Chapter 218 – Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman

Chapter 218 – Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman

Qing Xiuyi gently slapped out, and as their palms collided with each other, she actually directly blocked Fan Yunlan’s palm strike. This scene was taken seriously by Chen Xi, and caused him to acutely notice that the entire strength within Fan Yunlan’s palm seemed as if it had blasted into a boundless ocean and was completely dispersed. Whereas Qing Xiuyi’s body seemed as if it possessed a boundless ocean within that could store everything in the world!

“A cultivation at the 7th wheel of the Rebirth Realm is indeed formidable, but if it wasn’t for me bitterly suppressing my strength for the sake of participating in the Allstar Meeting five years from now, I’d have probably already advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm long ago. Why would I be afraid of you?” After Qing Xiuyi withstood Fan Yunlan’s palm strike, her expression was tranquil and indifferent without the slightest emotion, and she similarly flipped her hand before slapping out again.

Instantly, the Dao Insight within the Misty Rain Dao Territory in the surroundings seemed to be absorbed by this palm strike. The billowing sound of waves sounded out in the sky, and a myriad of layers of waves gushed towards Fan Yunlan, who was above her.


The terrifying sound of True Essence colliding with each other resounded out ceaselessly. Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan, these two experts that possessed terrifying cultivations, had truly become locked in combat.

Qing Xiuyi’s cultivation was at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and she was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal that possessed unfathomable strength. Coupled with the fact that she was currently within her own Misty Rain Dao Territory, she was actually on par with Fan Yunlan, who was at the Rebirth Realm!

This scene caused Chen Xi’s heart to rise and fall like the waves as well, and his blood surged.

The Rebirth Realm was a terrifying existence that far surpassed the Golden Core Realm. In the cultivation world of the southern territory, a Rebirth Realm cultivator was already capable of being respectfully addressed as Ancestor by others. Killing Golden Core Realm cultivators was casual, like killing chickens, to Rebirth Realm cultivators. The difference between the two was like the difference between the heavens and the earth, worlds apart. They couldn’t be compared.

The higher one’s cultivation realm was, the more difficult it was to surmount a realm and battle an opponent, as it was a delicate situation that related to the control of the energy of the heaven and earth and the understanding of the profundities of Dao Insights. Both realms had an extremely great disparity between each other.

However, at this moment, Qing Xiuyi was instead capable of utilizing a cultivation at the Golden Core Realm to go against Fan Yunlan, who was at the Rebirth Realm, and this had simply broken the inherent concept of the cultivation world to create a miracle. If the news of this battle were to be spread out, probably no one would believe it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions resounded out successively, and the Misty Rain Dao Territory was completely blasted into bits by their terrifying strength. Subsequently, strand after strand of True Essence collided with each other and exploded in the heavens and the earth, and all the plants and flowers in an area of a few hundred meters had instantly been obliterated into nothingness. Even numerous enormous cracks had been blasted open on the ground.

During this time, even if a Golden Core Realm expert were to enter within the undulations of their battle, the expert would be smashed into mush and lose his life instantly.

But even though the two of them attacked without holding back in the slightest, they extremely cooperatively controlled the fluctuations of their strength, as they seemed to be deeply afraid of injuring the nearby Chen Xi.

But it was utterly impossible for Chen Xi to flee. Not to mention he didn’t have the slightest bit of strength in his entire body, merely the aura of the two women that had firmly locked onto him caused fleeing to be bound to be in vain.

“Hmph! Your strength has indeed exceeded my expectations. But it ends now. If a genius figure like you isn’t killed as soon as possible, you’ll surely become a great cause of calamity in the future!” As she laughed coldly, Fan Yunlan’s figure soared up abruptly into the sky. Behind her, the glow of an extremely pitch black Dao Territory gushed out, and it was like an eternal curtain of darkness, whereas, a few thousand pairs of blood red devilish eyes flickered in this curtain of darkness. When carefully counted, they just happened to number 3,000. Every single pair of devilish eyes were large like lanterns and emitted a variety of evil lights that were savage, bloodthirsty, ominous…

Chen Xi felt his scalp go numb just from looking at it from afar, and it even felt as if an extremely cold thought that wanted to swallow his soul had been injected into his soul.

