Chapter 2176 – Death Isn’t Terrifying

The heavens and the earth rumbled.

The entire Godrank Mountain was shaking violently, and it seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Boundless shock and panic were like a storm that swept through the Dao Defiants in the Springs and the Divine Dao Protectors in the Primal Chaos Origin. All of them felt extremely terrified and anxious.

This scene was simply like one where the sky was about to collapse, and doomsday was about to descend!

However, the 1st Dao Servant seemed as if he hadn’t noticed all of that. His gaze swiftly shot towards the sky, and it was at that exact instant which his pupils suddenly dilated while his entire body froze on the spot.

A rift had actually been forcefully torn open on the Godrank Chart which was about to roll up completely in the sky!

The violent energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao transformed into golden divine radiance that sprayed from within the rift, swept through the sky, and illuminated the world.

The Godrank Chart… has actually been damaged!The 1st Dao Servant simply felt as if his mind was on the verge of exploding apart, and unprecedentedly tempestuous waves surged through his heart.

The Godrank Chart was the strongest and most terrifying treasure on Godrank Mountain!

Its energy covered the universe, its aura was sufficient to make any god lose all ability to resist it, and it existed to control and manipulate the life and death of all gods!

It was a treasure that was fully tempered into form from the Order of the Heaven Dao, and it represented the will and strength of the heavens!

At the same time, it was the 13 Dao Servants’ greatest source of reliance on Godrank Mountain since they’d been protecting it!

Yet now, such a practically eternal treasure which represented the dignity and Order of the Heaven Dao actually had a rift torn open on it….

It was probably impossible to believe for anyone in the 1st Dao Servant’s position!


In merely an instant, a tall figure walked out from that rift on the Godrank Chart. He was enveloped in golden divine radiance yet didn’t suffer any harm from them. When looked at from afar, it seemed like he’d walked out from the Heaven Dao, and he revealed an indescribably divine and supreme aura.

The 1st Dao Servant’s heart shook fiercely when he saw that figure, and his heart almost collapsed.

Chen Xi! That fellow actually survived!?

Doesn’t that mean the rift on the Godrank Chart was created by him?


How could he have possibly accomplished that?

The 1st Dao Servant was astounded, and his expression turned grim. He wasn’t able to maintain his composure anymore. He was truly unable to imagine how the Godrank Chart which was drawn down after they’d sacrificed the lives of an entire 6 Dao Servants wouldn’t just be unable to obliterate the Savior, the Savior had even been able to escape from it!

How could this be possible?

How could this be possible!!?

The 1st Dao Servant’s Dao Heart was extremely firm, and he’d witnessed countless inconceivable events throughout the boundless years of the past. But at this moment, he truly experienced what panic and horror was like!

The Godrank Chart covered the sky above Godrank Mountain, and the presence of the Godrank Chart represented that the brilliance of the Heaven Dao would eternally envelop Godrank Mountain. Thus, Godrank Mountain would be revered by all.

Yet now, a rift had been ripped open on the Godrank Chart, and that was simply equivalent to heavily injuring its foundation, and it was on the verge of destroying Godrank Mountain’s supreme status in the world!

How could this have happened?

The 1st Dao Servant was dazed and frustrated. He instantly seemed as if he’d aged by countless years. Because his 12 companions had left in succession, and even the Godrank Chart wasn’t able to protect him and Godrank Mountain now. This made the 1st Dao Servant feel indescribable sorrow and despair.

Could it be that… Godrank Mountain will really be dragged back down to the ground, and lose its eternal and inviolable status today?



The 1st Dao Servant’s heart could be said to be bleeding as he shouted in his heart. His face had even warped and turned livid while his eyes almost split apart from the rage he experienced, and they almost bled as well.

At this moment, he simply seemed like a trapped beast that had been forced into a hopeless situation, and the unwillingness and rage in his heart almost drove him to madness.


The 1st Dao Servants body emanated a violent and terrifying aura that surged through the world. His grey hair fluttered violently while his aged face was warped and ferocious. He was completely furious, and he was filled with hatred, madness, and the intent to disregard everything.

Because he couldn’t accept all of this!

He was absolutely unable to accept it!

“Chen Xi! I’ll kill you! Kill you!!” The 1st Dao Servant shot into the sky while he shouted madly, and he seemed to have transformed into a pillar of light that linked up with the Order of the Heaven Dao in the sky, causing his imposing aura to rise explosively. It was even to the extent that he seemed to be burning himself and using his life as sacrifice to slaughter his enemy.

In an instant, clouds roiled violently in the sky while the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao surged like the tide. It transformed into the terrifying energy of Heavenly Wrath which converged onto the 1st Dao Servant.

He was the number one Dao Servant on Godrank Mountain, and he was called Heavenly Wrath. His strength was strong to the point it was the strongest and at the peak beneath the Heaven Dao.

But because of the unexpected change of events he encountered, he’d gone completely mad and decided to make a last and desperate effort. He intended to fight with his life on the line. So, it was obvious how terrifying his might was.

In merely an instant, it was like the end of the world had arrived. Space collapsed, all things were destroyed, and it was like the world had fallen into an unprecedented upheaval.

The strength he revealed caused even the myriad of Daos throughout the world to wail!

Such a scene really could be described as unprecedented, and it was practically as dazzling and magnificent as a scene from the legends or epics.

