Chapter 2178 – A Regret In The Shadow Of Glory

Chen Taichong was stunned. “You intend to leave right away?”

Chen Xi nodded. “Right now.”

Wu Xuechan’s sudden departure had caused him to feel worried, and he sensed a trace of unusualness in all of it.

Chen Taichong seemed to be hesitant to speak. He seemed to intend to ask about something, but he restrained himself in the end.

Chen Xi said, “The Battle of Dao Protectors has come to an end. There shouldn’t be anyone who dares to provoke the Chen Clan from now onward.”

Chen Taichong’s heart shook while a wisp of excitement appeared on his face. He seemed to intend to pat Chen Xi on the shoulder, but his heart couldn’t help but tremble when he saw Chen Xi’s gaze, and he actually felt indescribable pressure and fear.

Chen Taichong couldn’t help but be shocked by this, and he nodded instinctively. “Alright, I’ll take you to see them.”

Such a reaction was quite normal. Even though he knew that all the 13 Dao Servants had been killed and it was extremely likely to have been done by Chen Xi, he hadn’t witnessed it himself, so he couldn’t help but feel slightly uncertain in the end.

But when he met Chen Xi’s gaze at this moment and sensed that feeling of pressure and fear, Chen Taichong was completely sure of it.

Besides extreme shock, Chen Taichong didn’t feel any sorrow from the death of the 13 Dao Servants. Even if the Divine Dao Protector Clans were said to be responsible for protecting the Heaven Dao and stood on the same side as the 13 Dao Servants.

Because it was a connection that only existed in name, and they couldn’t be said to have any relationship at all. So, there was naturally no feelings between them.

The only thing Chen Taichong couldn’t figure out was how Chen Xi had accomplished all of it.

Snow fluttered and painted the world white.

Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue were silently staring at the fluttering snow in the surroundings.

The two of them hadn’t spoken for a few days as they were both preoccupied with the loads on their hearts. Because they’d already spoken about everything that should be spoken about while their worries had sunken to the bottom of their hearts. All that was left for them… was to wait.

“Hmm? Is that Xi’er?” Zuoqiu Xue’s eyelashes shook as she opened her eyes wide, and she was able to notice a faint black colored figure amidst the snow which covered the world.

“That’s the 103rd time that you’ve said the same thing.” Chen Lingjun didn’t even raise his head as he spoke lazily. “Just wait calmly. Xi’er isn’t as weak as you think.”

Zuoqiu Xue had frequently made such guesses during their days of waiting, and she always thought that Chen Xi had arrived to take them with him.

Chen Lingjun had gotten bored of hearing it. But he was clearly aware that it was because Zuoqiu Xue was too concerned and worried.

According to Zuoqiu Xue, it was very normal for a mother to be worried and concerned about her child! Moreover, she even scolded Chen Lingjun for being such a carefree father and lamented about how she’d been blind all those years ago to have chosen such a useless fellow as her husband.

Chen Lingjun could only shrug helplessly and smile bitterly when facing all of that. What else could he said in response to his own wife’s nagging?

“Look! Quickly! It’s true! It’s really Xi’er!” Suddenly, pain came from Chen Lingjun’s arm as Zuoqiu Xue was pinching it forcefully while her face was covered in excitement and happiness.

“Oh, let me have a look.” Chen Lingjun turned around. His pupils instantly dilated when he saw that tall figure that had appeared amidst the snow in the distance, and he immediately stood up and roared with laughter. “Look! As expected of my son, how could he possibly not return?”

His lighthearted laughter surged through the world and caused numerous waves of snow to sweep towards the surroundings.

“Hmph! You seem to be even more excited than I am.” Zuoqiu Xue stood up, shot a sideways glance at Chen Lingjun, and spoke with disdain.

“Haha!” Chen Lingjun merely roared with laughter, and it was clear that he was extremely excited.

“Father, Mother. I’ve come to take you with me.” Chen Xi smiled as he watched all of this from afar, and as he gazed at the happiness and excitement his parents revealed, a strand of warmth that he hadn’t felt for a long time surged out from within his heart.

On this very day, Chen Xi took his parents with him, and he brought Ming along as he left the Chen Clan and headed back to the Ancient God Domain.

They had just left when group after group of people arrived at the Chen Clan. Surprisingly, they were the important figures of all the various Divine Dao Protector Clans, and some were even the patriarchs of those clans.

Moreover, if one looked carefully, it wasn’t difficult to notice the five high level clans amongst them as well….

The guards at the entrance to the Nine Spirit World were shocked at the time, and their expressions changed drastically. They even thought that their enemies had come to denounce their clan’s crimes.

Unexpectedly, all of those great figures from the various clans were extremely amiable.

The guards of the Chen Clan had never experienced such treatment, so they couldn’t avoid being overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. Only after they asked about it in detail did they find out that all of these great figures had actually come to ‘offer their apologies’!

Moreover, they’d even brought huge amounts of precious treasures!

It wasn’t long before news of this had spread throughout the Chen Clan, and it caused the entire clan to be stirred.

After all, the Chen Clan was only a mid level clan amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans. Not to mention the 5 high level clans, even some of the other mid level clans had looked down upon the Chen Clan in the past. The reason was that the Chen Clan had started showing signs of decline after Chen Lingjun had chosen to reincarnate himself all those years ago.

