Chapter 2182 – Nothing Can Be Done

In the sky, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s black clothed fluttered while he held the Infinite Divine Talisman in his hand, and strands of clear and mysterious energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao coiled around him, causing him to simply seem like an overlord formed from the Heaven Dao that was horrifying and inviolable.

Wen Daozhen crawled up from the ground with great difficulty, and he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh as he gazed at such a scene. “No wonder I was unable to chop of you head, so a dog like you has actually started to take advantage of your master.”

He was naturally able to discern that the strength which the Sovereign Sect’s Master possessed right now wasn't simply borrowed strength from the Heaven Dao, and he’d started to take control of the Heaven Dao instead!

Borrowing and controlling it was two completely different things. It was like the difference of standing inside and outside the Heaven Dao’s door, and this door was one which led to a whole new world.

Under such circumstances, even if the Sovereign Sect’s Master standing before him was just a strand of will, fighting him was no different than going against the Heaven Dao.

Wen Daozhen stopped struggling. He staggered over to Di Shun and sat down before he raised his bottle gourd and took a huge gulp of the wine within it. After that, he said to Di Shun, “I never expected that we wouldn’t be able to avoid the calamity brought down by the unexpected change in the heaven Dao.”

Di Shun took the bottle gourd from Wen Daozhen, raised his head, and drank a few mouthfuls to his heart’s content before he said, “At the very least, we’ve done what we should.”

“So, have the two of you given up on struggling?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s indistinct voice resounded from high above in the sky.

“You’ve won already. What more do you want?” Wen Daozhen shot a sideways glance at the Sovereign Sect’s Master and grunted.

“The Infinite Divine Talisman is in your hand, and you can destroy this mountain at any moment. So, we would only be asking for insult if we were to continue struggling right now.” Di Shun spoke with an emotionless expression.

“No, both of you’ve probably forgotten the reason I came here.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master shook his head and flicked lightly with the tip of his finger. The Infinite Divine Talisman instantly collapsed, and then it transformed into a myriad of ethereal talisman markings which whistled down like rays of light and entered every single corner of Oracle Mountain.

Everything had returned to where it came from, and the entire mountain recovered its original state.

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s eyes narrowed when they witnessed this scene, and they felt silent. They seemed to have never imagined that the Sovereign Sect’s Master would actually give up on the chance to destroy the Infinite Divine Talisman.

After all, this mountain, Oracle Mountain, was the foundation of the formation created with the Infinite Divine Talisman, and he only had to destroy it to obliterate the entire mountain along with it.

But it just so happened that the Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t do that.

“I came here to see if Fuxi left anything here when he left and to take a few people with me.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master strode over and looked down at Di Shun and Wen Daozhen who were on the ground, and his voice was calm as before as if he didn’t possess any emotions.

As soon as these words were spoken, both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen fell silent, but there was a wisp of gloominess on their faces.

They’d guessed what the Sovereign Sect’s Master intended to do, but they hadn’t expected that he would have actually see through all their plans.

“I’ve been thinking since I arrived at the foot of the mountain. With the strength that the two of you possess, you should have noticed my arrival at the first possible moment, but you didn’t show yourselves and just allowed me to encounter two weak little fellows.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master had his hands behind his back as he spoke slowly. “When I arrived at the mountainside, the two of you still didn’t show yourselves, but Tang Xian came to stop me instead. Both of you should be clearly aware that Tang Xian was absolutely not a match for me, yet you still sent him over to give his life away. That was quite unusual.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “When I saw the two of you and saw the Infinite Divine Talisman, I finally understood your plan.”

Di Shun and Wen Daozhen remained silent but the gloominess of their faces had grown greater.

The Sovereign Sect’s master moved his gaze and looked at Wen Daozhen while he sighed. “Logically speaking, you only had to immediately destroy the Infinite Divine Talisman according to your plan and the entire Oracle Mountain would be destroyed. In that way, I would have no choice but to leave empty handed. Unfortunately, you were unable to bear to do that, and that caused such an outcome in the end.”

Wen Daozhen’s face fell, and he said coldly, “If you want to kill us then do so. Why waste your breath blabber on?”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master smiled. “A single mistake spoils the entire plan. In the end, both of you didn’t lose to me, you lost because of your own Dao Hearts.”

When he spoke up to this point, he raised his head and strode to the peak of the mountain, and then he pointed at the ocean of clouds at the end of the peak. He said, “If I’m not wrong, what Fuxi left behind is hidden there, and the two of you have definitely sent those disciples of Oracle Mountain there too.”

At this moment, Di Shun and Wen Daozhen were finally unable to maintain their composure, and their faces were filled with shock, fury, and bewilderment.

Especially Wen Daozhen, there was even a trace of regret on his face.

Just like the Sovereign Sect’s Master had said, they’d noticed his arrival at the first possible moment.

After that, Wen Daozhen took charge of gathering the disciples in the sect and sending them into the Secret Realm on Oracle Mountain, whereas Di Shun would head off to stop the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

Both of them were very clearly aware that since the Sovereign Sect’s Master himself had come, then he definitely had something to rely on. So, for the sake of the survival of Oracle Mountain and the safety of all its disciples, they’d decided to sacrifice themselves to safeguard their sect’s inheritance.

According to the plan, regardless of whether they were a match for the Sovereign Sect’s Master, Wen Daozhen had to utilize the Infinite Divine Talisman to destroy the mountain once he showed himself here. Because the destruction of the mountain would completely isolate the Secret Realm from the outside world, and even the Sovereign Sect’s Master would be helpless once that happened.

But in the end… Wen Daozhen hadn’t done that.

