Chapter 2183 – The Rock of Past Life

Boundless terror surged into the hearts of every single person present here. It was like a spark that had lit up a plain, and it surged through their entire bodies and burnt them to the point they shivered.

Even Founding Ancestors Di Shun and Wen Daozhen have lost. Can anyone in this world stop that black clothed man’s footsteps?Who is he?Why was he able to enter such a restricted Secret Realm with such ease?

The more they thought about it, the heavier their hearts were, and their expressions changed indeterminately. They hadn’t noticed at all that the thought that the black clothed man was impossible to resist had actually surged into their hearts at the moment they laid eyes on that black clothed man!

Yes, besides feeling horrified, perturbed, surprised, and bewildered, not a single one of them was able to arouse the thought to question or resist the black clothed man!

Just like this very moment. Their consciousnesses had been soundlessly controlled and affected. Such ability couldn’t just be described as inconceivable, it was simply terrifying!

Strong winds whistled atop the mountain as all the disciples of Oracle Mountain felt cold as they stood before the cottage, and their expressions changed indeterminately as if they’d been possessed.

At this moment, the black clothed man had walked over and arrived before the hall.

He was naturally the Sovereign Sect’s Master. As soon as he appeared here, his indifferent and completely emotionless gaze had swept lightly past everyone here.

It was merely this gaze which had instantly imprisoned them, causing their strength and vital blood to seem as if they’d been sealed. So, all of them weren’t able to move at all.

It was even to the extent that speaking was impossible for them!

They could only watch helplessly like puppets with souls.

This made their hearts tremble, and they felt surprised, furious, horrified, and dazed. Who exactly is this fellow? Why is he so formidable?They weren’t able to sense his existence with their consciousnesses. It was like he didn’t exist.

Their gazes were unable to see his face clearly. It was like he was an illusion.

It was even to the extent that when the black clothed man had appeared here and arrived before them, they’d actually seemed to have lost their strength to struggle and could only….

Watch helplessly!

It was a feeling that they’d never experienced throughout their lifetimes. It was like their fate had completely escaped their own control, and they were completely at the mercy of another. It was an extremely aggrieving feeling.

Regardless of whether they’d attained the Region Lord Realm or possessed even lower realms of cultivation, all of them were in a similar state right now.

It was like all of them were ants before the black clothed man!

The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed as if he’d forgotten their existence and just kept his hands behind his back as he sized up the small mountain. His gaze flashed inch by inch through the small mountain, and he didn’t speak a single word.

He was looking very carefully like he was appraising an unprecedentedly rare treasure, yet also seemed like he was silently comprehending some sort of indescribable secret.

In the end, his gaze descended onto the cottage, and he finally sighed after this long period of silence. “Fuxi comprehended the Dao here all those years ago and saw through the changes in the workings of the heavens, allowing him to create this sect, the Oracle Mountain. Perhaps this is the true Oracle Mountain!”

Even though they couldn’t speak, a wisp of unusual expressions had appeared in their eyes when they heard this, and there was hostility, bewilderment, and surprise in their eyes.

They seemed to have faintly guessed the black clothed man’s identity, but they weren’t able to believe it in a short period of time because it was too shocking and inconceivable.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master paid no attention to them. Or perhaps, he’d never paid any attention to them since the beginning.

The mountain and the cottage on it were where his attention had converged on.

After he sighed with emotion, the Sovereign Sect’s Master started moving forward, and he walked along a rough mountain path and approached the cottage.

His footsteps were neither fast nor slow, and it was like he was walking in his own backyard.

It wasn’t long before the Sovereign Sect’s Master arrived in front of the cottage. But he didn’t push open the door and walk into the simple and even quite shabby cottage. He just stood before the rock which stood outside the cottage.

“All those years ago when Fuxi obtained the River Diagram, he lived in seclusion here and exposed himself to the elements while his heart was wholeheartedly immersed within the Grand Dao. He tempered himself painstakingly for 8,000 years before finally attaining sudden comprehension and laying eyes on a trace of the profundities of the Ultimate Path while still an insignificant being. Only then did Oracle Mountain attain its current accomplishments. Unfortunately, Oracle Mountain hasn’t been able to produce another figure which can rival him since he was trapped within the Dao Terra Firma. It’s truly a pity.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master sat casually on the rock while he looked off into the boundless starry sky in the distance and sighed endlessly with emotion.

Even though he was sighing, his voice was indistinct and didn’t carry even a trace of emotion.

The expressions in the eyes of many changed slightly when they saw the Sovereign Sect’s Master disregard his bearing and sit casually on the rock.

Especially Li Yang, Tie Yunhai, and the others. Their gazes were filled with rage that was impossible to conceal.

While that rock seemed to be ordinary, its surface was branded with mottle traces of age. According to legend, it was where their Founding Ancestor Fuxi had sat as he comprehended the Dao, and it was like a divine relic.

Even all of them who were disciples of Oracle Mountain could only observe it sincerely yet didn’t dare step forward and disrespect it. Yet now, the black clothed man had actually sat directly on it. So, it simply felt like disrespect to them!

The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to have noticed that, and his gaze descended onto them and couldn’t help but shake his head while he looked at the burning rage and hatred in their eyes.

