Chapter 2181 – Wen Daozhen

The blade of Destiny was right in front of him!

Di Shun didn’t wait for his voice to finish resounding when he suddenly shouted loudly, and his hair fluttered furiously. He seemed like an enraged overlord as his right hand swept horizontally like a bolt of lightning.


It sounded like glass shattered as the blade of Destiny vanished without a trace, yet the force created by it didn’t even cause a ripple in space or affect anything in the surroundings.

But at this very moment, Di Shun’s figure had been blasted flying while blood sprayed from both his mouth and nose. Moreover, his firm, focused, and aged face was suffused by an unnaturally red color.


Di Shun’s figure crashed to the ground. It seemed like his entire aura had been suppressed, and his entire body was filled with the aura of death which couldn’t be eliminated.

A Daolord who was a founding ancestor level figure who’d watched over Oracle Mountain for countless years and could be considered as top-rate amongst all the Daolords in the entire world had actually been heavily injured and was on the verge of death from a single attack!

The most astonishing part was that both the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s attack and Di Shun’s counterattack hadn’t caused a single ripple or affected anything around them.

It was so calm and flat, yet it seemed even more shocking.

It undoubtedly represented that their control of their strength had clearly arrived at an inconceivable height!

“It really isn’t your own strength.” Di Shun’s countenance changed from blood red to ghastly pale. Every single inch of skin on his body seemed to be suffering the corrosion of death, and it was impossible to avoid or resist.

He was clearly enduring a huge amount of pain. The veins on his forehead had bulged while his fingers were trembling uncontrollably, but his expression was still calm and composed. He didn’t reveal an embarrassing expression at all.

“It really isn’t mine, but it should have been mine a very long time ago.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke very frankly, and his voice was flat and indistinct.

“You’re just a dog who stands on guard the Heaven Dao, and borrowing the energy of the Heaven Dao is your limit. Aren’t you overestimating your strength by making a vain attempt to take control of it?” said Di Shun in a cold voice.

A dog!

His feet which were just about to move forward had suddenly stopped when he heard such extremely insulting words.

He shot a sideways glance at Di Shun who was sitting on the ground, and he fell silent for a short while before he sighed. After that, he withdrew his gaze and said indifferently, “You really are too inferior when compared to Fuxi. At the very least, he wouldn’t stoop down to such disgraceful actions even if he were to die.”

“My Senior Brother has no need for you to judge him.” Di Shun took a deep breath, sat calmly on the ground, wiped off the bloodstains on both his mouth and nose, and then paid no further attention to the energy of death which was ceaselessly corroding his entire body.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master frowned and pondered deeply for a long time before he suddenly said, “If you intend to fight me to the death, then don’t blame me for annihilating all living beings on Oracle Mountain!”

Di Shun’s eyes narrowed while a conflicted expression and killing intent surged into his eyes. He spoke in a hoarse voice after some time passed. “I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to accomplish that.”

The Sovereign Sect’s Master started laughing. He placed his hands behind his back and slowly looked up into the sky as he said, “Then do you want to give it a try?”

Di Shun raised his head and stared at the Sovereign Sect’s Master for a long time before his gaze dimmed down in the end. It was like all his strength had left him, and he took a deep sigh and stared blankly at the Sovereign Sect’s Master in silence.

“In my opinion, it isn’t important whether I kill all of you or not, and what I desire isn’t something that all of you can understand either. Perhaps Fuxi would understand my thoughts if he were here. Unfortunately, he isn’t on Oracle Mountain now.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master started walking again. He stepped off the path and arrived at the peak of Oracle Mountain.

He just stood there casually while his loose black clothes fluttered with the wind. His figure seemed like it wasn’t real because he seemed like he existed yet was elusive and indistinct like the Heaven Dao as well.

Di Shun’s entire body was covered by the energy of death. His face seemed haggard, and he was powerless to stop all of this.

He didn’t even have a thread of strength left.

This made a wisp of grief arise in Di Shun’s heart, and it was impossible to eliminate.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master had come here himself, and he moved unobstructed through Oracle Mountain. If this was a form of provocation, then it was extraordinary provocation, and if it was an insult, then it was an insult that struck deep through the bone!

When had Oracle Mountain ever experienced something like this since it was established?


Di Shun wasn’t afraid of death, but he was similarly aware that if he were to fight desperately with his life on the line, then the Sovereign Sect would definitely dare to kill all the disciples throughout Oracle Mountain!

That was the source of his grief.

The existence of worries in the heart was like a trap of one’s own doing!

Suddenly, a deep and dignified voice resounded from the sky. “Senior Brother isn’t here, but it doesn’t represent that you can move freely through Oracle Mountain.”

At the instant that this voice resounded, a strand of strange fluctuation had suddenly appeared throughout the mountain. Strands of mysterious and dense symbols could be clearly seen to be surging out from the gaps between every single rock at the foot of the mountain, and it was like starlight had suddenly lit up at this moment.

The fountains, waterfalls, luxuriant plants, divine herbs, mist…. Everything throughout the mountain seemed to have suddenly transformed into talisman diagrams that blazed with divine radiance and fluttered up into the air.

After that, a myriad of talismans that were suffused with illusory and dream-like glows whistled out from every single corner of the mountain, and they converged at the peak of it.

All of these practically boundless talismans, diagrams, rays of divine light…. All of them had fused together at a single spot like a brilliant sun condensed into form from dense talisman markings, and it was boundlessly vast, magnificent, and filled with infinite changes!

It was a divine talisman!