He hurriedly took a deep breath as the various true essence of the Paramita Dao Insight unconsciously flashed within his mind, causing all the distracting thoughts within his mind to be instantly wiped out completely, and his mind immediately recovered its clarity.

“The Paramita guides the souls for the sake of stabilizing the six paths of reincarnation, so it naturally wouldn’t allow evil to swallow souls and go against nature…” Chen Xi faintly felt as if the Paramita Dao Insight innately countered all evil.

He couldn’t help but recall the scene when he annihilated Luo Xiu and Teng Huaxu. The Condemn Evil Brush slaughtered while the Netherworld Register instead swallowed all evil and cleansed the evil qi in the heavens and the earth to return peace to the world. The Paramita Dao Insight originated from the Netherworld Register, and it was possessed by that great figure’s will brand.

“3,000 devilish eyes? Souleater Dao Territory? I heard the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect possessed a pool of blood that was inherited from the primordial era, and it contained ten types of Supreme Grand Daos that belonged to the devil sect. Unless it was a figure of great importance, one would utterly be unable to enter it to cultivate. Since you’re able to cultivate the Souleater Dao Territory, it looks like you’re a core figure within the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect!” Qing Xiuyi’s expression became serious as she spoke with a heavy tone.

“Miss Qing, you have great knowledge. But the more you know, the earlier you’ll die. You’re bound to die today.” Fan Yunlan, who was completely covered in the black robe, stood within the Souleater Dao Territory with flickering devilish eyes, and she seemed to be extremely strange and wicked.

As soon as she finished speaking, the Souleater Dao Territory moved abruptly.

The 3,000 devilish eyes opened quickly, causing countless greyish brilliances to shoot out and tear through the sky, and they carried along a unique aura of destruction that was deathly, heavy, and swallowed souls.


As soon as this greyish deathly light shot into the sky, its shocking force of corrosion melted space to the point it was riddled with holes, and the sight of it was horrifying.

“Misty Treasured Mirror!” Qing Xiuyi’s eyes squinted as an ancient copper mirror that was coiled with mist and dense runes revolved as it blocked before her. Roiling mist gushed within the face of the mirror as if it was a sea of mist and an ocean of clouds. She was at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, after all, and when facing the full force attack of Fan Yunlan, who was a Rebirth Realm expert, she didn’t dare be careless.

Hiss~ Hiss~ Hiss~ Hiss~

Under this attack of greyish lights that were dense like the rain, the Misty Treasure Mirror trembled and cried intensely with pain, and the seas of mist and rivers of clouds that gushed out from the face of the mirror were melted in large patches.

“Misty Treasured Mirror? Hmph! Obliterate!” Fan Yunlan grunted coldly. The devilish qi within her entire body gushed out with a bang as her black robe flutters, and the 3,000 devilish eyes behind her seemed like blood was about to drip out from them as they once again shot out countless greyish lights that blasted down like a storm.

Fan Yunlan had already exerted her entire strength with this attack, and she’d drawn support from the Souleater Dao Territory to completely utilize her cultivation at the 7th wheel of the Rebirth Realm with the objective of killing Qing Xiuyi in one go, in order to not leave behind a trace of a future trouble.


The Misty Treasured Mirror once again cried intensely with pain. The aura of a treasure on the surface of the mirror became dim and dull as if it would have its intelligence wiped out in the next moment and be melted into a pile of scrap.

The Misty Treasured Mirror had suffered a heavy injury, causing Qing Xiuyi’s condition to not be any better. Her countenance went pale, and she almost spat out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, she understood that her cultivation was still inferior to her an opponent by a great deal in the end, and if she still didn’t utilize some trump cards, then perhaps she’d possibly lose her life here today.

When she thought of this, Qing Xiuyi’s beautiful appearance that was tranquil and indifferent revealed a trace of firmness and ruthlessness. With a command in her heart, a palm size jade talisman that was completely suffused with violet mist appeared in her hand.