“If treasures left behind by ancestors are used merely for reverence, then it’s undoubtedly like covering a bright pearl in dust. All of you who are his disciples haven’t seen through it, so how could your accomplishments compare to Fuxi, let alone surpass him.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master rubbed the rock beneath him, and the tip of his finger swept through its mottled and slightly cold surface as he sighed lightly.

These words caused the rage in the eyes of Li Yang and the others to grow even deeper. If their bodies weren’t restrained, then they would have probably disregarded everything and fought the Sovereign Sect’s Master to the death.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to be flagging with interest when he noticed this, and he stood up and pointed at the rock. “Looks like all of you don’t believe me. Allow me to tell all of you that this rock is the true supreme inheritance that Fuxi left for all of you. Don’t all of you think that you have eyes yet failed to see?”

The eyes of Li Yang and the others narrowed. They’d clearly been shocked by the Sovereign Sect’s Master and found it difficult to believe.

“This rock is called the Rock of Past Life. Just like the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush, it’s part of the quintessential energy of the Ultimate Order of Samsara. All those years ago when Fuxi and the Third Netherworld Emperor discussed the Dao, the Netherworld Emperor won the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush, whereas, Fuxi won this Rock of Past Life.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke casually about a shocking secret, and he didn’t care about what the others thought as he just continued. “During that Dao discussion, the Third Netherworld Emperor left complacently with the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush as he thought that he’d won, and so he tried to establish the cycle of reincarnation and control the Order of the world within Samsara. Unfortunately, he failed in the end.”

All of them were stunned. Many of them had never even heard of such events, so they couldn’t help but reveal gazes of wonder. Why is he telling us all of this?

Right at this moment, a flat and warm voice suddenly resounded. “Why?”

Eldest Senior Brother!

Their eyes lit up in unison when they heard this voice.

Sure enough, they saw Wu Xuechan who wore white clothes and had snow white hair had soundlessly arrived here. At this moment, he strode over to the cottage, and he was merely 10 steps away from the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

His figure was tall, his bearing was steady as always, and even his clear face maintained his usual warm and composed expression.

At this moment, when he stood before the cottage and spoke those words, anyone who wasn’t aware of the situation would think that he was humbly seeking guidance from an expert he’d paid a visit to.

Only those disciples of Oracle Mountain were clearly aware that undercurrents were surging beneath this seemingly calm atmosphere, and it was filled with boundless killing intent. Merely the slightest mistake would cause a change between life and death!

When they thought up to that point, all of them couldn’t help but feel extremely worried. Even Founding Ancestors Di Shun and Wen Daozhen weren’t able to stop him. Would Eldest Senior Brother be able to succeed?

On the other hand, the Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed as if he was aware of Wu Xuechan’s arrival since the beginning, and he pointed casually at the rock and said, “It’s very simple, he lacked this thing.”

“The Rock of Past Life?” Wu Xuechan seemed to be lost in thought.

“Yes. If the cycle of reincarnation didn’t contain past life within it, then it would be unable to take control of the eternal cycle of Samsara within the Heaven Dao. In that way, the so-called cycle which is created would only be the cycle of reincarnation in appearance yet not in essence. The Third Netherworld Emperor’s failure was actually predetermined from the moment the Dao discussion between him and your master, Fuxi, had come to an end.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to be very patient at this moment and slowly explained the secrets behind all of this.

Wu Xuechan thought for a moment and said, “But according to my knowledge, the Third Netherworld Emperor didn’t have much hope of success even if he possessed the Rock of Past Life.”

“Oh?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master said, “Why?”

Wu Xuechan smiled and said, “You should be able to guess the answer.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master fell silent for a while before he said, “You’re saying that he knew he didn’t have any chance of success before he even started establishing the cycle of reincarnation?”

Wu Xuechan nodded. “Yes, that’s why he willingly gave the Rock of Past Life to my Master so that it wouldn’t be taken away along with the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush once he perished.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master fell silent for a while before he sighed in the end. “He clearly knew it was impossible yet still risked everything; he clearly knew that he would definitely die, yet still proceeded without hesitation. Why did he do that?”

Wu Xuechan sighed and said, “Yes. Why? My Master wasn’t able to see through it as well, but he finally came to a slight understanding in the end.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master smiled. “I wouldn’t mind knowing what he understood.”

Wu Xuechan grinned. “What he understood isn’t important. What’s important is that after Master saw through all of that, he proceeded without hesitation to the Dao Terra Firma and intended to risk everything like you’ve just said.”

The two of them seemed to be speaking in riddles, and all the others in the surroundings were bewildered by it, causing the puzzled expressions in their eyes to grow even deeper.

But it was very clear that both the Sovereign Sect’s Master and Wu Xuechan didn’t intend to explain the riddle.

After he heard Wu Xuechan, the Sovereign Sect’s Master thought for a while and nodded. “I roughly understand now.”

When he spoke up to this point, he looked at Wu Xuechan and smiled. “Fortunately, so long as I take the Rock of Past Life with me, then the objective your master strives for by risking everything will probably fail short of success just like the Third Netherworld Emperor.”

Wu Xuechan fell silent for a moment before he said frankly, “True.”

In an instant, even if they couldn’t understand what Wu Xuechan and the Sovereign Sect’s Master were talking about, all of them seemed to have come to a slight understanding, and it caused their pupils to constrict.

So the crux of the matter is that rock which sits before the cottage!

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