It was a divine talisman that could cover the starry sky, lay across the universe, seize the Karmic Luck of the world, and form endless profundities!

It was the Infinite Divine Talisman!

The mountain was used as the foundation of the formation, boundless profundities and secrets were used as energy, and they merged together to condense this supreme divine talisman.

At the same time, this supreme divine talisman was the supreme and core inheritance of Oracle Mountain!

The Infinite Divine Talisman covered the sky like a blazing sun that emanated boundless divine might, and it enveloped the entire mountain beneath it.

“I never expected that there would actually be a day where we would have to utilize this formation….” Di Shun muttered while a gloomy and bleak expression appeared on his face which was covered by the energy of death. However, there was a wisp of extraordinary splendor in his eyes.

He hadn’t laid eyes upon this formation for a very long time.

“The Infinite Divine Talisman. Amazing! All those years ago, Fuxi utilized it to comprehend the Dao and lay eyes upon the Ultimate Path. Now that I’ve seen it for myself, it really does look extraordinary.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master raised his head and looked at the Infinite Divine Talisman which covered the sky, but not only did he reveal no fear, he even revealed heartfelt praise.

“Since it’s like that, then may I ask if it’s capable of crushing you?” That deep voice resounded once more from the horizon, and then a thin and tall figure appeared along with it.

He wore a violet colored Daoist robe, a crown of feathers on his head, clouds beneath his feet, and a snow white horsetail whisk in his hand. Moreover, there was a green vine belt coiled around his waist, and a green bottle gourd was hanging from it.

As he stood there casually, an otherworldly and supreme aura shot into the sky from within him. The powerful aura he revealed was simply shocking and capable of looking down upon the ages!

The Third Founding Ancestor of Oracle Mountain, Wen Daozhen!

He was an extraordinary overlord who seemed carefree yet was actually resolute and firm!

“Perhaps it would have a chance if it were under Fuxi’s control. However, it’s slightly lacking and nothing worth mentioning if it’s being controlled by you, Wen Daozhen.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master withdrew his gaze from the Infinite Divine Talisman, and he’s recovered his calm expression.

“Haha! This formation really isn’t sufficient to kill a person, but it’s a top-rate guillotine if used to kill a dog.” Wen Daozhen roared with laughter. He took the bottle gourd from his waist and drank a large mouthful to his heart’s content. Only then did he smack his lips and said, “If you don’t believe me, then how about I use it to chop off the head of a dog like you who stands on guard for the Heaven Dao?”


He hadn’t even finished speaking when a strand of light surged out from within the Infinite Divine Talisman. It was a ray of chaotic light that descended like a torrent.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t attempt to dodge at all, and he just stretched out his hand and grabbed lightly. It was like he was grabbing a river that was descending from the sky, and he’d actually grabbed the chaotic ray of light with ease.

He observed it carefully for a moment before he shook his head and said, “You’re only full of talk but it’s strength is so weak. You really are inferior to your senior brother.”


The ray of light instantly transformed into a rain of light as he spoke, and it was crushed into powder within the palm of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s hand.

Wen Daozhen’s brows raised, and then he smiled. “Wait, wait. I’m getting used to it.”


The Infinite Divine Talisman suddenly started circulating and forming boundless ethereal divine radiance. It was like the myriad of worlds in the universe were circulating within it, and it emanated a mysterious and profound aura that was seemingly material.

In an instant, the surging talisman markings and diagrams surged down like a river, and they traversed space to swiftly arrive above the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

All those surging talisman markings and diagrams actually carried the powerful and brilliant energy of Destiny, and they formed a vast ocean of talisman markings that carried an indescribably terrifying imposing aura.

Any Daolord in the world would have no choice but to evade such an attack, otherwise, that Daolord would definitely be crushed and obliterated on the spot.

The Sovereign Sect’s Master finally stopped waiting for the attack to arrive in front of him before he counterattacked. He didn’t seem to move at all yet strands of translucent energy of Order which were filled with the aura of the heavens shot into the sky from within him.

In an instant, it was like he’d transformed into the Heaven Dao which controlled the entire universe. His might and boundless aura even confined this entire expanse of the world.

Wen Daozhen frowned, and then he flashed up into the Infinite Divine Talisman.

“You intend to rely on the Infinite Divine Talisman to fight desperately and take me down with you? I never noticed that you, Wen Daozhen, are actually more resolute and decisive than Di Shun. Unfortunately, doing that won’t be able to harm me, and it’ll make the entire Oracle Mountain end up buried with you.”

As his indistinct voice resounded, the Sovereign Sect’s Master strode on the energy of Order as he shot swiftly into the sky. Everywhere he passed, the surging talisman markings of Destiny were obliterated like snow melting into water, and they were unable to obstruct his footsteps at all.


In merely an instant, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had arrived before the Infinite Divine Talisman, and then he stretched out his hand and clawed. His hand actually seemed to envelop the entire sky, and he grabbed ahold of the Infinite Divine Talisman which was ceaselessly emanating boundless divine might.

In an instant, the Infinite Divine Talisman’s wails surged through the world.

The entire mountain suddenly trembled like its throat had been grabbed, and it revealed signs of being destroyed at any moment.

A wisp of rare astonishment suddenly filled Di Shun’s eyes, and he seemed to be filled with disbelief.


At the same time, Wen Daozhen’s figure was forced out from within the Infinite Divine Talisman. He coughed up large mouthfuls of blood while a dejected and downcast expression covered his face. Moreover, he seemed to be unable to support himself any longer and was on the verge of collapse!

As soon as the Sovereign Sect’s Master moved, it was actually that terrifying!

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