Chapter 2180 – The Sect Master’s Arrival

The Core of Origin World trembled while a gorgeous glow flowed through it.

It was the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao possessed by Origin Heaven, and it had been in deep slumber for countless years upon suffering a heavy injury. At this moment, Chen Xi was branding the profundities of Samsara which he’d comprehended and grasped into the Order of the Heaven Dao which belonged to Origin Heaven.

He wasn’t created a completely new Order of the Heaven Dao, and he was merely using Origin Heaven as a medium to circulate and release the energy of Samsara.

It was like inscribing a talisman. The Core of Origin World was the talisman paper, the energy of Samsara was his ink, and they were fused perfectly together.

Later on, Chen Xi even placed the Sword of Samsara within the Core of Origin World, and he utilized it as a source to allow the energy of Samsara to surge into the Order of the Heaven Dao of Origin Heaven.

Chen Xi stopped after he did all of that. He was very clearly aware that from today onward, Origin Heaven’s development was bound to be completely different from Godsbane Heaven.

At the same time.

A figure stood at the foot of Oracle Mountain. He wore black clothes with wide sleeves, and his hands were placed behind his back as he looked up and scanned Oracle Mountain.

The mountain was lofty, gorgeous, and stood towering there. It was completely covered in mist and seething divine radiance while a myriad of strands of auspicious light descended from it.

It was truly too tall. It seemed like it had pierced through the sky itself and standing before it made others have the misconception that they were tiny like ants.

“The Heaven and the Earth form the Dao, and the Dao takes the form of nature…. So many years have passed yet it’s still completely the same. Looks like Oracle Mountain has started to become self-satisfied and lacking a desire to advance after Fuxi left.” The black clothed man withdrew his gaze, and then he strode slowly up the mountain along the small limestone path at the side.

He had a carefree bearing and seemed like he was taking a stroll through his own backyard, yet it also seemed like Oracle Mountain was extremely familiar to him as he just continued walking by himself.

Ancient trees hung down from the sides of the little path while moss covered it, and numerous rare Divine Herbs grew around it. Moreover, they emanated divine essence and emanated sweet fragrances that rained down towards the surroundings. Besides that, one could frequently see impressive looking cypress trees, towering pine trees, surging fountains and waterfalls, all sorts of flowers and plants, and wild fruits scattered all around the mountain.

The black clothed man didn’t seem like he was ascending the mountain as a guest, and he seemed even more carefree than a guest would be.

“Who are you?” It wasn’t long before a handsome young man leaped out from the side and asked this question in a curious tone.

“An old friend.” The black clothed man grinned.

“An old friend of whom?” The handsome young man continued in a curious tone.

“You’re just a spirit formed from a tiny violet cloud, and you’ve only lived for a little over a thousand years, so you naturally don’t know who I am.” The black clothed man grinned before he continued forward.

“Don’t go! Eh…. Where did he go?” The young man was about to get to the bottom of it when he suddenly noticed that he was actually unable to find that black clothed man anymore. It was like the man had vanished into thin air.

He couldn’t help but scratch his head with a dazed expression on his face. Could it be that I’ve become too exhausted from cultivating and I’m seeing things?

The black clothed man continued up the mountain, and it wasn’t long before he met a youth who was formed from a green lotus. He patted the youth on the shoulder and said, “Where’s your Founding Ancestor?”

The young man seemed as if he was possessed and stared blankly as he said, “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

The black clothed man sighed and said, “Nevermind, just sleep. This dream of yours can be considered to be a lucky encounter.

His voice hadn’t finished resounding when the youth’s body slumped down to the ground, and then transformed into a green lotus that emanated loud snoring sounds.

The black clothed man merely shot his gaze towards the peak of the mountain once he saw the youth fall asleep.

At the same time, a clear, resounding, and composed voice resounded. “May I know why the Master of the Sovereign Sect has arrived here?”