He was reluctant!

He was reluctant to allow the entire mountain which was Oracle Mountain to be destroyed.

He was reluctant to allow the paradise of cultivation which the three of them had jointly established to be destroyed in his hands.

It was exactly that reluctance which made Wen Daozhen reveal a rare feeling of hesitation, and it was exactly that hesitation which caused such an outcome.

Could anything be done but sigh helplessly?

It was too late for regret!

Perhaps it was just like Wen Daozhen had said just now, they were unable to avoid the calamity brought down by the unexpected change in the Heaven Dao.

“Just be at ease and rest here. I’ll leave immediately once I’ve accomplished my objectives.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master strode forward towards the ocean of clouds in the distance.

“Don’t you dare!”


Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s expressions changed completely. They somehow summoned the strength to stand up in fury, and they were about to stop him with their lives.

However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s figure had vanished within the boundless ocean of clouds when they’d just stood up….

In an instant, both of these founding ancestors of Oracle Mountain were completely stunned and filled with dejection. Even their pursuit of the Grand Dao had never made them feel the despair they felt at this moment.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master was too terrifying!

He seemed to be all powerful and all knowing. Moreover, he’d even taken control of the Order of the Heaven Dao, so they truly wonder if there was anyone in the world that could stop him!

A Secret Realm was established within the depths of the ocean of clouds. It was the most mysterious and restricted place throughout Oracle Mountain.

There was only a vast starry sky in there and a lone mountain. There was only a simple cottage at the top of the mountain, and there was a rock standing in front of the cottage.

At this moment, many figures were gathered outside the cottage. All of them had solemn expressions on their face, and they were remaining silent.

Amongst these figures were the personal disciples of Fuxi’s line like Tie Yunhai, the Old Scholar, Li Fuyao, Cang Tu, Gu Liangqin, Qing Hui, Xuan Qing, Mu Xinyu, Lin Yuan, Yu Ming, and Li Yang.

The 3rd generation disciples of Wen Daozhen’s line like Wen Ting, Xing Zhen, Hua Yan, Tu Meng, and Gu Yan.

Moreover, the others related to Chen Xi like Senior White A’Liang, Ye Yan, and Zhen Liuqing.

It could be said that besides Chen Xi and a few others, all the disciples of Oracle Mountain were present here.

They were like the surviving flames of Oracle Mountain and possessed its inheritance. So, as long as they survived, then Oracle Mountain could be rebuilt even if it were destroyed.

All of them didn’t know why they’d been sent here, but they were very clearly aware that some sort of shocking and unexpected event had occurred in their sect!

Otherwise, Wen Daozhen would definitely not hastily send all of them into this Secret Realm.

What exactly has happened?

No one knew the answer to that question. But the more it was unknown, the worrying it was. So, all of them had extremely solemn expressions on their faces.

None of them spoke as well, so the atmosphere here was heavy, and it was practically suffocating.

Even someone who spoke constantly like Senior White had shut his mouth right now, and he seemed to be worried.

Time passed by slowly, yet it felt like years had passed, and they suffered unprecedented torment in their hearts.

There had been many times where they’d been almost unable to refrain from charging out of the Secret Realm, but they had no choice but to restrain themselves when they recalled Wen Daozhen’s solemn and strict instructions before he left.

What exactly has happened in the outside word?Could Oracle Mountain have suffered calamity as well?

According to their knowledge, the Ancient God Domain could be said to be filled with chaos, and it had fallen completely into an ocean of calamity. There wasn’t a single region that had been spared, nor had there been any power which could avoid being affected by it.

Besides that, the Sovereign Sect seemed to advance with all-powerful might during the calamity, and it had successively conquered numerous regions and took control of over 90% of the Ancient God Domain.

Those who chose to resist the Sovereign Sect were completely uprooted and annihilated.

Those who chose to cooperate with the Sovereign Sect became its claws that helped it commit evil, and they brought disaster to the world with the Sovereign Sect.

At this point in time, even the Dao Institute wasn’t able to escape disaster, and even the strand of will which its Dean, Liu Shenji, left behind within the Dao Institute had been trapped by the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

On the other hand, even though Nuwa’s Dao Palace had allied itself with Oracle Mountain since the beginning, the world it resided in had been isolated by the Sovereign Sect a very long time ago, and it was only a matter of time before it was besieged and conquered by the Sovereign Sect!

However, these disciples of Oracle Mountain had never imagined that this calamity would actually arrive so quickly and catch them off guard!

It was even to the extent that they hadn’t heart any word of it!

But they had no doubt and were very sure that Oracle Mountain was probably facing danger which could decide its life and death!

This caused their hearts to burn with anxiety, the stifling feeling in their chests almost drove them mad.


Suddenly, a wave of ripples fluctuated in the boundless starry sky in the distance, and it drew the attention of everyone standing before the cottage.

After that, they saw a black clothed man stride through space and walk towards them. Merely a single step of his actually allowed him to appear right before him!

However, they were utterly unable to ‘notice’ the black clothed man’s existence when they used their consciousnesses to scan him!

It was such a conflicting feeling. It caused many disciples here to feel uncomfortable to the point their vital blood roiled, and they couldn’t help but cough up blood.

Even Tie Yunhai and the others had an unprecedentedly solemn expression on their faces while their hearts shook, and their hairs stood on end. They felt a form of unprecedentedly great horror!

Who’s this black clothed man?Why was he able to enter this Secret Realm of our Oracle Mountain?

Could it be that Founding Ancestors Di Shun and Wen Daozhen have…?

The expressions of many changed when they thought of this possibility, and it was like they’d been struck by lightning.

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