Chen Xi suddenly encountered such a terrifying attack after he walked out from within the Godrank Chart.

Any other Daolord would have probably been instantly annihilated when facing such a situation.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t. He seemed as if he’d expected such a scene, and he just glanced at the Heavenly Wrath Daolord in the distance before he withdrew his gaze.

At the same time, a calm and indifferent voice resounded from between his lips. “All forces in this world which are created to attack me will be destroyed; all those who judge and vilify me shall be punished! All living beings and all the Daos of the world are no exception!”

That voice was like an inviolable decree, and it rumbled as it resounded through the world.

The Order of the Heaven Dao in the sky surged and fell into deathly silence, the Godrank Chart wailed and vanished without a sound, and the terrifying energy which filled the world was even eliminated in an instant!

The surroundings were completely calm and tranquil.

The doomsday-like scene from before seemed like it hadn’t occurred at all, and the surroundings had fallen into a state of extreme silence.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s voice was still reverberating incessantly through the silent world.

At the same time, the 1st Dao Servant seemed as if he’d been shackled. It was like the heavens had abandoned and exiled him, and his aged face was covered in a dazed expression.

It was like he’d become a prisoner who’d been nailed on the pillar of judgment, and only boundless desolation existed around him. It was like his Destiny and strength had been taken away, and only his empty body remained.

He couldn’t understand all of this.

Everything that occurred before his eyes was so absurd and unreal. It was like a nightmare that was impossible to accept, so it made him feel dazed.

What sort of energy was this?

He didn’t know.

How did Chen Xi accomplish this?

He didn’t know.

How was the Order of the Heaven Dao destroyed?

He didn’t know as well.

But when he saw Chen Xi’s figure gradually grow clearer in his field of vision, as he gazed at the calm and indifferent expression on Chen Xi’s face, and as he looked at that pair of black eyes that seemed as if they could reflect the world within them, the 1st Dao Servant finally realized that they’d been utterly defeated!

All 13 Dao Servants, Godrank Mountain, and even the Godrank Chart. All of them had lost at the hands of a Savior who’d just advanced into the Daolord Realm.

Someone who was a Ninth Star Region Lord that they treated with indifference and even disregarded as an ant when he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors had now become a terrifying existence that crushed their lives, destroyed the majesty of Godrank Mountain, and even heavily injured the Godrank Chart!

Wasn’t this fact a huge irony?

Suddenly, the 1st Dao Servant fell into despair. He suddenly thought about how the Heaven Dao was undergoing an unexpected change right now, and the most unfathomable calamity in history had swept through the world. The world was covered in the flames of war and battle, and the scenes of life being destroyed, misery, suffering, and chaos filled the world….

They had no choice but to cooperate with the Sovereign Sect in order to survive this unexpected change in the Heaven Dao, but it had caused such a tragic outcome instead.

Exactly whose fault was all of this?

Could it be that all of this was somehow related to this Savior that’s standing before me?

The 1st Dao Servant didn’t have the time to figure it out when he suddenly noticed that his consciousness was gradually becoming blurry and weak….

That was a sign that death was approaching.

However, the 1st Dao Servant wasn’t terrified at all, and he heaved a sigh of relief instead. All thoughts within his heart vanished, and he had a relaxed feeling of completely unloading and being relieved of everything.

So, death isn’t terrifying… sometimes….

That was the last thought the 1st Dao Servant had before he perished. He died without making a single sound, and he didn’t struggle or resist at all.

It was like he’d been waiting for this moment for a very long time….


The 1st Dao Servant’s figure transformed into a rain of light that dispersed into the surroundings.

Chen Xi wasn’t visibly moved at all when he witnessed all of this. He raised his head, glanced at the sky, and then a wisp of comprehension couldn’t help but appear on the corners of his lips while he looked towards the spot where the Godrank Chart had vanished from and gazed at the Order of the Heaven Dao which had fallen into silence and was disappearing.

The Godrank Mountain really isn’t where the quintessence energy of Godsbane Heaven resides. At the very most, it’s just a strand of its majesty that it reveals in the world.

Perhaps I should make a trip to the Dao Terra Firma….

Chen Xi fell silent for a while before he suddenly turned his head, and he saw an aged and hunched figure flash in the distance.


At the same time, a wisp of piercing coldness appeared in Chen Xi’s deep eyes, and his figure suddenly vanished.

After all 13 Dao Servants were annihilated, the Godrank Mountain wasn’t unstable and in chaos anymore, and it recovered its tranquil state from before.

But unlike before, Godrank Mountain had become completely different.

It didn’t possess the dignified and supreme aura which it had in the past, it didn’t possess that horrifying heavenly might that once covered it, and it didn’t possess the eternal glory which once suffused it.

Or perhaps, from today onward, this divine place which had stood towering beneath the Heaven Dao for countless years had fallen and was in decline.

Perhaps the myriad of living beings in the world would feel reverence and fear towards Godrank Mountain in the past, and perhaps only Daolords could approach it, comprehend it, and revere it in the past.

But now, the Godrank Mountain had become a barren mountain that was without an owner, and its glory and majesty were gone with the wind.

Dammit! Dammit! Daolord Xu Tuo muttered while his aged face was covered in terror and astonishment. The dignified and composed expression he usually possessed in the past was nowhere to be seen.

There was only a single thought in his mind, and it was to use all his ability to leave this nightmarish place as soon as possible!

He didn’t want to stay here for another moment!

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