Along with this voice, a handsome and cold man with jade white skin appeared out of thin air, and he wore a fiery red Daoist’s robe which was covered in wood grain patterns while his bare feet were standing on a divine lotus.

As he stood casually there, he was like a supreme divine sun that was radiating its dazzling brilliance, and it illuminated the world with resplendent and brilliant light.

Surprisingly, he was Tang Xian, the number one disciples in the line of the Third Founding Ancestor of Oracle Mountain, Wen Daozhen!

However, at this moment, there was a rare wisp of a solemn expression on Tang Xian’s face as he faced that black clothed man who had his hands behind his back.

Because the black clothed man was the Sovereign Sect’s Master!

Just the words ‘the Sovereign Sect’s Master’ was like an eternal and supreme legend that could make the hearts of all living beings shudder!

The black clothed man’s bearing and appearance were both extremely ordinary, and it was almost impossible for anyone to find anything unusual about him while he stood there with his hands behind his back.

However, his appearance was impossible to discern!

Even though they were facing each other, and Tang Xian could see him clearly, even a figure like Tang Xian was actually unable to lay eyes on the black clothed man’s appearance.

It was like his image would be instantly eliminated from Tang Xian’s mind, and it was an extremely uncomfortable feeling. It was like he didn’t exist yet was standing right in front of Tang Xian.

This made Tang Xian’s expression grow even more solemn while his crimson red robe fluttered.

“I’ve only come here for a single reason. I intend to see if Fuxi left anything in Oracle Mountain before he left.” The black clothed man’s voice was indistinct and impossible to capture. It felt like his voice was coming from all directions yet seemed like he hadn’t spoken at all.

“This is Oracle Mountain and not the Sovereign Sect.” Tang Xian spoke in a serious tone.

At this moment, his aura was being accumulated and restrained within his body like a fully drawn bow or like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting after countless years of accumulation and slumber.

If any other Daolord were to face Tang Xian right now, that Daolord would probably be horrified and flee with dread.

However, the black clothed man seemed as if he didn’t sense anything, and he said, “No one in the world can stop me from going anywhere. You are no exception.”

As he spoke, he took a stride forward and continued up the mountain as if Tang Xian didn’t exist at all.

However, Tang Xian’s countenance suddenly turned pale at the instant that the Sovereign Sect’s Master took that step, and his entire body actually started to tremble.


When the black clothed man brushed past him, Tang Xian couldn’t refrain from coughing up a mouthful of blood any longer, and then his figure crashed down to the ground as if he was experiencing unimaginable pain.

“You’re really not bad. Unfortunately, you were born at the wrong time.” The black clothed man judged Tang Xian in a casual manner before he continued forward. He didn’t seem to have moved at all, but he just instantly vanished on the spot.


Tang Xian couldn’t help but spew out another mouthful of blood while his countenance turned ghastly pale. He took a deeper breath, and his expression changed indeterminately as he looked towards the direction that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had left towards.

Tang Xian had expected that Oracle Mountain would definitely be affected once the Sovereign Sect had swept through the Ancient God Domain, but he hadn’t imagined that it would actually be the Sovereign Sect’s Master who came!

It was too sudden, so Tang Xian didn’t have the chance to make any preparations.

Moreover, a wisp of a rare sense of defeat had arisen in Tang Xian’s heart when he confronted the Sovereign Sect’s Master just now. The gap between them was truly too huge. The Sovereign Sect’s Master wasn’t someone he could resist at all.

But am I supposed to just watch as he charges up to the peak of the mountain?

When he thought about how there weren’t just all his fellow disciples on the mountain, and even his little junior brother’s friends were there as well, Tang Xian’s heart burned with anxiety.

Eldest Senior Brother isn’t here, and only Founding Ancestors Di Shun and Wen Daozhen are present in the sect. Will they be able to stop his footsteps? Tang Xian intended to push himself up, yet he felt his soul tremble while his vital blood fell into disorder. He was actually unable to exert even a trace of strength, so he couldn’t help but sit down on the ground in dejection and sigh without end.

