Chapter 2179 – Genesis Energy

The starry sky was boundlessly vast.

Besides chatting with his parents all along the way, Chen Xi had placed most of his attention onto Oracle Mountain.

The sudden departure of his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, allowed Chen Xi to acutely sense a trace of an unusual aura. Unfortunately, there had been an unexpected change in the Heaven Dao, and it had caused the workings of the heavens to fall into a state of chaos. Otherwise, his current cultivation was sufficient for him to deduce some details about it.

The Heaven Dao has changed unexpectedly, calamity has descended upon the world, and the Sovereign Sect are like fish in water amidst this calamity and have swept fearlessly through the world. What exactly is the Sovereign Sect’s Master thinking? Chen Xi suddenly thought of the Sovereign Sect’s Master and recalled the Chaotic Divine Lotus’s instruction before she vanished — You must be careful of the Sovereign Sect’s Master. Everyone in the world thinks that the Sovereign Sect’s Master is just a dog who guards the Heaven Dao’s door, but only I am clearly aware that he’s far more terrifying than any other expert. It’s even to the extent that what he seeks… isn’t something that the Heaven Dao can give him at all!

What exactly does the Sovereign Sect’s Master seek?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out, but he faintly felt that whatever the Sovereign Sect’s Master sought, it was definitely within the Dao Terra Firma!

I’ll head to the three dimensions once I’ve returned to Oracle Mountain. Let me see what the Dao Terra Firma looks like…. Chen Xi pondered for a long time before he decided.

He had that jade slip which Zhen Liuqing’s master, Daoist Dao Que, had left behind, and the jade slip had some information related to the Dao Terra Firma on it.

Moreover, before he left Oracle Mountain to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors,

his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, had promised to prepare for his return to the three dimensions once he returned from Godrank Mountain.

So, Chen Xi stopped thinking about all of that and concentrated his consciousness into his body. There was another matter of utmost importance which he had to complete before he arrived at Oracle Mountain!

After he advanced into the Daolord Realm, the region within Chen Xi’s body had completely transformed into an expanse of boundless Chaos, and his divine energy had been transformed into Chaos Energy.

The Divine Dao Parasol Tree stood towering amidst the Chaos. Its branches and leaves were verdant, and it emanated surging Chaos Energy. It seemed extremely divine.

This was the Daolord Realm. The body transformed into Chaos, it was a state that was beyond description, and so it was supreme and boundless.

But it was very obvious that the Chaos Chen Xi possessed was unlike any other ordinary Daolord. It carried a primitive, ancient, and strangely obscure aura. The aura had fused flawlessly with the Chaos within his body, causing the Chaos to seem as if it had existed within Chen Xi since the beginning of time. So, he was completely different from other Daolords.

Besides that, merging with the Era Brands of the last 8 eras and the convergence of the inheritances of all 8 previous Saviors of this era had caused Chen Xi’s reserves in the Daolord Realm to be unprecedented and unrivaled.

All of this was obvious from Chen Xi’s ability to kill all 13 Dao Servants in succession.

But in the end, all of these were just a form of accumulation, and the true source of Chen Xi’s transformation was the energy of Destiny which he possessed!

It was a complete river of Destiny that flowed through both the past and future. It surged across the barriers of time, and it was boundlessly vast.

It was precisely because he’s grasped the complete secrets of Destiny that Chen Xi had attained comprehension and seen through a supreme and otherworldly secret — the Ultimate Path towards the Dao!

Even though he hadn’t completely comprehended its secrets, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that it was the extremes of the Grand Dao which he was looking for!

It was also from that moment onward that Chen Xi finally understood the true origins of the River Diagram. It was born within the core of the quintessence of the three dimensions’ Chaos, and it possessed the Genesis Energy in the Chaos of the three dimensions!

Genesis was a form of energy that existed when the quintessence of the three dimension’s Chaos was born, so it was obvious how ancient the River Diagram was.

The reason Chen Xi had been able to lay eyes on the complete River of Destiny before he advanced into the Daolord Realm was closely related to the River Diagram.

Because the Grand Dao of Destiny came from the Genesis Energy of the three dimensions’ Chaos as well!

In other words, grasping the energy of Destiny was actually like spying on the Genesis Laws of the three dimensions’ Chaos. The more Genesis Laws one had grasped, the greater one’s grasp of the energy of the heavens and the earth would be. Moreover, it provided immeasurable benefits to the condensing of the Chaos within the body of a Daolord.

Genesis Energy was like a seed. Only by comprehending and grasping it would one be able to grow the energy of Chaos within one’s body.

At the same time, everything in the world had been formed from the Chaos of the three dimensions, so the greater one’s grasp of Genesis Energy was, the stronger one would be in the world.

This was the path of cultivation for Daolords. They’d grasped the energy of Destiny and laid eyes on the Genesis Laws which belonged to the three dimensions’ Chaos. So, they were naturally considered to be boundlessly supreme and capable of rivaling the heavens.

On the other hand, the River Diagram was a force that came from the Genesis of the three dimensions. So, it was like a seed itself.

Chen Xi had obtained it a long time ago, but his realm of cultivation wasn’t sufficient at that time, so he was unable to take control of it and was naturally unable to comprehend the secrets it contained.

When he finally advanced into the Daolord Realm and comprehended Destiny, Chen Xi was finally fully aware of the River Diagram’s origins.

Of course, regardless of whether it was the River Diagram or the Genesis Energy of the three dimensions’ chaos, they weren’t the true Ultimate Path.