Under such circumstances, they’d naturally never imagined that the important figures of the strongest amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans, the five high level clans, and various other formidable clans would actually take the initiative to come to their Chen Clan with all sorts of precious treasures to offer an apology?

It was simply inconceivable to them!

It was like a dream to all the members of the Chen Clan.

Only Chen Taichong was very clearly aware that all of this was actually because of Chen Xi, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. If I were able to persuade him to join the Chen Clan, then how could our Chen Clan possibly not rise into the ranks of high level clans? It’s even to the extent that we might even be able to reign supreme over all the Divine Dao Protector Clans!

When they found out that Chen Xi had left and didn’t intend to pursue the matter, all of those great figures from the various clans heaved sighs of relief in their hearts. What luck!

Moreover, they’d decided that they would try their best to avoid fighting even if the Chen Clan provoked them in the future.

They were very clearly aware that while Chen Xi had left, there was always a chance that he would return! So, they couldn’t afford to offend the Chen Clan at all.

After this group of great figures had been sent off, the great figures of various other clans had arrived in succession, and they’d similarly brought all sorts of precious treasures with them while intending to offer an apology as well….

Such events went on for three days, and practically all the great figures throughout all the Divine Dao Protector Clans had visited the Chen Clan during that time.

In the end, even the Divine Children of the Heavens who’d always taken the Divine Dao Protector Clans to be their enemies had somehow found out about Chen Xi’s relationship with the Chen Clan, and they sent an ambassador over with a huge amount of precious treasures as a gift.

Moreover, the Divine Children of the Heavens even proclaimed that the Chen Clan was their strongest ally, and anyone who went against the Chen Clan would be going against them as well!

This proclamation was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples on the surface of a lake. All the Divine Dao Protector Clans were shocked, furious, envious, and couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with emotion. They were clearly aware that the rise of the Chen Clan was unstoppable because of Chen Xi.

Such a magnificent scene was truly something that the entire Chen Clan could never forget.

Moreover, they finally understood that the glory which the Chen Clan possessed today was all because of Chen Xi who they’d never acknowledged and accepted into their clan….

Perhaps, this was the only regret in the shadow of this glory.

After Chen Xi left with his parents and Ming, he started teleporting through space at full speed and rushed towards the Ancient God Domain.

Chen Xi and his parents naturally had unending topics to speak about on the way, and he gave his parents a concise description of everything he’d experienced during the Battle of Dao Protectors.

But even if it was brief, it still made Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue exclaim endlessly with wonder and sigh with emotion. They were unable to imagine that their son actually possessed such heaven defying and dazzling accomplishments in battle.

However, besides feeling happy, they couldn’t avoid feeling worried for Chen Xi as well. They were clearly aware that Chen Xi’s current strength was a severe threat to the Order of the Heaven Dao, so he might encounter danger in the future.

They weren’t able to be of any help to him, and they could only do their best to tell Chen Xi to be careful.

Others were only able to see the glory and accomplishments that Chen Xi had attained, and only they would worry about their son’s future path.

That was what being parents was like.

Chen Xi really enjoyed this feeling of being cared for, and he tried his best to avoid topics related to battle because he didn’t want his parents to be too worried about him.

Ming stood silently at the side all along the way, and she listened attentively to the conversation between Chen Xi and his parents. There wasn’t a trace of impatience on her face throughout this time, and she even revealed an occasional grin.

Because their conversations allowed her to see a rare side of Chen Xi for the very first time. Compared to the disposition that Chen Xi displayed in the past, she preferred how he acted all along the way.

He would smile bitterly and helplessly when Zuoqiu Xue berated him, he would admit his mistakes with an embarrassed expression on his face while he guaranteed to his parents that he would absolutely not take any risks in the future, he reveal an embarrassed expression and blush when his parents asked about his wives and children.

Moreover, he would be at a complete loss for what to do and try to avoid the question when his parents asked about the relationship between him and her.

When she thought up to this point, a wisp of a strange feeling couldn’t help but arise in Ming’s heart. Right, what exactly is the relationship between me and Chen Xi?

Are we friends?Not friends?Or none of the above?

Ming was quite bewildered by this.

But in next to no time, this bewilderment had transformed into distress. Because since Zuoqiu Xue had asked Chen Xi about his relationship with her, while Chen Xi hadn’t said anything, the gazes both Zuoqiu Xue and Chen Lingjun shot towards her had changed….

After examining and sizing her up in the beginning, those gazes became gazes of fondness and tenderness. It was like they were looking at their future daughter-in-law….

However, Ming was instantly unable to stand such a feeling, and it was the first time in her life that she felt what being embarrassed and shy was like.

But she didn’t feel any aversion towards it. She just felt distressed on occasion and wondered what Chen Xi thought about this misunderstanding.

Author’s Note: This chapter is a little warm to slightly relax our hearts. Coming up next is the final battle which carries great implications. Fuxi, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, Ji Yu, the Sovereign Sect’s Master, Liu Shenji, the Divine Institute’s Dean, Nuwa, and various other legendary figures will be ascending the stage.

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