This jade talisman was refined from unknown materials. At the instant it was exposed in the air, countless arcs of lightning that were fine like hair gushed out from its surface, and they were like talisman tadpoles that lingered ceaselessly on the surface of the jade talisman. The terrifying aura that gushed out from the jade talisman caused the countless airflows that surged in the heavens and the earth to be blasted into dispersal, and it was as if they were avoiding the god of ghosts and didn’t dare approach it.

What talisman is this? How can it possess such a terrifying aura? It’s simply like an Earthly Immortal appearing here… Chen Xi’s pupils constricted abruptly as deep astonishment arose within his heart.

“An Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman!?” Fan Yunlan knew that Qing Xiuyi surely had a trump card to protect her life, but when Fan Yunlan saw the jade talisman emitted violet lights in Qing Xiuyi’s hand, it still caused her to be shocked in her heart and be unable to maintain her composure any longer.

Strictly speaking, an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman wasn’t a talisman in the conventional meaning, but was instead a single use Magic Treasure refined by an Earthly Immortal Realm expert by using the expert’s own Blood Essence.

A single Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman required using up an Earthly Immortal Realm experts Blood Essence of a thousand years, and it was equivalent to consuming a thousand years of their lifespan. If was precisely because of this that its might was unimaginable, and it was roughly comparable to the full force attack of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert. Not to mention Fan Yunlan, even a Nether Transformation Realm expert was unable to resist the attack of an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman.

But the amount of Earthly Immortal Jade Talismans in the cultivation world was extremely few, and it could even be described as being rare like phoenix feathers and qilin horns. After all, not every Earthly Immortal Realm expert was willing to sacrifice their own Blood Essence and lifespan to refine a single use Magic Treasure like this. Coupled with the materials used to refine an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman being extremely rare and precious, to the point of only capable of being found by chance and not sought after, so every single Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman could be said to be a priceless treasure.

Qing Xiuyi actually possessed an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman in her possession, and exactly how much effort the Whitecrane Sect’s put into fostering her who was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal could be seen from this.


A clear sound resounded out as the Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman that possessed markings that flickered with violet lightning was crushed. Instantly, the image of an old man in a black and luxurious robe appeared out of thin air. His spine was like a pillar that held up the sky, his aura vast like mountains and seas that shook the world. Every single step he took caused the heavens and the earth to seem as if they were shaken, and his terrifying might was peerless.


Chen Xi gasped when he saw this image. He clearly noticed that the aura of this image was even stronger than Bei Heng!

Bei Heng was the Supreme Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and he possessed a cultivation at the 2nd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. However, even though this old man in black and luxurious robes that had appeared out of thin air was only an image, his aura surpassed Bei Heng, and how terrifying his true cultivation was could be seen from this.

“The Whitecrane Sect’s 5th level Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator, Daoist Long He! Shit! This Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman was actually refined by this old fellow. No wonder it possesses a trace of the aura of the fifth wave of the Heavenly Tribulations, the Violetdeath Heavenly Tribulation.” Fan Yunlan cried out with shock, and her voice revealed terror. She didn’t dare dally any longer before intending to flee, yet she never expected a lofty hand that blocked out the sun and covered the heavens to slap down onto her and easily shatter and disperse the Souleater Dao Territory around her, and then it didn’t lose momentum in the slightest as it smashed down towards her.

If this strike were to hit her, then Fan Yunlan would surely be smashed into a pile of mush!


The strength of this image was truly too terrifying, and it seemed supreme and crushed everything. This was the might of an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman. Once it was utilized, it was comparable to the full force strike of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, and annihilating any Rebirth Realm cultivator was as easy as crushing an ant.

Right at this critical moment, Fan Yunlan executed an unknown Secret Technique, causing her body to explode with a bang before transforming into a myriad of streams of bloody light that charged in every direction like bolts of lightning, and it caused others to be unable to clearly distinguish exactly which bloody light concealed her body.


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