The Ultimate Path was the end of the Grand Dao, and it was a supreme existence that broke through the current and transcended to the other side.

Such a realm of cultivation was something that even Daolords found difficult to lay eyes upon. At the very least, only a small handful of extraordinary overlords throughout the world had been able to lay eyes on and step foot onto the Ultimate Path towards the Dao.

The River Diagram had allowed Chen Xi to comprehend the complete Grand Dao of Destiny, and he’d relied on it to lay eyes on the Ultimate Path towards the Dao as well. So, very few other Daolords could compare to him.

That was why he’d said during the battle with the 13 Dao Servants that those Dao Servants wouldn’t be a match for him even if they’d attained the highest possible level of cultivation in the Daolord Realm.

The reason was that the Dao Servants were restrained by the Order of the Heaven Dao, so it was utterly impossible for them to lay eyes on the profundities of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao.

Under such circumstances, while Chen Xi seemed to have only just advanced into the Daolord Realm, the strength he possessed had actually far surpassed the Dao Servants!


When Chen Xi converged his consciousness within his body, a glistening, translucent pearl that seemed to be suffused with the dark blue glow of the ocean appeared in the Chaos within his body.

It was illusory and peerlessly beautiful.

If one looked carefully, one could even see countless strands of Order and Laws coiled around it, and they were like mysterious divine chains that were interweaved around it.

It was the Core of Origin World!

Chen Xi had obtained it from the Origin World all those years ago, and it was the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao which belonged to the Origin Heaven!

Having it in his possession was no different that having control over the entire Origin World.


Chen Xi separated a strand of his consciousness, and it shot soundlessly into the Core or Origin World. In an instant, the scene within the Origin World was revealed down to the slightest detail within his mind.

Even though he’d left for less than 100 years, the Origin World had undergone a huge transformation. Sects were numerous like the trees in a forest. Even though they seemed to be rather simple and small-scaled, the Origin World showed faint signs of entering into a period where sects prospered.

The myriad of living beings which inhabited the Origin World utilized the Origin Creation Technique as the foundation to comprehend techniques and create paths of cultivation. They taught lessons and spread the Dao throughout the world. The cultivation system within Origin World had clearly started taking shape.

If it were to continue developing at this rate, then a complete and unique system of cultivation would definitely be born within the Origin World.

At this moment, Chen Xi transformed into the will of the entire Origin World once more, and everything within it was reflected clearly within his eyes.

Chen Xi saw that descendant from the Thunderbird Clan, Emerald. Currently, Emerald had become the patriarch of his clan, and he was passing down the Dao with a dignified expression.

Chen Xi saw the Greater Horned Rabbit, Meng’meng. Currently, Meng’meng had become the Founding Ancestor of a sect and was called Ancestor Meng who was respected and worshipped by countless living beings.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile at this sight, and he was clearly aware that King Gu Yuan’s assistance was definitely closely related to Meng’meng’s accomplishments.

He didn’t disturb Meng’meng, and just utilized the Order of the Heaven Dao to ‘toss’ a strand of his consciousness to Meng’meng who was snoring loudly.

“Hmm?” Meng’meng opened her drowsy eyes and looked towards the surroundings in a slight daze.

After that, she opened her eyes wide and noticed to her shock that a cultivation technique had actually appeared within her heart. Words such as ‘the 3rd level of the Origin Creation Technique, the 9 levels of the Fate Realm’.

The Fate Realm represented coming into contact with the Daolord Realm.

It was the next phase of the Origin Creation Technique’s 1st level and 2nd level which were the Chrysalis Realm and Apotheosis Realms respectively!

Meng’meng had heard Chen Xi speak of this level. But at that time, Chen Xi had merely given it a name, and he hadn’t left behind any techniques to cultivate it.

Yet now, it had suddenly appeared within her mind!

In an instant, Meng’meng became excited. She charged out of the place she resided and cultivated at, and then she looked up into the sky. She searched carefully for a long time, but she didn’t notice anything in the end.

This caused her pair of sharp snow white ears to droop down, and a downcast expression appeared on her face while she stared blankly on the spot.

A long time later, Meng’meng suddenly slapped herself on the forehead and cracked a smile which revealed her snow white front teeth which seemed like two doors, and then she raised her head and let out a long howl. It was like she was expressing her gratitude.

On this very same day, a piece of news started to spread madly through Origin World — Master Chen who had vanished for a long time had suddenly made an appearance and passed down the cultivation technique of the 3rd level of the Origin Creation Technique, the Fate Realm!

For a time, all the living beings in the entire Origin World felt grateful. They kowtowed on the ground while they worshipped Chen Xi to an unprecedented height.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi’s consciousness had found King Gu Yuan, and he told King Gu Yuan about everything he intended to do.

“You intend to establish the cycle of reincarnation within the Origin World and fuse it into the Order of the Heaven Dao?” King Gu Yuan was stunned as he didn’t know why Chen Xi wanted to do that.

“Yes. If Origin Heaven is to avoid following in the footsteps of Godsbane Heaven, then it must become completely different. The energy of Samsara is sufficient to accomplish that.” Chen Xi casually explained.

“Alright!” King Gu Yuan didn’t understand all of that, and it was very difficult for him to understand the difference between Godsbane Heaven and Origin Heaven with the experience and knowledge that he possessed.

However, when he found out that Chen Xi was doing that for the sake of Origin World, that was the only reason he needed.

At this point, Chen Xi withdrew his consciousness from within the Core of Origin World, and then he didn’t hesitate to silently pour the profundities of Samsara he possessed into the Core of Origin World….

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