Chapter 2177 – Returning To The Primal Chaos Origin

Xu Tuo had seen everything that occurred just now.

Especially when Chen Xi tore the Godrank Chart open and leaped out from within it, it caused Xu Tuo’s cold sweat to practically stream out and drench his entire body while indescribable horror and coldness filled his heart.

Just like the 1st Dao Servant, he was unable to imagine how exactly Chen Xi had accomplished this. But the facts before his eyes told him that it was all true!

This made him immediately determine that he had to leave!

Xu Tuo was an overlord that commanded great authority in power in the Ancient God Domain. He was at the peak of all living beings, and he looked down proudly upon the world.

However, he was very clearly aware that not to mention the 1st Dao Servant, his combat strength was extremely inferior even when compared with the other 12 Dao Servants.

But Chen Xi hadn’t just annihilated all 13 Dao Servants by himself, even the Order of the Heaven Dao and the Godrank Chart were helpless against Chen Xi. So, how could Xu Tuo not feel horrified?


I must flee!The further the better!It was even to the extent that the felt quite a bit of regret. He regretted not leaving earlier with Leng Xinghun and Dao Wushuang!

But no one could be blamed for this. It was his fault for thinking that Chen Xi would be unable to escape calamity when the Godrank Chart had appeared to crush Chen Xi!

It was clearly too late to regret all of it now.

Xu Tuo had stopped thinking about all of that. The experience he’d accumulated through years of battle told him that he didn’t have the time to regret anything right now.

In next to no time, Xu Tuo’s figure had charged out of Godrank Mountain, and he saw that familiar expanse of face. Moreover, he even faintly remembered that he’d launched a meticulously prepared ambush against Chen Xi at a certain area in the depths of that starry sky.

However, the circumstances had changed with the passage of time. While Daolord Xu Tuo was still the same person, Chen Xi wasn’t the same anymore….

Xu Tuo couldn’t help but feel frustrated when he thought of that. How could all of this have happened if I killed that kid all those years ago?

“Are you regretting being unable to kill me all those years ago?” Suddenly, a calm and indifferent voice resounded.

In an instant, the hairs throughout Xu Tuo’s body stood on end while his pupils constricted into the size of needles. He swiftly looked towards the side and saw Chen Xi’s tall figure was standing there and quietly looking at him with a pair of pitch black and deep eyes.

Chen Xi’s gaze was calm and indifferent, but the blood throughout Xu Tuo’s body felt like it had frozen when Chen Xi gazed at him, and his extremely aged face changed indeterminately.

“I don’t regret it.” Xu Tuo took a deep breath and shook his head. He knew that he’d lost the best opportunity to flee. “I just never imagined that your combat strength would transform that quickly.”

“There are many unexpected things in this word.” After he spoke those words, Chen Xi said frankly, “You won’t be able to escape today. Shall I do it or will you do it yourself?”

Xu Tuo stared blankly for a long time before he said, “Death isn’t terrifying. I only seek to die in battle.”

As he spoke, a wisp of resolve appeared on his aged face, and his muddy eyes even revealed a wisp of terrifying battle intent.

As a Divine Sovereign Priest of the Sovereign Sect and a Daolord who’d taken control of the energy of Destiny, he naturally refused to wait helplessly for death to arrive.

Even if he were about to die, he intended to die fighting!

However, to his despair, Chen Xi merely raised a single finger, and then he instantly felt that the energy throughout his body seemed to have been imprisoned and actually didn’t obey him at all!

It made him feel like a tied up beast, and even struggling for his life had become a wild wish.

Why is it like this?This isn’t the battle that I desired!

A strand of extreme rage and humiliation surged into his heart before sweeping throughout his body. It caused Xu Tuo to roar in a sharp voice. “Chen Xi! How despicable of you!”

“You can’t even resist the strength of a single finger of mine, yet you say that I’m despicable? You can only blame yourself for being too weak. But you’re just unwilling to admit it.” Chen Xi’s words were like a sharp awl that stabbed forcefully into Xu Tuo’s heart, and it caused his face to warp and reveal boundless unwillingness.

But he suddenly sighed dejectedly in the end, and he seemed to mutter with despair. “Right, I’m unable to accept it even until now. How could an ant like you possibly become so strong?”


Chen Xi withdrew his finger, and then it seemed like the energy within Xu Tuo’s entire body had been sucked dry, causing him to suddenly explode and transform into a rain of light that dispersed into the surroundings.

A Divine Sovereign Priest who commanded great authority and had forced Chen Xi into a hopeless situation in the past had actually been unable to resist the might from a single finger of Chen Xi’s, and he’d exploded into pieces!

If other cultivators were to have witnessed this scene, one could only imagine the storm it would create.

However, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d done something extremely insignificant, and he raised his head and looked towards Godrank Mountain once he was done.

He remained silent for a long time before he gave up on his impulse to destroy Godrank Mountain. He turned around and flashed off in another direction.

The Primal Chaos Origin was floating silently in that direction.

The Spring.

All the Divine Children of the Heavens were dazed. They crawled up from the ground while a wisp of terror still remained between their brows.

Everything that had occurred earlier was too terrifying, and it caused them to be at a loss for what to do. It was like the end of the world had arrived, and they didn’t know where to flee.

