing intent and dangers.

As it was said, the Grand Dao moved towards simplicity!

The others in the surroundings weren’t affected by the battle. Even though they didn’t dare watch it, they were able to hear it clearly.

However, they were dazed because they hadn’t heard any world shaking sounds of collision since the battle had begun, and it was even to the extent they didn’t sense even a trace of the aura of danger.

It was like that battle wasn’t being carried out at all, or it wasn’t being carried out in front of them.

But the true situation was obviously not like that. They were clearly aware that the only reason it seemed like that was because their strengths were too weak. They were utterly unable to discern anything from the battle.

The only thing that eased their hearts slightly was that they were still able to hear the voices of Wu Xuechan and the Sovereign Sect’s Master as they confronted each other.

15 minutes later.

“A pity, truly a pity. If you were able to concentrate on cultivating and not on protecting Oracle Mountain, then your natural talent would be sufficient for you to attain attainments that rivalled Fuxi’s accomplishments from all those years ago.”

“What we seek is different, so it can’t be said to be a pity. It’s enough if it’s my wish.”

10 minutes later.

“You should be very clearly aware that it’s impossible to turn the situation around even if you give up your life. So why be so resolute?”

“Why have you been exercising forbearance throughout the battle and even warned me many times instead of crushing me immediately?”

“Looks like you’ve seen through it. Indeed, even though I possess the ability to utilize the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao, I’m only a strand of my will and not my real body. So, I’m unable to kill you in an instant.”

“I’m unable to as well.”

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

“You can’t last much longer.”

“I can still detonate myself.”

“Detonate yourself? Hah! Once you do that, then you’ll be destroying the entire inheritance of Oracle Mountain because all of these disciples will be obliterated along with you, and you may not necessarily be able to kill me.”

“You’re wrong. Even if I destroy everything here, it may not necessarily be the complete destruction of my Oracle Mountain’s inheritance. Don’t forget that my Master, Martial Uncle, and Little Junior Brother are all still alive.”

“Looks like you don’t know. Fuxi can’t escape death anymore. Ji Yu’s ability is limited, so killing him is as easy as flipping my palm. As for your little junior brother, he's a variable indeed. But it won’t be long before I’ll meet him myself.”

“Those are just statements without any proof. The matters of the future can only be known in the future.”

“It makes sense that you don’t believe me. But if I were to take the people on Oracle Mountain who are closest to that little fellow with me, then do you think he would take the initiative to meet me?”


“No, I just want to make him come meet me. All of you’ve fostered him as an important chess piece, but aren’t I the same? Otherwise, do you think I would have just watched without doing anything as he grew all along the way from the three dimensions until now? To be completely blunt, no matter how trivial it is, I know everything that has occurred to that little fellow. I only haven’t killed him until now because I have great use for him.”

“He isn’t a chess piece but my little junior brother, and he’s a disciple of Oracle Mountain!”

“Fine, there’s no point arguing.”

Right at this moment, all the others in the surroundings felt their bodies tremble while the restraints on them actually seemed to have been broken, allowing all of them to recover their strength.

They opened their eyes instinctively, and then their hearts shook. Wu Xuechan’s figure was standing before all of them while dense and thick blood flowed all over him. Moreover, the blood had even converged into a pool beneath his feet, and his snow white hair had been tainted blood red.

That blood red color… was extremely horrifying!

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