The path led all the way to the peak of Oracle Mountain. But a mighty and slender figure was standing at the end of that path.

He wore a cloth robe and had a golden violet colored crown of feathers on his head. His backbone was like a pillar that could hold up the heavens while her shoulders were like mountain ranges that lay across the world, and his handsome yet rough face was covered in a focused and firm expression.

When looked at from afar, it seemed like one wasn’t looking at a person, and it was like gazing up a god of creation that resided in the world. His imposing aura was boundlessly vast and supreme!

He was the Second Founding Ancestor of Oracle Mountain, Di Shun!

He stood there silently as if he was waiting for something, and he only spoke flatly when he saw the figure of that black clothed man in the distance. “Since you were clearly aware that he was no match for you, then why be so hard on him?”

The black clothed man grinned. “He isn’t a disciple of my Sovereign Sect, so I’ve already given Fuxi some face by refraining from killing him.”

Di Shun said calmly, “What exactly have you come for? It’s impossible to make my Oracle Mountain submit to you, and it doesn’t seem necessary for you to come yourself if you wanted to destroy my Oracle Mountain.”

The black clothed man nodded and said, “You’re right, I’ve come with a very simple objective. I want to see if Fuxi left anything behind before he left all those years ago, and also take a few people with me while I’m here.”

A wisp of indifference appeared on Di Shun’s firm and focused expression. “My Senior Brother Fuxi only left this mountain behind, and you’ve seen it now. As for taking a few people with you… you’ll have to pass through me first.”

The black clothed man shook his head and said, “You don’t understand your senior brother, and you’re far inferior to him. So, I’m afraid you’re far from capable of stopping me.”

Di Shun said indifferently, “Don’t forget that you’re only a strand of will.”

The black clothed man grinned and said, “It’s fine. It won’t affect my ability to complete my objective.”

“Why don’t you give it a try?” Di Shun raised his hand while a vortex appeared at the tip of his finger. The vortex was glistening, translucent, pure, and emanated a strand of horrifying energy of Destiny that seemed to be ready to swallow his enemies.

“Alright.” The black clothed man raised his hand as well before a vortex appeared on the tip of his finger as well. Moreover, it similarly contained the mysterious and supreme energy of Destiny.

At this moment, nothing had occurred to the world around them, and it hadn’t been affected in the slightest.

However, Di Shun’s expression had instantly become solemn while the vortex on the tip of his finger revolved incessantly, causing the energy of Destiny to surge out like lava.

The black clothed man couldn’t help but shake his head. “Your sight is too narrow, and it’s insufficient to seek control of the whole world. Moreover, your courage is really lacking when compared to your senior brother.”

As he spoke, he moved the tip of his finger lightly, and then a strand of the energy of Destiny surged out from within it, transformed into a translucent blade of light, and stabbed straight at the center of Di Shun’s forehead.

It wasn’t swift, and it seemed extremely slow instead. It was slow to the point that Di Shun could see it very clearly, yet the more it was like that, the heavier Di Shun’s expression became. His originally indifferent face had actually flushed slightly red, and the veins on his forehead were faintly bulging.

I can’t stop it!

Di Shun was clearly aware that no matter how he dodged or resisted, he wouldn’t be able to avoid suffering death from that blade of Destiny.

It was like his Destiny had been judged at the moment that blade of Destiny had appeared, and it wasn’t in his control anymore!

The outside world was still extremely silent, and there hadn’t even been a ripple around them.

As it was said, the loudest can’t be heard and the greatest seemed the most ordinary.

All its killing intent had been hidden beneath its calm. One would naturally be able to sense it if one’s cultivation was sufficient; but if one’s cultivation wasn’t sufficient, then it would be impossible to understand regardless of how one studied it.

At this moment, Di Shun seemed to have been surprised and seemed to have noticed something. He gazed at the blade of Destiny which was right before his forehead and spoke in a low voice. “This isn’t your own strength!”

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