Yet now, all of that unrest had vanished. But… there was still a dazed feeling in their hearts. What exactly occurred just now?

“All 13 Dao Servants have been killed!” An aged voice resounded through every single corner of the Springs.

This news was simply too shocking. As soon as they heard it, many of them actually exclaimed involuntarily and fell into deathly silence.

After that, all sorts of clamorous noise erupted like a volcano and resounded from every single corner of the Springs, and it surged through the world here.

Some cheered, some expression their shock, some felt disbelief, some couldn’t imagine it….

“Everyone!” That aged voice resounded again, and it suppressed all the clamorous noise in one go. “From today onward, we Divine Children of the Heavens have a new leader, and that’s Chen Xi! It’s he who obtained the acknowledgement of the Lord First Ancestor, and it was also he who helped us kill those 13 Dao Servants! Do any of you have objections?”

Chen Xi!

There was deathly silence in the surroundings for a long time before all of them shouted in unison and acknowledged the decision.

The Primal Chaos Origin.

All the strongest Daolords amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans had fallen silent, and there were all sorts of expressions on their faces.

At this moment, they’d similarly determined that all 13 Dao Servants had been annihilated!

However, they were unable to imagine why the Battle of Dao Protectors would have come to that.

How did Chen Xi… become so strong?

When they thought about how many of them had come to an agreement before the Battle of Dao Protectors began to order the participants from their respective clans to target Chen Xi, all of their hearts felt cold, anxious, and uneasy.

The death of the 13 Dao Servants allowed them to fully realize how terrifying Chen Xi was. What would we do if that maleficent existence intended to take revenge on us?

They were at a total loss for what to do.

Some clans weren’t able to sit still and started to set out towards the Chen Clan. They gave away an enormous amount of precious treasures, and they even gave the most sincere and apologetic promises they could provide in the hopes of obtaining the Chen Clan’s forgiveness. They did all of this so Chen Xi would let bygones be bygones and resolve the enmity between them.

Chen Xi wasn’t aware of all that. At this moment, he was standing in front of the Primal Chaos Origin and bidding farewell to Tang Xiao’xiao, Xia Ruoyuan, and Jin Yunsheng.

Chen Xi had hidden them within his body during the battle in order to prevent them from suffering any harm. Now that the situation had stabilized, it was naturally time to bid farewell with each other.

Even though Chen Xi didn’t describe the entire battle, their safe arrival at the Primal Chaos Origin proved that Chen Xi had won the battle!

Tang Xiao’xiao, Xia Ruoyuan, and Jin Yunsheng weren’t stupid, so they’d naturally discerned all of that. So, it caused their faces to be covered in complicated expressions while their gazes towards Chen Xi couldn’t help but carry deep reverence.

Chen Xi didn’t provide any further explanation when he noticed this. He just chatted with them for a while before he waved his hand and bid farewell. After that, he entered the Nine Spirit World.

After they watched Chen Xi leave, Tang Xiao’xiao and the others sighed endlessly with emotion in their hearts while all sorts of thoughts ran through their minds. Who could have imagined that Chen Xi who was originally at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm just like us would possess such a heaven defying combat strength now?

They didn’t sigh with emotion for too long, and they left successively and returned to their respective clans.


Chen Taichong’s body stiffened when he saw Chen Xi’s familiar figure appear within his field of vision, and the teacup in his hand crashed to the ground.

However, he seemed as if he hadn’t noticed at all. He just stared blankly at Chen Xi for a long time, confirmed that he hadn’t mistaken someone else for Chen Xi, and then he couldn’t help but cry out. “Chen Xi, you’ve finally returned!”

Both his voice and face were filled with excitement.

In just this short period of less than 3 months, his heart had been filled with worry, anxiety, and uneasiness. Even he didn’t know how many teacups he’d destroyed. Now that he’d seen Chen Xi return safely, the anxiousness suppressed within his heart for a long time had been swept away, and it was replaced by pleasant surprise and excitement.

“Chen Xi….” Ming stood up swiftly as well. Her clear eyes surged with a wisp of pleasant surprise which couldn’t be concealed, and that was something which was rarely seen from her.

In the past, Ming had been quiet and reticent, and she seemed to be indifferent to everything. She only had slightly unusual fluctuations of emotions when she faced Chen Xi.

But at this moment, those emotions of hers were especially obvious.

Chen Xi nodded while a smile of reuniting with them appeared on the corners of his mouth. He was the same as her, and he only expressions his emotions freely when he was facing his friends and loved ones.

But he was stunned right after that. “Where’s my Eldest Senior Brother?”

These words instantly caused Chen Taichong to calm down from his feelings of wild joy, and he said, “The Grand Lord seemed to have sensed something urgent just 15 minutes before you returned, and he left hastily.”

“Eldest Senior Brother left?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He acutely determined that his Eldest Senior Brother would definitely not leave hastily without even bidding farewell to him if it weren’t for something extremely urgent.

Chen Taichong said, “The Grand Lord left a message for you before he left, and he asked you to return to Oracle Mountain as soon as possible.”

Chen Xi nodded and immediately said, “Senior, please take me to my parents. I intend to take them with me.”

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